Chris Wood
Mittwoch, der 21. Juli 2010

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2 Kommentare zu “Eine böse Atmosphäre”

  1. rd (Mittwoch, der 21. Juli 2010)

    Hi Chris, 1998 ist eine Ewigkeit her. Glaube, dass die Zeit für derartig krumme Reparaturversuche vorbei ist. Das war gestern. Letztes Jahrhundert. Vergiss es. Die Menschen sind viel zu sensibel geworden und wissen, dass man mit solchen Maßnahmen alles nur verschlimmert.

    Aber offensichtlich ist beim New Scientist auch Sommerflaute in der Redaktion, dass er so olle Karamellen auftischen muss. Die Medien leben vom negativem Bericht und dem Angst machen.

  2. Chris Wood (Samstag, der 24. Juli 2010)

    Hi Roland, as I wrote, the Russians are planning a big test. Your „new world“ concept may apply to most of the European Community, but lots of people see things differently. I heard yesterday that Obama has had to give up for now his attempts to limit CO2 production in USA.
    If the Russians find important industries disappearing into the melting permafrost, will they just write them off?
    If Bangladesh sees the Himalaya glaciers melting fast, and the sea level rises enough to flood half the country, will they sit on their hands in resignation? I hope the British Commonwealth will come to their aid, if they lose so much land that they can no longer play cricket!
    Quite a bit of cricket is played in Holland too.
    But seriously, if CO2 production continues to increase as at present, things may well get bad enough to justify such a drastic measure. I would make a bet with you, except that I shall probably be dead by then.

    I believe the SO2 would have less effect on ocean acidity than the CO2.

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