Sunday April 26th, 2009

(Deutsch) Radiophilosophie #021 – WASCHZWANG.

How do you identify a bad conscience?
you notice that people have a compulsion to wash.
They keep telling you how they have a clean slate.
A noble disposition.
Clean methods.
Be careful!
If someone constantly washes his hands of dust,
he constantly has a skeleton in his closet.

(translated by EG)

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Roland Dürre

(Deutsch) G1 und T-Mobil

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Roland Dürre
Wednesday April 22nd, 2009

(Deutsch) Tag der Erde, Tage des Buches und Tag des Bieres.

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Klaus-Jürgen Grün


grun-anzug2Children know an excellent trick against fear: magic. Their magicians are true works of art. They create illusions nobody feels compelled to adapt to reality.

During Harry Potter’s third year at the school of witchcraft, we learn how magic dissolves fear. The dangerous magician Sirius Black has escaped from Askaban prison. Now he is looking for Harry Potter, most likely in order to kill him, because allegedly it was him who killed Harry’s parents. Meanwhile, the apprentices of magic learn how to protect themselves against a strong enemy.

Consequently, one lesson starts with the question: “What is a ghost light?”, to which the industrious Hermione replies wisely: “Ghost lights are illusionary figures. They take the form of what the spectator fears most.”

Here we find the insight that the object of fear is based in the subject itself. Unfortunately, cultural history of fear reveals that grown-ups often forget this truth. Instead, they take fear for a real evil. Adults always consider the other party evil, never themselves. Fighting evil, they are oblivious to the fact that their fear of evil is basically a fear of their own subconscious emotions.

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Monday April 20th, 2009

Michael Friedmann: Book Review of “Angst” by “Grün”

Today is the day the book “Angst” by our IF blog author Klaus-Jürgen Grün goes public. Consequently, here comes the top up-to-date book review by Michael Friedmann, who read the book

Angst – Vom Nutzen eines gefürchteten Gefühls

(“Anxiety – About the Usefulness of a Feared Emotion”)

by Klaus-Jürgen Grün, (Aufbau-Verlag Berlin 2009, 314 pages, 19.95 Euro) in advance. Here is what he thinks about the book.


The crisis confirms Grün’s thesis: as soon as we are driven by anxiety, we can no longer focus on the true dangers. What is much worse, we pay a huge amount of money for getting rid of this anxiety. In doing so, we create fear of fear and disable innovative and active potential. As we flee from anxiety, we run into dangers nobody had even thought of.

The profoundly written textbook by the philosopher and trainer of managers and leaders is not a guidebook. It is a book of enlightenment. It pays tribute to the self-elected duty not to crumble from fear of breaking taboos or violating political correctness. Instead, it wants to speak out about what many wish to keep camouflaged. Anxiety, however, will only disappear if we manage to counter the aversion promoted by it.

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