Willi Streit
Friday July 31st, 2009


My colleague Wolfgang Herles delivered a brilliant if critical presentation at the InterFace Forum (IF-Forum). It reminded me of two fields I used to be interested in mehr »

S-Bahn I already told you about bottle collectors in Germany. They are the people who walk through S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains in Germany carrying bags for collecting bottles someone has left back, or even looking through the rubbish bins in the hope of finding a bottle.

More and more of these people appear. It seems to be a lucrative occupation. Another possible reason might be that more and more people are seen in public at all possible times of day carrying their (not yet quite empty) bottles of beer.

Germany is not the only place where bottle collectors seek their fortune. During my Nordic trip, I saw cyclists both in Bergen and Copenhagen who had special baskets attached to their bikes for collecting empty bottles from rubbish bins on public squares. Very professional. I used to believe that we Germans are the only ones with the bottle deposit system.

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Roland Dürre
Thursday July 30th, 2009

Swine Infection on the Island and at Home!?

Schweine I am truly impressed by the news from England. Now the Islanders have programmed a website where you can enter your symptoms. If you find out you are positive, you can print out a prescription and get some Tamiflu – which is only available on prescription – at the next public distribution place.

That reminds me of the expert systems during the long-gone AI times (AI for Artificial Intelligence). I am happy for the pharmaceutical industry, because Tamiflu and other new vaccines are the best possible boom program for this sector.

My daughter, too, benefited from the Swine Infection. School was closed for a day at Ottobrunn Grammar school because of a suspected case that was later proved positive.

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BMW-IsettaYesterday, BMW announced that they want to terminate their Formel-1 participation at the end of this season. As I see it, that is a terribly prudent, forwards-looking, and also very brave decision..

I bow my head to the managing director of BMW AG Norbert Reithofer and his team! Incidentally, BMW is following the example of Honda.

The more I am disappointed about some of what the media write about it.

For example, yesterday evening, when I listened to the “Tagesgespräch” on the Bavarian Radio Channel 2, I heard just about the most stupid comment ever. You can read it on the page Radiowelt-Seite next to the interview with Niki Lauda (click on comment).

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There are times when I get thoughtful, like just now):

BILD0673At the time I am writing this article, I am 59 years and a month old. Time goes by and the clock goes on mercilessly, not just with respect to my own curriculum vitae.

Basically, I still feel quite adventurous, resilient and physically fit, almost young. In a way, I would not want to do without what I experienced as I grew old, and I do not want my younger days back.

On the other hand, I know how fast 10 years spin away. And I have friends who are 10 years my seniors – who in some ways give me the impression of being a little worn out. Looking at people who are another 10 years older than that, I often distinctly notice senility, if not dementia.

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In my article on shorts for jeans, I wanted to be cynical and point a finger towards a mistake in our legislation. We try to reduce our waste of energy with a singular measure, while an integrated concept is what is actually needed. I will now try to introduce some sincere arguments to prove that this law is really not the optimum. It gives us the impression that we are capable of actively doing something, where in reality it camouflages our powerlessness.

Here comes:
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🙂 After my last article on the official car of a minister, I now write about a cyclist (I like ladies who ride a bike better than ladies who use official cars).

BILD1005A short time ago, a good friend of mine was fined for crossing a street on a red pedestrian’s light with her bike. Two young policemen wearing civilian clothes had been on the lookout – and she was given a ticket.

According to the ticket, she crossed street a few seconds after the traffic light had turned from green to red.

She was not amused and initially wondered if she should file an objection. Knowing that this is usually in vain, she decided against it. Accepting her destiny, she said: “Basically, I might have deserved the ticket for having crossed streets where the traffic light was on the red position a hundred times over the years and not having been caught”.

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BILD1027The theft of Mrs. Schmidt’s official car makes feelings run high. It was stolen in Spain, where it was driven for just one appointment (and from where it was to be driven back again, too).

Of course, this is a waste of taxpayer’s money – and, what is even worse in my personal opinion; it is also an example for non-environment-friendly behaviour. It means that a very bad example has been set for everybody.

But probably our minister is just such a nice lady deep in her heart. So she wanted to do some good for her chauffeur by giving him the opportunity to go on a short vacation to Spain. And I am sure the chauffeur was told not to tell anybody of this under any circumstances.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

BrandeinsinsBlaueLast Firday, as I opened my post box, it was there: my August copy of brandeins. As you can easily see even from the outside, it is a little different from other magazines or business newspapers.

In the June copy of brandeins, the articles were about “What Really Matters – Focus on Identification“. In July it dealt with “Get Under Way – Focus on Stability”, and now in August, I read  “Into the Blue Distance – Focus on Great Dreams“. I like that, because I still have Great Dreams.

What you find inside is also about the typical entrepreneur’s dream.

So here comes some of the content:

The interview with Stephan A. Jansen (President and Chair holder at Zeppelin University of Friedrichshafen) on page 56 is quite interesting. It says: “After having stumbled, you tread more carefully“.

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