Bernhard Findeiss
Wednesday September 30th, 2009

(Deutsch) Unser Scrum Plakat jetzt in Version 2 verfügbar!

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Positioning is a technique in advertising. It has an unbeatable advantage over USP: its realistic self-appreciation is that of a wallflower. Nobody is interested in it, nobody loves it.

Flagge DDRSo how can I still get people’s attention? By radically simplifying things. By thinking in terms of black-and-white. Since this way of thinking started with the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclites, you might be justified in calling positioning the world’s oldest marketing technique.

While euphemistic USP advertising wanted to be recognized (and admired) and therefore understandably only survived for a few centuries, the technique based on total ignoring has been a best-seller for more than 2,600 years. Instead of theorizing, let me give you some examples. Firstly, there is the GDR, or rather, its end. Here we can see that positioning is not merely an advertising technique (nor was it ever – see Heraclites). Instead, we can consider it a common communication technique.

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Roland Dürre
Tuesday September 29th, 2009

We Wish You a Nice Time in Retirement, Annette!

Annette1Now more than 25 years have gone by since we founded Interface AG, and I can proudly announce that we now also have our first retiree! Annette is leaving us and starting here well-earned retirement.

For many ears, she wrote our communal software. Her customers included AKDB and her most famous project was called FINOPEN. Now she has reached pension age.

Or course, we used our last “Blue Friday” to give her a rally beautiful farewell.

Annette could not resist and delivered a wonderful and hilarious speech. Three things, so she said, had been important in her career: the task, the atmosphere in the company, and the money – and all three were met to her total satisfaction.

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Garmin 1Since I have started my IF-blog, I took up photography again. Especially when on a bike tour, this is really something I relish.

I also enjoy taking my GPS along with me on my bike. That is also great fun. You can always see where you are and get a number of interesting data.

During the bike tour before my last, I already noticed my GPS doing strange leaps. Sometimes it said 5 kilometres, sometimes 50 kilometres from one place to the next and back. My data were defect. Occasionally, it even got stuck and I had to do a total reset.

It got worse all the time. So I could not rest in peace until I had found the reason. And I found it!

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Roland Dürre
Sunday September 27th, 2009

brand eins in October – Focus on City Life

001_b1_05_09I was glad that the Brandeins magazine of October, again, arrived on a weekend. That gave me time to treat myself to it at leisure, regardless of Haching playing soccer and the Munich Oktoberfest.

This time, it is all about the city. All varieties of aspects of city life are discussed, among other things; you can also read about “the city in numbers”. And some of these numbers are really amazing …

But the world of numbers, too, is once again really interesting, on top of making you thoughtful. Among the “small” articles, I as a cyclist was especially impressed by the story about the enterprise Ortlieb.

It is quite remarkable how a 20-year-old founded a company concerned with bicycles in 1982. By now, the firm produces the best cyclist’s bags world-wide (I, too have Ortlieb bags on my bike), has a hundred employees and produces 300 different products, 95 % of them in Heilsbronn. Chapeau!

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Willi Streit

It’s your choice!

Another election day! There are many people among us who do not enjoy at all that they are permitted to make a decision. If the products in our shops were only labelled, instead of temptingly designed to attract our attention, we would probably starve. Being hesitant, being afraid to make the wrong decision and being afraid to make the right decision are the factors that also prevent enterprises, families and governments from progress.

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Mona_Lisa“Regardless of her having an excellent lawyer, she would have lost at court if she had not opened the front of her dress and captivated the jurors with her glamorous beauty” says the inventor of the philosophical essay, Michel de Montaigne. We are talking about the classy Greek prostitute Phryne. The establishment wanted to get her prosecuted for godlessness. She had claimed that her beauty was no less than that of Aphrodite herself.

Modern judges, too, sometimes let themselves be influenced by the beauty of the accused. After what I just told you, the many ugly people who do not possess the beauty of Aphrodite or Phryne can no longer hope for a mild verdict. Being plain is discriminating.

In Germany, we introduced the “Common Law of Equality” (AGG) three years ago. It forbids you to discriminate for racial or ethnic reasons, for reasons of sex, religion or ideology, because of a handicap or sexual persuasion. Beauty is not part of the list.

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Many say:
Think Pink.
What they really mean to say is:
Do not think at all.
People who think positive do not think.
All they want is for things not to change.
You can easily identify them by their flowery phrases.
All is well.
It will all turn out fine in the end.
Or, most pronounced:
Just let it be.
However, it would really be a good idea
If people stopped 
just believing in good ends.
Their view of reality 
would be less pink.
Reality, after all, could not care less 
What we humans would approve of.
In reality, matters are as they are.
And that is beyond good …. and bad.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday September 26th, 2009

“Healthy Scepticism?” or “All Polemics and Heretic!”

🙂 Here is a provocative and consciously made selection of some polemic statements against growth (and also against never-ending technological advance, at least as it happened in the past)!

Is it really necessary that  …

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