Edwin Ederle
Monday November 30th, 2009

(Deutsch) Das Minarett-Verbot ist undemokratisch?

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SalatgurkeSome time ago, I wrote an article saying how surprised I was about the habit of enhancing the growth of vegetables in conservatories by using artificial light.

Now, an engineer working for OSRAM told me that the entire affair is a lot worse than this. In modern conservatories, no natural light at all is allowed to get in. It seems like they found out that cucumbers grow even faster on an eight-hour day with a shortened night.

Consequently, conservatories are darkened 24 hours and then the vegetables are allowed to grow on artificial light.

Is this really possible? Something inside me cannot believe it! Now I hope it is not true and our readers convince me otherwise!

(Translated by EG)

The picture of the cucumber is from wikipoedia, where it is published under GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation.  The copyright is with Rainer Zenz.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sabrina Niederle wrote a report on the current state of our team project Manage&More/unternehmerTUM for InterFace AG:

Manage&MoreIt is the goal of the team project to analyze and evaluate the “brand InterFace AG” and to further strengthen it by actual advice and strategies. Our team at Manage&More is made up of 21 students and doctoral candidates from different faculties. We have been working on InterFace AG and its stakeholders since early November.

On November, 20th, 2009, we reached the first milestone. First results and facts won in the individual interviews, observations, self-awareness tests and research were now written down in the “brown paper”.

The procedure was as follows:

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Empathy is the ability
to sympathize
what other people feel.
In the extreme 
this means
your activity neurons start firing
as soon as you see an activity.
So we can actually
mentally share
the activity 
of a total stranger.
This practical mechanism
is called mirror neuron.
Very well.
It would be even more important
find another mechanism:
How some mentally shared activity
can become actual shared activity.
One such mechanism is well known.
Isn’t it strange that there is no dictionary
where you can look up “moneypathy”.

(Translated by EG)

Marc Borner
Saturday November 28th, 2009

Living Happily

It took me some time to retrieve the paragraphs that originally led me onto the path of philosophy. And, by chance, these very paragraphs also have something to do with the media reports of the last few weeks. Here is some of my school Latin, some Seneca: „Living happily, my dear brother Gallio, is something everybody wants; but when it comes to see what actually makes life a happy life, then the vision is clouded“.

This is how Seneca starts in his letters to Lucilius. Among Seneca’s stories, the one that moved me most was that of Telesphoros of Rhodos. He had dared to anger his old friend and emperor Lysimachos and, if I remember correctly, courted his daughter. Lysimachos found this far from amusing and ordered his old friend taken prisoner, publicly exhibited in a cage and parts of his body cut off piecewise. Caught in his own excrements without eyes, ears and nose, Telesphoros was forced to crawl around like an animal.

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In his comment on my 500. Post (Freiheiten), Hans-Peter reminded me that this article is post number 501. Well, I am surprised myself. Now I hope that my co-authors will write more and more, so that I can write less and less. Until that happens, I will just continue as before.

🙂 And, unfortunately, there is more than enough rubbish around to write about!

TeslaRoadster-frontThere is certainly enough Nonsens printed on paper, and not just in the rainbow press. The “Süddeutsche” does it, too. For example, on Wednesday, November, 25th, I found: ”Awakening from the crisis!” on the first part of the “encourager pages”.
And page 9 starts with a (too) long article “Not For Fun Wreckers” (Fromm/Mühlbauer) anda small column “ABC of the Awakening” (chof).

Great, is what I think. And what do I find? The 25th article on the new sports car by Tesla. With the following teaser:

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Roland Dürre
Friday November 27th, 2009

“My Liberties” or “Definition and Polemics!”

Here is my small and doubtless “dilettante” contribution on rhetorics, polemics and the precision of language.
On the presentation of  HYPERLINK “http://if-blog.de/rd/unternehmertum-oder-freiheit/” \o “Bericht meines Vortrages Unternehmertum” Unternehmertum, I recently gave you a list of seven possible definitions of liberty:

You are willing and able to live your life on your own authority.

  • You cannot do whatever you wish to do, but you will never be forced to do something you do not want to do.
  • You can balance your conscious and subconscious interests.
  • You promote both your own and other people’s personal lives, rather than minimizing it.
Or also:
  • You fear nothing and nobody (Konstantin Wecker, “Willy”).
  • You live in harmony with the Great Secret (Willy Michel, Isarindianer).
  • Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose! (Janis Joplin, Me and Bobby McGee)

Now I heard yet another definition:

  • Your own liberty ends where your neighbour’s liberty begins.

To me, all these definitions seem like sincere attempts at coming to terms with the meaning of the word liberty. They assume that liberty might actually exist and try to clarify on different linguistic levels what it might mean.

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