Edwin Ederle
Thursday December 31st, 2009

(Deutsch) Sicherheit im Flugverkehr

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My wish for 2010 is that building minarets will not be restricted. The higher they are, the better I am reminded.

They remind me of that which is alien to me. How does it think? How does it act?
They remind me that a famous argument does not count: Minarets (and Mosques) here, no churches there. For us, plurality is a high value. Not so for them.

They remind me that human rights are strongly individualistic and west-oriented. For us, it is a logical, historical development. As for those others with religious orientation, we are lucky if they consider it a potential future value.
They remind me that minarets transfer a 1,500-year-old concept of law into the modern society. For us, this is a totally unacceptable concept. For them, it means security.

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Tonight, we celebrate the turn of the year. The year 2009 ends and we take the first steps of 2010. A new decade awaits us. There are more and more indications suggesting massive changes in the future world-wide.

Personally, I wish for the New Year to see that the coming change will take place without violence.

May there be no wars!

May our social values, such as tolerance and liberty, also prevail in the hard times that lie ahead.

And may we continue to forbid the atrocities of an inhuman social order in our part of the world.

I wish only the best for all IF blog readers. May the year 2010 see us all healthy and successful!

(Translated by EG)

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The beautiful picture was arranged by Rolo Zollner!

The picture will be in 2017 part of my greetings!

A few years ago, the tour operator
for nudist vacations had an idea:
Why not let the vacation 
start in the plane?
People could be airborne in the nude.
He never got a licence.
Today, he would probably get one.
Nude travellers instead of nude scanners.
Security at nudist tariffs.
Nothing in the world is as powerful 
as an idea for which the time has come.
That is what Victor Hugo wrote.
Now you know what was the handicap
of all the true and good ideas:
They came at the wrong time.

(Translated by EG)

In his last article on  desertec, Werner Lorbeer refers to my “Manifesto on Copenhagen” and gives me some credit for my CO2 footprint.

The credit is not justified.

Here is my CO2 footprint in five categories, which I graded (with myself as teacher) on a scale of 1 to 6 (very good, good, sufficient, adequate, inadequate, fail), just like it was done when we were at school (Werner used to be a teacher!).

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Werner Lorbeer
Tuesday December 29th, 2009

Desert Tec #005 – What To Do?

BalanceDesertec.org makes an admirable attempt at defining a great project. We are talking a civilization project that requires a lot of capital in order to extract electrical energy from the solar radiation for transcontinental Middle European countries.

The idea of the Baltic HGÜ (Hochspannungs-Gleichstrom-Übertragung), aiming at providing electric energy from wind for Middle European countries, is a related project.

At the moment, both the solar and wind energy ideas fall victim to the electrical networks not being sufficient. In some areas, we witness dramatic developments, like people getting money back for using up electrical power, because prices have plummeted on the market.

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Today, I will ask questions, instead of giving answers!

Does an enterprise work more like a biological system or like a technical machine? What is the actual influence managers have on the development of an enterprise?

Is the behaviour of leaders owed to their great wisdom because they have such special knowledge, or do they have more influence on their teams through – often even sub-conscious – emotional factors?

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PostfossilIt was one of the books under our Christmas tree. Herr Jörg Schindler is no unknown quantity in our lives. After all, he already spoke in the IF-Forum. The transparencies of his presentation can be found on our “document” page. Or else, just click here and read or print them.

After his last book Geht uns das Erdöl aus? (Will Crude Oil Soon Cease to Flow?), which he co-authored with Werner Zittel, he wants the new book he wrote with Martin Held to be understood as a guidepost for a time after the “oil peak”, since that is the time we seem to have entered several years back.

And the book is more than just a guidepost. It shows that this new path can actually be travelled. Above all, it shows that this path is one which might even be fun. A deceleration on many levels would doubtless be beneficial for all of us.

More than anything else, the book shows that:

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Roland Dürre
Sunday December 27th, 2009

“No Wars!” or “Thank You, Francis!” ♫

The Christmas letter from Francis Van Hoi reminded me of my youth. In the 1960ies, Asia was again a war zone. When we entered senior high school, the Virtnam War escalated. We were also very personally moved by the war. Some GIs stationed at the US barracks were friends with us. In the evening, we would meet at the Playboy (in Augsburg Pfersee) and Hank’s Night Club (in Augsburg Oberhausen), or else at the Tambourine in Munich. On their last night in Germany, before having to go to Vietnam in the morning, they wept.

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Markus Seidt
Saturday December 26th, 2009

Letters from Vietnam #4 – Christmas Note by Francis Van Hoi

bac HoiDear Friends,

in the last week, I spent more time weeping than laughing. My life here changed me in more respects than I would have expected. Today, this country is as full of misery as it was during the war, even though the war ended more than 30 years ago. Speaking for the handicapped people, I thank you for your help. May God grant you peace and health.

The children really have had poor luck since they were born. In a country as economically weak as Vietnam, their misery is even greater – which means that they need your help even more.

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