Klaus Küster
Sunday January 31st, 2010

May His Will Be Done.

Loyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, let it be known that he is only “a banker doing the work of God”.

So what exactly is he doing?

Goldmann Sachs declares a profit of 28 billion dollars,
16 billion of which go to his colleagues as bonus payments.
12 billion go to the shareholders.

nd 2 million to the earth quake victims in Haiti.
If you find that cynical, please remember.

It was the will of God that Lloyd Blankfein earns billions.
You can’t argue against Billions.

Just like it was the will of God that the poorest of the poor 
were slain.
We do not know why, but bishop Käßman 
will soon explain it to us.

And the 2 million?

They are a very humanitarian gesture by a company the German boss of which 
otherwise insists that:
“Banks, in particular private and stock-market-oriented institutes
have no obligation whatsoever towards the common good.”

Perhaps it is Allah’s will 
for another two planes to fly into headquarters very soon?

May His Will Be Done.

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001_b1_05_09This time around, Brandeins is about “The Brand“. And, of course, about “Marketing“. In the end, it comes down to “Sales“.

I admit that all three topics are extremely interesting for me. More often than not, I despair when having to tackle one of the problems. Consequently, this magazine is exactly what I needed.

Since I was travelling all last week, my first chance to look into the magazine was on Friday evening. After returning from the theatre Von morgens bis mitternachts (“From Morning Till Midnight”) by Georg Kaiser, I actually managed to do a little browsing very late this Friday night.

Strangely, the midnight reading supplemented the play I saw. Both (Brandeins and the theatre) made me thoughtful. Thoughtful in the sense of “re-flective”. It also goes well with the central statement of the play: Money is detrimental for the value.

It is no longer necessary for me to praise Brandeins. By now, all IF blog readers know how enthusiastic I am about Brandeins. Consequently, here is an overview of some of the choicest bits:

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Bernhard Findeiss
Saturday January 30th, 2010

(Deutsch) Warum Scrum? Gründe für das Management (1/2)

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Here is what I just found in Twitter:

BillBillGates Great meeting w German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Again encouraged by what a stong and enlightened leader she is on intl development.
8:05 PM Jan 27th from Twikini

I inserted it from the original, typing mistakes included. I wonder if this is the real Bill Gates!?

BillBuchI think yes. The book by Bill Gates you see on the picture is one I, too, read (at least partly). You can buy it at Amazon for 0.01 cents. I can only guess why it is so cheap. You have to read it yourself in order to judge. The first fifty pages should suffice.

Well, at least the author’s opinion on our Federal Chancellor is apparently a good one. They seem to have met in Davos and twittered. I never found Mrs. Merkel’s tweet.

I do no know if she is twittering, either.

Here is another item of good news: the Bill Gates foundation donates several billion USD for vaccination of children in Africa. It says so in today’s “Süddeutsche”. I find that really great.

(Translated by EG)
It is the real one – verified account.

Meadows AugeThe heads of Dennis and Donnella Meadows can be seen behind the publication headline of “Limits of Growth” by the Club of Rome in 1972. Taking the amount of what we use up per capito and the known volume of available resources, a calculation of the time when the reserves will be exploited is done for each component.

In the meantime, the “Meadows Paradox” happened: newly explored resources supplement the existing ones. Consequently, the predicted reduction of resources did not happen.

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Since this is the weekend, here is another very special article: a fairy tale about politics and business! The story was related to me by an expert in the illumination market. I re-wrote it in the form of a fairy tale. My source, however, thinks it is not a fairy tale at all. He insists it actually happened like this. Let’s go!

Once upon a time, there was a queen. She reigned over a powerful kingdom in a rich continent. Just like her subjects, she always wanted to be the European and World Champion. Chances were quite good, because during her reign, the only people who succeeded in the only issue any of her subjects were interested in were the women (code word: princesses Prinz ).

Our queen always distributed her people’s money quite lavishly. Consequently, she was well-liked by the other kings on the continent and the powerful of this world and by the great business nobility lobbyists. The kings of the continent met on a regular basis for royal dinners. The queen was permitted to sit at the table and once in a while even to raise her voice a little bit. She was always very enthusiastic.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

A friend of mine is an engineer. And a physicist. He is very clever and always does his calculations about everything. I admire him greatly. Being a mathematician, I cannot always follow his procedures, but I am sure he always does his calculations correctly.

A short time ago, he annoyed me. He showed me his calculation proving you need less than the amount of petrol that fits into a schnapps glass in order to accelerate a big BMW from zero to 150 km/h. Which is basically negligible.

Now, however, he showed me a totally different calculation. He added up what energy his family consumes. They are four: parents and two grown-up children. To be sure, they have three cars, but other than that, they live relatively reasonably. The result of his computation showed 0.1 gig watt hours per year. It came as a surprise for him, as well.
Now I find it hard to imagine what exactly one gigawatt is. Also, I do not know if the computation is correct. For me, this is a little like the billions for the banks.

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Roland Dürre
Thursday January 28th, 2010

“Let’s Go Zürich!” or “Travelling By Train”

SchiGondelBahnAfter three wonderful days of skiing with Barbara on the Kanzelwand (Kiezlern, Kleinwalsertal), we got up at 7 a.m. this morning. As predicted both by the weather forecast and our innkeeper, it had snowed. The Renault is covered with ten centimetres of freshly fallen snow. We enjoy a leisurely breakfast, then Barbara takes me to the railway station at Oberstdorf. Because I want to go to the RISE meeting in Zürich.

I want to take the ALX 39555 train from Oberstdorf to Immenstadt at 8.05 a.m. It is a very short distance – about 30 minutes. The display panel says: train has been cancelled. So we drive to Immenstadt – there is very little traffic, no significant obstacles, just a little snow on the streets.

From there, I want to take the ALX 38702 to Lindau at 8.43 a.m. It is another short distance – approximately 55 minutes. The display panel says: train will be delayed by about 60 minutes. So we take the car to get to Lindau, as well. Not a problem. We have to take a small pass. Even though there has been no winter service, we manage to cross it just fine. There is not really all that much snow to be seen anywhere.

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Today, the Afghanistan conference starts.
It is about a new strategy.
But there is nothing new to report.
Everything they discussed in advance
has already been apparent before,
it has been tried out,
it has been decided,
but it was never implemented.
The war can no longer be won.
Now it is all just about one issue:
Making ourselves scarce as fast as possible.
And find a good name for it.
War sales promotion 
to satisfy the citizens at home who complain.
Self responsibility transfer mandate.
Terror prevention program.
Final democratization initiative.
Does none of these convince you?
Well, why don’t you come up with your own idea?
After all, it’s you who is supposed to believe in it.

(Translated by EG)