Roland Dürre
Sunday February 28th, 2010

brand eins in February – The Problem Solvers.

Focus: Logistics

In March, Brandeins is about solving problems and those who solve them. Naturally, we identify with this. After all, InterFace is an enterprise that wishes to solve all (IT) problems for its customers.

Since Brandeins has been sitting in my letter-box since midweek, I was able to take it with me on our bobsled event. However, during that weekend we were so busy and my blood was flooded with so much adrenalin that I only managed to read it yesterday in the train on our way to the theatre.

On the way out, the train was on schedule. We were going to see “Klein Eyolf” by Henrik Ibsen, but due to illness among the players, it had to be cancelled. Instead, they played “Watten” by Thomas Bernhard. With a Dirk Ossig as top solo performer. It was just magnificent.

On the way back, the train slowed down due to a signal malfunction (don’t we in Munich know the problem – I wonder who builds all those signals?), which gave me plenty of time for reading.

So here is the latest on Brandeins in March:

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Roland Dürre
Friday February 26th, 2010

0.x %

This year, the balance sheet of InterFace AG for 2009 was finished as early as February. When we analyzed the result, we discovered that the interest we were paid for our investments in 2009 was significantly less (in the five digits range) than in 2008. Mind you, this happened although we had put quite a bit of the profit into savings and 2009 was a good business year for us.

The explanation dawned on us quite soon:

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Markus Seidt
Thursday February 25th, 2010

Letters From Vietnam #6 – Help Us Build a House

haus-heuteThe little house in the province of Nam Dinh is 50 square metres. It used to be a garage. Bishop Peter bought it for seven handicapped girls and had it renovated – it was a makeshift solution for the girls.

Initially, none of the children earned anything, because every one of them started without proper training. Their families cannot care for them. Being physically handicapped, they are practically not able to work and nobody wanted to employ them. Many people are repelled on seeing them.

The small house is damaged in the real sense of the word. The plans for a new construction are finished. Around half of the entire costs, that is 40,000 Euros, have already been supplied. Please help us find the rest.

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Frau Käßmann resigned.

The immediate reaction is a great lamentation:

Poor woman.

The same would not have happened if it had been a man.

She served us and our cause poorly (Alice Schwarzer).

What are the facts?

The lady has an alcohol problem she now approaches hands-on.

She made a mistake the consequences of which she accepts.

Absolutely correct.

With all our moral hypertrophy,

It is no longer possible

to call a MISTAKE a mistake.

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Here are my tweets of this week on

Blogging and twittering, wisdoms and rules:

100225 For blogging and twittering, you need moral courage and constructive disobedience. Practice these virtues! #Twitter #bloggen #rule

100226 Blogging is free kick and corner ball, twittering is the penalty kick #Twitter #blog #soccer

100227 Only start blogging and twittering when you enjoy it and when you are feeling well! #Twitter #blog #rule

100228 Blogging is the opera, twittering is the hit. #Twitter #blog #music

100301 You can blog and twitter at all hours and at all locations. #Twitter #blog #wisdom

100302 Never blog and twitter if you have no new idea! It is better to take a rest! #twitter #blog #rule

100303 Whenever you have a good idea for a blog or tweet, write it down! #Twitter #blog #rule

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(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 24th, 2010

“Blogging and Twittering”

The things I read on blogs and twitter. Sheer madness!

Wow, some of the concepts written in there are over the top even by my standards.

Then I think:

If twitter and blogs had existed in the GDR, they would have been treasure troughs for the “Stasi”.

Now, we also have homeland security and a Federal Intelligence Agency. They are always on the alert. And many other secret services look for potential terrorists like for the needle in the haystack.

Maybe they all search the internet and look for suspicious ideas and articles.

In that case, the agency would have to be doubled in size each year in order to manage. The growth is quite apparent.

That would mean new and well-paid jobs.

So – let us all do a lot more twittering and blogging!

(Translated by EG)

HaarteppichknI came across it quite by accident: the book Die Haarteppichknüpfer (The Hair Carpet Weavers) by Andreas Eschbach. I knew the author from Jesus Video and Der Nobelpreis (The Nobel Prize). I found Eine Billion Dollar (A Billion Dollars) especially cute and was quite impressed by Ausgebrannt (Burned Down) – partly because of the conscientious way in which the author did the necessary research.

“The Hair Carpet Weavers” were the first long novel by Andreas Eschbach. Up until then, he had probably been more interested in writing shorter stories.

When reading The Hair Carpet Weavers, you begin by reading many pages of exciting phantasy, structured and progressing with a touch of genius. Yet in a way you cannot understand the meaning of all this. In the last part, you are confronted with a short episode of science fiction. And then comes the bombshell (which makes the unavoidable love story possible), explaining the entire riddle in a brutal and nightmarish fashion.

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Roland Dürre

Cheers for Price Fixing

Sale, sale sale!

This is what I see everywhere I look. I feel cheated. Not only whenever buying something for the normal price.
Especially in the internet, everything is extremely cheap. A lot cheaper than in the department store or specialized shop.

And you always find someone who sells at even less. As soon as you bought something, you will see the very same article selling for less next week.

Everybody knows you must not buy the newest models, anyway. Only four weeks later, they will cost half as much.

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Roland Dürre
Monday February 22nd, 2010

A Rule of Justice?

One way or another, what happened around the “tax CDs”, no matter if they are real or probably only exist virtually, still causes an upheaval inside me.

Tax evaders are criminals. Criminals must be punished. If they committed a severe crime, they even must go to prison. We should buy the CDs.

That is what we hear around every corner and it seems to be the general opinion. Although the people I know and have been discussing it with do not share that opinion. They believe the state should not use more and more questionable methods and make denouncianism more and more respectable.

And then I think that the state and the public morals have just sought the easy way out. And I come up with strange ideas:

Is it really the tax evader who is doubtless the criminal? Or does not the state at least have a share in the guilt by taking away so much of the income from its citizens through a system that nobody can understand any more?

As I see it – and this is how I also read it, for instance, in my favourite constitution, the Bavarian one – the state has a number of duties. It must administer the power monopoly adequately. It should serve the citizens. It should give structure to the economic life. Education, safety and some sort of social network are part of its responsibilities. It has to provide a functioning infra structure …

And then one can think of stupid questions like these:

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