Roland Dürre
Monday March 29th, 2010

(Deutsch) IF-Blog-Party am 31. März 2010 – die Details!

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Roland Dürre
Sunday March 28th, 2010

Security, Signature, Digital Signature.

In former times, I often wrote letters. How very long ago that seems! It has been a long time since anybody received a personal letter from me.

It used to take a few days for conventional letters to reach their destination. You could never be entirely sure if they actually arrived at all. That is why we had special services like “registered mail”. This service was quite expensive and therefore only rarely used, just for very special purposes.

For short messages, you used postcards. They were less expensive. Nobody was very concerned about people reading the content of a postcard while it was on its way.

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Roland Dürre
Saturday March 27th, 2010

Brandeins in April – How to Continue?

Well, the “How” has been crossed out – so it seems like by now the question is only about “continuing”. Even before it was in my letterbox, I had read quite a bit about the April “Brandeins” in twitter. Consequently, I got even more intrigued about its content.

The reason is simple: the front page shows a person who is quite well-known in twitter @jkleske. That is quite an achievement for the “small” twitter community.

So how will it continue? This is a good question. Consequently, the focus of this “Brandeins” edition is: Life Planning!

Now you all know quite well how much I appreciate “Brandeins” and how, of course, I am fascinated by the current edition, as well.

So I thought why not let others write today and just copy a few sentences from the twitter world:

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Roland Dürre
Friday March 26th, 2010

Great Orators and Their Stories – #6 Rupert Lay

RupertLayRupert Lay was my mentor during many years of my life. As I see it, he was the most important of all my teachers. The first seminar of his I attended was in the spring of 1983, around the time of year we are now again in. For me, it was a totally new experience. Meeting him meant quite a fundamental change to my life.

When I was younger, my attitude towards seminars for personality promotion – as they were still called at the time – was a rather sceptical one. In 1980, I was lucky enough to attend a great seminar with Herr Uhlenbrock of TPM (Training Psychologisches Management) when I was working for Softlab. That took care of my scepticism.

In 1983, I attended a seminar by Rupert Lay. At the time, he was a Jesuit priest and the nestor for “Ethics and Management”. For us, he was discovered by Peter Schnupp, one of the Softlab founders. By chance, there was a vacancy for me in one of Rupert Lay’s seminars. Rupert was a celebrity! His seminars were extremely expensive and yet always full.

His three-day seminar was scheduled to take place at a rather less-than-friendly hotel near Frankfurt airport. The seminar was to start early in the afternoon. Having arrived with time to spare, I sat down in front of the hotel, enjoyed the spring sunshine and watched the people come and go. Also, I wondered what was to come next.

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Roland Dürre
Thursday March 25th, 2010

The InterFace AG Today.

For all those of you who do not yet know the InterFace AG, I published a current text version of the introduction to our enterprise on IF-Open.

Reading the text will give you a nice concept of what exactly we do, what sort of enterprise culture we strive towards and why we make an effort on a daily basis.

For me, this is a welcome opportunity to introduce my three fellow managing directors and thank them very much for their great cooperation in the team.

On the left corner, you see Dr. Christof Stierlen, our director for strategic planning. He has now been with InterFace for more than two years and is in charge of the sector IT applications.

The next man on his right is Maximilian Buchberger, our sales director. He can already look back on 10 years with us and is responsible for our IT infra structure.

Thomas Vallon – whom you can see standing next to me on the picture – and yours truly go back almost 20 years. Thomas Vallon is our director of personnel and organization. Consequently, he is also the boss of all our IT organization consultants.

I wish to give voice to my most sincere thanks to the three of you!

And here is a special greeting to Maximilan today: Happy Birthday!

(Translated by EG)

The picture was taken yesterday by Johannes Naumann on the staircase of InterFace AG. And we all obediently played models.:-)And in the process, we learned what a hard job “posing as a model” can be.

Here are my tweets of this week on

Blogging and Twittering – Wisdoms and Rules:

100325 When twittering and blogging, avoid intolerance. Even intolerance against intolerance  might be a problem.  #Twittering #Blogging

100326 Twitter is the splash of milk in the blogger’s coffee #Twittering #Blogging #Wisdom #Indulgence

100327 When twittering and blogging, you should never prostitute yourself! #Twittering #Blogging #Rules #Wisdom

100328 When twittering or blogging, remember that you will be read by your spouse, children, friends and colleagues! #Twittering #Blogging #Wisdom

100329 When twittering and blogging, do not forget to remember the protection of your personal data! #Twittering #Blogging #Data Protection #Danger

100330 If you find someone else’s tweet or post especially nice, retweet it!  #Twittering #Blogging #Rule #Retweet

100331 Blogging is slow-motion, twittering is fast motion #Twittering #Blogging #Wisdom

There is a new tweet each day. See Twitter and “follow” RolandDuerre!



(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday March 24th, 2010

Green IT 2

Some of the feedback I received suggests to me that my article Green IT probably contained a little too much technological gibberish, after all.

So let me try to tell you the same again in very simple terms. Today, IT can be exemplified and explained in a simple architecture using four levels:

  • Storage
    When talking about storage, we mean powerful NAS or SAN systems used by the servers in the computer centres. By now, huge computer centres have storage room with the capacity of terabytes, some people even talk of petabytes.
  • Server
    Nowadays, we use the term “server farms”. In these farms, any number of computers performs in a gigantic calculating and processing dimension. In such a physically large system, you mostly simulate many virtual servers later used for all imaginable ends.
  • Network
    The internet is based on a gigantic network. Mostly, the feeders of the internet are separate connected networks.
  • Client
    Clients are the personal PCs, Laptops, SmartPhones and whatever else we have. They are connected to the internet either through networks (VPNs, LAN, WLAN …) or through providers (FIBRE, UMTS …).

Now what I postulate is that a gigantic wastage takes place on every one of these levels.

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Preparing for my presentation on “dominant logics” (Dominanete Logik) was not the only reason why I made myself familiar with huge enterprises. Enterprises, their histories, their changes and their development are something that interests me. As a result, here is a list of some rather provocative theses:

Max and Vildan proudly present the cheque showing the sum they won at Tabaluga for Francis Van Hoi’s project.

The program will be broadcast this weekend on ZDF and “Kinderkanal”.

For all interested parties and particularly their children, here are the exact times.

Again: many thanks!

Saturday, March, 27th, 7:15 hours on ZDF

Sunday, March, 28th, 11:45 hours on KIKA


(Translated by EG)