In the “Süddeutsche” of August, 28th and 29th, 2010, I read the following article by Norbert Bolz in the section “ESSAY” on page V2/3:

Man clicks his own destiny!
Why we give up our civil freedom along with our privacy in the internet society.

If course, this is the kind of article I always read with great interest. The playful arrangement of the words: “click your own destiny” sounds attractive.

And afterwards, I am horror-stricken. All I found was intellectual nonsense. After having read the article, I know less than before about privacy (incidentally, you cannot find the term in Wikipedia, either – although you can access it indirectly through private (privat).

In the article, however, I find deductions such as about the loss of privacy threatening the civil freedom or an attack against the state of secrecy being driven home which is essential for the civil private sphere. Or that bureaucracy is turned into software which controls our behaviour.

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Here are some more of the ideas I typically get while on vacation…

The United Nations accuse the world’s leading concerns of having failed at a huge scale in the area of environment protection: “The natural capital of this world is destroyed on a large scale” – said UN environment chief Achim Steiner in an interview by the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“.

According to the United Nations, environmental damage done alone by the 3,000 biggest enterprises through the abuse of natural resources, the pollution of air and waters and by being responsible for the extinction of species equals the value of 1.7 billion Euros (source SZ).

To be sure, I find it absurd to calculate this kind of damage in money. Currency is virtual and volatile. Basically, the number would have to increase on a daily basis, because of inflation and the continuing destruction.

But at least a number is something you can base an argument on. The article as published in July 2010 motivated me to do some calculations myself in order to find out what they mean in terms of “per capito”.

After all, the enterprises do not damage the environment as an end in itself or because that is what they want to do. Instead, they do it by our order. We expect them to supply us with products and services at minimum cost to us. If they also maximize their profits in doing so is something you have to accept in a system we ourselves are responsible for. And as shareholders, we again profit from this profit of theirs.

Consequently, those who make the real profits are not the concerns, but we. To be sure, we get upset about the damage, but we certainly accept it tacitly.

So here is my calculation:

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Roland Dürre
Monday August 30th, 2010


I have now been camping in Greece for almost a week. And I am surprised how nice people are and how healthy the food tastes. Wherever I go, people are in high spirits and everything is exquisite.

To be sure, it is quite possible that my experience is only of the sunny side of Greece because we are far from the central areas of Athens/Piräus. We are staying 15 kilometres south of Gythio.

Gythio used to be the harbour of Sparta and is the local metropolis. Yet it has hardly more than 5,000 inhabitants. The next “bigger” city is probably Sparta, which with less than 15,000 (city) and 20,000 (area) inhabitants is still considered “small-townish” by our standards. Both Ottobrunn and Unterhaching, for instance, have more inhabitants.
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Tonight I was woken in my tent nine times. Between three and four o’clock in the morning. Some messages that were supposed to have reached me on Saturday afternoon arrived. Here is how it happened:

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It is not like things have to remain like they always were!

By now, I assume it is already lying in my letter box at home: the September issue of “brand eins”. Since, however, I am currently staying in Greek, I cannot read it. This year, nobody will bring it, either. What a pity – there is so much time for reading right now.

The small village of Gythio, final destination of the Europastraße that starts at Malmö with 7,000 inhabitants and an international harbour where yachts from many countries call, has a well-organized newspaper shop. Among other things, you can find quite a few German newspapers, such as the “Süddeutsche”, the “Frankfurter” – for connoisseurs even the “Züricher” – and magazines, such as the “Spiegel” or “Stern”.

But there is no “brand eins”. Consequently, I cannot write a review.

Instead, I now make use of a commodity that has always been important …

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In my life, vacation means reading books. After the “Pinguin-Prinzip (Penguin Principle)” (Kotter) and the “”Die kreativen Zerstörern der deutschen Wirtschaft (Creative Demolishers of the German Economy)” I have now reached “Trilogie des laufenden Schwachsinns (Trilogy of Permanent Moronism)”. Presumably written in the late 1960ies, it went on to be the cult book of the 1970ies.

It is a fat and heavy paperback edited by the then “Kultverlag 2001”, consisting of three volumes: “Die Vollidioten (The Total Idiots)”, “Geht in Ordnung – sowieso — genau — (Will Do – Certainly – Exactly)” and “Die Mätresse des Bischofs (The Bishop’s Concubine)”. And then there are the “Commentaries on the Novel Trilogy”.

The book is not at all an easy reader. Yet it is great fun.

Here is what “Nordlicht” writes about it in Amazon:

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Roland Dürre
Friday August 27th, 2010

Nazis in the Internet

Once again, fear is promoted. With an improved internet presence, the evil Nazis are trying to influence our youngsters. That is what the German Ministries of the Interior say.

Can’t we all see how evil the internet is? First the abominable giant Google and now the brown goblins!

As I see it, that is another instance of making a huge fuss about nothing. Maybe it is so we can get a little more police control? Or maybe to promote using the army inside the country? Or maybe it is only because they need some news. I do not know.

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Roland Dürre
Thursday August 26th, 2010

Fear of Google

Now it is again spreading all over Germany, the fear of Google. The word of the day is Street View. After all, if it comes everybody can see everybody else’s luxury mansion in the internet. I read a lot of arguments about how street view will violate the private sphere.

🙂 And in every discussion, you hear about bordello frequenters. To be sure, their faces will not be recognisable, but their clothes and gestures make them easy to identify. What a disaster!

And it will get easier and easier for thieves to plan the layout of their thefts. Not to mention that you can even make out the colour of your kitchen curtains …

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Here are my tweets of last week on

Blogging and Twittering, Wisdoms and Rules:

100902 Agility is not witchcraft – this is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100903 Huge profits are close to huge fraud – this is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100904 Smooth winds make for smooth sailing – that is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100905 Seat delight at the head of the dinner table – that is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100906 You will not die as long as you have bread and water – that is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100907 Let foolishness accompany wisdom – that is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100908 Wine makes the tongue go wobbly – that is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

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(Translated by EG)

I took all these proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Detlev Six
Tuesday August 24th, 2010

The End of Me.

If I am a failure at school,
my parents will beat the teacher.

If I am get obese,
it was my genes.

If I am too thin,
it is due to the wrong idols.

If I become an alcoholic,
then the addiction centre of my brains is responsible.

If I smoke heroin,
it is because of my family.

If I turn out criminal,
I can always blame my determination.

If I am the victim,
it is the culprit’s fault.

If I feel poorly,
I ask God for help.

If God does not help,
it is the devil’s work.

If I am a politician and fail to do anything,
then the facts were just against me.

If I am a failure as manager,
the company has a responsibility towards me.

If I am an immigrant,
those living there already have to provide everything.

Please continue.

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