Roland Dürre
Tuesday November 30th, 2010

Land of Pixels … (III)

After my controversial articles Accursed Land of Pixels (Verflixtes, verpixeltes Land) and Internet Illiterates (Internet-Analphabeten), I am now trying to find a simple explanation for why houses shown in Google Streetview are converted into pixels by their German owners. Here it is:

In our country, the ruling concept is

Miserly is Sexy!

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Lutz Wulfestieg
Monday November 29th, 2010

Disorientation Caused by Frau von der Leyen

Mind you, it is not like I am not happy to hear good results reported by business. According to the latest statistics by the Federal Employment Agency of October, “only” 2.945 million people have no job. After the dark predictions of a few months ago due to the economical crisis, this is a really good number.

Unfortunately, I remember the announcement that Hartz-IV recipients will no longer get anything for their retirement insurance.

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Again, we persuaded a new author to write for the IF blog: Sabine Sammer.

I have known Sabine for many years. Of course, she, too, used to work for Siemens for quite some time. Sabine is more than just a competent mother of three children.

In her job, she successfully assists the managing director of a famous media technology enterprise. And if she is still bored after work, she has to look after her pretty dogs  Jerry and Berry … or else she goes sailing … or writes for the IF blog.

Here is the link to her first article.

Dear Sabine, I am very happy to welcome you as a member of the IF blog team!

(Translated by EG)

She also already wrote her second article:
So whose fault is is now ? (Und wer ist diesmal schuld daran?)

Now it happened. They decided to rigorously evict delinquent foreigners. For capital offenses like murder or robbery, but also for fraudulent acquisition of social benefits, the convicted person will now be quasi automatically be evicted after having served their penance.

It seems that the enemies of plebiscites in Germany have gained another point supporting the theory that plebiscites are a bad thing. They criticize the Swiss petty bourgeoisie who comes up with such inadequate decisions.

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During one of my (knowledge-collecting) forays, I end up in Wikipedia on the article Operations Research (short OR). OR, in German also called Business Research Unternehmensforschung[1], is allegedly part of Applied Mathematics (Angewandte Mathematik), dealing with the optimization (Optimierung) of certain processes and procedures.

That surprised me. As it happens, I used to believe that business research and operation research were two different things.
All you have to do in order to see where the problem lies is take a look at the Wikipedia footnote on business research [1]:

  1. In the late 1960ies and early 1970ies, they tried to establish the term “procedure and planning research” in the German language.

As I see it, procedure and planning research has little to do with business research!
Let me tell you how I used to define everything …

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Roland Dürre
Sunday November 28th, 2010

“We Pixel Our Houses” or “For Internet Illiterates”

A short time ago, I wrote in an article how sorry I was to see so many houses in the south-east of Munich visible as nothing but pixels (in street view). I was truly annoyed about it. One comment on my article was “much ado about nothing …”.  So let me say it again:

I do not think it is all that unimportant. Let me use a postcard allegory in order to explain.

Imagine yourself living many years ago. A new technology has just been invented: photography. It spreads with enormous speed. Photographers replace the professional painters. They do portraits, take photographs of weddings, festivals … and landscapes.

At the same time, a new mobility developed. More and more people visit other countries and cities, going by coach, train or ship. They go as far as far-away Venice.

And some ingenious entrepreneurs developed a new product. The postcard! Time was ripe for it, because a short time ago, a functioning world-wide postal system had been introduced. Now, our travellers get the opportunity to send a postcard home with a picture of the fulfilment of their dreams on it. There is no doubt that this is a truly sensational technological advancement.
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Roland Dürre
Saturday November 27th, 2010

Reminder: Not To Forget Wikipedia!

Simply because I feel the internet is relevant and Wikipedia is particularly important, I wish to remind you of the call for contributions (Spendenaufruf) by Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia founder.

What would the world be without Wikipedia?

For me, Wikipedia is one of the great, perhaps even the greatest, miracles of our days!

We all owe our solidarity to this gigantic enterprise. And in particular, we owe it to all the people who promote this project on an honorary basis. They spend unimaginably many hours researching, diligently balancing, checking and writing with so much self-discipline for Wikipedia. And it is all just for the common vision of it being a good idea to describe and preserve the world’s knowledge objectively and free from all commercial interest. Everything should be available to all people at all times. And everything should be protected from commercial influence.

Many thanks to all the people who support Wikipedia with advice, actions, or money!

(Translated by EG)

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Sabine Sammer
Friday November 26th, 2010

(Deutsch) Alle Jahre wieder……?

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