Roland Dürre
Friday December 31st, 2010

Bi- Weekly News #25 – IF Blog Wishes you a Happy New Year!

Dear If blog readers,

as the year 2010 nears it end, I want to wish all members of the team and all readers of the blog a Happy New Year 2011.

IF blog had plenty of visitors during the year 2010 – and the authors received very nice, mostly positive feedback.
In the name of all authors, I want to thank you all very much.

Roland Dürre

Let me make use of this opportunity and recommend the articles around the project IF AGORA. For more information, type “AGORA” in the search field

(Translated by EG)

What does IF AGORA want?

There is no Today without Yesterday, no Tomorrow without Today!

Knowledge is relative. It grows and changes all the time. At great speed. Something that was unimaginable yesterday is already an old chestnut today. If you want to learn, you have to be willing to combine the old with the new. You must be capable of learning from other people’s experience and open for change. And you must be willing to invest innovative energy and develop creativity.

On the market place IF AGORA, we want to offer both “old knowledge” and “new knowledge”. We invite the experienced leader and the young knowledge pioneer. We invite the mature politician, along with the hungry scientist.

On our market place, we offer both:

  • Classical and timeless knowledge, enriched with plenty of experience and a grain of wisdom!
  • And totally fresh and young knowledge, just in from having been found out and tested!

Next to the classical booth offering the traditional and well-established knowledge, you should find the pavilion with the newest scientific discoveries. And IF AGORA combines them.

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Roland Dürre
Thursday December 30th, 2010

Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #045

Here are my tweets of last week on

Blogging and Twitter, Wisdoms and Rules:

110106  It often rains where it is wet already – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110107 Where nobody replies, you will not enjoy calling – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110108 Lightning does not always strike where it looks brightest – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110109 Not all people who go to church on All Saints’ Day are saints – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110110 Nothing venture, nothing gain – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110111 Suffering harm will give you wisdom – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110112 There is no disgrace in falling, but in not getting up again – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

There is a new tweet each day. See Twitter and “follow” RolandDuerre!


(Translated by EG)

I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Here are a few ideas for the New Year!

“Philosophical Reflections and Courageous Living Against One-Dimensional Thinking”

We intuitively feel how important living and pondering is for entrepreneurs.

Let me try to explain why:

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Roland Dürre
Wednesday December 29th, 2010

AGORA – The Network(2)

What is the special strength of IF AGORA?

A short time ago, I gave an introduction to the IF AGORA. The success of the project will depend on a strong network of brain workers who are prepared to offer their experience on the market place.

Thus, IF AGORA creates a network of people who have special technical and social competence. People who feel a strong bond, sharing values such as enlightenment, tolerance and humanity and who are aware of their social responsibility.  And people who are willing to hand their knowledge and experience on to others and thus share it.

How to create and quickly develop this network?

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Roland Dürre
Tuesday December 28th, 2010


A short time ago, I was desperate enough to take up position against the current performance of our government in a polemic and critical way. I discussed the great Euro uproar in EURO and  EURO 2.

I still find it hard to accept the way in which the media inflate the Euro crisis. And I find it equally hard to see how, in the midst of it, our Federal Chancellor elects herself the rescuer of Europe. Nonetheless, here is an attempt of mine to write a (hopefully) objective – if cynical – afterword on the topic EURO.

As a matter of facts, I do not believe we have a EURO crisis. To me, it looks more like a national debt crisis which currently gets worse for a very simple reason.

Higher interest rates!
Regardless of lower key interest rates.

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Roland Dürre
Monday December 27th, 2010

Empirical Data & Unanswered Questions

Yesterday, I read that, at least in Bavaria, the turnover in restaurants is on the incline:

Compared with last year, the turnover of the Bavarian restaurants and hotels (Gastgewerbe) in October grew by 2.8 per cent in real value. According to the regional authorities for statistics and data processing published last Thursday in Munich, the hospitality industry enjoyed an increase of 3.6 per cent and   restaurants (Gastronomie) one of two per cent. Compared with the October of last year, that is 3.9 per cent more. The number of part-time jobs grew by 4.6 per cent, while there were 2.9 per cent more full-time jobs (t-online news).

What are the reasons?

Well, first and foremost, the strict Bavarian non-smoking law comes to mind. At long last, non-smokers and families with children can now go eating out. It might well be the reason for the increase.

But no:

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Roland Dürre
Sunday December 26th, 2010


Thanks to the Christmas Season, the media make a little less ado about the Euro rescue. The press, however, is still full of what our politicians have to say about the Euro Stability Pact and related topics. In 2010/2011, the Euro became the legitimate replacement for bird and swine infections.

Now they start making noises about starting a European Economic Union.

And again, there is plenty I fail to understand. For instance our politicians telling us in unison like a mantra that there will be huge disadvantages for us without the Euro and that we will lose the “fight” against the dollar (USA) and the Yuan (China).

This, too, is just an assumption you have to ask additional questions about.

Who among us really knows if a great European currency for all of us is a “must”?

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Sabine Sammer
Friday December 24th, 2010

(Deutsch) Ups – Weihnachten 2.0 (Fully Reengineered)

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