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Roland Dürre
Saturday July 30th, 2011

What Annoys Me … #6 Writing Texts in Word

At one time, we at InterFace also wrote a text system. It was called HIT and powered by CLOU. It was a truly great software and a huge success. The HIT turned into a true hit, because it was simple and easy to use. And there were the CLOU components. They were an enormous help to the people as they did their work.
HIT, however, was not wysiwyg (What you see is what you get). Microsoft came and dominated the office world. Along with Windows, the graphic dislays became popular on a large scale. Now the users thought they all had to have a desktop publisher in order to write simple letters. Consequently, HIT had to go. And the world got Word.
I used to do a lot of programming. My favourite was “vi”. Today, I no longer write any programs. Instead, I write a lot more texts. However, I hardly use Word or OpenOffice these days. After all, there are so many simply editors. You get them on Linux, on the Mac or integrated into web applications. Then there is google. There is nothing you cannot do with google!

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Roland Dürre
Friday July 29th, 2011

Pussycats and BICCnight (Video of my Presentation)

Last Friday, the great day had finally come – it was the first BICCnight. Herr Stabl, managing director of BICCnet München had invited persons from the media and IT sector to come to the Bayerischen Rundfunk building.

The program said: presentations, music, good food and beverages.

Only the beer was not perfect. They served Beck’s. To be sure, it is the ”German“ premium brand of the international concern AE-InBev, which is the world market leader in beers. But we are in Bavaria! Consequently, we would have preferred a truly Bavarian Beer.

But, as we all know, in a tight corner even the devil will eat flies. So we indulged in Beck’s. First we drank the non-alcoholic version and later the real stuff.

Before the beer, however, I was allowed to give the last of three “impulse presentations”.The motto of the evening was IuK meets Media. Consequently, I really relished giving an overview of 50,000 years of IuK history and the origin of the media.

The first presentation was by Frau Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kinkel, who used a video (part of which is also available on youtube) to introduce innovations based on “augmented reality” (that seems the latest invention after virtual, merged und mixed reality).

Herr Klaus Illgner-Fehns told the audience about the extremely fast development of media, based on IuK technology. In his presentation, I found “TV as our electronic campfire“ particularly memorable. Herr Illgner had brought a suitable picture with him. It showed some young people sitting around the TV set. They were all rather busy looking at their notebooks and totally ignored the probably not very interesting program playing in front of their noses.

Well – and then it was my turn. Here is the video.

After the presentations, we had an enjoyable party with many good discussions and interesting contacts. And then I rode home through the slightly cool July night on my bike with Barbara. It was really very nice!


(Translated by EG)


I got the pictures from BICC (I do not yet know the name of the photographer) – and, as always, the video was recorded by Friedrich Lehn!

Klaus Hnilica
Thursday July 28th, 2011

Eohippus and Beer-and-Lemonade Addiction…

Carl and Gerlinde (XII)

“…now I really need an ice cold beer-and-lemonade mixture, and fast“, moaned Carl while he still felt every individual fibre of his over-heated athletic body after the flood of kilometres he had covered in record time …

“But hey, wasn’t that some achievement!“, he declared in such a firm voice that he even caught the attention of the guests from the neighbouring tables – while still dropping with perspiration into his tightly fitting windbreaker “Air Lemon”. He had really mastered the tour-de-force with flying colours, even though his “speedy Gerlinde” had not allowed him a single break…

But now, everything was well and forgotten: they both sat in front of their nice, huge, cold classes of beer-and-lemonade! And Gerlinde gamely toasted her lamenting Carl. She actually cheered this future Tour-de-France winner with enthusiasm!

Well, the pub on the way out of the village was really the right place for this kind of motivating praise! It was situated right on the cyclist’s path, was overflowing with guests, had one single vacant table on the veranda – and that was in the shadow, too: the Gods were really having mercy on our oppressed athletic hero Carl!

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Here are my tweets of last week on
Blogging and Twitter, Wisdoms and Rules:

110811 Even if it does not sound like music, it will still be noisy – is that also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110812 If you knock on the bush, the birds will fly out – a good trick for twitterers and bloggers! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110813 Even wise persons sometimes fail – also true for twitterers and bloggers! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110814 Time will tell – that is also good advice for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110815 Brain work is hard work – as quite a few twitterers and bloggers have noticed. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110816 War breeds war – it would be nice if all twitterers and bloggers would write this. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

110817 War will destroy what peace gave us – that is also something worth twittering and blogging about. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

There is a new tweet each day. See Twitter and “follow” RolandDuerre!

(Translated by EG)

I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Wednesday July 27th, 2011


My readers often send me strange stories. Here is one of them – I hope you will find it entertaining mid-week nonsense. Let us just listen to the author…

I accompanied my father (66) when he went to buy a pair of new shoes in the shopping mall. After having run around all the time, we were hungry and decided to go and eat something. We went to the “Food Court”, where we immediately found something tasty (to eat) and two vacant seats.

Over his pasta, my father kept looking at a young girl sitting nearby. Her hair was styled like a cockscomb. It shimmered in all imaginable colours: green, orange, red and blue. My father found it impossible to not stare at her and all the piercings she wore along with her hair.

Finally, the girl started to notice. Each time he looked at her, she caught my father staring at her. When she had enough of it she sarcastically asked:

“Hey, old man, what is your problem? Did you never do anything wild in your entire life?”

Knowing how nimble-witted my father could be, I quickly swallowed all I had in my mouth. After all, I did not want to choke on my last bite, because I knew something special was going to happen right away.

As indeed it did. With dignity and without the slightest flicker of even an eye, my father replied:

“In fact, I did! At one time, I took drugs and fucked a peacock – and now I ask myself if you are the result.”

From Herbert (soccer friend of mine), who took it from the internet. The original author is unknown to us. Now we would like to wish you a wonderful week!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Tuesday July 26th, 2011

brand eins in August

This month, the “brand eins – August” was sitting in my letter box at home as early as Friday, July, 22nd. But – due to all my many leisure activities – there was not even time to take a look over the weekend. Consequently, yesterday was the first time I managed to take a closer look at the magazine. At least, there are still a few more days to go until August.

Immediately, I notice one sentence:

Even batman  started out small!

What a comforting title. This edition’s main issue is secret heroes. Yes, I also think: better a secret hero than no hero at all.

The editorial by Frau Fischer gives you courage: she chose Have Courage as her headline – and that goes down pretty well. Especially on a Monday morning in August that is still full of clouds, during a month that is supposed to be all sunshine.

In this magazine, Frau Fischer wants to show us that “a lot is possible if you do not let yourself be deterred“. I rather like this. After all, it is the same as what I preach. Far too often, we see ourselves in a situation with ”no alternatives“ (see: our Federal Chancellor). Or else we end up paralysed because of the “multi-opionality” in front of us. And that is not good.

Luckily, though, the magazine does not look for Superman. The secret heroes are also just humans. They “run around, are scared and go bancrupt“. And they are not “just good men, faultless and heroic”. Instead, all they do is “point a little beyond“. (cited Frau Fischer)

I believe there is huge value in “pointing a little beyond“. Consequently, I see the August edition of ”brand eins“ as something ”very human“. In fact, I see a lot more humanity in it than in our striving after profit and success, as, unfortunately, I witness it (too) often these days.


This ”brand eins“ edition must definitely be part of the vacation luggage!

(Translated by EG)

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Roland Dürre
Sunday July 24th, 2011

The Red Thread

Several years ago, Jowi, a good friend of mine, wrote about the Midlife Crisis in a forum. It is a crisis that is sometimes laid open, sometimes left to be found between the lines. It is occasionally denied and despised, occasionally hated and loved.

Here is his short contribution on the subject. I think it is still plausible and, above all, very personal.
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Everybody talks. About sustainability. The climate. The enormous threat a climate catastrophe means. The plastic in the ocean. Radio-activity all over the place. They all also preach how there will soon be a shortage of water.

But not much happens. On the contrary!

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