Roland Dürre
Tuesday January 31st, 2012

Video of the IF Forum EXTRA

The Art of Negative Thinking!

Our guests were fascinated by Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Grün’s presentation at the IF Forum on January, 25th, 2012. Now it is available on youtube.

The recording and processing was done by Friedrich Lehn. Shortly, we will also publish a report and, as always, excellent pictures taken by Rolo Zollner.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday January 30th, 2012


Last Friday, the advisory board of the “ISARNETZ“ met for the first time. Between May, 7th and May, 13th, 2012, ISARNETZ will organize the first Munich WebWeek. It is supposed to help making innovative powers more visible and linking them in this region. In order to make Munich and Upper Bavaria again more attractive for young people.

Because it appears that some German cities, in particular Berlin, have left Munich far behind when it comes to the category “attractive for young people“.

Consequently, I find ISARNETZ a good idea. And I hope the Munich WebWeek will be a success. I am certainly prepared to help it along a little.

Now we have to quickly find a small but refined team that can promote the WebWeek. But: as always, there is the principle: “Nothing goes without money”. The initiators want to get the “funny stuff“. Well, that is quite fine, isn’t it?

This is, however, a chicken-and-egg question. You will only attract sponsors if you have something attractive to offer. Without money, it is a little hard to come up with such an offer.

To prepare for the aforementioned advisory board meeting, a friend of mine did some research on what happens in Berlin. Well, I was surprised – because quite a few things happen in Berlin. They are rather active there.

Especially when we are talking about preparing for innovative and creative entrepreneurship. Berlin and Brandenburg are really into this – and they actually spend quite a bit of money on it, too. And you can already see results. The time has come when venture capital enterprises are no longer the only ones who leave Munich for Berlin.

In the SZ you will find reports about a start-up scene, but in Berlin, rather than in Munich. Of course, the conference was also in Berlin;  re:publica and the Berlin WebWeek are events of long standing – and hugely successful. And they are all massively subsidized by the senate and the state of Brandenburg.

Well, you know, this does not really make sense to me. Each year, Bavaria sponsors Berlin by several billions of Euros through the “Länderausgleich“. And then Berlin uses this money in order to shine more brightly. The enterprises and the people are drawn towards the big party at Berlin financed with Bavarian money. With an additional detrimental effect for Munich? And our State Capital has no money left for promoting the WebWeek. Was that how the entire concept was meant to work out?

Well, it gets difficult. So if you want to help – why don’t you just send an email to the ISARNETZ initiators Thomas Pfeiffer and Wolf Groß? Helpers on an honorary basis are just as much appreciated as creative event managers and, of course, sponsors.

(Translated by EG)

I took the picture of the wall fromt he central media archive Wikimedia Commons it was taken by  Noir

Here is  my third and last attempt at defining project management. This time, I will try the “philosophical“ approach..

In a philosophy seminar, I learned how to define a term. You look for the nearest generic term (kind or category) and then describe the differences between your term and the others belonging to the same generic type.

Here is an example:

If I wished to define the term woman, I would look for the nearest generic term, which is human. Human is nearer to woman than, for example primate, because primate means other animals, for instance chimpanzees, along with humans. Humans include men and women. Consequently, all that is left to do for me is to describe the differences between men and women. Then I have found a definition for the term  woman.

So a woman is a human who is not a man.

Well, that, too, might not be quite correct, but the example was only chosen in order to make you aware of the general principle.

So now back to the term project management. Is management the generic term for  project management? I almost tend to believe it is. But then, what is the distinctive element between a project and other objects and themes that are to be managed?

First and foremost, I can think of very real things you can “manage”: buildings, stock, enterprises, finances, crises… And then there are groups of persons, teams, clubs, municipalities…

On a more abstract note, things like building a house or a street come to mind. Or a journey (managing to reach the end of the journey?). Or a vacation that is supposed to give you a lot of fun and recreation. Or even a partnership, a relationship. Or even life as such … Or a crisis?

Crisis management is a good thing. Well, it is not for project managers, is it? In a crisis, I need a crisis manager, don’t I?

Or is a crisis also a project? Or is the resolution to solve a crisis a project?

There is still some structuring and control necessary before all these ideas can give me a useful result. So are they all just endeavours that we want to succeed? But then, I tried endeavours when I first tried to define the term. And I failed gloriously (1. Definitionsversuch).

But then, the endeavours I listed were also all some kind of project or other… That means the word project cannot really be limited. It is true for everything that must be structured or controlled in any way…

For everything that must be managed!

So here we are with another failed attempt at defining project management. I will give up on it. In the next enterepreneur’s diary, I will look into how projects are generated in an enterprise.

(Translated by EG)

You will find all the articles of my entrepreneur’s diary if you click here: Drehscheibe

Roland Dürre
Saturday January 28th, 2012

To Wulff

There is a new verb in the German language: “To Wulff” . It will probably become the word of the year …

I must admit, I “wulff” a lot.

All the time, I get invitations. Events organized by enterprises or interest groups. I get a good meal and a free bed. Once in a while, the first class train ticket to the location is also part of the package.

I wonder why?

The answer is simple: Those who send me the invitations overestimate my personal influence as a representative of a (slightly) successfull enterprise. And they want to acquire it (less me) as a customer.

However, they probably could not care less about both the enterprise and yours truly as a customer and person. All they want is more turnover, i.e. the money I supposedly can dispose of. That is what they want to hear jingling in their cash box. And those who send me the invitations could not possibly know that I am rather frugal and do not tend to throw the money I am the custodian of out of the window.

Yet I sometimes accept those “tempting” free invitations. Mind you, the reason is not because I want a free meal and night in a hotel. After all, I have a nice home and am constantly struggling against the few extra pounds I carry.

🙂 But I, too, have a goal! And therefore I turn the tables.

Because, I, too, am looking for turnover all the time! And turnover is an elusive piece of venison. If you want to catch it, you must meet many requirements. The first condition is that you are very visible and that your own enterprise is well-known. Without contacts and intensive communication, nothing goes. Building up the necessary trust happens in small steps. It is a tedious and very indirect business. You have to be extremely patient.

But – these kinds of events lead to contacts and your network will grow.

🙂 Consequently, I overcome my weaker self and get active – “mingling with the masses“

I go to where I get a free drink and food – sometimes even a free bed and trip. Once in a while, you luck out. Sometimes a good speaker for the IF Forum or a new knowledge provider for the IF AGORA is found faster than you would have expected.

Contacts through which (mostly over more than three angles) some business might arise are fewer. The way towards the actual deal, including the signature, is still a long way off. In our complex world, you have to do a lot of “wulffing” in order to be a success. That is hard work, indeed.

However, I am not a “wulffer” in the true sense of the word. I belong to no party. Neither am I a politician. And I hold no Federal Office. And I do not influence anybody for third parties.

I am only my own lobbyist. The enterprise I am “wulffing“ for is the one I hold considerable shares of. So the only people I “wulff” for is myself and our stakeholders. If it promotes my own interests – along with those of my partners – I happily agree to being invited and eating a free Schnitzel.

As you see, I do not criticize “wulffing” as such. Only “wulffing” in the true meaning of the word. I do not particularly like “wulffers” who pretend the state and the people living in it are their private property. And who move in the interest of any number of groups the Schnitzels of which they happen to eat at a certain time.

I particularly dislike it if I then get the impression that the citizens – who are actually the true shareholders and stakeholders of the state – are at best unwanted at the parties.
And I also dislike to see the “wulffers” showing a total disinterest in how we would have expected them to behave and how they should fulfill their public role and their mandate.

(Translated by EG)

Detlev Six
Thursday January 26th, 2012

Roland is 3,000

The 3,000th January-visitor enters the IF Blog.
That is a new visitor record.
Regardless of the facts:
The blog has no ideas.
Its dialogue design is poorer than substandard.
It only inspires those who are truly hardened to write comments.
A number of diametrically differing authors.
And even too few of those.
So what does the IF Blog have to offer?
Well: Roland Dürre.
His brutish commitment.
His huge range of topics.
From scrum project leadership to beer project management.
Or was it the other way around with project leadership and project management?
His network.
From the ultra monologue-lover Lay to the super dialogue-lover Wood.
Roland, in times of progressive atomization – right up to the one-man-crowd – you brought together a veritable blog community.
My congratulations know no limits!
And you, out there on keyboard and mouse!
Cheer For Him!
For Roland!
Click, click Hurrah!

(Translated by EG)

Carl and Gerlinde (XVIII)

Whenever Carl saw the mountains of dirty dishes in the kitchen with all those disgusting remains of food on them, he felt doubly and threefold how much he was missing his much-loved Gerlinde. Without her, he was heading towards chaos after no more than two weeks – in fact, he was heading towards  apocalypse!

Why ever had she done this to him?

Warum tat sie ihm das nur an?After all, he was sure she knew how much he loved her and how helpless he was without her?

How was he ever supposed to manage without her?

Yes – how to survive – without her care and heavenly cooking?

And without her ever-busy “cleaning hands“? Above all, without her wonderful, soft, ironed shirts? She alone in all his life had ever been capable of making the collars snug against his neck without causing a blood stasis in his head and a nervous rush on his neck and breast.

And who was now going to buy – with a sure eye – underwear that fit and did not climb up between his butt cheeks? And the right kinds of socks that would not become fold mountains inside his hand-made shoes?

Who was now going to buy the lotion for his face? And his special shampoo and his deodorant that was not itchy? He did not even know where all these things were on display in the shelves of the supermarkets …

Not to mention the neighbours! Had Gerlinde just totally blanked them out?

She could not possibly not have been aware of how this bold gang of seven would laugh their heads off on hearing that Gerlinde had left from one day to the next. This ‚Solar – Fuzzy’ Konrad, now didn’t he literally burst with gloating! And his significant other, Luise, who, naturally, would never up and be gone, even more so! He just hoped that lady would never be hypocritical enough to offer him her help. Now that would really make him go over the top…

Regardless – he was not going to be able to keep this gang of news-craving neighbours at a safe distance, that much was pretty obvious!

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Here are my tweets of last week on:

Blogging and Twitter, Wisdoms and Rules:

120209 Telling the truth can cause loud comments – it is what can happen when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

120210 As time goes by, there will be good times and bad – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

120211 Questions will assist you through the world – also true for twitterers and bloggers. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

120212 It is easy to learn from other peoples  misfortune – also when twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

120213 You must not take too long with fresh roses and virgins – also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

120214 Gods are caught with gifts – also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

120115 You will surprise other most by giving – that is also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

There is a new tweet each day. See Twitter and “follow” RolandDuerre!

(Translated by EG)

I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Detlev Six
Wednesday January 25th, 2012

Carpe Mortem, Play Tombstone Hold’em.

Rounded =Hearts.
Pointy =Spades.
Flat= Diamonds.

Statue on Top=Clubs.
Now the colours are clear. The value of a card is supplied by the last digit of the time of death. Consequently, 1935 is a Five,. 1931 a one for an Ace. If there are more than two names to a tombstone, then its a Jack. Three names are a Queen, four or more a King.
The game can commence.

You play it like Texas Hold’em, just reverted. First, you lay out five normal poker cards openly and let the players give their stake. Then the players look for the two cards lying on their faces in the form of a tombstone on the cemetary. Players always .come in pairs, because only two partners can manage the following stunt: they can select random tombstones as their cards if, well, if they can find a live, full bridge between the two tombstones. So if two tombstones are supposed to play together, the hand of one partner can, for instance, be on the tombstone, the foot can have contact with the foot of the partner, who then has to touch the second tombstone at least with his fingertip.

Should anybody be  allowed to play this sort of game? Aren’t we, again, dealing with a case of calculated taboo breaking? Is now even the dignity of a cemetary no longer a sacred thing?

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In our IF Forum EXTRA of Wednesday, January, 25th, 2012, we will get the chance to see and hear a very special presentation. Klaus-Jürgen Grün is our guest. He will talk about the

The Art of Thinking Negative!

Many already look forward to this event. Our big lecture hall in the seminar zone of the InterFace AG building at Unterhaching well certainly be very (perhaps too?) full. But so what? Because
we will broadcast the entire event live into the internet!

An internet presentation is most fun if you see it in a group. That makes it possible for you to discuss it at your heart’s content afterwards – maybe even until next morning.

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Roland Dürre
Tuesday January 24th, 2012

New Video with Rupert Lay

Between Sunday and Monday, I uploaded another one of Rupert Lay’s presentations to Youtube. The title is

A New Structure for the Political and Economic World.

The presentation was given on September, 13th, 1998 at the Bad Boll „Akademischer Akademie“.

It is a very important presentation, because it explains much that moves us today. I strongly recommend for you to at least watch the first five minutes. Rupert is referring to the actual problems of the time and has a few unpleasant things to say about future consequences. It seems that they all became reality. That makes it a presentation of almost prophetic dimensions.

It would make me very happy if you were to watch it!

(Translated by EG)

Now I have seven more presentations by Rupert left that still need publishing. I plan to publish the next one in around four weeks. And it makes me particularly happy that I will – after a long pause – finally meet Rupert again a day and a week from now (on February, 1st).