Roland Dürre
Friday August 31st, 2012


IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “Mediocrity”:

My friend and teacher Rupert Lay thinks that the biggest problem in our social, economic and political lives is the growing proportion of mediocrity.

To me, it looks mediocre if you determine your goals in the manner of slavery according to your super-ego, where society tells you “this is how it is” or “here is how it should be done”, instead of fighting against irrationality and immorality. It is mediocre if my idea of entrepreneurship  is based on the shareholder value. The same is true if my concept of private happiness is determined by how much I earn and how (seemingly) secure my financial situation is.

The only way to surpass mediocrity is if you take responsibility for yourself and extend your own life in many dimensions. And if you are lucky, your own actions will spread beyond your own horizon. Perhaps you will even meet similar-minded people…

This is true both for your job and your partnership, in your family and in all areas of life. However, it is not easy. I never manage.

Because my mediocrity is like the fairy tale of the hare and the hedgehog. Whenever I have reached my destination, this stupid hedgehog will sit there and stick its tongue into my face.

And now I decree an internet break until Sunday!

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Roland Dürre
Thursday August 30th, 2012


IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “Wastefulness”:


I am against many things. In particular, I am against wastefulness. It really annoys me.

Except – if I am against wastefulness, I am making myself small. Because then wastefulness is my enemy, lurking behind every corner. Both in the material sense and with respect to time. And it often makes me concerned.

Consequently, I do not wish to be against wastefulness. Instead, I want to be in favour of the opposite. But what is the opposite of wastefulness?

I remember a sentence I heard from Klaus Töpfer: “A system is sustainable in the biological sense if it produces no waste!”. OK, so I define waste and refuse as negative wastefulness.

From this, I could conclude that I would increase sustainability if I minimized negative wastefulness. And I defined for myself that negative wastefulness is the opposite of sustainability. So now I am even more in favour of sustainability.

And I am in favour of positive wastefulness, like nature gives it to us by supplying all this beauty, all those colours and all these varieties of species. Or the wastefulness of humans who give me their love.

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120919 Some bones can be chewed at with care – probably what many twitterers and bloggers think. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

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I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

This is also one of the things I read during my vacation as I browsed through an old newspaper:

Now the German Ethics Council has been asked to come up with a proposal about how to solve the problem of circumcision of male Jewish toddlers in Germany. During the last few days, I had also read a number of statements on early circumcision by various German medical experts. Among the experts, there was a pediatrician, a pain and anesthesia expert, a medicine professor, a hospital director and a psychologist.

To me, it did not sound very encouraging. Besides, it gave me pause. It seems that an early circumcision is far from a nice ritual. And it is also by no means trivial or free from consequences.

Then I read that an allegedly relevant Jewish Rabbi is against all anaesthetics during the circumcision procedure. And that Turkey also already commented with the “Turkish Minister for European Affairs seeing free religion jeopardized in Germany”.

Now this motivated me to do some research in the internet. Among other things, I found a rather lengthy comment (Stellungnahme) – it sounded rather absurd to me – by the “Central Council of Jews in Germany”.

However, there is one group I never hear anything from on the subject. For me, however, this group would be particularly relevant. I am talking the women. How do the Jewish mothers feel if they have to witness their toddlers being painfully mutilated by strange men shortly after their birth?

How does that go with a mother’s love? Do the mothers really want this for their babies? Or do they just sacrifice their children because they are weak and fearful? Because they lack the courage to resist an inhuman tradition in their cage of a millennia-old bourgeois suppression?

Or is it, maybe, a lot more complicated? Maybe there is a secret sort of “anarchical sexual understanding”, including a “special form of penis envy“ behind all this? Maybe women basically look kindly upon circumcisions for this reason? As some sort of punishment for men and in order to make sure men are and remain clean?

Well, I would welcome some counter-arguments by women!


(Translated by EG)

When I read a newspaper during my vacation, it mostly means I am a few days behind. But then, the newspapers from a few days ago also have quite some content. For instance, Turkey wants to renovate 40 million flats to make them earth-quake resistant. They want to control it centrally. Calling it a huge national effort.

They introduced a governmental program that looks epoch-making. Now doesn’t that sound great? It sounds like somebody has eventually found a solution to a problem. At long last, someone actually gets active. Here comes the great national rising – modern Turkey on its way towards the future. It will certainly go without saying that such a huge national project cannot take the inhabitants into consideration. After all, we all want it to be a success, don’t we?

The report sounds a little like Chinese reports. I do not believe in these kinds of programs. They cause too much frustration. Once in a while, you get a few (initial) success stories, but eventually, there is almost always failure. We find too many negative examples for such mega projects, both in countries and societies. Mostly, they leave behind more ruins and wreckage than improvement.

Exactly those companies that previously profited from having people live in derelict buildings will again profit from these projects. Much money will be burned. And in the end, a lot will have been without much effect and the positive consequences will be rather moderate. Regardless, I am sure it makes sense to make buildings earth-quake resistant. Because, after all, what would be the alternative?

Even with topics as important as this one, I would prefer a policy that enlightens the people through transparent information and communication. Such an approach should aim at changing social concepts and create a spirit of rising, which again would motivate local initiatives. Which would probably be less expensive and, above all, more sustainable.

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Roland Dürre
Monday August 27th, 2012


IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “education”:

In our complex society, education is the basic requirement for success.

This is both true for every individual person and a good society.

Education will create knowledge, knowledge will give you joy, joy generates courage.

If you have knowledge, joy and courage, your chances of happiness are pretty good.

Woe to those societies that economize on education.

Is it possible that the shortest articles are the best?

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Roland Dürre
Sunday August 26th, 2012


During the vacation I spend in the wild South of Greece (Peloponnes, Mani), I sometimes read a few of the internet “information pages”:  ARD, SZ, Spiegel and such.

And I notice that remarkably often the news sound helpless. Take, for instance, mobility. Here is what I read:

Even the vehicle that won the VCD price for being equipped with the most economical combustion motor still produces far too much carbon dioxide. Electronic cars are nowhere near coming onto the market. Fuel prices skyrocket…

And then there comes the fear:

What will happen to the backbone of the German industry – automobile industry?

To be sure, the fear seems justified. But here, too, there are solutions. And we definitely should concentrate more on the solutions. Also in the “news“. Wouldn’t it be nice if the media were to spread less helplessness and fear, and instead work at a concept for the future?

Our future will be characterized by change. Because the change we need will happen. In fact, it is already under way. This change will and must happen with our collective and individual awareness. We have to change our mental concepts. And that is what we will do, simply because we will have to do it. The process will be a part of the evolution, supported by our world-wide network through the internet.

And here it begins. Even as I write this, more and more people try to coordinate work and life better. Many use public transportation or their bikes more often than they used to. And they will probably soon use the electro scooter. We will have to and will manage to make our mobility, along with our entire lives, a little more “decroissant”.

In many areas, the hierarchic structures dissolve, being replaced by networks. Entrepreneurial initiatives substitute systemic realizations. Strict interconnection is replaced by lose interconnection, central control makes way for self-control. This will be particularly necessary in complex social systems, and that is where it will happen. Maybe this could also indicate how we might solve our “current problems”, such as EU and EURO.

More and more people start changing their habits. They refuse to be made part of the marketing mechanism. They reduce their consumption. They no longer want status symbols. They are more nutrition-conscious. They get joy in their lives from what is really important to them. They prefer being something to seeming something. They get more critical and autonomous and will no longer accept being told what to think by religions and associations.

If we want change, we need no federal programs. They would be no help, because what must happen has to come from deep inside ourselves. It might be a good idea to do without subsidies and regulations, because they will certainly not help us. The development of our awareness and our values must happen in a fair discourse, free from suppression. And it has already started.

Parallel with this, all we have to do is act. Decentralization is the motto. We all together, as well as every individual person, must do what is right and refrain from doing what is wrong. It is quite simple, isn’t it?

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Roland Dürre
Saturday August 25th, 2012

In Favour Of vs. Against

IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “In Favour Of versus Against”:

In the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to personally meet Dr. Klaus Töpfer when he gave a presentation. He defended the “against” culture. For me, this was a first.

He gave wonderful reasons why it is so important to “be against something“ if you want change and if you wish to find better solutions. I was truly impressed.

Except that I know I will feel small if I am against something. Because everything I oppose is my enemy. It lurks everywhere. Both materially and emotionally. Consequently, I am in favour of a “pro-culture“. And I want to try never being opposed to something. Instead, I always want to be in favour of something.

So let us not live the “being against”! Let us instead use it as a playful and dialectical exercise for gaining new insight by the “art of negative thinking”. Thus, we can develop “being in favour of things” through “being against things”!


(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Friday August 24th, 2012

(Deutsch) Warum unterstütze ich PM Camp?

Why I Support the PM Camp?
Marcus Raitner is one of the PM Camp protagonists and the founder of openPM. His blog /misc is truly remarkable and even more worth reading. While organizing the PM Camp, he wrote to me:

Since the InterFace also regularly sponsors us, maybe you can write a short article about: “Why we support the PM Camp“. Why not tell your readers something about your company and why you all find the PM Camp such a good idea that you even agreed to sponsor it.

Please send your text to – we will then publish it along with your logo in the blog  (

Here is my reply:

InterFace AG:

The InterFace AG started in Munich in 1984. It was all about agile development of software. Today, we mainly work in sector-independent, process-based and goal-oriented knowledge and pragmatic experience around the often critical use of IKT technology in enterprises. We are a very active knowledge enterprise. Projects play a central role in our company.

Why PM Camp:

Classical educational systems, such as schools, universities and institutionalized associations try to standardize knowledge. The pure acquisition of facts and thinking in pre-defined patterns push creativity to the side.

PM Camps are free, non-institutionalized “Anti-Conferences” and therefore a true alternative to the classical meetings of the “Project Management – Industry”. PM Camps are active, because during PM Camps, you will meet all kinds of people: young and old, female and male, project managers, students, leaders, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In a PM Camp, you live openness and transparency. The motto of the day is always the non-authoritative, ethic discourse. Everybody thou-s and thee-s each other, all attendants meet at eye level, traditional concepts of the world will be questioned. If you came as a “consumer”, you will soon be turned into a “producer”.

These is an ideal environment for honestly sharing and multiplying experience and knowledge. Consequently, all attendees agree that they did plenty of intense learning and benefited hugely after a short time – and still they all say the PM Camp was great fun.

🙂 Now I look forward to reading this text – or a modified version of it – on the PM Camp homepage this Tuesday.

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Mähnicke & Six
Thursday August 23rd, 2012

(Deutsch) Der tägliche Wahnsinn: Opfergetue TV