Roland Dürre
Tuesday April 30th, 2013

The NSU Trial and the Media

On systems and their agents, epikie and civil courage

Now they are probably again going to postpone the trial in Munich. I am sure that this is quite awful for many persons, because it is all about a particularly unfortunate chapter of our national history. After the trial, said chapter will probably turn out to be even “more unfortunate”.

However, the NSU trial is also a good example for another negative development in our society. Our social systems get both a life of their own and de-personalized. The employees become more and more system agents and remote from reality. They ignore what our society actually needs and subordinate themselves to some super regulation, questionable rules and their own paranoia when having to make decisions.

For instance, from the outset, they decided to choose a trial chamber that is too small “for reasons of safety”. But what stage have we reached if we cannot even guarantee safety in our trial chambers? Can we really permit the rightist scene to restrict our freedom of decision to such an extent?

At this juncture, I just have to hint at our Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution: maybe they should focus more on the safety of our judicial institutions, rather than doing one disservice after another to our democracy by probably illegal and totally controversial activities of their dubious v-men.

And since we are all afraid the verdict might not hold in the appeal stage, the law is interpreted in such a way that it no longer has anything to do with what our society actually needs. Of course, it was totally out of the question that, for instance, the Turkish Press representatives were not admitted as observers of the trial. Just as it is out of the question that now a newspaper like the FAZ – with its many readers – is allegedly to be excluded from trial report status.

Processes and rules obviously were often given priority over common sense. Unfortunately, they interpreted the actual wording of the law in a most restrictive way, ignoring what had actually been the purpose of the law. Instead of looking for solutions that would make sense and have a chance of survival, they bowed like slaves before what was allegedly inevitable.

In our system, epikie (Epikie), an important even if hardly known virtue, is too often forgotten. In a nutshell, epikie means you should “hold up the laws of a nation in such a way as a sensible legislative body would have meant and wished for them to be held up”. If you want to practice epikie, you often need another primary virtue, namely civil courage (Zivilcourage), also known as moral courage. Those are the virtues we need, along with common sense. Both should be applied, based on socially accepted values.

And I am afraid there are sectors of our society where these virtues, as well as a healthy and value-based common sense, dwindle more and more. But that is not a problem, because there are still humans around who actually practice all these things and have an influence. Consequently, when all is said and done, I am quite optimistic.

My readers, however, are welcome to speculate which circles I am talking about …

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday April 28th, 2013

Evolution, Innovation and “Dominant Logic”

Last week, I was permitted to attend a very special conference.  It was the LEADERSHIP FOR INNOVATION, supported by the Peter Pribilla Foundation. It was about VISUALIZING THE INVISIBLE. The event was in Munich, at TUM, or – to be precise -, at IAS on the Campus Garching between April, 25th and April, 26th,  2013.

Even the fact that it was a rather conventional conference did not do any harm. There were quite a few rather “innovative” sessions. Being one of the first-timers, I quickly realized that it was mainly about “meeting” – in the environment of an important network and with the right kinds of people.
Quite logically, the highlight of those two days was the evening event “Network Convention 2013″ on Friday honouring Herrn Prof. Reichswald, who had celebrated his seventieth birthday in April, 1st, 2013. And during this event at the Seehaus in the Englischer Garten, everything was “Boundless Interaction” in the truest sense of the word.
During those two days, I talked with quite a few people about highly exciting things. There were so many new ideas raining in on me that the first thing I had to do was mentally process all the input. Here are a few personal thoughts after my first round of digestion.


It seems to be one of the main problems of our species, both in professional and private life, that we always want to solve challenges with “dominant logic”. However, “real life” is always part of the evolutionary process and said evolutionary process is all but “domineering and logical”. Today, innovation is our attempt at influencing evolution to our advantage.

To me, it seems that this is one of the central tasks of entrepreneurial behaviour: to influence the evolution every enterprise will experience anyway while undergoing the evolutionary “aging process” in such a way that its negative consequences are at least balanced by the positive “innovative change”.

And that is something you cannot do with ratio or logic. You cannot explain the ineffectiveness of dominant logic by dominant logic. All you can do is explain it with experience and wisdom gained from life. Consequently, entrepreneurs will have to live in the “now” and find out what is good and bad for the enterprise, before they hopefully come up with more “right” decisions than wrong ones.

If you deduce decisions with dominant logic from common rules, you will fail. You will end up with many wrong decisions, some of them with profound negative consequences. That is what experience shows us. In order to find more correct decisions in the innovative sense, your criteria for deciding must be based on culture and values.

Examples for absolutely common (and in my understanding detrimental) business rules are: “growth is a must”, “we have to be number one world-wide in our business sector” or “increased shareholder value is the one and only goal of the enterprise”. These are platitudes with no conceptual background, but not rational sources for behavioural incentives.

Here are a few examples for useful cultural rules: “The Golden Rule“ (Die goldene Regel), “human beings are not resources”, “creativity needs fear-free areas”, “successful communication calls for meeting at eye-level”, “generating knowledge creates new knowledge”, “leadership means respect for others”, “consideration and civil courage are the most important virtues”…

The application of these and similar rules will generate more correct decisions in the sense of a sustainable and consequently innovative enterprise development that is mindful of resources. After all, an enterprise, too, is just a social system with a business purpose.

And if management truly wants a sustainable development, the enterprise will have to live by these cultural rules when making decisions. The process may (and must) well be based on ratio and common sense. Because, ethics, too, has a lot to do with ratio – otherwise it can easily cause wrong dogmata. Mind you, even if we stick by that rule, we will not be able to avoid evolution, but maybe we can influence it a little bit to our advantage by applying innovation.

Business leaders often try to learn from mistakes and transfer what they learned into the future. This is also an area where I suspect it will not work if the basis is “dominant logic”. Because dominant logic will always fail when it comes to humans and their social systems.

I am often tempted to prove these theses by using “dominant logic”. Naturally, this cannot be done. After all, what makes evolution so sensational is the fact that it cannot be rationally explained. Instead, it is free of purpose – thus having nothing to do with “dominant logic”. It is not about survival of the fittest“ and perhaps not a “huge, collaborative process”, either. Innovation will always depend on the stream of evolution. We humans alone are bold enough to try and modify evolution through ratio and logic innovatively. But in order to do so, we need “evolutionary knowledge” that can NOT be projected on spread-sheets.

Well – and then there is this other, for me central, characteristic:


We will never create evolutionary knowledge without being “OPEN”! We have to share our knowledge and our experience. With as many other persons as possible. Without any reservations and at eye-level. It is the only way to generate positive innovation as a modification of evolution in order to improve matters both in our enterprises and on this our only world. And this will never be done by one person alone. It will have to be a cooperation of many who will often play totally different roles.

Otherwise, evolution will waste no time in extinguishing us humans from this our planet.
To be sure, in the cosmic dimension of things, it would not be much of a loss, but still: wouldn’t it be a pity?

To put it plainly: you cannot see what is invisible, can you? This is especially true for an individual being. But perhaps we can augur it, like in feel it?

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday April 27th, 2013

Taxes for the Rich …

A few years (decades) ago, those who “earned good money” enjoyed a tax relief. Today, more and more people think said tax relief was too much. Well, perhaps they are right.

And consequently, there are a number of initiatives and parties that now write into their programs that the affluent and better-earning citizens (who actually, like Uli Hoeneß, stayed, instead of emigrating like our “Emperor” Beckenbauer, Mr. Müller of Müller Milch and Schumi) should pay more taxes in the future.

The Green Party and the SPD want to increase the top income tax rate and save the FRG from capitalism. I think these, too, are things we have to live with.

But we should avoid a mistake that is made again and again: if you define in numbers from which amount of money on some income and/or property should be subjected to extra tax, then you should not see those numbers as something inflexible. Instead, they should be potentially changeable from the outset. For instance by automatically linking them with the inflation rate.

Otherwise, the same problem will probably be recurring in no time at all. To be sure, the “official” inflation rate seems to be harmless, but money loses its value at more than high speed. You can prove this with many examples in quite a trivial way. And what happens overnight? – You will have to change the tax system again, because all of a sudden the “average earners” will have been sliding into a tax situation that is not tolerable for them.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Thursday April 25th, 2013

Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #164

Here are my tweets of last week on:
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130509 Words will not fill your stomach – not even when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130510 There is a long way to go between words and actions – that is quite true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130511 If you have to evils to choose from, choose the lesser one – also when blogging and twittering! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130512 Keep counsel before you get active – especially true for blogging and twittering! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130513 If you give a good example, others will follow – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130514 Talking first will save you talking afterwards – good advice also when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130515 Being cautious never did any harm – first rule for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

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(Translated by EG)

I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter .

Roland Dürre
Tuesday April 23rd, 2013

Strange World

In its new advertising folder for Thursday, April, 25th, Aldi sells one of those multimedia notebooks for 459.- €. To be sure, I would not want it even if it cost nothing. In the flyer, they say that “Medion® recommends Windows 8”, because it is so “nice, quick and fluid”. They also wrote: “Windows 8 with Windows® Experience Surface”. Well, there we have it again, the old Wintel connection between Microsoft® and Intel®. And then, they will again wonder why so many of these computers will remain unsold at Aldi.

On the back of the folder, I read that the 1,000 giga-bytes of hard drive now cost 69.99 Euros. A decade ago, such a thing was unimaginable. It seems that hardware still develops in record time.

Other than that, everything is in motion in the IT world. Microsoft tries to get to the top again. Apple does their own thing and Google will leave the HTML community. You can never really tell what Amazon is doing. IBM and HP seem to be reduced to the role of spectators, watching how the “big ones” are fighting each other. Dell starts a new approach and Japan’s Fujitsu is also still kicking around.

Yet, all of this will not really be important, because the future of IT technology will belong to the Asians anyway. For quite some time, companies with totally new names have been setting the pace technologically and conquering the markets.

From powerful CIO circles, I hear that Java is no longer fashionable – perhaps because of the purchase of Sun by Oracle. Other augurs tell me that c# (c sharp) probably is not the language of the future, either. I no longer know which way to turn and ask myself: what will be our programming language five years from now?

Pragmatists give a shrug of their shoulders and tell us that Phyton is a fashionable way of programming in the USA. That is something I really find hard to believe. People in Academica explain to me that, unfortunately, we neglected to further research and develop programming languages during the last two decades. Moreover, they relied on the Mozilla Foundation, but apparently, it is too weak.

These are the things I hear IT analysts say. To be sure, I have no idea how much technological competence they have, because I myself do no longer understand the current developments, either. Some way or other, IT became very complex and confusing – which went (and goes) along with such breath-taking speed that I was literally run over.

But I remember a time when Unix seemed to converge (X-OPEN). It was a good thing – even if, in the end, it did not work out. In those days, I liked programming with “c” and found it the best language of my programming life. To be sure, it was a language that suffered from a certain lack of clarity – but it was rather nice for development. And the results were efficient systems and solutions.

Since everything is so complex, I repress it. And I look forward to my small Nexus with Ubuntu. I might even get it as early as tomorrow. It cost me 250 Euros, value added tax included. This is probably also a lot too expensive, considering the additional devices – like my Airbook. It was registered on November, 23rd, 2010 – which means it is almost three years old already. It still runs like clockwork, but some way or other, I keep returning to the tablet. And then the mixture Ubuntu/Nexus might replace the Airbook in my creative everyday life …

Well, let’s wait and see …

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday April 20th, 2013

Is It Quite Normal To Do Forbidden Things?

Both in the “social” and “non-social” media, I perceive a “Hoeneß-Hype” today. To be sure, I can understand it. But still, it horrifies me. Now Uli Hoeneß is made the scapegoat – and that is not fair.

Let us safely assume that a huge majority of persons who have more money thabn your average citizen invested part of their money “illegally”, even though it was and is forbidden. But then, many, perhaps all persons do forbidden things all the time, don’t they? If you are an exception, please let me know. Because then you are a saint. If, however, you deny it, you are a liar and hypocrite.

Especially when it comes to money, things get complicated. People prostitute themselves for it – in the truest sense of the word. And they find buyers. Lots of them. It happens as a matter of course, even if it is forbidden.

How many people committed theft when they were young, even though it is forbidden? And it is all quite normal and human. Just as it is normal for women to abort, even though it is forbidden or judged amoral.

However, society, as well as every one of us, does not have a right to constantly shove the moral attitude up our noses. Because it is all so normal and human. Let those who are free of sin throw the first stone.

So rich people try to avoid the complicated tax legislation. And the borderline between legal and illegal will easily get blurred in subjective judgement. And it will constantly move, often imperceptibly and in small steps. All of a sudden, something that used to be a trivial offense is now a crime. For instance: under the rule of our honourable Prime Minister of Bavaria Franz-Josef, things that would today let your hair stand on end were quite normal.

And now, we suddenly have a new “tax moral”. It is probably not based on too honourable motives. And what used to be normal is shameful all of a sudden. Regardless of the fact that we always knew it – and regardless of the fact that people who used to do it were rather respected in a Bavarian “What-A-Guy” way.

Basically, this is exactly the bourgeois hypocrisy and lying still burdening our society (and it will probably continue to do so). I hope we will not get too many of those “new moralisms”.

Why can we not just correct what went wrong in a rational and sensible way, instead of judging the parties concerned, or even calling for revenge!? That would mean not belittling persons morally, but instead just repairing the damage done by evil. Take their money, instead of punishing them. And remember that there is no such thing as justice.
Some consistent public transparency for every action would prevent much of what happens today. We should promote and realize it if we wish to “improve” matters.

Back to the “Causa Hoeneß”. There is one more wish of mine. It would be nice if our society were to invest all that money we will now probably get from Uli for something meaningful. But I have my doubts.

(Translated by EG)

Klaus Hnilica
Thursday April 18th, 2013

Garden Lust and Garden Frustration

Carl and Gerlinde (XXX)

”Whatever is the matter with you, Carl? You have been gaining so much weight during the last few weeks that I really must fear you might soon explode!”, section leader Dr. Osterkorn scornfully said as they left the meeting room after the usual “Monday Strategy Meeting”.

”What do you mean, Bernie?“, Carl was irritated.

”Well, your waistline is going south like a donut baking in hot grease: maybe your Gerlinde is intent on selling you to the highest bidder?“, Bernie laughed loud and boisterously.

”Now you, too, start going on about it! Two weeks ago, my extra-nosy secretary already asked me if I had a thyroid gland problem”, Carl replied in a small voice.

”There you go, Carl – that means I am not seeing ghosts! Mind you, I find it great if you enjoy your food and you also have my heartfelt blessings. But then, as the sector sales manager of TRIGA where you have to sell all these athletically-oriented products, maybe you should be a little appearance-conscious, shouldn’t you?“

”Bernie, are you really telling me what I think you are telling me… …“

”Why don’t you consider my words a bit of an advice, Carl! As you know, I am sometimes a little direct” – Dr. Osterkorn did some mollifying eye-blinking, gave Carl a well-aimed pat on the shoulder with his athletically muscled paw and disappeared towards the vacant office of Miriam Braun – who was still into her baby pause and certainly had no idea about the extremely attractive blond girl having already done a practical term in her office chair for four weeks. Allegedly, as was heard on the bush telegraph, she had already tried on several new underwear models for a certain  Mr. Dr. Osterkorn …

Carl, although glad to be still able to walk upright after the friendly pat on the shoulder by Dr. Osterkorn, actually started feeling a slight uncertainty slowly creeping up inside every atom of his body …

And since his secretary Bettina, who otherwise used to be responsible for all the little ailments, had just gone ahead and quitted serving him his morning poppy seed strudel and coffee from one day to the next without ever consulting him about it – mind you, if he was totally honest he had to admit that said poppy seed strudel had been rather dry of late and thus had been sticking to the palate with the coffee at times in a rather unpleasant way –  there was, unfortunately, no way she could be the counsellor she had formerly been on this sensitive issue!

And Gerlinde was totally out of the question! After all, she already complained on an hourly basis, just because of these few ridiculous extra pounds he carried on his, as he found, still rather Apollonically …

Due to this standoff, Carl would probably have to get active himself in this case in his usual efficient way! Well, it would have been a miracle indeed if, just this once, those super wise ladies had been able to help, wouldn’t it?

Besides, this was men’s business!

After all, there was nothing easier than dispose of a few “unnecessary grams of fat”: all he had to do was – basically ridiculous – be a little disciplined when eating and – bingo! – exercise more. And we are talking a lot more exercise! Certainly, Sir! No need at all to start wondering or getting into endless discussions, as women always did in these kinds of situations!

No: next week – or the week after next – or maybe better in May, or perhaps June, when it would be really light in the evening, there was no need to do anything more than register at one of those fitness studios and book one of these often mentioned evening courses! And that was all there was to it, wasn’t there? It was really quite easy…

Moreover – and this must certainly have been a twist of fate – it was now springtime and that meant a lot of gardening, anyway: which was basically an ideal recipe for losing weight!

He was sure Gerlinde, too, would be more than delighted if, for once, she did not have to rely on Hannelore’s strange “Polish Gardening Gentleman” who always turned the trees and bushes into embarrassing shaving brushes in spring! No – starting immediately, the “brush miracle” was going to stop. And almost magically, he, Carl, would turn slim in the process.  Wasn’t that more than fantastic?

However, it put a little damper on his enthusiasm when Gerlinde, on the next morning when he outlined his plan for her during breakfast, was not really beaming from the inside. But perhaps she just was not yet quite awake when she asked rather soberly: “and why all of a sudden – this gardening enthusiasm?” while stirring in her coffee a very long time, even though, as Carl knew with absolute certainty, there was no sweetener in it. …

”Well, you know, Gerlinde, I really need a little more time to relax and exercise – some way or other, the hard work on the job recently made me far too lethargic!”, Carl tried to suck up to her with an attitude of seeking understanding.

”What surprising self-awareness – and as early as sunrise, too – at half past eight. Isn’t this quite remarkable?”, Gerlinde sneered at him.
”Call it as you  will, Gerlinde. But I am absolutely determined to exercise more and to contribute more actively to our household gardening”, said Carl with a smile while giving Gerlinde’s left hand – which was just reaching for the blackberry jam container –  a loving squeeze over the breakfast table!

Immediately afterwards, however, Carl abruptly looked at the clock, pressed a quick kiss onto her coffee-scented lips and made a hurried exit with the parting words: “let us talk in more detail about my ’gardening program’ tonight”.…

Except – the way it turned out in the evening – was typically Gerlinde!

Because when, after a hard and tiring day’s work, Carl arrived home in the evening, his ever-so-caring Gerlinde confronted him with a “Gardening Schedule” which not only took his breath away, but – and this was totally unfair – in which was also written everything that had to be done! Of course, at the very top, there was the huge weeping willow that had to be cut each year. A job which not only meant plenty of work balancing on a ladder high up in the air, but also several days of “grinding work”. But then, who could ever work in the garden this long with this totally unexpected “Intermediate Ice Age”? – After all, he was not an Eskimo wearing thermo underwear, now was he?

And the weeping birch, too, had to be pruned!

And the ten bushes along the border of the garden, and the laurel, the two weigelia, the fusted, as well as the juniper and the chestnut in the front garden, the American dogwood and the flowering cherry – not to mention the thirty heather bushes, the far too dense grass and six cedar bushes.

Carl did not get any further with his studies of “Gerlinde’s Gardening Program”: because by the time he reached the American dogwood, the first bottle of beer was empty. And when the second bottle was opened, he – after this murderous day of selling underwear – certainly no longer felt inclined for more “gardening nitpicking”.…

Apparently, Gerlinde – typically feminine – did not even begin to understand what the work she had written down actually meant. And with these arctic temperatures to boot! Incidentally, there was not the slightest hint of spring and balmy air to be felt anywhere! Now wasn’t this the absolute horror: the way this year presented itself! You really had to ask yourself seriously when this stupid global warming all the media were busy talking about was going to start. Wasn’t it unbelievable how those “Catastrophe Apostles” were on the wrong path?

The only person who had not been off track – unfortunately she was off him, as well – was, again Gerlinde! Now that lady was someone you could rely upon a hundred per cent when it came to this issue, Carl thought when he eventually – regardless of all his tiredness – went to get the third bottle of beer from the basement by himself: you really had to signal only the slightest bit of inclination towards helping with the garden, and Gerlinde, this extremely perceptive person, would already come up with a “gardening program” the realization of which would turn you into a walking skeleton in no time. With his dear Gerlinde, it would probably be best to actually apply for early retirement…

Was that really what Gerlinde wanted to do to him – just because of those few, ridiculous extra pounds he was carrying on his ribs? Or on his hips? Or wherever? Was that really worth it?

(Translated by EG)

Here are my tweets of last week on:
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130502 Nobody lives just from the wind – not even a twitterer and blogger?#Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130503 You cannot survive on love alone – the same is true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130504 You cannot survive on air – especially true for blogging and twittering! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130505 Beauty is not enough to live on, either – also particularly true for blogging and twittering! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130506 All fires start with a straw – also true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130507 You cut the huge pieces of wood from the great blocks of wood – also when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130508 You must not talk evil of the dead – is that also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

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(Translated by EG)

I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Ubuntu & Android as Used in Business

That is what our next presentation in the series
Craftsmanship – Technology by Computer Scientists for Computer Scientists” (also known as Beer&Informatics).

Alexander Jachmann will talk about it on May, 16th, 2013 at our IF Academy at Unterhaching.

This is all about:
A practical test. – What exactly can the windows alternatives do?
Features, problems and solutions. An overview.

Alexander Jachmann works at IFTech AG as a system engineer, where he is in charge of virtualization and cloud projects. In private life, his interests are around Open Source and exactly cover the topics he is going to talk about.

Presenting Ubuntu & Android, Alexander will introduce two operating systems that are currently very fashionable.

The Linux Distribution Ubuntu is now making itself available on all the common platforms, such as Desktop, Notebook, Server, but also Smartphone, Tablet and TV sets.
Googles Android is “the one and only” operating system for smartphones and tablets.
During the presentation, we will also discuss and demonstrate how these two operating systems might be used in business.

The focus of the presentation will be on what requirements an enterprise must meet if the operating system is supposed to work properly. Questions will be: “What can Ubuntu/Android do?” and “Where will I, as the administrator, have to give additional assistance?” or “What requirements must be met if I wish to use Ubuntu/Android in the office surroundings and what is there to be careful about?“

There will also be quite something to witness. In a live demonstration, Alexander will show novelties for the actual use of Ubuntu/Android in an enterprise.

As always, it will be a concise and short presentation. We are talking a maximum of 30 minutes. After that, the podium will belong to the audience and they can feel free to ask as many questions as they can think of.

And, of course, after the presentation and discussion, there will again be a “Happy Hour” with Beer&Meatloaves. During the party, our Mr. IF-Lab, Dr. Frank Schütz will offer to try applications for what you have heard “on the spot”. You are welcome to do some hacking. There will also be a Nexus, including an Ubuntu tablet version.

(Translated by EG)

In our  Lecture Series (Vortragsreihe)

IF Technology – from Computer Scientists for Computer Scientists”
(also known as Beer&Informatics), Johannes Schmidt gave a presentation on March, 21st, 2013:
Get In Shape!

How Video games and activity control will get us off the sofa?

We made a recording of this beautiful and interesting presentation and filled two video tapes with it. Here they are – very much to be recommended!

In the first part of the presentation, Johannes Schmidt gives an overview of the history of activity control.

What is the difference between Sony EyeToy & Nitendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect?

The second part shows you how easy it is nowadays to program this technologically very challenging topic.

Including live programming!

Our next Beer&Informatics presentation will be on May, 16th, 2013. Again, the location is our Unterhaching office building.

The presentation will be about:

“Ubuntu & Android as Used in Business”
The practical test. – What exactly can the windows alternatives do? Features, problems and solutions. An overview.
Alexander Jachmann (IF-Tech AG) will tell us everything about the current state of affairs on that Thursday. And, of course, there will again be beer and meatloaf afterwards.

(Translated by EG)