Klaus Hnilica
Thursday February 26th, 2015

Fateful Siesta

Carl and Gerlinde (XLI)

ZZZVimg171Why had it had to happen at this of all occasions? Why when Carl had, at long last, taken his Gerlinde along to the lingerie and underwear fair “Five Elements”? And it was certainly no surprise that, afterwards, Gerlinde was not only disappointed, but also angry!

God, how often had she tried to persuade Carl to take her along when he went to this famous underwear fair where he organized the most bizarre exhibitions with the most crazy ideas and other shebang for TRIGA every year. And where, smiling practically at the push of a button, he always ran up to form like a yeast doughnut in hot oil between those hysterical, cold, long-legged underwear dolls.

On the other hand, you had to admit that this really outrageous thing would never have happened if Gerlinde had not been there. Because without her, he would never have siesta-ed and consequently would never have been confronted with this more than strange situation. A situation that might well have been instigated by the competition. Or by the NSA? Or the KGB? Well, you never know, you know!

But well, all those ’if’–s and ’then’–s were not going to do any good now when the ’stable door had been locked after the horse had bolted’, were they? Of course, the ’horse’ was meant in a purely metaphorical way, since there was no horse involved.

On the contrary. In fact, this entire unparalleled scandal in the famous Berlin Four-Star Hotel during the 11th Fashion Week was all about how to best prevent the activity that could cause ’possible birth’- albeit of a child, rather than a horse.

Mind you, this ’possible conception’ was, of course, only of virtual nature, since Gerlinde – thank God – was far beyond the age where such an aspect could possibly mutate into an unwelcome real surprise.

Yet there had definitely been more than enough demand on this late morning for the kinaesthetics and exchange of fluids usually preceding such a procreation process on both sides. Absolutely! And one had also seen it as the ideal prelude for the siesta urgently desired by Gerlinde on this second day of the lingerie and underwear fashion show. After all, the evening reception given to entertain the international and national customers on the previous day had lasted until early this morning, bringing with it many delicacies on the rich buffet which were consumed along with costly alcoholic beverages. The lively organiser Carl and his charming company Gerlinde had definitely partaken …

Consequently, a few quiet minutes – or even a quarter of an hour – definitely seemed like a tempting idea to both of them around noon.

And Gerlinde would not have been Gerlinde if she had not only immediately succumbed to this temptation without reservations, but also enriched them in no time by practicing a few rather exquisite fantasies every equestrienne would have been proud of. 
It seems like the dressage numbers displayed actually demanded absolute concentration from both horse and rider.

How else could you understand that neither of them noticed how suddenly, not at all far away from the ’king-size bed display parcours’, a young inconspicuous hotel employee – so it seemed – not only watched the exciting dressage artistry with a bowed upper body, a red face and fascination, but also worked most enthusiastically on his iPhone …

It seems that, somehow, Carl must have spied a shadow from the corner of his right eye, because there was an involuntary movement of his head to the right, but only so slightly that the equestrienne who was working with a lot of concentration was not distracted in any way.

And suddenly what he saw was a pair of nosy eyes over a good-natured smiling mouth. Actually, the full head of blond hair of this young gentleman sitting above a youthful, not at all fearsome face like a little crown even added another air of normality to the entire scene.

When the young man, totally fearlessly, put his right index finger to his lips in order to signal Carl to – please – please – remain entirely quiet in order not to destroy this wonderful scene by an inconsiderate move, this, too, fit perfectly into the image …

In retrospect, Carl was almost ashamed about having offered no resistance at all to the directions of the strange young man and instead having permitted Gerlinde to finish the last step of her supernatural dressage! But then, there was not really an alternative for him in this breath-taking moment, was there? Everything was such a matter of course in this harmonic procedure that he lacked not only all concept of terminating it, but also the strength to do so!

And Gerlinde’s cathartic yell of joy shortly afterwards also proved he had been right! It had been an eternity since he had last heard such a joyous outcry over several thirds that seemed like it never wanted to end, accompanied by a cascade of gurgling sounds in between! In fact, perhaps he had never ever heard it in exactly this way?

The same was obviously true for the unknown young gentleman who seemed to be sponging up everything with sparkling eyes and a face that showed the highest degree of rapture. Immediately afterwards, he disappeared just as noiselessly as he had come…

With a slight degree of surprise, Gerlinde – still breathless – registered that Carl suddenly lifted himself up from the ’shared show-riding course’ and hurried to the door, locking it with the words: it is not secured! Shortly afterwards, however, purring like a cat, she fell back into a deep, refreshing sleep in Carl’s arms. …

Only later – unfortunately before Carl – did she discover the inconspicuous warning written on yellow folio-format paper on the table: 
In case you are toying with the absurd idea of informing the hotel management, this little equestrian episode will be available on You Tube within a few minutes.

This was the time when Carl, to his huge regret, had to confront Gerlinde with the unwelcome truth – and thus make the “Five Elements” fair something she would never remember fondly. 
Basically, it was a pity, because the rest of the week, too, had been rather glorious: the underwear sector of TRIGA, which had just recently suffered serious problems, seemed to have really recovered…

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday February 23rd, 2015

Gone to the Island … #noweb

No Internet between February, 26th and March, 14th, 2015

Flag_of_Cuba.On Thursday, (February, 26th), I will fly to Cuba. We are taking the Air Berlin direct connection from Munich to Varadero. And our two Utopias, Silbermöwe and Roadster, will travel with us.

Barbara and yours truly will spend exactly two weeks riding our bikes as far as possible through the long island. During our preparations, we learned that, in Cuba, the internet is not yet very common. Apparently, the only way to get internet access is from special tourist hotels.

Typische Verkehrsszene auf einer Landstraße zwischen Santiago de Cuba und Holguín (2008)

Typical traffic scene on a secondary road between Santiago de Cuba and Holguín (2008)

I plan to turn misery into a virtue and live without the internet for two weeks. It will be a first since many, many years ago in my life.

So: #nointernet and #noweb. #noTwitter and #noFacebook. Away from the virtual world. Into the real world.

Also, I will not plan anything, neither will I have an agenda. No itinerary. Just living in the here and now and enjoy life. Simply strolling through Cuba on our bikes – with wide open eyes and ears and, above all, with an open heart. Enjoying the sun and the warm air. And of an evening, I will just have to see where destiny takes us and where we can find a place to stay.

It also means that, during those two weeks, I will write/publish no IF blog articles. So: also #noIFBlog!

Havanna – Blick auf das Kapitol

Havanna –the capitoll

I might write down a few impressions and take a few pictures of the travels. You will get to read them afterwards.

Other than that, I want to totally liberate my brains from everyday concerns. And leave everything back in Munich that belongs there. And live in Cuby one hundred per cent.

Neither will I write my memoirs, regardless of the fact that there might be some rather interesting things to tell, especially about the last few years. …

(Translated by EG)

I took all the pictures from Wikipedia.
“Flag of Cuba“
“Havanna  Capitol” – Author: Breogan67
“Traffic scene on a secondary road” – Author: Escla
All licenced under common property in Wikimedia Commons

Well, it would certainly be awesome – twittering from Cuba, wouldn’t it?

Roland Dürre
Sunday February 22nd, 2015

At Eye-Level – A Film about Work-Life in the 21st Century.

workhard117A team of five started an exciting project – and eventually it turned into a film: “At Eye-Level “ (Augenhöhe).

Here is the story: During a session of the 12th  intrinsify!me “wevent” in Berlin about the work-life value of the 21st century, the idea grew that you should not only describe everything in words at all times. Instead, you should show it to people – in a film.

Five session attendants remained together and got active. They made the film “At Eye-Level”. I first heard of this project on the Berlin 2015 PM Camp during a great impulse presentation by Ulf Brandes. Later, I saw parts of the film during the Munich 2014 PM Camp. Two of the protagonists playing in “At Eye-Level” are personal acquaintances of mine through PM-Camps.

Thanks to enormously well-used “social media”, the project quickly earned great acclaim, even beyond the internet. The successful crowdfunding for its financing, too, had enjoyed a huge amount of public awareness and was accordingly very successful. The opening night on January, 30th, in Hamburg, too, had a huge audience. More than 400 (!) persons came to watch the film at the Hamburg Museum der Arbeit.

The film is about good topics. Perhaps its professional quality cannot hold a torch to documentaries with similar topics, such as by Geyrhalter, Wagenhofer (among other things the trilogy We Feed the World, Let’s Make Money and Alphabet) or Carmen Losmann (Work Hard – Play Hard). But neither does it need to – it is more a refreshing production on the level of TV reports by the ARD or ZDF, for instance about shipping electric waste to Africa.

The film is about persons acting different roles in their work-lives: entrepreneurs, managers, founders. But above all, it shows employees happy to be working for “good” employers. Because they can, for example, due to innovative working hours models, dispose of their own free time more freely than is common and therefore organize their own lives as they wish.

Unfortunately, though, the highly praised project “At Eye-Level” is also one where not all is gold that glitters. Shortly before the film was finished, two articles about Adidas and Unilever were added to it.


Suddenly, you see Christian Kuhna in the film. I first met him at the open-up Camp in Nuremburg. His job with the sports giant is about social media, Moocs and the like and he has a small but very efficient team at his disposal

I am sure that the work-life attitude in Christian’s team is good and modern. Also, I am always impressed by the competence and positive attitude of all the salespersons in Adidas shops. But I am sure this is not true for the huge majority of persons producing for the concern.

Consequently, including Adidas in the film was a source of controversy among “crowd funders”.


At the very end of the shooting, Unilever, too, was added. Even as early as the meeting in Munich, I was surprised to find the food giant presented as a positive example. There, Sven Franke – one of the protagonists – told us that Unilever had contacted “At Eye-Level” because they had established contact during the film “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” by Carmen Losmann. In that film, they had not made a particularly good impression and consequently, they wanted to make up for it. Well, no matter what, Unilever definitely is not the best material for this kind of film.

Sven’s reasoning was as follows: they wanted to show that even a huge enterprise can have a few niches where work-life might happen at eye-level.

Well, this might be a matter of taste. To be sure, every huge enterprise also has a few “islands of blessedness”. Even if it is only the team of directors.

However, it is also possible that Adidas and Unilever were included because they are “big names”. Which might have made the producers think makes the film more attractive. This is certainly also an acceptable decision. But if so, you should also communicate it as such.

When talking “big names” and these kinds of ideas, Tomas Sattelberger, too, comes to mind. He, too – just like he also currently seems to be publicly visible all the time – appears in the film. After all, everybody wants to hear and see a repetition of the Saul-Paul story. I do not know Tomas Sattelberger personally, but only from what I read about him in the press. Consequently, I cannot give a valid estimation. But in his roles as director of famous DAX concerns, he did not look like the typical representative for “eye-level” to me.

Well, so much about the small stains on the otherwise clean slate.

Mind you, please not to misunderstand me: I find the topic “eye-level” as formulated by Sven Franke or Ulf Brandes an excellent idea. The same is true for the activity and the result. Also, the enterprises concerned are welcome to the gain in reputation they got from it and I would be happy if those who initiated the project were also reimbursed in a material sense for the huge amount of energy they put behind it.

It is a true delight to discuss the individual film scenes under the “entrepreneurial” light. Especially the founder’s enterprises shown in the film might suggest that a proper firm is only possible where you have the “good tyrant”. The question I ask is: how can the entrepreneurial culture shown in the film also be structurally included in our social system – for instance in the sense of a “democratic enterprise”.

(Translated by EG)

The picture is not from the film “Augenhöhe – At Eye-Level”. I took it from “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” by Carmen Losmann.

Roland Dürre
Saturday February 21st, 2015


Triptychon vom brennendem Dornbusch, Mitteltafel

Triptychon of the Burning Thornbush, Middle Table

How often do I lack the words to really say something precisely? In the way I want to say it. In those instances, the power of a good picture would help. After all, we all know the following example of a metaphor:

“One picture can say more than a thousand words”

At least two of my friends have a special talent. They quickly understand complicated relations during a shared discussion and then can draw a graph of those connections on a piece of paper or into the pad in no time.

All of a sudden, the topic gets easy to understand, the valuable and beautiful visualization is a great help when it comes to literally get a grip through your eyes on often very complicated mental concepts, projects, plans, intentions, future developments and much more.

Unfortunately, being able to draw beautiful images is not one of my talents. Instead, I learned something else. Not too long ago, I participated in a philosophical colloquium organized by my friend Klaus-Jürgen Grün in Munich. It was about the value and meaning of words and metaphors (Metapher).

During this event, I understood that there is a huge power in metaphors, just like there is in images. And that metaphors are ideal for transporting a message in such a way that others will get convinced. Now I make use of this understanding – and consequently, I feel better when I have to formulate sentences. As before, I use slightly meaningless symbols drawn on a board or paper to support what I am saying.

I wanted to test my newly-acquired competence with a friend. I told him about the great film Alphabet by Erwin Wagenhofer and used a metaphor from this film:

“When we are children, we are 98% genius, after our training, only 2% remain”.

This is how I wanted to show him how sceptical I am when it comes to our educational system. However, it seems like I had not chosen an ideal example. After all, the term “genius” can be interpreted in various ways. This fact was a source of distraction from the statement I had intended to make and thus took away some of the strength of my metaphor.

My partner in this discussion immediately noticed this and the first thing he did was ask me for a precise definition of the term “genius”. Well, this actually put me in a tight spot and the only thing I managed to mumble was something like “thinking against the mainstream”.

The second time, I tried a different metaphor. It actually worked. It underlines a message I hold to be important for all your life:

“Do not preach water while you drink wine!“

We all know quite well that “water” and “wine” are. And the same is true for “preach” and “drink”.

Consequently, this is certainly a nice metaphor when it comes to pointing out your “model function”. And that is a function relevant not only for entrepreneurs.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Thursday February 19th, 2015


Well, here is another story as life might have written it.

Meister der Alexanderschlacht

Master of Alexander’s Battle

I suffer under a person who would like to call himself “Business Coach”. Actually, he crossed my path rather unbidden and ever since then I do not seem to get rid of him.

He has an offensive way of talking and considers himself extremely important. His special competences are numerous – and he can already boast a great career.

He likes talking about “mutual appreciation of values and practiced respect for each other”. His motto is “Business Spirit” and he encourages people to “love”.

Many cannot understand him. They avoid him. Yet all he wants is do good and discover the best potential in all of us. Actually, he invests quite some energy into this. Also, he can be ruthless when working towards this goal. Whatever he says always sounds like someone who is very humane. Yet more often than not, his environment misunderstands him. I, too, cannot understand him. He is a lonely hero.

In real life, however, he takes advantage of every opportunity, no matter how small the advantage. He wants to be as great as possible. What he is after is – and he actually says so quite openly – “the optimization of the human potential”. With this motto, he wants to earn a lot of money. This is the future – and it is exactly what he is best at.

“The optimization of the human potential!”

This is something that makes me nervous. In fact, I cannot bear it any longer. It all sounds so familiar. Whenever I hear it, it gives me pause. Human potential is not something you can optimize and measure!
I sincerely hope that this concept will never prevail in my world. That is why I invented this person and wrote this fairy tale.

(Translated by EG)

I took the picture from Wikipedia:
”Master of Alexander’s Battle 002“
The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202.
Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH.

Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 18th, 2015


This, too, is a result of my meeting with Ardalan, which I wrote about in my last article. Among other things, he told me that he likes to “annoy others”.
Well, I was moved by his desire to “annoy others”. I thought about what exactly it means to “annoy others“! And what you could achieve by doing so.

The following Ideas popped up:

Many (probably all) persons constantly believe they own the truth…
Yet we assume that there can be no absolute truth. If at all, then what we hold to be true are our own personal certainties. These “certainties”, however, can differ hugely from person to person. In fact, they might even be opposites.
Especially dangerous are those certainties which have not originated with personal experiences but with future experiences (and consequently with things you so far only imagine). So if persons believe that they know something they have not yet experienced and then even continue by generalizing it and wishing to superimpose it on others, then matters can easily turn dangerous.
Such certainties might also be called “dogmata”. Here is my example:

Some people know exactly that there will be an after-life after death – even though they have never died. Or they know that asylum seekers are bad for Germany. Even though they never so much as knew one.

How better to annoy someone than by managing to disrupt his truths a little bit? By helping to question his certainties? And, above all, by stealing some of his security, which mostly is based on very simple and stupid dogmata?

If then I could do this with the person concerned not immediately noticing and instead him only slowly – but then so much more profoundly – realizing what happened as he ponders upon our discussion, this would be a masterpiece, wouldn’t it? It might actually be a very special way of “coaching”?

In the future, I am quite determined to “annoy people” like Ardalan does. And I will start today.
And you, dear readers, are my first victims!

(Translated byEG)

Now I ask you all: would you like to join me when I am “annoying people“?

Roland Dürre
Tuesday February 17th, 2015


A short time ago, I met Ardalan Ibrahim. He is a friend of a friend of mine. How else do you meet people?

We spent two hours together. They were exciting and beautiful. Ardalan made a huge impression on me. Especially when he talked about “attitude”.

Many decades ago, my mentor Rupert Lay taught us to look back at regular intervals. And never to look back in anger. Simply as a life routine at the end of each day or each year. Meaning: instead of only always looking ahead. In order to also think about the past.

Because there is no today without yesterday. Just like there is no tomorrow without today.

So we want to remember:

What sort of day have I had today?
What did I do with my day?

Well, it helps a little.

This is how I came to think a lot about attitude and retrospective. And I also refined my regular habit of looking back. For instance, now when I reflect upon a day, I also ask myself if the consequences of what I did were mostly constructive. And which of them was destructive?

I differentiate further and ask myself:

In which roles was I active today?
Did I remain true to my “attitude”?

Attitude is an important thing. It sounds nice to have a “good” attitude. And the attitude to “remain true” sounds even better.

Yet there is more than one attitude. During a day, you are active in several roles. And in each of those roles, we live a specific attitude.

Consequently, we have many attitudes. Should they complement each other?

Thinking about my roles and attitudes in retrospective helps me to “give a new northward direction” to my star. I find the phrase “giving your star a northward direction” a nice metaphor. For me, “giving my own star a northward direction” is a very important step towards a successful life.

Well, this or something like this is what could be the meaning of “being human”.

Many thanks – Ardalan – you made me think..

(Translated by EG)

On March, 19th, at 3 p.m., there will be an event by and with Ardalan Ibrahim in the Impact Hub München. I already wrote the day down in my calendar. It will probably be well worth attending.

Roland Dürre
Monday February 16th, 2015

The Cyclades in Munich

We had a nice winter – but now it is about time for winter to leave us. In my heart, at least, the yearning for sun woke – which is why I will be in Cuba between the end of February and Mid-March. This is where I want to ride my bike through the summer – and then I want to return home to spring. Also, I want to spend very little time in the internet during those two weeks. Instead, I want to open my eyes wide for reality and see many beautiful, but also serious, things.

Ermoupoli auf Syros

Ermoupoli on Syros

But then, you do not have to go all that far, do you? After all, the Cyclades are now in Munich. A short time ago, a wonderful exhibition opened at the Archaeological State Museum. It brings you into the ancient European South.

You are brought back to Greece, which is a country currently spiralling down in free fall (see SZ of February, 21st, 2012). And as I see it, more than just the historical mistakes the Greeks made are to blame. The very arrogant and simplifying policy of the EU during the last years is just as much responsible. After all, in the wake of the introduction of the Euro, Greece had no chance of survival – which, incidentally, is true for some other countries, as well.

Consequently, visiting the exhibition might also be something you want to do out of solidarity. It gives you the chance of watching what happened during the last 5,000 years in a breath-taking way.

Venus by Milo, proof of how prosperous the islands were in Hellenic times.

“CYCLADES – EARLY ART IN THE AEGIS” 13.02.2015 – 07.07.2015

Here are a few sentences you will find in the preview (Vorschau).

Arranged like a chain of pearls, the Cyclades lie in the blue ocean of the Aegis. A mild climate with constant winds and fertile soil on volcanic stone were the roots on which a highly developed culture grew during the transitory time between stone age and bronze age, around 3,000 b. C.

Natural resources were the basis for the technological development in processing stone, extracting metal and working clay. Using ocean-going long boats, the islanders traded between the coasts of Asia Minor and Crete, making their islands the hub for cultural contacts in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The figurines and the objects found along with them made of stone, metal and clay are presented in accordance with the cultural insights found by scientific research. You are presented the concept of a fascinating world of islands which starts a dialogue with us, overcoming a time span of 5,000 years.

So this is where you want to go. And see yourself what a country which in today’s Europe is reduced to getting scolded by the teachers used to deliver. A country which is often pilloried, even though it did not do anything significantly different from what other Southern European countries did. In a European Union where far from all that glitters is gold – which is also true for the oh-so-superior Federal Republic of Germany that dominates all Europe.

(Translated by EG)

I took both pictures from Wikipedia.
The first one is a picture of Syros: ”Syros ermoupolis 140707“ by Hans Peter Schaefer, http://www.reserv-a-rt.de –own photography. Licenced under  CC BY-SA 3.0 through Wikimedia Commons.
The second one shows the “Venus de Milo Louvre“, a photo by mzopw. licenced under common property through Wikimedia Commons.

Roland Dürre
Sunday February 15th, 2015


Isn’t it Strange?
I get more and more enquiries. Would I like to support an enterprise a little bit in the role of business angel, mentor, counsellor or some such? This truly delights me.

Here are a few ideas of mine on the topic

Hier mit Klaus Hofeditz bei der Klausur von PM-Camp.org

Yours truly and Klaus Hofeditz during a closed session at the PM-Camp.org in January 2015 in Hamburg

I do not see myself as a business angel. Neither am I a counsellor or coach you can employ.

Yet I will gladly support my friends as a comrade who thinks and seeks. Preferably in homeopathic doses.
I want to have maximal success with as few sessions as possible. And I am happy if, perhaps, the constructive ideas will only come a few days (or weeks) after the event.

Working with the prudent protagonists of a young (or also older) enterprise, I am quite willing to find the important (and right) questions. Because that is what we need in order to find the suitable solutions and come up with prudent measures and activities.

Also, I will gladly support people in order to prevent them from wasting too much strength in the wrong direction, which would mean a loss of potential. And I also like helping people who belong together to find each other. Networking and building bridges!

I like working with nice teams. But not for a salary based on time slots. If, after a project has been finished, my “customers” get the impression that my assistance was helpful, it will make me happy to receive some sort of reward. In case of a significant gain, this reward might well be material and establish itself in the hideous form of Euros, Yankee-Dollars, Swiss Franken or Bitcoins against my invoice.

In other words: in the form of a value contract – as Gebhard Borck proposes (Gebhard is a good friend of mine and, among other things, author of the “Affenmärchen” and of a small book  titled “Your Price” on “Value Contracts“).

Trust is something I find a wonderful idea – this is how, in my imagination, value contracts will be feasible without actual contracts! And no matter how things might proceed, I will always benefit from what I learn.

In the future, I only wish to work with people I perceive as responsible/constructive  and representing the feeling of “together”.  Persons with courage who enjoy working for what they believe in. It is nice if mental concepts and inner beliefs, as well as the values of the team, fit. After all, I also want to enjoy what I am doing.

I appreciate the ideas of the common good economy . Incidentally, I would also like to emphasize that the common good and making a suitable profit do not contradict each other. On the contrary: the common good and a certain profit supplement each other superbly.

Apropos success
For me, success is an important factor. Consequently, I can and will only take up the role if I personally believe in the active persons and the result they wish to attain. If I am convinced that it will work, I will gladly make myself part of it.

And you should not overestimate my contribution. I, too, am only human. And success is something you cannot force. Consequently, I would like you to not come with great expectations.

Well, those are my ideas about how cooperation could be agreed upon.

🙂 You might almost take this to be my General Terms and Conditions.

(Translated by EG)

The picture is by Franziska Köppe (madiko), who took it on the Hamburg-Altona PM Camp closed session. Next to me, you find Klaus Hofeditz, who is now promoting the first international project management camp (PM-Camp) in Barcelona #PMCampBar. And I feel privileged to be godfather to #PMCampBar and thus to support Klaus. This is also a way

Roland Dürre
Saturday February 14th, 2015

Changing Your Life-Style – But How?

The art of living as propagated by Rupert Lay, Hermann Schmitz and Wilhelm Schmid

Rupert Lay was my most important mentor. Even before I founded the InterFace AG, I first attended one of his seminars in Frankfurt early in the 1980ies. This is now more than 30 years ago. The meeting was the start of a long cooperation, leading to an intense friendship I am very happy with.

Carsten Lange (also a friend I met in the network created through Rupert) of Lange Communication pointed me towards a dissertational thesis. I contacted the author Stephan Thiele and we had a very nice discussion.

Here is the dissertational thesis by Stephan Thiele, also about Rupert Lay, for your download:

Sein Leben ändern - aber wie? (932)

Written at and with a certificate from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig in order to earn the title of “Doctor of Philosophy” – Dr. phil. – by Stephan Thiele, born July, 3, 1966 in Zeven.

For me, it is very important to make material about or on Rupert Lay available for as many persons as possible. Especially also for all the friends I first met through Rupert. This is a reason why you will find many videos and presentations by Rupert Lay on my Youtube-Channel (Roland Dürre), some of them from the times of the “Ronneburg Circle”.

It seems to me that this dissertational thesis is an important contribution worth reading for all those persons who are willing to think about their personal concept of life. And you are always permitted to disagree. Even the author himself told me that he would formulate some theses and topics differently if he had to write them today.

Many thanks to Carsten Lange (who pointed me in the right direction) and Stephan Thiele (the author).

(Translated by EG)

Since today the state of affairs for all humans is more critical than ever, it is absolutely imperative: ”You Must Change your Life” (after Rilke)
(by Peter Sloterdijk)