Detlev Six
Friday January 15th, 2016


2000 before Christ.
Roland and his Neubiberg horde are totally disrupted by an Unterhaching horde. After a few turnings of the moon, his wife Barbara assumes that, perhaps, Roland is not coming back.

The rest of the world will never know.

1st century after Christ.
Roland, a Bavarian auxiliary soldier and part of a Roman legion is killed when they fight against some Germanians. After a few moons have passed, Barbara asks for news at Castra Regina. She gets the information: probably dead.

The rest of the world will never know.

2016 after Christ.
Roland writes about his frustration. Readers of the IF blog read his words. They feel that he is writing what they think, inform others who are like-minded. Among them is the author of a mass paper who titles it “Apocalypse Now”. A foreign journalist who is actually glad that, for a change, the Germans at long last also are poorly off, tells it to his compatriots who immediately become even worse off. The world of media is suddenly flooded with a competition of “who-is-worst-off”, because only bad news is good news.

The rest of the world will hear about it.

The increasing world-wide evil spirit is a consequence of inflated communication cascades.

In other words.

News ooze booze.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre


Originally, Medusa was a fascinating beauty. Then she went and brought doom into the world.

MEDUSA - Die Göttin des Unglücks

MEDUSA – goddess of Apocalypse 
1895. Water colour on paper. Collection Hand/Nyeste, Glencoe, USA.

The day before yesterday, I read a tweet by :
All this mania around meYou really wonder why not more people become psychologically ill because of this mania.

I find it easy to understand the author of these lines. Some way or other, everything seems to go wrong at the moment.

World Climate:
They have a world conference in Paris. But it is all just for show. Thousands of persons attend. The result is: totally unbinding decisions that are supposed to become binding at some vague time in the future. Or maybe not. Basically, who cares? And in the media, they actually sell this as good news. 
Except: only a few days after the great Paris theatre, Australia approves approves the building of a controversial coal export harbour. It is a once-in-a-century investment. This is how the system reality reacts to nice words.


Trapped in the EURO straitjacket, it has long ago become a mere bureaucratic farce. Now it turns more and more into the breeding place for a new nationalism and into a loose federation of anti-democratic national states, close to its own ruin. In the end, nobody will probably lament said ruin. Even the mantra-like confirmation of the existing “shared values” on paper will not help. On the contrary. All you feel is pain. The epoch of free movement of persons was nice, but what is bygone is bygone.

I am in favour of helping persons who suffer. I am also prepared to share and accept a change in our lives and country. After all, change is a very normal thing. And there are many things that have to change, anyway. But I have no idea how that is supposed to work socially. For instance, how are male refugees who have been socialized to be insane in the Islamic Northern African countries supposed to cope with our insane society without becoming even more insane? And vice versa? I have no idea how this is supposed to work. But perhaps they will manage? However, the only chance would be if everybody wants it and everybody is prepared to work towards it (and I mean work hard).

After centuries of colonial exploitation (first brutally, then more subtly but no less efficiently), North Africa and probably almost all of Africa is dying. The much-praised “Arabic Spring” brought higher food prices (which in itself is already a terrible thing for the mostly poor people living in this region), war and instability. Poor countries like Egypt are more than bankrupt, the “rich ones” (even the oil exporting countries) have huge state deficits. And there is murder, robbery and arson all over the place.

They have the “lead” position in our “free value society”. Yet they get more and more corrupt. Policemen prefer shooting African Americans. Shooting people is a popular sport (more than 30,000 each year are killed). It is made possible by sacred weapons legislation, because weapons “protect freedom”. This is not the only reason why a high percentage of the population serve behind prison bars. The tendency is upwards. Of course, the percentage of African Americans is disproportionally high. 
The death penalty is law. Penalty is often confused with revenge. Fighting terrorism has the highest priority and serves to justify all and – what a paradox – it makes terrorism even stronger. Religious fanaticism (creativism is not scarce in God’s own Country…) is fashionable and almost methodical; bigotry and hypocrisy are on the way up. The Republicans celebrate their original thinker Ayn Rand and discuss strange candidates. And soon they will elect a new President. And, in totally democratic fashion, the result will be that the one with the higher budget wins.

Problem Countries:
I will be brief, because otherwise this section would be endless. For me, all the BRIC-countries are problem countries: China, India, Brazil – which means a considerable part of the world population. And quite a few more. In fact, I do not at all understand how they can still function. Judging by what I witness whenever I go there…

Stranger and stranger extremely undesirable things happen. And it does not get any better. See also: TTIP. And at the same time, the travelling circus of exploitation wanders through the continents.

Capitalism won over communism. The economy of the common good – as it has also been intended by the fathers of the Bavarian Constitution – struggles like a small green plant beside the road to survive against the concrete machinery of the big concerns.

The medicine industry is also a sector where turnover and results beat everything else. Patients are “the means to an end” and help to operate the machines to capacity. As long as the dividends of the high-society hospitals are high enough, nothing else counts. After all, they are the only thing you can still invest in today, aren’t they?   
Witnessing how many elderly persons are subjected to all kinds of medical treatments shortly before they die and how they have to spend their last weeks on earth in inhuman and degrading circumstances increases my personal fear of death. And there are quite a few things no “patient’s last wish” will protect you against.

Attending our AktMobCmp on January, 4th and 5th this year, too, contributed to my growing belief that we have arrived at a total social dead end, and this is not restricted to mobility alone, either, where we give motorized individual traffic a totally insane right of way.

I could easily write a lot more about this. Instead, I will now write about a rather unimportant topic. Yet it is also a topic that, to me, seems to be symptomatic for the entire situation.

Association Football:
Even the nicest irrelevant thing in the world has become something that gives you nothing but a headache on all levels. The Fifa has turned into a corrupt enterprise celebrating its bribe money theatre. The “Summer Fairy Tale” was bought and you cannot get more bizarre than our village club 1860. And only a few days ago they reported another betting scandal (Wettskandal). It concerned bets about the third-class test match between SV Wehen Wiesbaden and Borussia Mönchengladbach II, played in Side/Turkey, where a referee gave two “slapstick penalties”. Nobody knows the referee, but there had been exceptionally high bets on this match with German clubs in Asia. Isn’t that absurd? How nice that the DFB has its secret weapon, the sport-radar company. It is the investigative weapon used for such purposes.
Only a small morsel of hope remains. I am sure we can still hope. That all will end well. And we must or should do all we can for this positive end. However, I feel so impotent that I hardly have any enthusiasm left.
Consequently, I decide to stop it all. From now on, I will ignore everything. And I will try and enjoy my life with relish. And I will go and have my own fun by being more active and doing “my own thing”.

(Translated by EG)

I took the Medusa image from Wikipedia. It is by Carlos Schwabe, 1890.

Detlev Six
Saturday January 9th, 2016

Teaching Refugees Rules

Many refugees come from anti-democratic or culture-racist countries. After their arrival, they meet mirror images like Pegida & Co, who are happy to take advantage of this great opportunity to inflate the balloon. In addition, we have refugees who have no ideological prejudices against our society. They mostly come because of the money. Taken together, they do not constitute what Bill Clinton called the requirement for a functioning society: “Those who work hard and play by the rules“. Well, they cannot be, can they? So maybe we should make them.

We should stop talking about human rights, human dignity, freedom, the rule of law, minority protection, equality, equal opportunities, pluralism, morals, ethics or, even worse, angrily advertised western values. The one thing that makes our society a success is the coexistence of humans where nobody’s hands are between the legs of other persons without invitation and where economic success comes because of a shared wish for progress. From all our great values, we can deduce clear rules. Nobody needs to have studied philosophy for 20 semesters in order to know them. Let us start:

Rule #1: Learning German.
Rule #2: Keep your hands away from between a lady’s legs unless explicitly invited.
And, and, and.

Attending a school where those rules are taught is obligatory for all refugees, they have to graduate and the final test results have a huge influence on whether they can stay in the country or not.

I know what you are going to say: We have all those things! But how scattered? Is anybody responsible for this school? Do we have enough money and teachers? For years, the CSU has opposed an immigration law, arguing that the laws are all there – somehow and somewhere. Well, I have some news for you, ladies and gentlemen. There is a difference between a mass of colourful gunk distributed over zillions of institutions or one institution, such as an immigration ministry with one suitable package of legislation.

What makes everything such a disaster is that we have no clear, reliable responsibilities. This is true both for institutions and persons.

Incidentally, I would also send those to the schools of rules who for years abused the Regensburger Domspatzen (Have you noticed? In the daily news, you always get another news item in between the report about Cologne and the Domspatzen. It seems like they wish to make it look less obvious that, in our high-moral Germany, we also have many testosterone criminals. I guess it is better not to ask about all the undesired things that still happen in some marriages today).

One problem would immediately be solved by introducing these schools of rules. The persons would have a task, a goal by the reaching of which they actually could improve their own perspective. And even if it sounds banal: they would have something to do.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Friday January 8th, 2016

The “Events” of Cologne, Hamburg and … Augsburg.

They say that Germany is appalled by “what happened in Cologne”. At least that is what I read and hear. However, I have not witnessed the same in everyday life. The politicians, who to me always seem so far remote from the world, are particularly shocked and surprised. Perhaps that is only what they pretend to be.

And as soon as the news from Cologne have reached the media, Hamburg, too “outs” itself. There, “something similar” happened. And I remember that I, too, already witnessed similar things. A few decades ago in my home town of Augsburg.

Das Augsburger Rathaus ist zusammen mit dem Perlachturm das Wahrzeichen der Stadt Augsburg

The Augsburg City Hall and the Perlach Tower are the landmarks of the honourable city of Augsburg.

In the mid-1960ies, all the closed streets in the inner city of Augsburg were full of “senseless behaviour” on Carneval Tuesday. The general outbreak of disinhibition with the many young persons on the streets gave young men (true-born Augsburg guys) the idea to generate chains and “grab” girls under cover of all this tumult.

The chains had only one goal: catch and feel up girls. And part of the chain were definitely also some high-school sophomores or senior high-school students, all of who later became very respected citizens of Augsburg. Later, I concluded that this was probably the wish to break away from a then totally inhibited time (some people today cannot imagine what it was like). It was like a valve in a pressurized container.

And that is probably the reason why such behaviour was tolerated in Augsburg and maybe in many other cities, as well. But then, perhaps at the time simply no woman would ever have thought of reporting such a thing to the police. Well, it does not really matter. On the whole, it was a difficult time. And I am afraid that times have not really changed very much, only the methods of subjugation have become more sublime.

These days, I think a lot about those (and other) “juvenile sins”. Imagining that all the guys could have ended up behind prison bars does not seem to be the proper solution. The same is true for other, perhaps even worse “criminal deeds” committed for which, at the time, we were just lucky enough not to get caught. Consequently, we actually managed to avoid severe punishment.

Well, it is obvious, isn’t it: we are dealing with a society problem. It concerns more or less all humans – both asylum seekers and “locals”. And it particularly concerns those who have been socialized in an archaic way (physical violence, educational barbarism, religious indoctrination, “making someone look small”, not giving them love, …)

We must come to a stage where, even in border situations (alcohol, other exceptional states of mind, group dynamic effects,…  ), we know borders. Borders we cannot cross, because if we do so we wound or damage other persons. And we must have civil courage. Saying NO even when we are part of a pack (see the Milgram-Experiment).

The only way to get there is enlightenment, education and, above all, love during your childhood and youth, instead of punishment, “education”, morals, religion or the famous cry for more “law  & order“ and even more irrational new legislation. Consequently, the families and society are now called upon. Along with the country. Because it has to spend money for the “right things”, instead of the “wrong things”. Unfortunately, the latter happens far too often today!

And when it comes to sexuality, all those constraints and respective taboos must also at long last disappear. Incidentally, more often than not, they are religiously motivated. And this is an area where manipulation is not restricted to the archaic religions, but also extends to those that call themselves “modern”.

(Translated by EG)

I agree with you that the erratic information policy of the administration was and is the opposite of helpful or goal-oriented.

The beautiful Wikipedia picture is a work by Guido Radig.

Roland Dürre
Thursday January 7th, 2016

Doing Evil – Punish Evil?


Barack Obama himself said it a short time ago: more than 30,000 persons die every year due to the use of firearms in the USA (in fact, the exact number is probably more than 31,000). That is more than ten times the number of fatal traffic victims in Germany each year. Obama also understands that both weapons privately and publicly owned are a huge threat to all.

Now that the end of his presidency nears, he wants to do something beneficial for all and improve the US weapons legislation a little. Regardless of the fact that the US constitution sets a clear standard. Consequently, everybody who wants to “banish” weapons in the USA quickly becomes an “enemy of the constitution”.

Colt Model 1873 Single Action, Werksgravur 1893 von Cuno Helfricht

Colt Model 1873 Single Action, engraving 1893 by Cuno Helfricht

Obama has too many enemies who object to all modifications of the right “to own and carry weapons” in the strongest possible terms. They are not only to be found among the ranks of the Republicans – who still follow the strange definition of freedom as initially established by their long-time chief philosopher Ayn Rand. Reading what this lady wrote, you will soon discover that she has never been a philosopher of any standing. In fact, she was more a “Polemoph”. Her texts, after all, are full of shallow polemics and easily refutable.

Another early mind thinking about American rights and conservative power is Wayne LaPierre. He is still alive. A short time ago, I heard parts of a speech by him in the Bavarian Radio. He said:

“The only thing that can stop an evil man with a weapon is a good man with a weapon“.

Here is a “Zeit”- article  on this sentence:
Less than a week after the Newtown massacre, Wayne LaPierre, who has been the voice of the NRA since 1991, stood before the camera. He accused the press and video game producers of being responsible for behaviour such as that seen in Adam Lanza. His speech culminated in the statement that schools, since they are weapon-free areas, basically invited these kinds of attacks. “The only thing that can stop an evil man with a weapon is a good man with a weapon”, LaPierre declared. He offered to have NRA volunteers patrol schools – of course fully armed.

(Note: the 20-year old Adam Lanza killed 26 persons during his attack on a Newton/Connecticut primary school in December 2012, among the victims were 20 children. At the time, it seemed like harsher weapons legislation might be an option. The NRA (National Rifle Association in Wikipedia), however, immediately showed its power and it looks like it is unbeatable since then.

And consequently, the discussion continues. And what is always part of it is

All is their fault and consequently they must be removed and punished. This is the only way to create an ideal world. That is how it sounds, but it is decidedly not as easy as that. To be sure, there are persons who do evil. And you can certainly punish them. But what exactly is good and evil? Do they really exist, the good and bad persons? Meaning the bad persons who come with their weapons and threaten the others? And the good persons who protect the others with their weapons.

And will the world be a better place if the others can protect themselves with weapons against the evil ones? How many persons die in the USA due to firearm use by the evil persons who actually wanted to act evilly because they are evil?

Jesus said: “If you are free of fault, then throw the first stone!” Do these good persons really exist? Isn’t it more like very few people actually want to do evil deeds? And is there anybody who in his or her life never was out of control and thus only the good luck of not having a weapon at hand saved him or her?

The victims of acts of violence have deserved our sympathy and help. But as far as the origin of this violence is concerned, it is not about punishing the evil persons. Instead, we try to better cope with the act and its consequences by bringing revenge to the culprits. You demand that they be hanged because you need to compensate all the misery they caused. More often than not, the society as a replacement commits an act of revenge, thus murdering collectively for greed and revenge.

In the USA, you do not only have the right to own weapons – in a number of states you also still have the death penalty. And to me, this seems to be a particularly unhealthy combination. After all, the death penalty is exactly what I talked about above: murder for revenge. It certainly cannot be a deterrent, neither can it have any educational effect.

Why not force the evil persons to work in camps? Unfortunately, however, I am not only opposed to the death penalty, but also to forced work or service. After all, I suffered under such a thing for 18 months of my life. …

So what to do? We probably should view the “culpableness of humans” in a more differentiated way. Just like brain research teaches it. Because humans are much more complex than has been taught to us so far. And it is basically not at all as easy as it sounds when it comes to responsibility and culpability.

And I continue to dream of a utopia of the “penalty-free society”. And now I will look at the fight of the US president against (weapon) terrorism (BARACK – NRA). However, it is not going to be an exciting match. I already know the result.

(Translated by EG)

The Wikipedia picture (Revolver) is by Hmaag – own work, 2007.

Is there a Big-Bang Hungarian?

Reply by a Hungarian who believes in it:
Sure, we have always been here.

Yet Hungarians only immigrated to the area of today’s Hungary around 900 years ago.

Nonsense, we have always been here!

Only around 1900, the ratio of Hungarians was increased from von 45% to 55% by forced Magyarising.

Lying blog.

I have this information from Wikipedia.

Lying Wikipedia.

Honest newspapers, too, write it.

Lying media.

Scientific proof is fairly convincing.

Lying science.

The same discussion is easily imaginable with a Kaczynski Pole, a Le-Pen Frenchman or a Pegida German.

The belief in right-wing concepts is based on a pure national blood community, rather than a modern will-oriented society.

As opposed to God and Particles of God (see my post Neues von Gott und dem großen Bumser), who you can neither prove nor disprove – which makes them part of the unsolvable last truths – questions of national purity are about short-lived truths. They can be either proved or disproved.

So maybe information desks in Hungary, Poland and Dresden are the solution?

Well, perhaps not.

Or with the philosopher Dieter Bohlen:
“The problem is: how to tell a mentally retarded person that he is mentally retarded?“

(Translated by EG)

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Roland Dürre
Friday January 1st, 2016

#Terror Everywhere …

Aufgenommen am 3. Oktober 2012 in der Waldwirtschaft mit meiner neuen aus China importierten Mütze

The picture was taken on October, 3rd, 2012 in the Forest Pub with me wearing my then newly imported cap from China

Here is an article for all “Non-Facebook-Friends” (what a nice word). I wrote it spontaneously and published it in FB:

On #‎TerrorWarning #‎München‬: The Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann said in an ARD article of this morning:‬‬‬‬

“There is information by a friendly national secret service.“

@ARD: Did the minister say “there is” or “there is said to be”?

Well, in German, it is hard to hear the difference. In the article, it says “there is”.
Maybe they should have written “there is said to be”?
Because that would have been a subjunctive form.

And after all, how is a minister supposed to know if all his employees tell him is correct?

And perhaps the friendly secret services, as well as our other friends, should start warning us about #‎AutomobileTerror ‬in the future.‬

Between yesterday and today, several persons have again been killed or wounded because of #AutomobileTerror – see also Süddeutsche or Der Westen.

And the #‎FireworkTerror‬ was not to be neglected, either (smog, fine dust, noise,…). I personally witnessed it tonight. But then, we have to find ways to spend all our money, don’t we? After all, we worked rather hard to earn it (even if on the backs of third parties).

And when, yesterday before midnight, I visited the TV channels of #‎ARD‬ and #‎ZDF,‬ I was truly abhorred by watching all this #‎SylvesterTerror‬ in the public media. It really cannot get any more stupid. Well, at least the Bavarian TV channel had “Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy”.
I wonder whom they were hinting at with those figures?‬‬‬‬‬‬

So now I am glad we managed this stupid “Good Start” and wish for both myself and you that we share the year 2016 with a little less stupidity and arrogance than before and more humility and consideration to make up for it. Above all, I would wish all of us a lot of joy & courage. And once again (even if it gets boring, but because it is so important):

Love & Peace for you all!

(Translated by EG)