Roland Dürre
Sunday February 28th, 2016

From Digitalization to Thermomix

img_1872ThermomixToday, the word “DIGITALIZATION“ is basically a magic word. And it is, in fact, probably the most important term of our modern times. After all, digitalization changes our life at a high speed and with immens intensity. It can most certainly be compared with industrialization, which, a few centuries ago, brought a storm of change over the continents of this world.

Consequently, the digital change is the central topic in a global world. 
Even in the satiated and rich Bavaria, they established a “Bavarian Centre for Digitalization“ (Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern). Their website is certainly worth taking a look at. This centre has been initiated at the instigation of the Prime Minister and has a ten-digit budget at its disposal. It is supposed to enable the Free State of Bavaria to keep its world-wide top position. Or, to be more precise, to re-establish said top position after it has been lost in important areas.

I rather like the term “Digital Transformation“, because I see myself as a “Third-Generation IT-Pioneer” who, through all his life, has been part of teams that created “digital transportation”, initially as a programmer and later as a software and IKT entrepreneur.

As always when dealing with language, it is advisable to see the term as a “generic term” and then subdivide it in order to better understand it. Production is certainly an area that is affected by transformation. In this area, the change has already been labelled “Industry 4.0” (which is a little ridiculous). Digital transformation, however, concerns all areas of organized life, be it economy, administration, our mobility and communication, trade or the media. And, of course, it also concerns the way how we live together, changing our cognitive competence. Who among us is still able to do calculations (without using a calculator) and what young person can still find his or her way in the city (without using a GPS)? Thus, it changes our lives – both individually and collectively.

Digital change will be instrumental when it comes to how well this world functions – and consequently it will not stop before our front doors.

Now it also arrived in our kitchens. Of course not by providing the self-ordering refrigerator as some storytellers of the internet of objects have been predicting for years. Well, they do not even begin to understand, because this is actually exactly how innovation does not work.

No, the kitchen is another one of those areas where digitalization comes on soft paws. For instance first and foremost as a cooking box. Instead of as a robot that peels the potatoes and cleans the tables after the meal.

A short time ago, I found a device that tends towards “becoming digital”. It is the latest Thermomix version. It gets its recipes from the internet (well, the current version still gets it through the USB stick) and then steers the human through the cooking program by giving instructions.

(Translated by EG)

Klaus Hnilica
Thursday February 25th, 2016

The Dvorak Requiem

ZZZimagesShe was happy.

And so was he.
Mz Dvorak was going with him – and he with her – to Margot’s birthday party.
Only two days ago, he had been to listen to ’her’ Requiem with Mz Dvorak.
In his book that was hilarious.
In her book, it wasn’t.
The Dvorak Requiem had been an indescribable experience! With a powerful choir and music that shattered you like the apocalypse.

But they had not yet reached that stage.
Margot had turned seventy and wanted to celebrate. Her husband was long dead, and the old friends became few and far between.
With the Golf-Hotel, she had chosen an exquisite address. Tasty food was guaranteed. Anything else would have been a disappointment. Mz Dvorak was looking forward to it. There was nothing she loved more than eating. Of course, this had consequences! A life-long uphill struggle! Hopeless!

They had agreed on Tuesday, forty-five minutes past five in the afternoon. 
The party was to begin at six.

Two hours before that, he called Mz Dvorak.


Probably still on her way. Or maybe taking a shower.
He waited nowhere near long enough before he tried calling her again.

Why wasn’t she calling back? She always did that, didn’t she?

He tried to reach her several more times on her cell phone.

He was going to say: stupid bitch. But he could not call her that, because he could not reach her. 
Eventually, he gave up.
He was jumpy and disappointed, and went by himself …

But then, perhaps she had suddenly been called about her daughter who had cancer. Or perhaps her very ancient father finally wanted to die.

Or maybe she had to drown all this misery in alcohol and had gone to sleep next to her glass of red wine.

In that case, he definitely would not have wished to disturb her.

When he was the first person to arrive at the party – his bad conscience kicked in.
Perhaps he should have waited for Mz Dvorak a little longer, after all? She would certainly have arrived.
Margot was surprised when she saw him alone.

Neither had he brought his wife. But then that was not really a surprise for Margot, was it?
Well, he was sure Mz. Dvorak was going to arrive a little later. Otherwise she would certainly have called it off. After all, her middle name was diligence. 

Nobody had any doubt about that.
Even when – in between the delicious courses of the meal – everything went topsy-turvy and the guests had to do all sorts of kinaesthetic with the animator.

That was something Mz. Dvorak would definitely not have liked.
Maybe she had suspected something like this? 
Well, that might have been it. She hated kinaesthetic like nothing else 
Why did you have to have flexible joints in old age?

Strange: her chair remained empty. Even though the empty seat at the table was quite a nuisance 
They had not yet taken away her place setting, either.

What a strange joke of hers.

To simply not turn up.

Without a single word.

No explanation. But then, with all her reliability, she also had it in her to be stubborn. Everybody who knew Mz. Dvorak knew that about her.

This was a truly perfect party!
Everything was well organized.

Margot was at her best, and so was her charming daughter.
They were both professionals. They knew how to create a party mood.
He was probably the only person who got a little bit of a sour taste in his mouth when, as they finally played the “oldies but goldies” and the performers were actually the same persons as those who had sung the Dvorak Requiem.

Mz.Dvorak would probably have laughed about this involuntary comical number.

Well, she was good at laughing. She definitely was!
And then the evening was over.
And Mz. Dvorak had not turned up at all.

What a pity!
He went home all by himself and smoked a cigarillo.
He also indulged in a glass of red wine.

At long last: she called:
A little late, aren’t you, my dear Mz. Dvorak!
But it wasn’t her at all.

She was already dead.

Her son had found her while they were eating the second course at the party.

He had climbed into the house via the balcony, because the central key had been in the lock from the inside.

Mz. Dvorak had been sitting on the steps.
One shoe was already at her feet.

Then she had leaned against the wall and remained sitting in this position.
For an entire night – and a day.
Heart failure. Dead within seconds.
Her old dog had kept vigilance.
He was deaf.

He would not have been able to hear ’Her Requiem’…

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 24th, 2016

Jubilee – A Hundred Videos Downloaded to Youtube!

I have now had a Youtube-Channel for a few years. As with almost all my internet activities, I call myself rolandduerre or Roland Dürre. I just noticed that I published my hundredth video on January, 13th, 2016. It makes me quite happy to celebrate this jubilee. Consequently, I will now write a short post about it.

Among other things, I publish the IF Forum presentations on my YouTube channel. But you can also find considerable parts of Rupert Lay’s works on the channel. I was there for many of his presentations, especially on the Ronneburg with Bernd Sielaff  behind the video camera. There are also some of my own presentations about current topics around InterFace and IT. And more often than not, my friend Friedrich Lehn (fhlcinema) was the man behind the video camera and the mixing console.

The jubilee video is a short report on the barcamp for Active Mobility in everyday life #AktMobCmp of earlier this year:

The uncrowned champion is: Klaus-Jürgen Grün. He tops all other recordings with his presentation of “The Art of Negative Thinking”.

Personally, I consider the presentations by Rupert Lay extremely important in our times. He established his philosophical heritage in two presentations. Here is part 1, where he demands a New Enlightenment.

Very much a current topic – even though already recorded a few years back: Wilfried Bommert:

My favourite video recordings are, for example, those with Eberhard Huber or Roger Dannenhauer  …

But there are many more great orators on the channel. I do not want to name them all. So why don’t you just visit and browse through my Youtube-Channel?
Incidentally, I also find this presentation of mine rather nice.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday February 20th, 2016

Basic Constitutional Law, Article 14, Section 2

It was accepted on May, 23rd, 1949 – before that day, they had other things to worry about.

In my art article “Texts on the World Financial Crisis” and other blog articles, I already enthused about our courageous and almost lusty Bavarian Constitution.

However, the Bavarian Constitution is subsidiary to the Basic Constitutional Law of Germany. To be sure, Bavaria never officially became part of the Federal Republic of Germany – but it can be assumed that, over the last few decades, the Free State of Bavaria conducted itself in a way that implied its consent to being part of the FRG.

Yes, the Bavarian Constitution is my personal favourite – I rather like it. Now I also read the Basic Constitutional Law of Germany (Grundgesetz) and I would recommend that you all, too, read it.

And I find it truly imperfect. Here are some totally random examples I am not at all enthusiastic about. Let us begin with Article 8.

Art 8

(1) All Germans shall have the right to assemble peacefully and unarmed without prior notification or permission

(2) In the case of outdoor assemblies, this right may be restricted by or pursuant to a law

Comment: Something is guaranteed. But, naturally, you can restrict it. All you have to do is introduce a law.

Art 10

(1) The privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications shall be inviolable.

(2) Restrictions may be ordered only pursuant to a law. If the restriction serves to protect the free democratic basic order or the existence or security of the Federation or of a Land, the law may provide that the person affected shall not be informed of the restriction and that recourse to the courts shall be replaced by a review of the case by agencies and auxiliary agencies appointed by the legislature

Comment: Something cannot be violated. But, naturally, you can restrict it. All you have to do is introduce a new law.

Art 14

(1) Property and the right of inheritance shall be guaranteed. Their content and limits shall be defined by the laws.

(2) Property entails obligations. Its use shall also serve the public good.

(3) Expropriation shall only be permissible for the public good. It may only be ordered by or pursuant to a law that determines the nature and extent of compensation. Such compensation shall be determined by establishing an equitable balance between the public interest and the interests of those affected. In case of dispute concerning the amount of compensation, recourse may be had to the ordinary courts.

Comment: Something is guaranteed. But – all you have to do is institute a law; then you can restrict everything. You may even dispossess someone. But section (2) is even worse. Can you get less committed if you want to say that someone who owns something not only has rights, but also obligations? And can you be more slack than this if you want to say that something should also serve the public good.

The entire text continues in this way. It is the same with Art 13 (inviolability of the home), Art 16 (right of asylum) or Art 17a (restriction of rights in military or alternative service). All the time, you read that everything is allowed and then again restricted.

I found this article particularly painful:

Art 20

(1) The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.

(2) All state authority is derived from the people. It shall be exercised by the people through elections and other votes and through specific legislative, executive and judicial bodies.

(3) The legislature shall be bound by the constitutional order, the executive and the judiciary by law and justice.

(4) All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.

Comment: I wonder if all that is left of these nice concepts is words that have totally lost their value. Who has all the power today? Well, it definitely is not the people. Instead, an oligarchy of parties and institutions, united in an ill-omened alliance with the truly powerful interest associations and lobbyists of capital and gamblers, has all the power. Through their federation, they mutually increase their power. And because it cannot be done without humans and said humans are more a hindrance than anything else, humans are manipulated and indoctrinated to serve the right purpose.

Isn’t it funny that we have the right to oppose in Art (4); even armed opposition as an ultima ratio is not totally out of the question if you follow the words verbatim…

As I see it, the legal position is unambiguous. Germany was obliged to give itself a new constitution years ago. But then, the powerful persons do not seem to care a lot about law. Consequently, no German Constitution seems to be upcoming.

And I am not sure if this should make me sad or happy. To be sure, our Basic Constitutional Law is not optimal. And, of course, in these times, we need a very strong, courageous and happy constitution – with a wide social consensus for the future, freedom, humanity and education.

Except – I am sure a new constitution, too, would be written by the lobbyists. See TTIP. Democrats would have no chance.

Instead of writing a new constitution, it might be a good idea to protect what remains of our Basic Constitution against even more attacks. Regardless of where these attacks originate. A turbo-capitalist and neo-liberal constitution, written by Parties & Germany AG and sold through populism would certainly be a great misfortune

(Translated by EG)

The picture of the flag is common property. Here is the Wikipedia Link.

Da erreicht mich eine Mail,

On Tuesday, February, 16th, 2016, Dr. Martin Held and my friend Jörg Schindler will give an exciting presentation on:

Cheap Oil – Motor for the Economy or Obstacle on the Way to Transformation?

at the orange bar.

Admission from 18:30 hours | starting at 19:00 hours | finale at 20:30 hours in the
orange bar, Green City Energy, Zirkus-Krone-Straße 10, (6. OG), Munich

Admission: free.

Jörg Schindler im IF-Forum der InterFace AG

Jörg Schindler at the InterFace AG IF Forum

Are you a car driver, property owner or entrepreneur? Everybody is happy about the low oil prices and the resulting cheaper energy.

It saves money and, in the short run, has the effect of a great global economic stimulus plan. For the economy, they also expect positive impulses.

Except – the central traffic sector will remain extremely dependent on oil. This is a problem that cannot be solved by simply pulling the lever, following the motto “no more oil, electricity instead” (keeping everything else as before).

Instead of triggering the transition to post-fossil mobility, the oil production is now extended to arctic seas and ever lower oceanic altitudes at a high ecological risk. The low prices are misinterpreted and seen as fortuitous boom boosters, providing an extra motivation to again do some serious “upgrading”.

What are the reasons for the oil prices falling so drastically? What price will our society have to pay for this prolonged fossil resource consumption? Will this make a halfway tolerable transition towards a post-fossil, sustainable development (Great Transformation) even harder to achieve?

The speakers Dr. Martin Held and Jörg Schindler say that the most important factor for a successful Great Transformation is in danger: the adaptation time. What are the alternatives? Who could start working on said alternatives? What is the role of the civil society when it comes to the future transformation process?

For registration, please send an E-Mail to or call 089/890668319.
The speakers are:

Dr. Martin Held (discussion group: Die Transformateure – Akteure der Großen Transformation, board member at ASPO Deutschland e.V. and long-time head of studies at Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, Tutzing) 
Jörg Schindler (discussion group Die Transformateure – Akteure der Großen Transformation, board member at ASPO Deutschland e.V. and long-time managing director of Ludwig-Bölkow foundation, Neubiberg)


(Translated by EG)
If you cannot come to the presentation but still wish to invite the speakers at another time, I will gladly connect you. Just send me an E-Mail .

Roland Dürre
Friday February 12th, 2016

Three Phrases that can Destroy all Joy and Courage.

And I mean both for yourself and for others.

So klein ist der Mensch. Am linken Rand Muhamed, Führer und Freund.

We are back home! Humans are such small creatures. On the left, you can see Muhamed, our guide and friend.

Last week was the first time I saw the tombs and temples of the Pharaos. I learned many new things and had time to ponder.
I became aware of three phrases that can make life harder. The first one is

Yes, BUT …“
Early in life, I learned that it is probably not a good idea to say “yes, but” too often. It happened while I underwent management coaching.

In entrepreneurial everyday-life, I sometimes suffered under the “yes, but” attitude of the people around me. It probably never gained us very much.

When we decided
Hurrah, we will go on our first ever cultural Nile river trip!
the phrase re-surfaced.
I often heard it – sometimes I even heard myself saying it.

Yes, but what about our carbon dioxide footprint …
(a problem I take rather seriously) 
Yes, but aren’t cultural trips always so tedious …
(a temple a day, and sometimes two…)
Yes, but what about the long travel until we get there …
(it took almost 13 hours, first the train to Nuremberg, then the flight to Hurghada on the Red Sea and from there the bus to Luxor – another 380 km).
Yes, but we cannot do it because of the terrorist threat …
(while two trains collided in Munich)
and so on, and so forth …
And how stupid we would have been had we abstained from this trip!
The second phrase I mean is
Being opposed to something!

How often do I catch myself opposing something?
I oppose the gigantic subsidies of business cars. I oppose fascism. I oppose the stupidity of politicians. I oppose the coal harbour on the Barrier Reef in Australia. I oppose waste of food. I oppose bureaucracy. And so on, and so forth …

Just a few years ago, my friend Jolly Kunjappu declared that “being opposed to something” is a negative concept that will push you down. Why don’t we, instead, focus on what is nice, what we like and what we appreciate? This concept will give us courage and joy.

The third phrase is one that I was made aware of by Moslam last week. Moslam was our guide during our Nile river trip. We became friends. He regularly travels to Germany. Consequently, we also talked about his experiences in my home country and he told me how it always moves him when his German friends keep saying:
“We must …“

I know very well from my own experience what he means. I must go and buy some milk. After that, I must write an IF Blog article and evaluate business plans. And then I must meet Barbara for lunch at the Artemis (the Greek restaurant just around the corner). And in the afternoon, I must meet friends from the university at the Forschungsbrauerei for the brown ale initiation. And tomorrow, I must go and attend the

But then, isn’t it wonderful that I can go and buy milk. After all, it is not at all a matter of course that, just around the corner, you can buy good milk in the brown bottle with 3.8 % fat. It actually still tastes like milk! And I always enjoy dining at the Artemis, because there the food tastes excellent and the Greek landlord and landlady are always so friendly. The Forschungsbrauerei, too, is always worth visiting and at the , there are so many impulses waiting to tell me what I can do – thanks to the diversity of cultures and regions on our great planet.

These are all things I enjoy doing, because they are just wonderful – so why would I have to do them?

In a nutshell, I would say:
It pays to think and write in a “positive” way. If that is what you decide to do, you will feel and think more and more like it!

Pure luxury between Luxor and Assuan. Isn’t life just great?

Luxus pur von Luxor nach Assuan. Das Leben ist schön!

Luxus pur von Luxor nach Assuan. Das Leben ist schön!

(Translated by EG)

Klaus Hnilica
Thursday February 11th, 2016

Hairy Headlessness …

Carl and Gerlinde (Instalment No 47)

ZZZZZM214Yes, indeed – there were areas where Carl was displaying truly unshakable stability! Mind you, I am not only talking his favourite beer, the hazy Glaabsbräu, or his hair tonic, or the much-loved Nivea Cream he puts on his skin on a daily basis – no, he also was religiously faithful when it came to his dentist and his French Baguette from the Briegel Bakery – and the same was true for the TRIGA underwear, the Davidoff Small Cigars and the Falke Socks – and, of course, his hairdresser Florian Breitschuh!

This last was the easiest to understand, because whenever twelve weeks had gone by, Carl would go and see Herrn Breitschuh at the hair studio ’Haargenau’ and have his magnificently growing head of hair shortened: it was something he had been doing for thirty-seven years now!

In fact, the ever bolder grey hair growing randomly in his nose and ears now shortened the ’twelve-weeks-period’ that had been his habit for decades. But then, Carl took this fact with serenity, because having his hair cut by Florian Breitschuh  had never been a burden. In fact, it had always been a welcome ’relaxing break’ in his otherwise stress-burdened daily work life.

Of course, Carl was secretly happy that said wild growth of hair inside his nose and ears was restricted to those areas, instead of starting to grow all over his breast or even shoulder blades: after all, Gerlinde always showed unmistakable signs of revulsion whenever she saw a male human with animal-like hairy shoulders in the public swimming pool or sauna. In fact, on these occasions she even had to take extra pains to restrict her compulsively starting ’faecal linguistic eruption’ to a reasonable dimension and make it socially acceptable; naturally, this was a life-saving hint for Carl when it came to how he needed to control his hirsuteness!

But the thing Carl appreciated most about Florian Breitschuh was his taciturnity
With the exception of a short welcome, there was no unnecessary word spoken between him and Carl. And, in particular, there was never any exhausting talk about vacations, the impending climate catastrophe or the ever more threatening refugee situation.…

No – Carl and Florian Breitschuh were always silent during their ’hair cutting activities’!
But still, there was one comment Carl never refrained from: as soon as he sat down and had the barber’s cape around his neck, he smiled at the mirrored image of Florian Breitschuh and sonorously said:

“Two Centimetres“!

After this verbal tsunami, Carl would usually close his eyes and not open them again until the sweetly soft bristles of the Breitschuh hairbrush would indicate that the ’hair-splittingly precise’ end of the haircut was reached, at the same time brushing away everything that might threaten to tickle Carl’s ears, nose, shoulders, neck or collar.

At the very moment when the Breitshuh hairbrush would make its last fanning movement was always the time when Carl opened his eyes and saw in the mirror, admittedly with less enthusiasm as the years went by, his freshly styled, grey ’two-centimetre top hair face’!

Subsequently, a short left and right rotation would suffice before he would, with a hardly noticeable nod, show Florian Breitschuh for the hundred-and-fortieth time how absolutely satisfied he was with the result! Florian would then acknowledge this with a subtle smile and a bow only recognizable for those who knew.

So why did he now have to cope with this absolutely unbelievable event that was beyond all rationality?

What a monster was suddenly looking back at Carl when, as usual, he opened his eyes full of confidence after the haircut was finished.

Was this balding head really E.T. the extra-terrestrial? Or maybe it was one of those millions of pitiable cancer patients who nowadays were never missing from a TV series? Or was it Satan in person bashfully grinning back at him from the hairdresser’s mirror?

Hm – Carl growled and tentatively looked at all angles – then again at the face looking at him just as hesitantly from the opposite side – just like he were currently fleeing from somewhere…

“Hey“, Carl yelled, now a little louder: “who is this?“

After all, it was a fact that he himself was sitting at the hairdressers’, which he spontaneously remembered; but no other familiar face could be seen anywhere. Only this strange guy behind the mirror who seemed to stare out and be totally perplexed …

And when Carl asked him who he was, he laughed and said: “I am your wife’s hairdresser, young man! Incidentally, she sent you to see me, since your hairdresser broke his arm!“

“And ?“.

“Well – nothing “and”! I explicitly asked you again when you were sitting in my chair after you had said ’2 Millimetres’. To which question all your impolite reply was that you did not like repeating yourself. Then you closed your eyes. So I went to work. With the machine!“

“Hm”, Carl said yet one more time. Then he remarked that, luckily, he was not vain.

On his way back home, however, he came to the irrevocable decision that he had to call in sick for the next two weeks: his secretary Bettina, as well as Miriam Braun would get crying fits on seeing him like this.

Even his boss Dr. Osterkorn, would probably advise him to not see any customers for the next six weeks. And he would call his Gerlinde immediately and propose a four-week vacation in Iceland. After all, she had pestered him about going there forever and he had always succeeded in avoiding it because there was nothing in the world he hated he hated more all this rain and cold climate.

But if you wore a suitable cap, such weather capriciousness was not at all a problem, was it? Why had he not thought of this earlier? Wasn’t it strange?

Yes – perhaps he should immediately buy the right cap and surprise Gerlinde? Why not? After all, Nicki Lauda also wore one of them …

(Translated by EG)