Klaus Hnilica
Tuesday March 29th, 2016

Soles Worn Thin

Carl and Gerlinde (Episode No 48)

“You always either suffer from diarrhoea, or are drunk, or else sit in front of the TV set watching soccer!”, Gerlinde barked from the balcony into the darkened room of her much-loved hotel Barceló Santiago.

ZZZZZZ_173721“My dearest Gerlinde! Do not be so upset with me, just because of one beer I allow myself each day while watching Kloppi and his FC Liverpool“, Carl grunted back.

He was pleasurably reclining, lying down and never once taking his eyes off the screen on the wall for a single second! After all, there was something at stake in this Europe League! And – after the surprising first goal – the brave Augsburg players were still coming along nicely against the Klopp troupe …

“As always, you are just talking nice! As it happens, my expectations for this spring vacation of ours on Tenerife had been rather different from what it turned out to be so far!”, Gerlinde kept complaining, regardless of the fact that her nagging was totally drowned by the noise the Atlantic Ocean made on the black reef – directly below the hotel.

By now, she was quite annoyed. It was already the fifth time this afternoon that she threw herself onto the deck chair and melancholically stared at the trashy blue ocean with the archaic three-mast ship in full sail, from where, yet again, numerous tourists who had been tricked into coming here were in vain looking for dolphins and whales.

Just like she had been trying for hours in vain to tempt her Carl to come outside and get some fresh air: mind you, it had taken her three years to talk her hard-bodied non-vacationer into finally flying to this unloved island of Tenerife – where her ’Ex Husband’ Jürgen still owned the formerly shared apartment.

Yes – it had been a total of three years during which she had tirelessly worked towards persuasion. And at the end of it, the moron was now sitting in the hotel room in front of the TV set, or else, if she was lucky, could be made to move his buttermilk cadaver up one flight of stairs to the pool area and swim a few negligible rounds; of course, he always wore his sunglasses and kept his stubborn head above the water at all times, because he had to be careful not to get his ’perm’ wet. To make up for it, a stiff neck was guaranteed, which meant that he could flee the pool after no more than five minutes. …

Maybe it was even less than five minutes!

After all, the borders of the pool were at all times under siege from beer-drinking English families with ’brexit’ favouring fathers who liked to scuffle and who often catapulted their resisting monstrous offspring towards the middle of the pool like misguided North-Korean missiles. If, under these circumstances, you persevered at the pool, you were at both lucky and unlucky. Because the survivors not only had totally wet hair on their heads but also found that, due to the huge waves, all sunglasses that had been originally worn were irretrievably diving towards the unfathomable pool bottom as quickly as a zebra fish.

And woe if, while fleeing in panic from this ’British Tsunami Chaos’, Carly was caught and shaken by a stray fall wind blast from the snowy tide that had been waiting in the background. In that case, Gerlinde could definitely forget the remainder of the afternoon!

Whenever such unspeakable adversities happened, Carl would wordlessly throw his dressing gown over his shoulders and ignore every deck chair, no matter how attractive it looked. Instead, he would stride towards the pool bar with determination!

It went without saying that, once there, he would not leave before he would manfully have downed four double ’Carlos’ into his tormented body – regardless of how Gerlinde was complaining!

So it can hardly be a surprise that Carl would, after such a display of assertiveness, astonish a totally perplexed Gerlinde on the very next day after the obligatory breakfast of fried egg by asking if she were spontaneously in the mood for a small hiking tour.

“What – today?“

“Well, yes. Why not? Two weeks from now, we will no longer be here, will we?“

“If that is what you want – with pleasure. You know I am always in favour of spontaneous decisions, my dear Carl.“

“That is exactly why I love you so much, my dearest Gerlindy”, Carl sucked up to her while clandestinely spooning the orange jam Gerlinde had gathered for herself onto the last remaining piece of white bread.

Since, however, the bus for the ’initiation hike’ she had been booking days ago already left at eleven, this was one of the exceptional cases where all protest was vain!

What was far more important for her was the fact that, less than forty minutes later, her ’hiking eager’ Carl stood next to the bus to Santiago del Teide ready to go and carrying his backpack. And, mind you, it was all for no more than 3 Euro and 30 cents – for both of them!

You definitely could not get more economical, could you!

Carl, too, was in the best of moods. During the speedy, curvy drive up, he pointed out for several times that there probably were only very few couples who were capable of deciding something so spontaneously and then of acting accordingly as they did.

It was unique, absolutely unique, this harmony between the two of them. Wittily, he pinched his Gerlinde’s upper arm so hard that she shrieked like a piglet. And since Carl grew more and more enthusiastic with respect to harmony and even mentioned Kurt and Hannelore – who seemed to find no common ground at all for shared experiences – he was rather surprised when Gerlinde, as early as after the third stop, urged him to exit, discreetly pushing him towards the entry point of the hiking path she had chosen:

10.3 kilometres to Tamaimo!

“Ha, this is ridiculous”, Carl was quite jubilant, “I could do it with one leg tied down!”. No sooner had he said this than he had already jumped from stone to stone without hiking sticks until he reached the bottom of the first steep decline, where he laughed and waited for Gerlinde, who preferred to start the journey a little more cautiously.

There was no question that the route was truly picturesque. Gerlinde really had done a great job choosing this tour. To the left and right, the terraced fields were still untended at this time of year; in between you could see well-stocked ponds and green meadows all the way to the steeply climbing hills in the background. And no human being anywhere. Only a few scattered palms and, very far on the horizon, a white house. Somewhere in the distance, a few dogs barked.

But the path was not easy!

Almost all the time, the way was steeply downhill and on the occasional flat parts, there were always razor-sharp small stones where you had to be careful indeed to avoid stumbling.

But then, wearing the good ’Lowa Shoes’ and being fit enough, all this is no problem, Carl still believed so when he started feeling that his right shoe seemed to swim away from his right foot. When he lifted his foot in order to see what was the matter, he was horrified to discover that the total profile sole was hanging at a thread; the only thing it needed to totally break off was a small rip!.

“So what now?” Gerlinde asked anxiously.

“I have no idea!“

“What about the left show?“

“Well, the left shoe still has its sole – no! On the left side, too, it is already hanging by a few threads …“

“Oh my God – what now?“

“Nothing – we continue on our hike!”, Carl grunted, sounding as if he were walking in fish oil.

Which is exactly what he was doing!

And he still did it when even what remained of the soles was practically no longer there. And even when the insoles where hanging from their last threads inside the shoes! And when the hiking socks were nothing but holes, and when the shirt and the t-shirt he had tied around his feet dissolved into bleeding fringes. …

But by that time they had actually reached Tamaimo! And there was a bar from where, after Cortado and water – God be Praised – they could order the taxi that took them to the hotel. …

“What a pity”, Gerlinde lamented after she had named their destination to the friendly, young taxi driver, “that this had to happen at the very start of our hiking program”!

Acidly, Carl agreed, although he had long ago decided that ’lost soles’ at the end of a ’hiking vacation as planned by Gerlinde’ would have been a lot worse.

Regardless, the bitter complaint they were going to send to the ’Lowa Company’ would never turn into an exultant thank-you letter. He owed Gerlinde that much. …

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday March 27th, 2016

Another Debut Performance in the Torturmtheater!

And the piece was rehearsed at Unterhaching in the InterFace building!

Torturmtheater-Sommerhausen_Auquarell_SpielplanThis year, the Torturmtheater will be forty years old. The very first performance they give in this jubilee-season is going to be one that was rehearsed in Unterhaching. It makes me very happy to say so. The Torturmtheater has now finished some of its productions after intense work at the Unterhaching InterFace AG building for some years. The reason is obvious: most of the active members of the drama group often reside in the Munich area and it is quite hard to find appropriate rooms for rehearsals in Munich. The performances are always in the traditional Sommerhausen Torturm.

If you remember: in 1976, after the death of Luigi Malipiero, Veit Relin re-opened this very small and yet so wonderful theatre in Sommerhausen (very close to Würzburg), establishing its reputation beyond the region through premiere and first performances of a high standard and with exceptional playlists.

The 2016 season at the Torturmtheater will be a German debut performance:

A pornographic relationship by Philippe Blasband. The German debut will be on Wednesday, March, 30th, at 8 p.m. Under the directorship of the inimitable Eos Schopohl, the characters will be played by Zhanna Kalantay and Murali Perumal. As always, the responsibility for the choice of play, the accessories and much more is with Angelika Relin.

Love is a strange game. Yes, they loved each other. Regardless of the fact that, initially, they only wanted the fulfilment of their lust and preferences – she had put the advertisement in the classified section. They know nothing about each other; nameless, they are protected by anonymity. That is also true for protection against each other. The uncomfortable everyday-life details are absent, which gives them freedom. But soon they find out that they love each other. In fact, it might turn out to be the love of their lives …

At the decisive moment, however, they lack the courage. Eventually, all that is left to them is the bitter-sweet memory of a chance gone by and, above all, the memory of a passionate love.

With this story of a couple who did not want to be a couple, Philippe Blasband successfully created a wise and erotic intimate play full of sensitive comic elements.

Here is what Angelika Relin writes in her pre-view of the year 2016:

We will start in the spring, on March, 30th, with a German debut performance – A Pornographic Relationship! It is a melancholic love story, not devoid of comic elements, certainly intense … 
(See what I wrote above).

Later, we will try to fathom the very normal mania of our consumer society today and put it in a nutshell. The very title: If I did it in another way I would probably not always think of the money involved is so highly scurrile that you absolutely have to become curious. It is an evening you do not wish to miss under any circumstances – shrill, bizarre and endlessly comical, even if the strange everyday-life truths themselves basically create sad clowns.

The summer can actually be said to point directly to the Achilles Heel of our democracy that puts a rift through the middle of our society – and the same is true for our protagonists on stage: those two couples representing the middle classes and getting closer to each other as neighbours in jealous cordiality. When, one night, Barbara gives asylum to a refugee, the prosperity anxieties and the fascination with the unknown clash unhindered in this bitter-evil farce. All the parties concerned drown in the ups and downs of faked humanity with raven-black humour. We are not barbarians is the message they have to accept, even if their laughter gets stuck in their throats.

In the autumn, The Farewell Dinner will upset your diaphragm by trying to set the idea of friendship ad absurdum with its perfidious morals. But, as so often in life, everything will turn out differently …

Well, so far the message of the year 2016 by Angelika Relin. Click here for the playing schedule (Spielplan)!

As has been my habit for many years, I will go and see all the four performances in 2016 whenever possible. This is not only because it is very great theatre, but also because it is a chance for Barbara and me to make very nice trips to Sommerhausen. Unfortunately, I cannot see the premiere performance of “the pornographic relationship”, because I will still be in China at the time. But I already bought two tickets for the performance on April, 16th. And it would make me happy to see some faces I know!

(Translated by EG)

If you want to go to Sommerhausen, the best thing to do is take the regional express train to Winterhausen, which is right on the opposite side of the river Main. From the Winterhausen railway station, you walk across the Main Bridge to the theatre, which is about one kilometre. You will want to exit the train at the rear end if it is headed towards Würzburg.

Roland Dürre
Thursday March 24th, 2016

Entrepreneur’s Diary #115 – A Personal Interview.

A short time ago, someone asked me to answer a few questions in writing as a preparation for an event. Here are my answers (in cursive letters):

Beim IF-Forum "Jean Paul" (2013)

During the IF Forum “Jean Paul“ (2013)(2013)

We would be interested in who you are and what exactly is your interest when talking the conflict between leadership and cooperation?

I see myself as an entrepreneur, activist, impulse giver and inspiring counsellor.

For us, your motivation is particularly important: where do you get the energy for what you do?
From all the people I meet on a daily basis and from the cooperation with many other persons.

What are your current projects/initiatives?
I coach and support enterprises (including the ones I am myself part of), help start-ups and mentees, am involved in (almost) anything that pertains to “digital transformation” – it used to be called information and communication technology – and I try to promote social topics such as “active mobility in everyday life” (as our future mobility) and “peace” (as my life’s goal).

What are the topics you would wish to discuss and exchange opinions on?
How to make enterprises more successful and humans happier.

What are the topics you can tell us something about from your own personal experience?

In fact, many things come to mind.

What would your statement on leadership and cooperation be?

Leading is an enterprise, an enterprise means inspiration, giving impulses and making it possible that everyone can be part of the team – and that this is what actually happens. Courage and enjoying what you do will guarantee your success.

As you see it, what should be the formative factors in leadership and cooperation today?

Humility in the face of the task and respecting the people.

Can you give a personal story or an example from your practical experience?

One of the nicest stories in my professional life (for me) was the foundation of InterFace Connection GmbH with the development of the product Hit/Clou.

Where do you see the future of work-life?

Giving up working against each other and instead working together.

What is your dream/vision when it comes to innovative working models?
Networks and participation, instead of hierarchy.

What is necessary in order to achieve this?

It is important that an enterprise is agile, open (transparent) and lean, both in concept and actual realization.

What do we already have that makes you enthusiastic?
Especially in “young” and medium-sized enterprises, you will more and more often find “dialogue at eye-level”. But in big enterprises, you constantly get (successful) biotopes that live just as well.

Where do you see the special challenge for an enterprise if they want “dialogue at eye-level”?
The ability to listen and the willingness to accept that other persons are different should be a self-evident part of the entrepreneurial culture.

If you imagine an enterprise where cooperation happens at eye-level, what emotions does that stir inside you?

The feeling of shared responsibility, trust into the future, enjoying my work. I am very happy that, in my professional life, I mostly enjoyed this kind of atmosphere.

Can you define: dialogue?

Listening is more important than talking.

What is “at eye-level”?
Appreciating each other and actively respecting each other.

What challenges do big concerns face?
That all employees should identify with the system they are part of in a “healthy” way and that they can all be part of the decisions in a “meaningful’” way. This should happen voluntarily and without indoctrination and centrally controlled manipulation.

What questions arise in connection with this issue?
I wonder if this is even possible after a company has reached a certain size. Are mega-concerns at all capable of realizing such a concept? Can growth actually be the absolute standard? But then: can an enterprise be successful at all if it does not grow? I am not sure if it is possible to do the balancing act between growth being necessary and growth being potentially detrimental in a sustainable way!

Have you already found answers or are you still looking for them?
Sometimes I believe that enterprises should have an upper limit to the number of employees. And as soon as they reach this number, they should split into smaller units wherever this can reasonably be done.

What are your successful concepts for the future?
It might make sense to consider enterprises more like “living organisms” with very individual values and their own individual culture, rather than “machine-like” systems you can control by “pulling a lever”.

What are the ideas/methods you are trying to find?
Here is what I could imagine:

  • In general: realize even (mega) big tasks and projects through networks comprised of small systems.
  • Less and – above all – shorter meetings in the organizations.
  • A lot of peer2peer work (truth begins with two).
  • Anti-conferences will generate more results than, for instance, strategic kick-off meetings or workshops.
  • Barcamps and OpenSpace are strong regular formats for sharing knowledge/experience and gaining insight.
  • Using more haptic (serious play) and visualization techniques (one picture will tell more than a thousand words).
  • And much more …

For me, a barcamp was a success if…

… all participants go home with a sense of achievement because a new common denominator, along with added insight, was created through trust and sharing.

What is special about a barcamp?
As opposed to a classical conference, a barcamp is self-organized and has no hierarchies. There are no presentations that have been prepared beforehand and all participants are responsible for the topics. This is how the discussions can be kept up-to-date and very dynamic.

Why have you registered?

Because I received such a nice invitation.

Is this the first time for you to attend a barcamp, or are you returning?

I first experienced anti-conferences, such as barcamps, a long time ago and then I founded my own barcamp movements (for instance PM-Camp for entrepreneurship and project management or AktMobCmp for “active mobility in everyday life“. But at InterFace AG, too, we organized barcamps and OpenSpace with all the colleagues at frequent intervals. And they were always rather a success, both for the enterprise and the employees.

What do you like about barcamps (in general)?
The fact that it is based on democratic ideas and the usually quick development of a great openness and familiarity between all the participants.

What topics are you concerned with?

Entrepreneurship, leadership, project management, the future of mobility, peace.

If you are asked such nice questions, it is really a pleasure answering them!

(Translated by EG)

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Roland Dürre

Why Project Peace?

Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren verbreitetes Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.

White dove with blue background – this is one version of the peace dove: it has been the commonly used symbol of the western European, and especially the German, Peace Movement since the 1980ies.

Initially, it had been designed in the context of resistance against the NATO Double Track Decision.

Let me describe my view of why we urgently need to do something for peace. And I mean for the big, all-encompassing inner and outer peace.

We have to come to terms both with ourselves and our environment. And there also has to be peace between humans and nations. Both get more and more necessary in order to make a future possible at all.

In order to achieve this, we need a strong change in both our mental concepts and our awareness.

After all, it cannot be accepted that the “mental supremacy” is under the rule of persons who, for instance, believe that:
An evil man carrying a weapon can only be stopped by a good man carrying a weapon.
(NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre 2012)
If you apply this to countries, it means that
“An evil country with an army can only be stopped by a good country with an army!“

You can easily see that the concept of moral categories, such as “good” and “evil” will not help and that it is better to continue on the way of enlightenment and democracy.

Among other things, this means that we leave the monopoly on power and weapons with the society (nation) we live in. After all, we already ceded quite a bit of it to the country as part of our civilized progress.

In order to make this system work, society must be enabled to avoid a state a rule of injustice – or even dictatorship – by public control mechanisms: among other things by a clear separation of power. And it also has to repress lobby structures, because they can easily turn into a dictatorship of the capital or, even worse, a militaristic business complex.

The requirement for such peace in a country and between countries and nations (including problematic regions) is that we develop an awareness of the fact that this can only succeed if we all win our very individual inner peace.

Consequently, if you want collective peace, you need the inner peace of all the individual persons inside the collective system. In other words, we have to come to terms with our own selves. This might be quite hard, but it is probably our only chance to develop a new understanding of punishment and justice. An understanding that truly makes us bigger as a society.

Does anybody really believe prisons are the only way to achieve a peaceful society inside a country? Or is it not more like they cause the opposite? How can a society gain social peace if poverty and wealth are due to an undue polarization?

Consequently, one of the things we need to achieve is disproving some impossible philosophers, as for instance Ayn Rand (one of the important masterminds of the US Republican Party) and start a “new” enlightenment 2.0. For a start, we have to counteract any sort of indoctrination, because that is the worst enemy of an enlightened society.

This is why, through our project peace and together with Jolly Kunjappu, I try to make a tiny contribution towards stabilizing the fragile balancing act between peace and relinquishing some of said peace in favour of an alleged sense of security.

On a personal level, I also want to remind people that, wherever there is conflict, the solution without murder and death, torture and rape, is always the better way out. In fact, it is usually the only way to get stable and sustainable solutions. And I also wish to strengthen confidence and the belief that this is absolutely possible and realistic.

In other words: I would prefer to follow the metaphor of “Ghandy”, rather than the one of a tyrant.

(Written in Peking)

(Translated by EG)

Again in a nutshell:
Being “honest to yourself” is the first requirement for “inner peace”, which again is the requirement for the “great peace”. This is why we need inspiration and impulses for “inner honesty” – which is one reason why Jolly and yours truly invite you to attend the PEACE kick-off meeting on April, 28th, at the IF Forum.

Roland Dürre
Sunday March 20th, 2016

Invitation: IF Forum im & AktMobCmp – Augsburg

Dear Friends,

with this email, I would like to invite you to the IF Forum on April, 28th, and remind you of my project #AktMobCmp, which will take place on May, 20th and 21st in Augsburg.

Both activities are meant to show people the way to become happier and more successful, both individually and collectively.

IF Forum:

On April, 28th, starting at 18:00 hours, the InterFace AG at Unterhaching will again host the IF Forum in their office building.

The active parties will be Jolly Kunjappu and yours truly. We want to articulate our central and very special desire for a little more peace. The special occasion is Jolly Kunjappu’s new book ”Ask An Answer“, which, on that Thursday, will be the focal point of our performance. We want to use it for giving impulses and thus inspire people to find a little more “PEACE”.

Jolly is a good friend of mine, human being, philosopher and artist. During his eventful life, he left many tracks. As an inspired consultant for entrepreneurs, he fascinated top managers. Currently, his presentations provide important input and make many persons contemplative. His musical career brought him in contact with many relevant artists, among them Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

On April, 28th, during the IF Forum, we will have the kick-off for our project “peace”. You are all invited to come and actively participate. For more information, click here:

Jolly & Roland – On April, 28th, in the IF Forum: For LIFE and PEACE!


Mobility is a central and global determining factor of our lives. The development grew its own momentum in an absurd way, thus gaining power over our cities and the entire planet. We have all been forced under the same yoke and now often act contrary to our elementary needs. Our mobile habits develop lives of their own and destroy our means of life. Individual traffic based on private vehicles with a combustion motor has reached a dominant position. Public transportation gets more and more obsolete and “active mobility” (on foot, by bike or other means like skateboards or inline-skates) is only considered remaining traffic. While, especially in the latter section, e-mobility might well be a great chance, the one-on-one replacement of the combustion motor by electro motors is not a valid alternative.
The movement “active mobility in everyday life” (#AktMobCmp) wants to counteract this ever stronger development. On anti-conferences, we pool our ideas, build networks, find solutions and become active. The initial event earlier this year in Unterhaching was truly encouraging. Günter Schütz from Augsburg spontaneously decided to organize the next event on May, 20th and 21st in Augsburg. It is again two days and sponsored by Transition Town Augsburg e.V. with the friendly support of the local Agenda 21 of the City of Augsburg.

For more information, read the Flyer designed by Günter and visit the of  AktMobCmp website.
(www.actmobcmp.org or www.aktmobcmp.de)

I would like to invite you to come and attend the Augsburg  #AktMobCmp. But there is even more I would like to ask you: I am sure you know persons who, even today, are convinced that a lot needs to be changed about mobility or who already mostly go places “actively”.

Please inform these people! And there is even more of a plea of mine: The barcamp #AktMobCmp is an important event. On top of many participants, it also needs supporters. You are all welcome to sponsor or actively support it. If you know potential candidates, please inform them and hand them one of the flyers!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday March 16th, 2016

Entrepreneur’s Diary #114 – Inspiration and Impulses


Meine Wenigkeit mit Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein im IF-Forum.

Yours truly and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein at the IF Forum (2010).

I wrote a lot about #leadership in my entrepeneur’s diary. And I introduced terms and topics such as:

•• accountingagile eye-level participation managerial economics burn-out charisma • craftsmanship  thinking • delegating democratic enterprise empathy fairness  error tolerance • flow • common-good economy • business plan  justice law abiding hierarchy holocraty innovation leadership lean capitalisation  clarity  strong communication controlling  management marketing  methods employees employee participation  open participation peer-to-peer review  promotion of personality planning project management quality  respect  scrum  servant leading meaningful goals strategy sovereignty subsidiarity ability to work in a team transparency entrepreneurial culture sharing responsibility  sales  being a model for others values community of values  goals target agreement  capacity to listen to others ••

and probably much more of a similar kind.

Now I suddenly discover that the two probably most important competences a successful entrepreneur must have are still missing:

Inspiration and Impulse

This is especially true if I think back of my own founding phase. We were truly successful because my partner Wolf and I were able to give strong impulses to our newly employed colleagues. And above all because we gave them inspiration.

Basically, it was all about showing the persons who came to us – in fact, they came with high expectations – what spirit underlay our goals (inspiration) and what we could do and where we wanted to end up (impulses). And they understood and really started in a most satisfactory fashion.

And by the time our new employees started to be an inspiration for their own team members and giving impulses of their own, we had won. There was nothing left to stop the team in its tracks.

(Translated by EG)

For more articles of my entrepreneurial diary, click here: Drehscheibe!


Ask-an-Answer_1m-185x300Event Notice.

On April, 28th, at 6 p.m., Jolly and I invite our friends to join us at the InterFace AG building.

We want to tell them about our central and very personal wish in our very special way.

There is a nice reason for this invitation, because Jolly Kunjappu’s new book “Ask An Answer“ has just been published.

Consequently, we will introduce it to you on this day.

About the two of us:

So klein ist der Mensch. Am linken Rand Muhamed, Führer und Freund.

This is how small humans are,
Egypt February 2016.

Roland Dürre:

My operational activity with InterFace AG ended on January, 1st, 2015.

I try to make good use of my newly earned freedom and make others (and myself as well) a little happier and more successful.

Besides supporting teams (such as start-ups) and individual persons (young and old persons, females and males), I try to promote a social future worth living in. Thus, I became an activist for a new future  in the mobility sector.

However, since my adolescence, peace has been the most important issue for me.

I will now join Jolly and start a vision I have had for a long time, the project ”peace“.

In the future, I want to act, instead of always thinking and talking so much.

That particular Thursday evening, too, will only see me talking once on a very important issue.

Most of the time will be reserved for the message sent by my friend Jolly Kunjappu on April, 28th.

Denker, Künstler und vor allem Mensch.

Philosopher, Artist and above all: Human Being.

Jolly Kunjappu:

Jolly visited almost all countries of this world and spent many years as inspiring enterprise counsellor on the managerial level – including for some DAX enterprises. He distinguished himself both as an artist (painting, music, performance) and a philosopher, who creates his own way of life as a counsellor and orator.

I first met Jolly at an event organized by the Munich Chess Foundation and immediately felt that our values, expectations, interests and needs are similar.

Jolly will give a strong appeal and communicate his (our) message with more than words.

I would like to thank the InterFace AG for providing the rooms for this very special IF FORUM. We will make use of our performance and send a strong video message into the world and we will also record the presentations.

The event is free and will be held on Thursday, April, 28th, 2016 at 6.30 p.m. in the Seminar area of InterFace AG in Unterhaching. We welcome you from 6 p.m..

As always, there will be the opportunity to relax and exchange opinions with tasty food and diverse beverages after the official program. This is a personal invitation for our friends (and those who would like to become our future friends). Consequently, we would appreciate your registration. As always, just send an E-Mail to the InterFace AG or directly to me.

Jolly Kunjappu

Meister Deines eigenen Lebens

Sei kein Sklave eines Systems
Sei Meister deines eigenen Lebens.

München, Deutschland Mai, 1990

Master of Your Own Life

Don’t be a slave of a system

Be a master of your own life.
Munich, Germany, May 1990

I already look forward to an evening full of emotions, exciting discussions and great conversations!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday March 13th, 2016


Looking for my personal heroes, I found Boris Vian quite early in life. In 1954, he created and sung a radical peace song – Le Déserteur. For me it was a great song in the early 1960ies, truly a “hymn for freedom and peace”.

In 2012, I wrote  how it annoyed me that the #GEMA barricades youtube.

Here is the song:

Jacques Brel is another great singer of freedom songs. He, too, was a hero of my adolescence.
In 1974, Terry Jacks produced the Seasons of the Sun. The song is based on the chanson Le Moribond (“the One Who Dies “) by Jacques Brel.

But here Jacques Brel himself:

Now I wonder who might serve as a model or idol for me. As I see it, Carl Amery and José Saramago are good candidates.

For peace!

(Translated by EG)

I will write at some later time about John Lennon, Barbara and many more …

Because I was asked who is Barbara …

Can the digital revolution change the prevailing private-car-oriented order?

Titel_Canzler_Revolution_fbThat is the central question asked in the book by WEERT CANZLER and ANDREAS KNIE. And, as I see it, they also answer the question.

But let me start from the beginning. Friends of mine had spoken with enthusiasm about the Oekom publisher and its founder Radloff for a long time. I took those comments seriously, yet had never found time to look a little closer. Until a few emails from friends reached me with actual book recommendations.

After that, I did some really extensive browsing through the Oekom website – and I was truly fascinated, both with the topics/titles and the authors I found. And, without any hesitation, I went ahead and ordered a few books, for instance the one by Anneliese Bunk and Nadine Schubert Besser leben ohne Plastik (The Better Life Without Plastic). 
(ISBN: 978-3-86581-784-6, first published: 22.02.2016)

Late in February 2016, they also published the small book:
Die digitale Mobilitätsrevolution
(The Digital Mobility Revolution)
The visionary sub-title is:

Since the paper version of the book only has 128 pages, it was the ideal reading material during my nostalgic trip to Augsburg on Regional Trains. I went to the beautiful City Market, then to the Inner City (where I also visited Sina Trinkwalder and her Manomama – All made in Germany, from the threat to the seams) on 4, Moritzplatz.

Last not least, I went to the venerable Augsburg Rosenau Stadium, where, even in my earliest childhood days, I spent many important hours. And behold – the FCA II was beaten to the tune of 0 : 6 by the SpVgg Unterhaching (my new soccer home) – which definitely was a good reason to celebrate in the Riegele near Augsburg Central Station with a Kellerbier.

It was nice. And reading the book during the train trip and back was just as nice. Because it says in an understandable way how our mobility has turned into something askance that is both evil and threatening our future. It also says how the “digital transformation” can and will help us to at least avoid the worst of it.

As I see it, the book is absolutely “state of the art”. It describes the current situation in a very rational way and makes short shrift of a number of very popular prejudices. It shows solutions that give you optimism, yet it also shows the absolute necessity for change. This is true both for our administrative, legal and bureaucratic world and our social (collective) and personal (individual) habits.

The authors Weert Canzler and Andreas Knie deserve praise for having written a book that is more exciting than some criminal stories, regardless of the subject matter being so demanding. And I also have a few suggestions when it comes to the content – perhaps for the second edition.

For persons who actually think about our mobile future, the book is certainly a must. This is, for instance, also true for persons who believe they might attend the AktMobCmp. Incidentally, the next one takes place in Augsburg on May, 20th and 21st!

(Translated by EG)

Here is the Link and some information on the book.
Weert Canzler, Andreas Knie
Die digitale Mobilitätsrevolution 

Vom Ende des Verkehrs, wie wir ihn kannten
144 pages, oekom verlag
München, 2016 
ISBN-13: 978-3-86581-754-9
Published: 22.02.2016

The use of mobile devices increases all the time. More and more often, our smartphone will decide how we get from A to B. If you need a taxi, you use your Taxi-App and book online with services like Uber. In the future, the digital presence will be the determining factor: if something is not digitally published or available, it simply does not exist. Through digitalization, the cards in the game of transportation choice are re-shuffled. Since renting systems get more and more attractive and the car is in direct competition for customers with railways, busses and bicycles on shared digital platforms, the power structure within the transportation sector will change drastically. Consequently, the technological characteristics of cars will mean less and less. The authors show ways and chances of this network in post-fossil mobility.

Roland Dürre
Friday March 11th, 2016

“Inspect-and-Adapt“ Your Estimates!

td-logoI always like visiting the Munich Techdivision. For me, this event, organized by my PM-Camp accomplice Sacha Storz, is very attractive. The next event is on March, 16th, 2016, between 7 and 8.30 p.m. They finish earlier than usual, because they want the visitors to have the chance to be back home in front of their TV sets for the Bayern Soccer Game. The location is the TechDivision offices at 73, Balanstr. (building 8, 3rd floor) in 81541 München.

Here is the official call for participation:

According to estimations by User Stories, project planning still plays a central role in agile software development. Imprecise estimations will, for instance, cause higher costs than planned or a longer production time than originally agreed upon.

During a TechDivision study, we investigated the User Story Estimates in four different projects. The goal was: identify problems and propose improvements. It is a rather well-known principle – after all, there is always an “inspect-and-adapt” framework in Scrum.

But: how can it be adapted to estimates? And how are the results of the study related to the #NoEstimates discussion?

I find the topic rather interesting. After all, I am a supporter of the provocative theory: “don’t estimate“– and I can find numerous reasons for this theory. In addition, I find it quite motivating that my own son Rupert will be the speaker.

About the speaker:
imagesRupert Dürre is a consultant at the Swedish IT company Netlight. His interests are various areas of agile software development in requirement engineering and development practices, such as also the question how to organize teams in order to make an effective cooperation possible.

There is no admission fee for the event. Please register at the website: event.

Well, next Wednesday at 7 p.m., I will be at Balanstrasse and I look forward to seeing many friends!

(Translated by EG)