+On Thursday, at 11.50 a.m., in the fully packed “facility cafeteria”, Hubert Spiegel related the strange circumstances that led to the disarmament of the mysterious “mirror devil”. He started a little awkwardly by saying:


“Well, you know, I am not really a patient of this “facility”! But my mom is! At her own instigation, she was admitted here five years ago! You may not believe this, but she liked the pasta soup served in this “facility cafeteria” so much that she refused to go anywhere else. Now isn’t that really mad?

Well- and now I come for a visit as often as I can. But then, you do not always have time, do you? After all, we all have to really work hard. Basically, none of us has a money machine at home, …

Aside from this – even if that may now sound a little strange – I am not one of the loonies residing in this “facility”!

But then – and I admit this quite frankly – sometimes in the morning at six when I am standing in front of my mirror in the bathroom and looking at this “stranger’s face” that smiles back at me, I start wondering if I, Hubert Spiegel, perhaps am mentally handicapped after all!

Neither am I all that sure if the person I see with that huge stupid grin on his face is actually me? Or maybe that is someone else altogether? Perhaps a “Peeper”? Or even one of those “stalkers”, as they call them in America…

Are you also familiar with the sensation that a stranger’s face follows you each day into your bathroom? Until you are standing in front of your mirror? The only thing that has proved to be helpful for me is sticking out my tongue at him!

So!!! Yes – I have to really do some prolonged asshole licking…

Because if the other one also gives me his asshole licking, then I know at least that he is no better than I am, which means there is no need for me to worry about him staying in my bathroom – if that is what he wants, he is quite welcome!

Now isn’t that really cute?

Well, you know, as time goes by, you simply come up with a few tricks, don’t you? After all, one is not totally brain-damaged! But just to be on the safe side, I regularly do the “ear-splitting test”!

Are you familiar with it? Because it is certainly of good parentage …
You would not believe how long this “ear-tip-stranger” needed before he eventually understood about the test and then managed to convince me that he really is not the evil one who wants to harm me! Because if there is one thing I really hate, then it is those poofters: I detest them as much as the devil hates holy water!

Anyway, initially it was always like this: whenever I gripped my ear and simultaneously stuck out my tongue – as did the guy opposite me – and whenever I then took hold of my right ear with my right hand – because I had to know, what the other one was going to do, didn’t I? – then that other devil always took hold of his left ear with the left hand … which means he did exactly the opposite of what I did? Can you imagine? Every single time…

Initially, it really almost drove me crazy! I simply could not believe that this stupid fucker was not capable of mimicking something as easy as this, instead doing exactly the opposite? I really found it unbelievable…

And, to be perfectly honest – I then started taking my orientation only from the lolling tongue. At least there I could be sure that I am really only dealing with the moron I knew…

But it was definitely no easy task!

Because as an extra devious plot, the idiot actually sometimes took his right hand to grip his right ear!

Yes – that is really what he did! But do you know when he did that? He did it exactly all those times when I touched my left ear with my left hand – that was exactly when he used his right hand, the trickster – and at no other times! Not ever at any other time…
Mind you, we are talking at six in the morning, and every morning – except Sundays – because I never wash on Sundays, nor do I even enter my bathroom! After all, Sundays are the days when I use water in the church for getting my skin wet – holy water!

Well – if you experience this kind of shit every day and then do not get mad, you are either completely gaga or – pardon the language – you are fucking way beyond caring!

But then, as I am sure you can easily imagine, I miss nothing. After all, who do they think I am? I am definitely not my mum!

Yes – if it had been my mum, then this devil in the bathroom would have been able to continue until doomsday. She would not have fought it; after all, she always was an easy pushover for all strange populist leaders.

But that is where I am different! I am far too street-smart to become thus victimized …

Would you like me to tell you how I won over this pig last Tuesday?
At six in the morning! In my bathroom! I bet you will never guess, although it is basically very easy if you think about it!

Well – last Tuesday – when I again stood in front of the grinning bastard – with my tongue lolling out down to my tits – and this devil also sticking it out – here is what I, the wise guy, did:
I moved my right hand to my right ear – but when the other one only grinned and moved his left paw towards his left ear – I moved like lightning and got my left hand to my left ear – which meant the stupid guy on the opposite side had no choice but to also grab his right ear – just like he always did…

And, people, I really wish you could have seen the stupid face this idiot with his lolling tongue suddenly made – with both paws holding both ears – exactly like me – and gone were the times of “left” and “right”, etc…

I can tell you, for me, this was an absolute hit on the head for liberty!

Because all of a sudden it dawned on me that this freaking idiot had just been tricking me all the time with his “right – left – turn” – and that he actually had been nobody else! No, absolutely not! In fact, it had always been me and me alone! Yes: me, me, me – opposite of myself – and with nobody else involved.

Can you imagine?

And what do you think how hilarious we found it and how we burst out laughing as soon as we discovered it! We fell over with laughter – both of us – and we truly went overboard and never seemed to be able to calm down… it was truly mad – really!

And now I am sure you will understand why I came here today!
Actually, I absolutely need to tell my mum about it! Even if it means she will start fretting before I start because she wants her pasta soup!

But she absolutely has to know that there has never been a stranger in my bathroom – never ever! It was always only me – and even me alongside me …

So, here we go and good luck to you all – but now I need to go and see her! She needs me!“

(Translated by EG)

The author will relate this story (in Viennese dialect) during this year’s Halloween event of the “Authors Group TwentyTen” in the Hanau Olof Palme Haus.

Roland Dürre
Thursday October 27th, 2016

#Digitalisation – The Filter Bubble“.

P1070216We live in times of irresponsible blabber. I feel it with special intensity whenever I hear how even self-appointed prophets speculate about digitalization. How much nonsense we have to read. Then, I also notice how many persons jump the bandwagon, uncritically repeating what they have heard or read. Thus they promote fear at places that will only deflect from the real dangers.

For me personally, the “digital change” is just the continuation of the change that has been caused by technology in the age of the complete electrification of our planet (or something similar). Since I myself experienced said change and was even part of it, I often try to contradict all the nonsense I often hear repeated by individual persons.

For me, for instance, a “driverless” car, be it a truck, bus or car, is nothing other than technological progress where iron is replaced by IT. Basically, the new vehicles simply do without tracks, instead using IT in order to reach their destination without a driver. That is far from witchcraft – it is simply engineering.

A harmless example of how panic is created is, at least so I see it, the much-cited “filter bubble”. In their Sunday speeches, more and more people state that a huge danger is looming because of it and that we are manipulated by algorithms. Here is a text I copied from a Wikipedia article (version of October, 27th, 2016, german)

The filter bubble or informational bubble is a term used by the internet activist Eli Pariser in his book of the same title. According to Pariser, the filter bubble is generated because websites try to predict what information  a user wishes to find by using algorithms   – based on available information about the user (for instance about his location, history of searches and click behaviour). The consequence is an isolation from information that does not match the position of the user.

So – tell me what is new about this!

I, for instance, have been living my filter bubble since I was a small child. As soon as I was able to read, I went to the library (first the catholic library, later the public library) and borrowed exactly those books that matched my VEIN (values, expectations, interests and needs).

As a reader of newspapers, I soon preferred the SZ over the Münchner Merkur. Later, I learned that newspapers try to write exactly what their readers want to read…

When I was an adolescent, I went to the “Republican Club” meetings, rather than the “Young Christian Party” and fraternities.

This is how, due to my limitations, I maneuvered myself into my private “bubble”. At the time, the radio got me out of it. At Silvester Evening, for instance, there was the Lach&Schieß, coming up with totally new ideas and unheard concepts and thereby drawing my mind towards completely different issues.

What used to be the radio in the form of “public broadcasting” is now the internet. I communicate with other persons, read their blogs and, once in a while, even listen to their PodCasts. In that respect, I am a little old-fashioned, because I actually still do some reading, not wishing to run around with headphones all the time. But even my behaviour will not have an influence on the future. Consequently, audio will win against the written word when it comes to knowledge transfer and exchange of opinions.

This is how I see and do many new things on the internet. Because, basically, the internet is not just google and facebook. Above all, it is about persons who blog and podcast their evaluations and their lives and who provide me with many ideas that, indeed, counter my prejudices and remind me to be tolerant. And this is how I learn to respect and appreciate opinions and persons that and who I just used to dismiss without any good reason.

My friends are like me in that respect. I feel rather well living in that bubble. I could not care less about the algorithms. Nor do I see a great danger in them. More often than not, I get the impression that the internet is made to be the big culprit just in order to camouflage how massively we are controlled by manipulation and lobbyism. Because it actually makes you more free and autonomous, thus being a danger to prevailing structures and systems. Consequently, they also do not like the idea of freedom of the internet and see to it that online freedom is torpedoed with all possible arguments – no matter how stupid.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Tuesday October 25th, 2016

Winter Time & Summer Time – As Useless as Cancerous Growth

P1070194Now you will read my personal opinion!

On October, 30th, the day will again have come: all clocks will stand still for one hour at 2 a.m.. After that one hour, they can continue ticking away. Or else you just turn them back one hour in the morning. So if it was eight o’clock a minute ago, it will now suddenly be seven o’clock. In the evening it is suddenly dark far too soon…

For me, that will again mean between three and five days of not really being myself. Somehow or other, this “homeopathic” time change by one hour is worse for my system than a proper jet lag of several  hours.

The accident statistics, too – both for traffic and household accidents – peaks around the time of the change. Occasionally, people probably die because of the time change. And on March, 26th, 2017, the reverse process comes again.

They originally said this manoeuvre was introduced to save energy. Except that I have no idea how that is supposed to work. If at all, the only energy that, in theory, could be saved is electric energy for illumination. But how? After all, all activities of humans are just pushed back by one hour? If you turn off the light one hour earlier and then turn it on one hour later, this sounds a lot like a pure zero sum game to me…

As most people I know, I think this entire time change theatre is total nonsense. For me, it is another example for our hopeless political situation: a Bavarian solo would probably cause serious conflict in Berlin. A German solo is not possible because of EU laws. And it sounds more and more unlikely to me that the EU will ever decide something that makes sense.

Consequently, we will probably have to continue living with this nonsense for many years to come. Until this EU will finally break up.

(Translated by EG)

I almost cannot mention that Putin actually ended this nonsense in Russia. After all, he is an autocratic dictator who was never elected by his people. Incidentally, he decided to have winter time all the year round, while I would recommend summer time all the year round. Because this is a better fit for us.

This is where I would like to thank all the Wallonians for countering the growth and efficiency mania of a lobby structure that is totally dominated by late capitalism.
Whenever humaneness and solidarity are discussed, I like thinking globally. But when they try to give huge concerns total freedom, I prefer the local approach. And that means I wish for regional protective mechanisms, rather than a declaration of bankruptcy and the abandonment of all self-determination.

Even if there is a risk of being seen as the evil guy if you have this opinion. Especially by all those people in this world who are named  Gabriel and Schulz.

actmobcmp_100-300x86The first “Barcamp for Active Mobility in Everyday Life” was on January, 4th and 5th, 2016 in Unterhaching. We want to make a contribution to how mobility could and/or should look in a future worth living in. We would also like to make some headway towards a social consensus about the traffic of the future. We see this as a requirement for improving the current situation. After all, there are several reasons why matters cannot continue as they are today.

So last year, around 30 persons met at the Unterhaching Barcamp under the excellent directorship of Dr. Eberhard Huber – and they all went back home very satisfied and impressed by what they had achieved after the second afternoon. Here is the Video recording by Friedrich Lehn of the event of early in 2016.

The event managers are all my friends or acquaintances. We were and are a team of persons who have been critically and in a goal-oriented way thinking about the future of mobility. We take it for granted that today’s mobility will not and cannot have a future in smart cities and in the coming digital society. We would like to see how moving under your own steam and using your own muscles is no longer dismissed as “the remaining traffic”. And we ask how this kind of mobility – why not along with public transportation? – can become an equal and better alternative to individual traffic.

Consequently, we wish to build a network of as many persons as possible who want to promote active mobility in everyday life, exchange opinions and relate experiences, develop new ideas together with others and advertise those ideas in the public domain and in politics.

Since all the parties who were involved in the first AktMobCmp early in 2016 agreed that the event should be continued, we started our second round on May, 21, 2016 in the Augsburg Zeughaus. It was organized by ünter Schütz. Now we are into round number three, which will be on January, 5th and 6th, 2017 – this time back in the Unterhaching KUBIZ. Again, we will have two days – Thursday and Friday (Twelfth Day). As before, we also plan to have a nice evening event on Thursday

"TheAs last year, we offer three ticket price categories:

  • 25 € for students and craftsmen in training,
  • 50 € for all others and
  • 75 € for those who would like to make a generous contribution that will ease the burden of organization.

If you want to register, all you need to do is send an email to anmeldung@actmobcmp.org. We will reply immediately. Alternatively, you can fill in the registration form (Anmeldeformular) on our AktMobCmp page.  Again, your data will be transmitted to us via email and not stored on any other systems.

We are now looking for comrades in arms, partners and sponsors. Because we have great plans: perhaps we can manage to organize an exhibition of modern mobility products. We absolutely want more participants than we had last year.

You can find us at meetup, on Twitter with tag #AktMobCmp and on FaceBook. And if you have any questions or want to be part of the team, just contact me. Thanks a lot!

(Translated by EG)

logo-dornbirnSix years ago, the PM Camp movement started in Dornbirn. Since then, many PM Camps have been organized in many cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They were all very successful, the participants were always very happy with the results and went back home knowing that they had learned to understand many new things. They also always knew that they had made new friends!

The various organizational teams of all those many PM CMs always created great topics as impulses. In Dornbirn, I remember “Humans are not Resources”, “Breaking Patterns”, in Berlin, for example “Complex versus Complicated” or “Digital in Projects”, in Stuttgart, among others: “Product as Project” and much more.

This year, the organizational team (which I am part of) of the PM-Camp Dornbirn decided to formulate:


as in impulse for the upcoming Barcamp on November, 18th and 19th, 2016. It was Stefan’s idea and I rather liked it. As I see it, this one sentence contains an important message in as little as three words. However, those three words will first need to be de-coded. Here is my attempt at doing so.

Let me first take a closer look at the term “differentiate“ and list the synonyms. Here is what you can find in thesaurus.com:

analyse · categorize · characterize · determine · differentiate · discriminate · divide · figure out · identify · know · qualify · recognize · separate · ascertain · classify· collate · decide · demarcate · diagnose · estimate · extricate · finger · individualize · judge · label · mark · name · part · pinpoint · place · select · sift · signalize · specify · spot · tag · determinate · diagnosticate · make out · mark off  · set apart · set off · single out · sort out · tell apart · tell between · tell from

Separate” is not precisely easy to define, either. Here are the synonyms you get from the same thesaurus:

break · detach · disconnect · divide · divorce · severe · come between · split up· uncombine · split · cleave · dichotomize · disentangle · disjoin · disjoint· dissect · dissever · distribute · intersect · part · rupture · sunder · uncouple · undo · break off · come apart · come away

In the thesaurus, you will also find exciting associations with both terms. I chose not to mention them, because they would have made the list even longer.

In communication, terms have a central role. As I perceive it, the synonyms of “distinguish” mostly sound positive. They often have something to do with “humanity”. As opposed to this, the synonyms of “separate” sound more negative to me, they are functional and cold at best. In a nutshell: what is meant by “distinguish” just sounds a lot better to me than “separate“.

Can it be that simple? Distinguish without separating, just because the synonyms of “distinguish” sound better than those of “separate”? For me, this fits, because I prefer thinking positive to thinking negative. And I also practice the actual achievement of living this positive way of thinking. After all, I want to be a positive person, not a negative person. If I am positive myself, I will find it much easier to be positive towards other persons. And if I have something negative inside, I get frustrated. Which will want to get out of my system. Which means others get to suffer from it.

So basically, it is very easy: you want to distinguish, rather than separate. Because we want to work together, rather than against each other. It is the only way to promote your own happiness and your own success. And only if I respect and appreciate myself, I will also be able to respect and appreciate others. Consequently, the only way to make others happier and more successful is by doing the same for myself. And then, the happiness and success of others will again feel good to me. Because we are all individualists, yet as such always “PARTS OF THE WHOLE“.

I think:

We are all different from each other. We should take this in account and appreciate it. It is nice but still it should not be a reason for moralizing, evaluating and separating. And it should certainly not be a reason to develop enmity, which can easily become destructive.

That is exactly what we want to avoid at all costs on our #PMCampDOR! As we  distinguish without separating, it will turn into a really great and humane Camp! So why don’t you register and then come? I look forward to seeing you all again!

(Translated by EG)

For more articles on “DISTINGUISHING WITHOUT SEPARATING”, see the Blog-Parade zu #PMCampDOR 2016.  I truly believe it is worth browsing through.

Carl and Gerlinde (# 49)

Well – it was truly a shock this morning after Carl had beheaded his Sunday morning egg which, for a change, had actually been soft enough inside for spooning out. At the very moment he started eating, Gerlinde said:ZZZZZZZA180843“Carl, I decided to quit smoking as of now!“

As she said this, her face radiated with happiness, regardless of the fact that only a few minutes ago she had been busy in the kitchen without even having washed and made up her face before – which was definitely what she did not really like at all. But then, Carl was so preoccupied with his morning egg that every effort towards looking perfect in the morning would have been a waste of time anyway.

Only when Gerlinde tried her announcement for a second time, introducing her words with a massive hissing and additionally pressing her already empty eggshell on his still uneaten egg, he seemed to wake up and turn towards her.

“Hey, Carly! I am going to stop smoking as of now!“

He glanced at her wordlessly.

“What do you say? Aren’t you glad?“


“Why not? You have been complaining for gazillions of years that the cigarette smell annoys you?“

“Well, yes”, said Carl, took Gerlinde’s empty egg off his half-eaten one in irritation and continued spooning his egg where he had been interrupted, albeit with less zeal.

“So what now?” Gerlinde was at a loss and working her way towards getting fed up.

“Well, do you know what you are doing? You are upsetting the age statistics I just took a huge effort re-arranging!“

“Is this one of your enigmatic jokes that you love as much as I hate them – or what is the meaning of this, my dear Carl?“

“This is not a joke, my dearest Gerlinde, but we are talking the latest scientific facts I processed while integrating all the corrections “.


“Nothing and, Gerlinde! After all, you know quite well that, given our age difference – you are 42 to my 58 – one can easily start wondering “.

“Is that so? All of a sudden?“

“Yes – all of a sudden! But then, perhaps you, too, have been reading the newspapers over the last few days and noticed that, according to the latest retirement statistics, I only have 24 more years to live, while you easily have 44 more years to look forward to, my dear Gerlinde!“

“So where is the problem?“

“The problem is that I, too, want to live another 44 years, just like you!“


“And, following the latest New York study, I have been working on a nice plan how to actually achieve that goal …“

“But that is nice, Carl …“

“Well, it is not – because with your latest remark – though not knowingly – you just made this plan totally unrealistic, Gerlinde …“

“My God, how so?“

“Well, in said study, it says that I can live up to five years longer if I eat five walnuts every day”!
“And an extra five years will be added if I kiss you on a regular basis! A glass of wine every evening gains me another 3.8 years and 15 minutes of daily exercise adds 3 years.

Eating five portions of fruit each day gains me another 3 years and indulging in chocolate rather than gummy bears means one more year. Taken together, that gives me almost exactly those twenty years you have on me statistically, my dear Gerlinde …“

“Except the entire concept has one glitch …“

“Yes, if it were not for the fact that I have to kiss you and that, by being thus kissed you would again live five years more than I …“

“I can see that the situation is really bad…“

“Yes, it is grave, but all this could be regulated if, once in a while, I were to kiss our friend Hannelore instead of you …“

“A great idea, because then she, too, will live longer …“

“Yes – and besides, you know, she is not really a bad kisser! But the true catastrophe will start if you really stop smoking. Basically, according to the New York study, this will give you 10 extra years. And since I do not smoke, I have not the slightest chance of growing old alongside you, my dearest Gerlinde. That is just a plain fact!“

And it was also a fact that Gerlinde no longer answered, but instead acted. So Carl suddenly found himself in the middle of an unspeakable confusion of shattered breakfast cutlery, marmalade, butter, coffee and tea under a tablecloth that Gerlinde had thrown at him …

Gerlinde was quite sure that this activity was not conducive to a longer life, but judging by the moaning that came from under the tablecloth, it did not have an immediate life-shortening effect, either – regardless of the advanced years of the pitiful candidate …

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday October 12th, 2016

Would you like a presentation :-) ?

Meine Wenigkeit mit Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein im IF-Forum.

Together with Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein giving a talk in the IF-Forum.

It is one of my goals in life to share my experience and the knowledge I accumulated and that sometimes took me a huge effort acquiring with others – especially with young persons. Consequently, I often let myself be invited to present speeches and be part of dialogues – both in the classic surrounding and in the form of sessions at barcamps and similar events.

Currently, you can book me for the following topics.

On “leadership“:

What exactly is – leadership in an enterprise?
Sub-title: “People in the enterprise – it is all about culture“

A short time ago, this was presented at AMOS (Allianz) in front of more than 50 internal project managers.

On “digitalization and/or digital change“:

What is often forgotten when people talk digitalization.

Sub-title: “Potential effects on society and humans“

Or alternatively:

Digital Transformation – Paradise or Hell?
Sub-title: “The brave new world from the perspective of the entrepreneur, IT pioneer, blogger, father and biker“

I will give this presentation at the DOAG yearly conference in Nuremberg in November, as well as for an SW agency I know well during a “meet-up”.

On “SW development“:

“How we followed the principle of SCRUM in 1984 – even though at the time SCRUM did not even exist.
Sub-title: “How to lead a software team – answer: you do not lead a software team”

Given for a few smaller SW enterprises/start-ups.

On “payment“:

“We do not want to work, we want to make money!“
Sub-title: “How to be courageous and reap joy and success“.

Presentation for start-ups and freelancer. Delivered a few days ago at the PMCAMP BERLIN (a true pleasure).


These presentations are just a snapshot – as of October, 12th, 2016. Of course, the content undergoes change all the time, because matters, too, change all the time these days.
Feel free to pick one.
My presentations are for free wherever they serve a good purpose (students, universities, non-profit associations and the like). Whenever I speak for a system that hopes for an added value through my presentation, I ask for remuneration that correlates with the expected added value.

Roland Dürre
Sunday October 9th, 2016

Reply to Sigi’s Letter for PEACE

All he said is true!

A short time ago, I was permitted to publish Sigi’s article on PEACE in my IF Blog. Here is my reply:

Beide Fotos sind von der Enthüllung eines Denkmals (Erinnerung an 1.Weltkrieg, Schlacht in den Vogesen).

The picture shows a memorial at Altmannkopf in commemoration of the battle in the Vosges during WW-1.

Dear Sigi,

your introduction of the Hohenlinden 2000, along with your support of said club made a huge impression on me. I believe this is one way how it can actually be done!

Being an absolutely capitalist manager who certainly dealt with terms like achievement and meritocracy, profit and loss and – above all – efficiency, in fact, even having once in a while come to terms with “measurability”, I might now feel inclined to ask the “killer question”:

And what is the benefit of what you are doing? Will it prevent one single person from dying in a war or through some other arbitrary destruction, for instance like this morning on the streets near Kempten?

But this is absolutely the wrong question. That is another thing I learned during the past few weeks that were so very valuable for me. Just like I also learned that PEACE is actually not something you can measure and that it cannot be achieved by operative, strategic and normative thinking, aka “management”.

Incidentally, I also kissed the very human and very understandable foolish path of the successful manager and management good-bye outside my PEACE activities, because, as I see it, it will always only render sub-optimal results.

In my mental concept, the “Project PEACE” has been replaced by “ACTIVE for PEACE”. Based on a shared understanding of PEACE, everybody does exactly what he or she considers right and important. This is how everybody will become a peace protagonist. And those who believe what one or several protagonists do will help or support them as best they can. This might be one path in the direction of a “Swarm for PEACE”.

Keeping in mind, however, how much has been achieved during the past few months and how much I learned about PEACE during that time, I am sure that there will be even more clarity for all of us very soon and that we will come up with ever better ideas.

And there is one important thing we certainly already agree upon:

We want to act, rather than talk and we want to start with ourselves.

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Have a nice Sunday!


(Translated by EG)

I just read in Facebook how nice it would be if the only cars still left to us were e-cars. It is certainly technologically possible even today and “the government” wants to ban new cars with gasoline or diesel engines by the year 2030. And then I hear arguments for the mobile electric future. I find this rather confusing and immediately can think of a few things to say about it:

  • E-cars are first and foremost coal cars – as long as all around the world most of the electricity is produced with coal …
  • They are not a way to put a stop to the individual mobile mania that makes people use motorised monsters and sports devices on soil that has been covered with concrete – see Tesla …
  • The parking problem is also only one of many that even e-cars will not solve – just like the consumption of raw materials, reduced physical exercise, conflicts in mega cities, perceived omnipotence of a ruthless minority that are symbols of our XXL/X large live style. …
  • The self-driven car makes sense for some applications – and this is something we can only have in the form of an e-car…
  • However, it will be totally different from what we see speeding over the motorways today…
  • The mental concept of a huge SUV driving through the streets as a robot car makes me feel no different from the concept of seeing one of those Boston Dynamics fighting robots (like the Atlas) cross my path.
  • When the self-driving car comes, people will no longer park it as a status and power symbol in their car parks or in front of their homes. Instead, they will order it when they need it and tell it to take them where they need to go. …
  • I no longer go places by car – and am more mobile than I have ever been before in my life.…
  • … which, among other things is due to modern mobility tools such as trailers, folding bikes and the like …
  • … and I feel extremely comfortable – more comfortable than ever before in my life …
  • … and I can no longer imagine what you might need a car for…

Basically, the new German orthography should write “Outo”, instead of “Auto”, because it is totally out!

Neither will I ever drive an e-car …

(Translated by EG)

Here are some electronic monsters …

Roland Dürre

Letter for PEACE

Sigi Kunz, Mensch, IT-Manager, Positivist, Aktivist.

Sigi Kunz, human being, IT-Manager, Positivist, Activist.

I have known Sigi Kunz for more than 45 years.
I am happy to be his friend.
I appreciate his qualities (not only) as a manager and entrepreneurial leader. When I invited him to attend our activities for PEACE, he replied as follows, at the same time giving his permission to publish his message.

Here comes:

Dear friends,

It is about time that I, as a newcomer to this round, also say something. First and foremost, I want to thank Roland for seeing me as a potential candidate for a) being interested in the topic and b) perhaps being able to contribute, at least to a small degree.

Having been a stubborn “conscientious objector” – that is what they called us in the 1970ies – the word PEACE was almost exclusively the complete opposite of WAR in my definition. PEACE was a hundred per cent different from WAR.

As time goes by, you become more mature, you learn to differentiate more clearly and you also learn that other nuances and values may lurk behind an abstract term. For instance, I totally agree with what Roland wrote in his last blog entry: that PEACE has to begin with yourself, that, first and foremost, you have to (learn how to) live in peace with yourself. At the same time, it is extremely important to also find ways to live in PEACE with nature.

Perhaps I misinterpreted Roland’s post of October, 1st, because it seemed to me like it contained a huge portion of resignation. I was probably wrong – which is what I sincerely hope.

Why is that what I hope?

As a general rule, my personality is characterized by optimism. Regardless, I sometimes fight an internal battle with myself asking the question if the species homo sapiens will, to put it bluntly, manage to get its act together.
Being an admirer of both Darwin and Dawkins, I “believe” in the evidence shown by evolution. And the unhappy truth I read there suggests that non-peace is more the rule than anything else in living nature. To eat and be eaten, the chain of nutrition, population mechanisms controlled by the supply of food – a propos bread for all, etc. Peace always only works for a short time and is limited to clearly defined groups.

Consequently, I fear that a huge part of the human race is trapped in the echo of evolution that says it is more goal-oriented for your own progress to kill all competition and to fight, if necessary with weapons, rather than living together in peaceful harmony.

Perhaps – and here is where my optimism kicks in – we are now in a phase where evolution is just on the threshold of “deciding” whether the strategy “fighting” will be beaten by the strategy “peace”.
You could compare it to the “nasty” entropy. Decades ago, during a physics lecture when I was an electrical engineering student, I came up with the idea that life might be the enemy of entropy, because living creatures alone really create order. In other words:

Ever since the big bang, chaos grew until the first living creatures appeared. Since then, they have been trying to fight chaos.

Well, this is enough of those ideas.

What is it I could or would wish to contribute to the topic peace? Here is an example where I have been actively involved for several years:

The club Hohenlinden 2000

The club was founded in 1996 and aims at

  • Keeping the memory of the terrible military battle alive and
  • Making use of said memory in order to promote PEACE with the erstwhile enemy (France) through shared projects and activities, along with developing and nourishing friendships.


Gérard Leser, juillet 2014

Gérard Leser 2014

Here is a poem that was written by the French historian Gérard Leser for memorial day.
At the end of the ceremony, he read the poem. It has been composed in two languages and calls for peace. It can also be read on a central cylinder at the base of the memorial.




Here is the German version:


Beide Fotos sind von der Enthüllung eines Denkmals (Erinnerung an 1.Weltkrieg, Schlacht in den Vogesen).

Both pictures show the unveiling of a memorial (1st world war, battle in the Vosges).


Blick in die Weite und das große Atmen der Welt
Ruhe der Berge und der Natur
dunkelgrüner Mantel der Wälder und der Wiesen
unten Dörfer die gedeihen
die Stille die uns bewohnt
und doch
vor hundert Jahren
Staub, Krach, hunderte von Granaten die explodieren
zersplitterte Körper
Wunden die bluten
zerrissene Seelen
Kugeln die zischen
Bajonette die in der Sonne glitzern
und der Hass und der Tod die herrschen
nur noch den anderen Menschen umbringen
alle Teufel sind los
Franzosen gegen Deutsche
Deutschland gegen Frankreich

1914 Bruderkrieg

Menschen gegen Menschen
Europa brennt
und die Bevölkerung die flüchten muss
alles verlassen, alles verlieren
Häuser die verkohlen
Ruinen, Tränen und Elend ohne Ende

1915 Sieg und Zerstörung

Stille der Friedhöfe
das Tal durch die Front entzweit
getrennte Familien
verletzte Menschheit
öde Mauern und verwüstete Dörfer
Stacheldraht der überall blüht
tiefe Schützengraben verwunden die Erde

2015 Europa, endlich

Frieden und Versöhnung
ein Denkmal zum Nachdenken
zwei Panzerschienen, zwei Armeen
ein kleiner Pfahl, die Bevölkerung die leidet
Menschheit mit Schmerz erfüllt
ein Pfeiler mit der Spitze die  am Himmel glitzert
um gemeinsam die Hoffnung zu pflegen
um das Gedächtnis zu wecken
um Brücken zu bauen
um über die Freiheit zu wachen
um die Gewalt in uns zu zähmen
um die Finsternis im Herzen nie zu vergessen
und das Leben zu ehren
Europa ist unsere gemeinsame Heimat

Gérard Leser

I close my letter and wish you all a beautiful weekend.

Sigi Kunz

The owner of the photos is Sigi Kunz, you can use them under CC BY-SA 3.0.

(Translated by EG)