Roland Dürre
Sunday June 25th, 2017

#AktMobCmp – July, 13, 2017

I propose a #AktMobCmp meeting for the evening of July, 13th, 2017.

Here are some ideas in preparation!


For me, the following topics/theses are of interest.

Why do people still drive cars? Does it offer any advantages? Or is it just a huge case of self-delusion? Because we are being manipulated and fall victim to lobbyism?

A few days ago, I rode my bike around the lake Starnberger See. It took me a few hours. First, I went from Neubiberg to Starnberg by S-Bahn train. Then we rode our bikes around the lake and took the S-Bahn train back from Starnberg. It was a wonderful summer day, everything just beautiful. But near the lake, all the cars were hell. All the parking spaces were taken, nothing could be done about it. And there was no end of stress – among the car drivers.

I am fairly mobile. Especially in Munich. But also in Germany, Europe and occasionally even in this world. And I can always manage without using a car. Doing without a car as a mobility tool has only advantages. When all is said and done, you feel a lot better without a car!

Here is one question that might be worth answering:
What requirements must be met for a car journey to make sense, i.e. for it to offer considerable advantages over alternative mobility?

Why do people still dare to go places by car? In the process, they accept horrendous collateral damage, either without thinking or because they are arrogantly egomaniacal, not only in the social sector, both inflicted on third parties and on themselves?

Would the following metaphor fit? Driving a car is on the same level as smoking in public buildings, and not only if it happens in the city? Whenever I ride my bike, all those cars pollute my lungs, just like the smokers used to when they sat at the dinner table across from me.

When sitting behind the wheel of a car, we consciously take the risk that we might probably injure or kill other people. It still happens far too often.
When we drive a car, we produce pollutants that harm other people. People who do not want any involvement with cars at all.
Cars are noisy, which significantly reduces the quality of life where we live, both in cities and villages.

Cars give those sitting in it and especially the driver a whole lot of distress.
Going by car robs the people the opportunity to exercise and thus makes them obese.
Here is a tweet I read that is probably not all that hilarious: perhaps you should, before getting rid of them outside, first transmit the exhaust fumes of a car into the car.

At this point, I do not have a “moralizing” discussion in mind. Instead, I want a very basic and constructive judgement of values.

Pedelecs (e-bikes) are a stroke of genius!

The combination of body and machine
For rational and efficient mobility and logistics, e-machines are perfect.
Especially with lower speeds and for slim mobility, electric vehicles offer an excellent alternative.

Maybe we could make 90% of our intra-city individual and logistically necessary mobility a lot better, cheaper, healthier, nicer and more efficient by using e-bikes and other suitable electric vehicles (scooters, trucks, large taxis as part of public transportation,… )?

(I am well aware of the fact that electric mobility – e.g. the e-car – is not a solution individually. The very damage done to the environment and CO2 output that the production of a single huge battery – such as for a Tesla or even for an e-UP – creates shows that this will not be a solution for fast and long-range communication).

Is it possible that our massive switch from riding a bicycle to driving a car in post-war Germany was caused by all those many and strenuous inclines? And that, since the invention of the e-bike, the bad weather is the last remaining argument against riding bikes? And that it is actually quite easy to solve this problem (since it is part of being human)?

And is “high-power mobility” – being able to quickly cover medium and long distances – basically not about “shared economy” but about “shared mobility”? And has shared mobility not been invented a long time ago, although there is definitely room for improvement?

Here are the format and the method I suggest for our next meeting:
How about a practical exercise in building vexillae? All these topics can be discussed and processed using the technology of building vexillae. The ars construendi vexilla is a dialectic method for coming to reasonable agreements (rational consensus) in groups. And that is something you can – or better: must – realize in an agile way and at eye-level!

How do you feel about it? What would you prefer? Which topic, which method. Do you have better ideas and/or additional recommendations? Should I organize the planned meeting and invite people?

If so, I would organize a room for July, 13th in the Munich area, write a program and publish the time and program in Meet-Up and on the AktMobCmp-homepage .

Or should we just leave it be, because it does not make sense, anyway? And because there is not the slightest chance for a better life without air pollution and noise? Because the car lobby governs the world?

Then I would cancel the meeting and perhaps also terminate AktMobCmp.

(Translated by EG)

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Mobility of the Future – #agile #digital #lean #open #social

Future mobility will have to be totally different from today. Because it is quite obvious that we cannot continue in this way. Everybody more or less knows it.

Other countries, such as the Netherlands, seem to be on a promising path. We, however, do not seem to be able to incorporate the necessary change. After all, in the future, mobility should again be there for the people, instead of vice versa. We want to make a mental and active contribution.

Our Goal

We want to give new impetus to the #AktMobCmp (Barcamp for active mobility in everyday life) tradition with a series of evening events. We will start on Tuesday, April, 11th, 2017 at 7 p.m. A young and very exciting enterprise, the
accu:rate GmbH | Institute for Crowd Simulation | Rosental 5 | D-80331 München
invited us. For registration, click here: MeetUp or send an email to me.

On this day, we plan to have a moderated “lean coffee“ with a time-box following the 3×3 principle: (1) be precise, (2) negotiate in cooperation and (3) reap what you have sown. As an inspiration, there will be a few impulses given by Dr. Jessica Le Bris (GreenCity), Florian Sesser (Gründer accu:rate GmbH) and yours truly (Initiator #AktMobCmp) before the Lean Coffee.

Here are a few theories and questions to inspire you.


  • Agility and mobility are human needs.
  • The industrial revolution replaced agility with planning and Taylorism.
  • The belief in the omnipotence of humans due to technological progress starts to dwindle.
  • The era of hierarchies and Taylorism is at its end.
  • The individual and motorized mobility as we have it today is only allegedly agile.
  • The mobility of the future will be more rational, instead of emotional.
  • The motility of the future, too, must become “agile”.
  • It cannot be done without a considerable percentage of “active mobility” (moving under your own steam on foot, on your bike or with other supportive devices).
  • Active mobility is good for your body
    (we only have this one body and consequently should treat it in the best possible way)
  • it makes it possible to make better use of our precious commodity: time.
    (our time is limited, it will not return after it is over).
  • ….


  • Why do people prefer to stand in the congestion, rather than move in fresh air?
  • Why are parking spaces in public places so strongly state-subsidized?
  • Should two-stroke Otto engines be abolished altogether?
  • Do we all really need a car?
  • What should the smart city look like?
  • Is it really necessary that, every year, more than one million people have to die in traffic accidents, with even more being severely wounded and ending up crippled?
  • Did you know that half of all the head traumas happen to people sitting in cars
  • yet those who drive a car need not wear helmets?
    What can we all do to make mobility softer?

We appreciate all input. We also want results. Here is how it could happen.

  • Share our knowledge;
  • Experience and realize things;
  • Gain new insights;
  • Formulate our ideas clearly;
  • Develop ideas
  • start to shape a fresh world of ours.

Target Group

AktMobCmp wants to reach mostly those who feel dissatisfied with the current mobility situation and its consequences.


Xlick on the picture to enlarge. Donated by Visual-Brainddump. We would like to thank Christian Botta and Daniel Reinold.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday December 7th, 2016

Cancelled: #AktMobCmp 2017 will not happen!

actmobcmp_100-300x86#AktMobCmp 2017 – which was scheduled for January, 5th and 6th, 2017, in Unterhaching – has been cancelled. The reasons are:

In 2016, we had almost 30 participants. Regardless of this number being a little on the small side, the last #AktMobCmp was a success. We had hoped to get around 50 participants in 2017.

The reason why we now cancel is simple: so far, the number of registrations is so small that we would have to assume a total of fewer participants than last year. And a two-day barcamp with few participants simply does not justify the rather intense preparatory work.

However, the cancellation for 2017 does not mean that I or we give up or quit. I would really like to try again in 2018. As before, there is the necessity that persons who want to promote a better mobility should network through institutions, clubs and interest groups. And there are so many exciting topics around “future mobility”.

In 2017, we want to discuss these topics, along with “active mobility in everyday life” in evening meetings. We already have good ideas and want to put them into practice with some partners.

Auf viele gute AktMob-Veranstaltungen in 2017

Auf viele gute AktMob-Veranstaltungen in 2017

May there be many good ActMob events in 2017!

We will invite to the events through the central “MeetUp“ and also communicate them through other channels. Maybe this is how we will get enough participants for a second try on the 2017 AktMobCmp. After all, it is quite possible that the lack of more interested persons is due to the timing (vacation time and holiday).

All those who would have liked to attend AktMobCmp 2017 in Unterhaching, please accept my apologies. And, please, let it be an extra motivation for you to come and support us during the evening events in 2017.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday March 20th, 2016

Invitation: IF Forum im & AktMobCmp – Augsburg

Dear Friends,

with this email, I would like to invite you to the IF Forum on April, 28th, and remind you of my project #AktMobCmp, which will take place on May, 20th and 21st in Augsburg.

Both activities are meant to show people the way to become happier and more successful, both individually and collectively.

IF Forum:

On April, 28th, starting at 18:00 hours, the InterFace AG at Unterhaching will again host the IF Forum in their office building.

The active parties will be Jolly Kunjappu and yours truly. We want to articulate our central and very special desire for a little more peace. The special occasion is Jolly Kunjappu’s new book ”Ask An Answer“, which, on that Thursday, will be the focal point of our performance. We want to use it for giving impulses and thus inspire people to find a little more “PEACE”.

Jolly is a good friend of mine, human being, philosopher and artist. During his eventful life, he left many tracks. As an inspired consultant for entrepreneurs, he fascinated top managers. Currently, his presentations provide important input and make many persons contemplative. His musical career brought him in contact with many relevant artists, among them Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

On April, 28th, during the IF Forum, we will have the kick-off for our project “peace”. You are all invited to come and actively participate. For more information, click here:

Jolly & Roland – On April, 28th, in the IF Forum: For LIFE and PEACE!


Mobility is a central and global determining factor of our lives. The development grew its own momentum in an absurd way, thus gaining power over our cities and the entire planet. We have all been forced under the same yoke and now often act contrary to our elementary needs. Our mobile habits develop lives of their own and destroy our means of life. Individual traffic based on private vehicles with a combustion motor has reached a dominant position. Public transportation gets more and more obsolete and “active mobility” (on foot, by bike or other means like skateboards or inline-skates) is only considered remaining traffic. While, especially in the latter section, e-mobility might well be a great chance, the one-on-one replacement of the combustion motor by electro motors is not a valid alternative.
The movement “active mobility in everyday life” (#AktMobCmp) wants to counteract this ever stronger development. On anti-conferences, we pool our ideas, build networks, find solutions and become active. The initial event earlier this year in Unterhaching was truly encouraging. Günter Schütz from Augsburg spontaneously decided to organize the next event on May, 20th and 21st in Augsburg. It is again two days and sponsored by Transition Town Augsburg e.V. with the friendly support of the local Agenda 21 of the City of Augsburg.

For more information, read the Flyer designed by Günter and visit the of  AktMobCmp website.
( or

I would like to invite you to come and attend the Augsburg  #AktMobCmp. But there is even more I would like to ask you: I am sure you know persons who, even today, are convinced that a lot needs to be changed about mobility or who already mostly go places “actively”.

Please inform these people! And there is even more of a plea of mine: The barcamp #AktMobCmp is an important event. On top of many participants, it also needs supporters. You are all welcome to sponsor or actively support it. If you know potential candidates, please inform them and hand them one of the flyers!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

AktMobCMP – Next Stop: Augsburg!

For Active Mobility in Everyday Life!

Shortly before Epiphany this year, we started the project “Active Mobility” with a barcamp. We spent two very intense days in the Unterhaching Kubiz. More than thirty persons shared their knowledge and together worked towards the so-called “remaining traffic” finally getting a chance to find its appropriate place in the public domain and in society, rather than having the entire transport policy focus exclusively on “motorized individualized traffic”. Considering that we hardly had a network on the topic, the start was quite a good one.

By now, we have found quite a few similar-minded persons. I mean people who, like us, walk distances or else go places by using mostly their own physical strength with vehicles such as bikes, rollers, inline skates, Skate– and Snake boards. They, too, need their space and places in the public domain. This is particularly true for vehicles that are a little “electrified”. As we see it, they are still part of active mobility.

We came up with great insights and actual results. All those who came enjoyed themselves and had much fun. The shared experience gave everybody courage. We also reached a number of partners from all over Germany who were not present but followed our procedures on the social media. The networking is now under way and we can really start.

günterschützOne of the “part-givers” (an artificial word from the world of anti-conferences and barcamps) was Günter Schütz from Augsburg. He already (not only) travelled a lot as an activist in favour of modern mobility in cities that are worth living in. And he is one of the promotors and makers of the bike kitchens we now have in AugsburgMunich and other cities. It seems that the idea originated in the USA and was then carried to Germany via Vienna.

Günter spontaneously proposed to organize another AktMobCmp this year with his friends in Augsburg. And it took no time at all to fix the date:
The first Augsburg (AUX) #AktMobCmp  will be on Friday, May, 20th, 2016 and Saturday, May, 21st, 2016 in the Zeughaus – Holl Saal (Room 112, first floor) near the Zeugplatz in 8615 Augsburg. Many thanks in advance to the Swabian Capital for sponsoring the great location through its Agenda 21!

And many thanks also to the host, the Transition Town Augsburg e.V. with the team around Günter, who took upon themselves quite a task (let me cite from the #AktMobCmpAUX or also #AktMobCamp2 – because we are not yet quite sure how to adequately name the day – website):

We want to see to it that mobility under your own muscular steam is no longer seen as “the remaining traffic”. We want to build a network among persons who want to promote active mobility in everyday life. We want to exchange ideas, relate our experiences, develop new ideas and make them heard. Such a thing cannot be done in the form of a congress or conference. That is why we organize anti-conferences and barcamps on active mobility.

The team also came up with a motto for their event:

Living together in the city!

This is all about how we work both together and against each other in traffic. How can we organize ourselves in order to make it possible for both the motorized and non-motorized traffic to function not just alongside each other, but also together in such a way that there is as little stress and danger as possible in our cities?

As I see it, much remains to be done if we want to promote a “species appropriate” life for humans in the “smart and mega cities” of the future. And we will have to start with traffic and mobility. And all this is probably about how to make it work.

First and foremost, we now have to find many participants (part-givers) who will just come and join us. Perhaps, after more than thirty “initiators” in Unterhaching, we can now attract a three-digit crowd? I am also looking for sponsors, because Günter’s fee estimations are at the low end. In order to make it possible for persons with restricted budgets  to participate, he set the prices between 30 € (reduced price) and 45 € (standard price).

However, there is also a fee donation, which means that, if you wish to support us, you can also pay more on a voluntary basis, for instance 60 € (+ 15). We want it to become a really great barcamp where you can feel comfortable. Consequently, extra money is needed, for instance from sponsors who support the nice party on the first evening!

Here is the short video recording of the Unterhaching #AktMobCmp. To me, it looks to be quite motivating for prospective participants  – both activists and sponsors. I mean persons who want to get active and promote a future worth living for humans in their cities.

And perhaps we can even offer more attractions at the Augsburg #AktMobCmp. For instance, I can easily imagine a display of different bikes – such as burden bikes – or special trailers. After all, the great things that have been happening in the active mobility sector, in particular lately, are really amazing!

All ideas for the camp are extremely welcome. Just drop them at alias! Or send a tweet to @AktMobCmp or  #AktMobCmp (you can write it all with small letters). We are also present in Google+ as a community – naturally under “AktMobCmp“. In Facebook, #AktMobCmp is represented as a community. You will easily find it under “Aktive Mobilität im Alltag„, You will also find other exciting contributions around new and also very old (and consequently, very much appreciated) mobility. And the ADFC will again support us!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday January 17th, 2016

Video Recording: #AktMobCmp

I reported frequently about our project “Active Mobility in Everyday Life“ (#AktMobCmp) in the IF blog. The barcamp took place on January, 4th and 5th, 2016 and it was a great experience. I made the acquaintance of many nice persons and the event connected and linked many persons with similar motivations.

Friedrich Lehn ( did the filming. Now you can watch the trailer:

Enjoy! It is about five minutes.

You will find the results of our anti conference on our website, where you will also find a link to our twitter wall (tag #AktMobCmp). And here is the good news:

We will continue!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Tuesday December 29th, 2015

Advertising AktMobCmp!

Come and attend the Barcamp for Active Mobility in Everyday Life – #AktMobCmp!
We will START early next week and we want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. For the FUTURE.

Last minute visitors are truly welcome!
I would be truly delighted to receive a few last-minute registrations for the barcamp on “active mobility in everyday life”!



You must come to the first Barcamp for Active Mobility in Everyday Life –#AktMobCmp!

This is a pure advertising post!
Definitely nothing but an advertisement.
We advertise our Barcamp on “Active Mobility in Everyday Life”, which will be held at Unterhaching on January, 4th and 5th, 2016.

We will take pains to be good hosts and we hope to have a good number of participants. With 75 Euros for “supporters” and “50 Euros “economy”, the fee is at the lower limit. It includes all meals, as well as soft drinks for both days. And more. The quality of the event depends on the persons who participate.

That is why we ask all readers to forward this message to others as often as possible. It is the only way to make the Barcamp a success. A Barcamp which wants to make active mobility more than the sorry other traffic, respected and supported just like motorised traffic!

Zum Vergrößern aufs Bild klicken.

To enlarge, please click on the picture.

The nice picture was created by VisualBraindump – many thanks to Daniel Reinold and Christian Botta!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday May 17th, 2015

#AktMobCmp Report

actmobcmp_100-300x86In January, just before Epiphany (Unterhaching, January, 4th and 5th, 2016, in the “Kubiz”), the first BarCamp for
Active Mobility in Everyday Life“ will take place.

Website, FB-Seite and Google+Community of #AktMobCmp have been activated; in Twitter we made reservations with the login codes @AktMob and @AktMobCmp and are using the respective tags. On July, 1st, we want to activate the online registration.

In order to make it a very special BarCamp, we are now looking for sponsors. Here is the article I wrote in ActMobCmp about it. Since I believe that said article nicely relays our goals and motivation, I would be happy to know that you actually take a closer look.

I would also wish to ask another favour of you. Please visit our Website, our FB-page and also ourGoogle+Community. And give us plenty of “I likes”. And if you find great articles on “active mobility in everyday life”, then please share them with us. Or simply send the link for the article to me.

And if you can think of someone who might be the ideal sponsor for us, then this would be an extra bonus. Why don’t you just send this sort of advice to me, as well?

Many thanks in advance!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday March 21st, 2015

Kickoff of AktMob and AktMobCmp


On Tuesday, March, 24th, 2015, the organizational team of AktMobCmp (the first Active Mobility barcamp in Germany) will meet. Some persons sympathetic to the idea who support AktMob will also be present.

We will meet at 5.30 p.m. as guests of the InterFace AG at Unterhaching in a nice circle – and then we will convene for about two hours.

It is a kind of “constitutional meeting”, regardless of the fact that we certainly do not aim at becoming an institution. Instead, we wish to remain a free movement…

We are well ahead of schedule, because the first AktMobCmp is to take place during the first two weekdays before January, 6th, 2016. For more information on the meeting, click here:

Kick-Off-Meeting and Agenda.

I look forward to meeting all those great people who promised to come and become part of the movement. If there are more persons out there who are interested in becoming part of the movement but so far have not had any contact, do not hesitate to send an email.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday May 26th, 2019

World-Weariness on a Sunday!

Today, we have European Elections. As I see it, this is a sad day. It is about time to think about how colossally we failed.

KYou played extremely poorly, and yet you won – even in chess, this rarely happens. In reality, it almost never happens.

In our times, we seem to suffer from a collective illness: we are permanently under stress and consequently, we cannot give even those things we consider important the time we would like to give them.

That is why my project PEACE failed and also why I do not really seem to make any headway with my soft and active mobility AKTMOBCMP.

As I perceive it, I and many of my friends are actually better off in this respect than many other people. More often than not, only scheduling problems are in our way. At least, we often manage to actually consciously give the right things priority.

As far as my projects are concerned, I am no longer the force I probably used to be. I call this old-age wisdom.

On May, 31st, I will disappear for more than three weeks because I am travelling to Russia and China. Consequently, you will not read a lot from me in the IF blog in June.

After my return, late in June/early in July, I will try and put a lot of energy into AktMobCmp. I would really like to see more people get enthusiastic about the topic.

On the other hand, I often believe that the project PEACE is probably more important than active mobility in everyday life. Incidentally, the latter is a sub-topic of the former, anyway. After all, soft mobility is also part of PEACE if you think in terms of war on the streets and war against nature. And when no cars are left, then it will be about pacifying those who ride their bikes 🙂 (and then those who walk ).

Apart from this, I am mainly sad about what currently happens in this world. Especially because it is a consequence of how my generation failed. When I was a high-school student more than fifty years ago, we already knew about it. We discussed exactly what we are discussing today and what we see happening today. We knew what the consequence would be. Regardless of several nice approaches, we followed the human virtues (?) “protection of acquired possessions” and “becoming rich without having to work hard” as a matter of course. And this is how we generated the catastrophe we are facing today.
Especially in Germany, we had the chance to create a better world after WW-II. What I mean is the creation of a social construct for a sustainable society without armament and military forces and in shared responsibility for life as such. Based on a reasonable education for all.

We probably had the chance to build a beautiful Europe of regions in courage and joy and thus replace the nations.

We did the opposite. Germany in particular divided Europe and thus destroyed it. Brown coal mining is a good metaphor. The European capitalism – pushed by the Euro – destroyed the country in the same way as the huge caterpillars destroyed the soil.

The internet was our second huge chance. Now we destroy it as well.
Naturally, the responsibility for this downwards spiral was our social and political system and mainly the oligarchy of our bourgeois parties. They will now get what they had coming. But even their downfall is far from guaranteed.

However, the destruction of the world is something we all managed together. Greed brought us here and we followed the liars and hypocrites all too happily.

Perfect manipulation for each and every car: 
Title pages Hobby 1957 – 1965 (the magazine for German young engineers).

Another metaphor for what went completely wrong during the last fifty years is the car. It became a symbol for “movement without effort” and for a totally misinterpreted freedom. For most of us, the car was the golden lamb we danced around.

This is how we implemented a “church of reason” the basic principle of which was consumerism as a religion and growth as its mantra. We replaced old superstition by new superstition. Only the feudalism remains the same. And the destruction of the world is maintained and justified by some kind of feudalism for all.

We now slowly realize that we are paying the price. Some ignore it, others flee into the land of dreams and get over-enthusiastic about #newwork“, #agile and democratic enterprises. Yet, all of us are just standing there as the rabbit before the snake when we see the multi-dimensional destruction of the planet.

The extreme increase in carbon dioxide and the destruction of the climate caused by it destroy everything – which would already be more than enough. We know what should be done, yet we do not do it. We do not have the courage to initiate the “huge transformation”.

But I do not wish to spoil your Sunday with my miserable contemplations. I wish you all that is nice and good and beautiful. Lots of sun, courage and joy! Hope is the last thing that dies.

Thank you for your friendship!

(Translated by EG)