Roland Dürre
Sunday June 12th, 2016

Project Peace – Jolly!

Earlier this year, Jolly and I started the project PEACE. The video you can watch below is a wonderful result of our kick-off meeting.

It is a little longer than 61 minutes for you to absolutely enjoy. You will get positive inspiration and many impulses. So why don’t you take a little time and one of several beloved partners and just watch it? Find a comfortable position and relax in front of the screen.
You really want to totally relax – for those of us who like their alcohol, why not with a glass of red wine?

Because Jolly is really an exceptional person and first-class mentor. Consequently, his seminars and presentations are the reason why many people have become happier and more successful persons. I am one of them.

The project PEACE is the most ambitious I was ever involved in. We are at the very beginning and what we need is friends, partners and supporters.

I will also constantly write in the IF blog about our progress in terms of ideas, concepts and activities of the project PEACE. So far, all I know about it is that I never did anything more aspiring. For me personally, it is the greatest possible challenge.

The next thing I want to do is publish my kick-off presentation in the IF-blog!

(Translated by EG)


Ask-an-Answer_1m-185x300Event Notice.

On April, 28th, at 6 p.m., Jolly and I invite our friends to join us at the InterFace AG building.

We want to tell them about our central and very personal wish in our very special way.

There is a nice reason for this invitation, because Jolly Kunjappu’s new book “Ask An Answer“ has just been published.

Consequently, we will introduce it to you on this day.

About the two of us:

So klein ist der Mensch. Am linken Rand Muhamed, Führer und Freund.

This is how small humans are,
Egypt February 2016.

Roland Dürre:

My operational activity with InterFace AG ended on January, 1st, 2015.

I try to make good use of my newly earned freedom and make others (and myself as well) a little happier and more successful.

Besides supporting teams (such as start-ups) and individual persons (young and old persons, females and males), I try to promote a social future worth living in. Thus, I became an activist for a new future  in the mobility sector.

However, since my adolescence, peace has been the most important issue for me.

I will now join Jolly and start a vision I have had for a long time, the project ”peace“.

In the future, I want to act, instead of always thinking and talking so much.

That particular Thursday evening, too, will only see me talking once on a very important issue.

Most of the time will be reserved for the message sent by my friend Jolly Kunjappu on April, 28th.

Denker, Künstler und vor allem Mensch.

Philosopher, Artist and above all: Human Being.

Jolly Kunjappu:

Jolly visited almost all countries of this world and spent many years as inspiring enterprise counsellor on the managerial level – including for some DAX enterprises. He distinguished himself both as an artist (painting, music, performance) and a philosopher, who creates his own way of life as a counsellor and orator.

I first met Jolly at an event organized by the Munich Chess Foundation and immediately felt that our values, expectations, interests and needs are similar.

Jolly will give a strong appeal and communicate his (our) message with more than words.

I would like to thank the InterFace AG for providing the rooms for this very special IF FORUM. We will make use of our performance and send a strong video message into the world and we will also record the presentations.

The event is free and will be held on Thursday, April, 28th, 2016 at 6.30 p.m. in the Seminar area of InterFace AG in Unterhaching. We welcome you from 6 p.m..

As always, there will be the opportunity to relax and exchange opinions with tasty food and diverse beverages after the official program. This is a personal invitation for our friends (and those who would like to become our future friends). Consequently, we would appreciate your registration. As always, just send an E-Mail to the InterFace AG or directly to me.

Jolly Kunjappu

Meister Deines eigenen Lebens

Sei kein Sklave eines Systems
Sei Meister deines eigenen Lebens.

München, Deutschland Mai, 1990

Master of Your Own Life

Don’t be a slave of a system

Be a master of your own life.
Munich, Germany, May 1990

I already look forward to an evening full of emotions, exciting discussions and great conversations!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday October 15th, 2017

Great Orators and Their Stories – #7 Jolly Kunjappu

I started with the “Day Labourer” Alain Neumann. Then I told you about Hans-Jörg Bullinger and Hans Strack Zimmermann before arriving at Augustinus Heinrich Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck, Klaus-Jürgen Grün and Rupert Lay .

Today, it is my special pleasure to add my friend Jolly Kunjappu to the list of names in my personal hall of fame.
Jolly’s motto is INSPIRING PEOPLE. Today, he sees himself as a Performance Artist, Keynote Speaker and Philosopher. In his life, Jolly Kunjappu lived many different roles. Among other things, he played music with such well-known musicians as Mick Jagger. He also organized “drum” seminars for top managers.

One of the activities I shared with him was my cooperation in the series of presentations about peace. Here is what he himself says about it.

You will find several articles about what he does in the IF Blog.

I bow to Jolly and his life work.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday April 10th, 2017

Jolly on July, 8th in the Literaturhaus München.

Every person has his or her own rhythm. They only need to find it.

Being human is not always easy. Especially if you want to live in peace, it is often hard. Perhaps living happily is even harder. You have to practice it. Above all: everybody has to begin with himself/herself. For every one of us, the world is primarily about ME, which is YOU.

Consequently, we have to learn to appreciate and love ourselves. And, above all, we have to become more peaceful. We have to take responsibility for ourselves (ME) and bring this in harmony with the responsibility for the whole (WE). This is how we can develop our own personal recipe for happiness.

My friend Jolly says it in a nutshell. We have to find our rhythms. Each his or her own. On Saturday, July, 8th, he will show you how to do it!

As always, I will look forward to meeting many friends when Jolly performs. But remember: the Literaturhaus is not very big and will be soon booked out.

So you want to buy your ticket early. I will gladly help you.

(Translated by Evelyn)

On Thursday, April, 28th, 2016, Jolly spoke in favour of PEACE in my Unterhaching office building. We were allowed to film him. Here is his full performance!

I recommend that you enjoy the video with friends and a nice glass of red wine. I promise that the 60 minutes you spend watching it are a very good time investment. And afterwards, you will have a lot to talk about.

Roland Dürre
Friday October 7th, 2016


Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren verbreitetes Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.

White dove on blue background, a variation of the peace dove. This has been an established symbol of the Western European, and especially the German Peace Movement since the 1980ies. Originally, it was developed in the context of opposition against the NATO double track decision.

A short time ago, I was alarmed. A friend of mine told me he had heard I am no longer active in the project PEACE. He asked me if that was correct.

It seems that, in some way or other, I caused a misunderstanding with the last article of mine. Quite the opposite is true and rather important!

I am and will remain true to the idea of PEACE. In fact, in the future, I want to do even more for PEACE than ever before.

During the last few weeks, however, I learned a lot.

For instance, I no longer believe in the “project PEACE”. The term “project” implies “management”. And I mean management in the worst meaning of the word. And that is something I am actually ABSOLUTELY FED UP with! I also understand now that PEACE is not something you can just “manage until it appears” or “make it happen”. Just like the “crusade for PEACE” is nonsense. I will also gladly acknowledge the perhaps cynical but rather correct comment of my friend Dr. Jörg Rothermel after he had read my article:

“I seem to remember a proverb:
“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity“ …(by Dr. Jörg Rothermel on Facebook).
😛  What a nice metaphor from the 1960ies.

Aebby (Eberhard Huber) proposed to substitute “enterprise” for “project”. That is something I can easily agree with, especially if the “enterprise PEACE” is the sum of the individual effort of many persons, all of whom start their own “enterprise PEACE” and want to live “in PEACE”.

In other words:
I will now, first and foremost, focus on my own life and give it all my strength. I decided that I will no longer let negative things affect me and influence me. After all, the more things that frustrate me I do, the more frustration I collect, and then it seems unavoidable that said frustration will again have to find a way out – in the form of enmity in whatever form, which then again will frustrate other persons. And I think “living in PEACE” first and foremost means not to collect frustration inside and then having to hand it on.

I spent many years of my life believing that this is unavoidable. I thought you had to “eat crow” again and again and even act against your own values and needs, for instance in order to come to mutual agreements. I used to believe that this was an unavoidable part of both my private and my business life.

Now I notice that, indeed, I can avoid negative input that I have to vomit up later in order not to do damage to myself. When all is said and done, it is only a question of courage on my side.

To be sure, I will have to kiss quite a few fixed patterns good-bye and change things I have become used to. Luckily, however, my first experiences on this path are rather sensationally positive, at least that is how I perceive them. Consequently, I will continue to practice.

I learned all this during many discussion, especially (but not exclusively) with Jolly. And it makes me happy.

So here are both my old and my new message: 

Whenever people want to live in PEACE and, for instance, send messages that promote PEACE, then I will be part of this. If and when Carmen makes a sensational film “PEACE”, then I will, of course, be part of it. Just like I will gladly join Gudrun wherever she lives “PEACE” in her own way.

This is also true for Aebby who moves so much in beautiful multi-dimensionality and for Wolf who keeps embedding PEACE in his great and beautiful media/internet work and for Daniel whenever he draws pictures for PEACE. And, if possible, for all those who want PEACE, as long as I enjoy it and my strength is enough.

And it will be my special pleasure to keep inviting you to be a part of the wonderful and important dialogues with experts and especially with Jolly on PEACE.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday October 1st, 2016

Living in PEACE – Like a Bird that is Part of a Swarm …

Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren verbreitetes Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.

White dove on blue background, a variation of the peace dove. This has been an established symbol of the Western European, and especially the German Peace Movement since the 1980ies. Originally, it was developed in the context of opposition against the NATO double track decision.

Why peace?

After having finished my operative work at InterFace AG late in 2014, I wanted to give my remaining time, my talents and my network to causes that I find truly desirable. For PEACE. Because ever since my childhood, PEACE has been the most important issue for me.

There is a lot I have learned since then.

It now slowly dawns on me how hard it is to realize PEACE. Not because PEACE as such is impossible. Instead, it is because we, our socialization and our social systems are basically non-peaceful. And because you cannot gain PEACE by through non-peaceful lives, concepts, tools methods….

Why is PEACE so important for me?

PEACE is the central and highest value. This is something I have believed ever since I was quite young. Living in PEACE is the most important and necessary requirement for individual and collective happiness. Consequently, I started the “Project PEACE”. I will report on it regularly in this blog.

I am surprised how much I learned during just a few months into this project and how my judgement of the procedure changed. After all, what I originally wanted was to build a strong organization that has a strong voice and, for instance, realizes visible events for PEACE.

What was the plan?

I used to believe that, basically, you had to do everything you also learned as an entrepreneur, as it is probably also the latest state of the art:

You create a logo, write good and short pitches, come up with a manifesto (I was going to take the “agile manifesto“ as my model), design a statute, write a business plan, create a system of values, generate constructive rules of cooperation and formulate a precise mission. Then you look for a few like-minded persons, initiate a project and work on it together.

Based on this idea, I was going to find a lot of people who support the project PEACE. And there were lots of ideas what the organization for PEACE thus developed could do. For instance, there was the idea to also recruit artists, all sorts of multipliers and many persons of good intentions as “comrades in arms” (along with their creativity and strength) for the project.

And there was, for example, also the idea of making a superb film about PEACE. And/or to draft “social media projects”, for instance in snapchat, with friends. The idea looked so simple. Let us wake up and involve people through many great activities. And let us make use of all their ideas and creativity. In order to make the world understand that you need not justify why you are absolutely in favour of the idea of PEACE.

In order to finance these activities, there was the idea of founding a supporting enterprise the main purpose of which it would have been to raise money for the PEACE project activities. Most non-profit agencies use these kinds of “money suppliers” that provide them with cash – with quite a substantial bonus for the suppliers. Mostly, they raise money using classical methods, such as begging letters, personal addresses, TV advertisements, etc. Naturally, following the trend of modern times, it had been my intention to use the internet, because I was sure this was the most efficient and economical way to do it.

Thus, I thought we were going to build up a snow-ball system, illuminating many small PEACE fires that eventually would merge and become an all-encompassing PEACE fire.

Why is that the wrong approach?

After many discussions with friends, in particular with Jolly, Carmen and Gudrun – and after intense phases of contemplation – I understood that this is not really how it can be done. Because non-peacefulness is deeply rooted in the system we live in. A system that socialized us and pushed our concepts in non-peaceful directions. And I understand better and better – incidentally, this is quite logical – how (almost) all the dimensions of our social life are counter-productive for a peaceful (co)existence. Our everyday life is not peaceful, enmity is rooted deeply within us, just as all our stories, sagas, and fairy tales are not peaceful.

So if we want PEACE, the only thing we can do is start with a good example and change ourselves. Perhaps we will be more of a success if we cooperate than as individuals. Perhaps there are more persons out there whom we might “infect” with this need of ours. And if there are enough of us willing and capable of living in PEACE, then we might perhaps develop the strength of the swarm that the system has to follow.

Through the classical means of actually existing systems, however, we will not manage PEACE. Just as the old proverb says: “you cannot replace one evil with another”.

You could say that, from early childhood, we have been coded to want NON-PEACE, and it still continues. The (success) patterns we generally live and use are exactly what causes and promotes partisanship and enemy concepts. It is easy for fear, envy and hatred, and eventually war, to develop in this atmosphere. However, we cannot generate peace with war-like behaviour.

ust like I believe you cannot force tolerance through intolerance.

Consequently, PEACE cannot be a project, because the very term “project” is based on a mental concept that is not at all peaceful – let me remind you of terms such as plan, goal, deadline, resources and budget. PEACE is a very special commodity. It cannot be gained with the traditional western-European/American way of thinking.

I want to live!

And I personally do not want to continue with the classical patterns that formed and controlled me almost all my life, either. I no longer want to fight for something. Also, I no longer feel like convincing people to do something, making plans, building up structures, initiating tools, controlling organizations, suffering under the resulting systemic bureaucracy, subjugating honesty in words and activities under political goals, justifying any means because they serve a good purpose, having endless meetings, writing endless minutes and discussing what is actually meant.

I no longer want to “manage things“!

No, I am fed up with fighting for consensus and dubious compromises in groups until all my strength is used up and trying to get different personalities to come to terms with each other again and again. Also, I do not wish to sacrifice myself for PEACE, among other things because I consider martyrdom non-peaceful and a totally wrong concept.

The approach I used to believe in – even if it was extremely well-meant – will not bing us a single step closer to PEACE. Simply because we live in the wrong system and cannot achieve the right things by using the wrong methods of this system. Just like real life cannot exist in wrongness.

Consequently, I now believe we can only get PEACE if it is given space to develop by itself. And in order to achieve this, I have to start with myself. If I am perceptive, I keep discovering how non-peaceful I still am. All the time. That is something I wish to change.

However, the idea of PEACE has not died inside me. On the contrary. I also wish to keep promoting and supporting individual projects. For instance, I would really like to do a “superb film” on PEACE.

Maybe it will help?

Here is how I think today:
We have to find a way for PEACE to develop quasi by itself in our world. To be sure, such a thing might seem rather utopian at the moment, yet I want to seek it and build a beautiful utopia.

Perhaps humans together will find the path towards PEACE through beautiful utopias. But, just as with all innovative things, we have to liberate ourselves from the jail of our way of thinking in which – so it seems to me – we have been held prisoner for thousands of years.

Innovation is always also creative destruction. Consequently, the path towards PEACE will mean that we have to give up much and that we will lose much that has grown inside us and that we consider loved, precious and indispensable. On the way, we will have to break many patterns that seem to be part of our being! And that can really hurt. Yet it will probably be worth it. As far as I am concerned, I absolutely want to try it.


To me, the following things seem utterly true:
We will not make any progress with thinking in the classical way. We want something new and therefore must find new ways. Thus, I will not give up, but instead will continue looking for a path towards PEACE.

What we need is a path towards PEACE that gives us pleasure and that we actually want to use ourselves.

These ideas gave birth to a new idea. Maybe the following metaphor can help when looking for the new way:

Let us become healthy, strong and peaceful birds that live in PEACE as part of a swarm. And let us become strong enough to move the world towards PEACE.

I am sure that we will find lots of friends. Perhaps this is the basis or the point of origin for a new utopia PEACE – and thus part of the solution to the riddle that lies ahead.

Jolly says:
You cannot fight for PEACE – you have to live in peace.

Living in PEACE – that is what we really need to practice, otherwise we cannot succeed. Consequently, in the future, I will not speak about a Project PEACE, but about living in PEACE. And I will continue with my attempts at finding other persons who, like me, are looking for PEACE.

Many thanks to the readers of this extremely important article!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday August 29th, 2016

Jolly on Stage – September, 17th, in Munich!

Jolly believes in peace. So do I.

Jolly Kunjappu is a philosopher and artist, enterprise counsellor, coach and orator. Above all, he is a human being – and a musician.

At long last, you can again see him on stage. Along with Roykey Creo and iother friends of his!

Creo-Kunjappu_Poster-Konzert_DIN-A4 2

For tickets, see:München-Ticket. And here is more information on the concert.

Naturally, Jolly will also play a special song for PEACE.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Jolly’s very special concert!


Roland Dürre
Wednesday July 27th, 2016

Project PEACE. Meeting in Ulm.

We met directly beneath the venerable Ulm Cathedral. There were six of us: all mature men, meeting early on a sunny afternoon in order to work towards peace. Unfortunately, there was no woman amongst us, but then: maybe there will be in the future.

Here is an attempt at writing the minutes of the first meeting.

Das Ulmer Münster 1887

The Ulm Cathedral in 1887

July, 19th, on a nice summer afternoon in front of the coffee house beneath the Ulm Cathedral. Parties meeting:
Daniel, Eberhard, Guido, Jolly, Roland, Wolf.

After a round of introductions where everyone said what motivated him personally, we started developing and discussing first ideas on how we would like to and actually could approach the problem.

Idea of active involvement

We want to reach many persons and encourage them to openly work for peace. For us, this is more important than missionary work towards convincing non-peaceful persons.

We want to use the network-based media.

Based on the works of Wolf, we want to make a certain amount of interaction possible. We want the contributions of people to influence each other and yet we want them to have their own individual value. Participation is open and has a low access threshold. Yet the participation should be more than just a simple “like” or similar phrase.

Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren verbreitetes Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.Applying the snow-ball principle, we want to reach VERY many people. Our final goal would be to, perhaps, some day, have created the critical mass that can change society.

Our idea is based on views and convictions each of us finally put into short words once more:

I want peace through neutrality and respect for all living creatures.
Hatred and enemy images should disappear.

I have no enemies. Humans have no enemies. We create our own enemy images.

Appreciation. Peace has a value.

Peace is a precious commodity, no more enemy images!
More empathy!

An open society is a pre-requirement for peace.
Awake peacefully, let peace grow.

Next steps:

Find more like-minded persons -> this process has already started.
Fill ideas with actual behavioural patterns.
Design a logo.
Work on a manifesto – see a few fragments below.

Manifesto Fragments

Peace is valuable and needs no justification.

Peace is based on appreciation and respect.

Only those who appreciate their own self can appreciate others.

The peaceful solution of a conflict is always the better solution.

Humans have no enemies, they only have enemy images.

You can overcome enemy images.

einfach so - #lass_deine_waffen_fallen WNH 2016 - Wolf Nkole Helzle Social Media Art

Just like that – #throw_away_your_arms WNH 2016 – Wolf Nkole Helzle Social Media Art


Join us! Let us break the “pattern of war”!

(Translated by EG)

Since we want to make the “project PEACE” absolutely transparent, I am simply publishing the Ulm minutes. Thank you Eberhard for the nice summary.

Roland Dürre
Wednesday July 6th, 2016

Project PEACE.

I am frequently asked what our project PEACE is all about. My answer is always the following (or similar)



Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren das verbreitete Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.

White dove on blue background, one variation of the dove of peace: since the 1980ies, it has been the commonly used symbol for the Western-European, especially the German Peace Movement. Originally designed in the context of resistance against the NATO double track decision.

Thank you for asking!

For me, PEACE is the most important commodity, because PEACE is the requirement for everything else. Consequently, I want to give the project PEACE the highest priority during the time that remains of my life.
It is simply about, at long last, creating PEACE. Because it is about time.

Humans have managed to do so much already, why should we not succeed with this, too?

And: if you are in favour of PEACE,
you need no justification!

Project PEACE aims at
making more and more persons
willing and able to live in HARMONY
with themselves, with the environment
and the world that belongs to all of us and with each other.

It is a necessary and probably even a sufficient requirement for happiness. We want to work towards our goal without becoming dogmatic or moralizing, and we also want to remain totally neutral.

We will not imitate Greenpeace or Amnesty International and use propaganda and activities we finance with money we collected.

We will recruit friends and “friends of friends” who also want PEACE in a totally independent and free way, relying on inspiration and impulses alone, acting in a very soft way and with respect towards others. We want to reach many equal-minded persons, quasi through a snowball-system, thus contributing a little more towards PEACE.

Here are a few articles (Artikel) about the project PEACE. There is also a link to two videos with Jolly and myself. I particularly recommend Jolly. It is really worth watching. You want spend an hour with friends – or with your children and partners – and enjoy a glass of wine while watching it.

Best wishes!



Let us start and create peace! Thanks!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday June 13th, 2016

Project Peace – Roland!

This year, I started the project PEACE. I already told you before mentioning the great   contribution made by Jolly why I think the project PEACE is so important any why I want to focus on this project in the future.

There are so many things this project needs:

A unique logo and the best of all manifestos. A lot of money with the potential to reach a billion persons (which is google’s criterion for its applications). A great “community”. The best partners from all sectors (film, photography, art, marketing, media, music,…), ideas for the coolest activities for peace. And the right kinds of activists!

I am currently thinking about what to put into the manifesto. Here are a few pieces of the mosaic I am experimenting with:

In a very basic way

Peace is the only way!

Peace is the basic requirement for everything else!
Peace has no need to justify itself!

A little longer

Peace is possible!
We badly need PEACE!
We live in PEACE with ourselves!
We live in PEACE with the world around us!
We work hard towards PEACE!
There are many of us!
It can be done!


If you want PEACE, you need no justification!


Peace beats war!
Humanity beats inhumanity.
Love will always conquer hatred!
Tolerance will always beat intolerance.

Which means

No tolerance for tolerance!
War against war!
Hate hatred!

But these are only ideas and proposals of mine. I look forward to your ideas. Thanks a lot!