Roland Dürre
Sunday October 15th, 2017

Great Orators and Their Stories – #7 Jolly Kunjappu

I started with the “Day Labourer” Alain Neumann. Then I told you about Hans-Jörg Bullinger and Hans Strack Zimmermann before arriving at Augustinus Heinrich Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck, Klaus-Jürgen Grün and Rupert Lay .

Today, it is my special pleasure to add my friend Jolly Kunjappu to the list of names in my personal hall of fame.
Jolly’s motto is INSPIRING PEOPLE. Today, he sees himself as a Performance Artist, Keynote Speaker and Philosopher. In his life, Jolly Kunjappu lived many different roles. Among other things, he played music with such well-known musicians as Mick Jagger. He also organized “drum” seminars for top managers.

One of the activities I shared with him was my cooperation in the series of presentations about peace. Here is what he himself says about it.

You will find several articles about what he does in the IF Blog.

I bow to Jolly and his life work.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday April 10th, 2017

Jolly on July, 8th in the Literaturhaus München.

Every person has his or her own rhythm. They only need to find it.

Being human is not always easy. Especially if you want to live in peace, it is often hard. Perhaps living happily is even harder. You have to practice it. Above all: everybody has to begin with himself/herself. For every one of us, the world is primarily about ME, which is YOU.

Consequently, we have to learn to appreciate and love ourselves. And, above all, we have to become more peaceful. We have to take responsibility for ourselves (ME) and bring this in harmony with the responsibility for the whole (WE). This is how we can develop our own personal recipe for happiness.

My friend Jolly says it in a nutshell. We have to find our rhythms. Each his or her own. On Saturday, July, 8th, he will show you how to do it!

As always, I will look forward to meeting many friends when Jolly performs. But remember: the Literaturhaus is not very big and will be soon booked out.

So you want to buy your ticket early. I will gladly help you.

(Translated by Evelyn)

On Thursday, April, 28th, 2016, Jolly spoke in favour of PEACE in my Unterhaching office building. We were allowed to film him. Here is his full performance!

I recommend that you enjoy the video with friends and a nice glass of red wine. I promise that the 60 minutes you spend watching it are a very good time investment. And afterwards, you will have a lot to talk about.

Roland Dürre
Monday August 29th, 2016

Jolly on Stage – September, 17th, in Munich!

Jolly believes in peace. So do I.

Jolly Kunjappu is a philosopher and artist, enterprise counsellor, coach and orator. Above all, he is a human being – and a musician.

At long last, you can again see him on stage. Along with Roykey Creo and iother friends of his!

Creo-Kunjappu_Poster-Konzert_DIN-A4 2

For tickets, see:München-Ticket. And here is more information on the concert.

Naturally, Jolly will also play a special song for PEACE.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Jolly’s very special concert!



Ask-an-Answer_1m-185x300Event Notice.

On April, 28th, at 6 p.m., Jolly and I invite our friends to join us at the InterFace AG building.

We want to tell them about our central and very personal wish in our very special way.

There is a nice reason for this invitation, because Jolly Kunjappu’s new book “Ask An Answer“ has just been published.

Consequently, we will introduce it to you on this day.

About the two of us:

So klein ist der Mensch. Am linken Rand Muhamed, Führer und Freund.

This is how small humans are,
Egypt February 2016.

Roland Dürre:

My operational activity with InterFace AG ended on January, 1st, 2015.

I try to make good use of my newly earned freedom and make others (and myself as well) a little happier and more successful.

Besides supporting teams (such as start-ups) and individual persons (young and old persons, females and males), I try to promote a social future worth living in. Thus, I became an activist for a new future  in the mobility sector.

However, since my adolescence, peace has been the most important issue for me.

I will now join Jolly and start a vision I have had for a long time, the project ”peace“.

In the future, I want to act, instead of always thinking and talking so much.

That particular Thursday evening, too, will only see me talking once on a very important issue.

Most of the time will be reserved for the message sent by my friend Jolly Kunjappu on April, 28th.

Denker, Künstler und vor allem Mensch.

Philosopher, Artist and above all: Human Being.

Jolly Kunjappu:

Jolly visited almost all countries of this world and spent many years as inspiring enterprise counsellor on the managerial level – including for some DAX enterprises. He distinguished himself both as an artist (painting, music, performance) and a philosopher, who creates his own way of life as a counsellor and orator.

I first met Jolly at an event organized by the Munich Chess Foundation and immediately felt that our values, expectations, interests and needs are similar.

Jolly will give a strong appeal and communicate his (our) message with more than words.

I would like to thank the InterFace AG for providing the rooms for this very special IF FORUM. We will make use of our performance and send a strong video message into the world and we will also record the presentations.

The event is free and will be held on Thursday, April, 28th, 2016 at 6.30 p.m. in the Seminar area of InterFace AG in Unterhaching. We welcome you from 6 p.m..

As always, there will be the opportunity to relax and exchange opinions with tasty food and diverse beverages after the official program. This is a personal invitation for our friends (and those who would like to become our future friends). Consequently, we would appreciate your registration. As always, just send an E-Mail to the InterFace AG or directly to me.

Jolly Kunjappu

Meister Deines eigenen Lebens

Sei kein Sklave eines Systems
Sei Meister deines eigenen Lebens.

München, Deutschland Mai, 1990

Master of Your Own Life

Don’t be a slave of a system

Be a master of your own life.
Munich, Germany, May 1990

I already look forward to an evening full of emotions, exciting discussions and great conversations!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday January 16th, 2016


Jolly Kunjappu

Is a good friend of mine. We first met during a charity event organized by the Munich Chess Foundation. The Munich Chess Foundation (Münchner Schachstiftung) is concerned with the poorest children of Munich. In cooperation with several schools, they try to teach chess to those lost children. An experienced street-worker told me that some children who have been deprived of mental stimulation and therefore live at the fringes of society are best approachable through chess.


Jolly gave a wonderful presentation for the foundation – or rather for the children supported by the foundation. I was invited, listened to him and afterwards made his personal acquaintance. Immediately, it became clear to me that we are like-minded mentally, spiritually and with respect to our activities. Consequently, we also became friends.

Ask-an-Answer_1m-185x300Now he wrote a book. It is bi-lingual (German and English) and the title is ASK AN ANSWER. Shortly before Christmas, it was sitting in my post box, with best wishes from the author. In the book you can read about the ideas Jolly has had over many years, sometimes concisely, sometimes he elaborates a little more.

And, similar to when I read Seneca, I find all his ideas very interesting. Thus, ASK AN ANSWER is a very fine-tuned message in favour of a better world where Jolly writes with a lot of respect yet rather clearly.
It was a wonderful Christmas present. I enjoyed reading and browsing through it during the “quiet days”. Also, it gave me courage and joy.

And I am particularly happy that, next spring, we will cooperate when it comes to introducing ASK AN ANSWER at InterFace. Jolly will be the centrepiece and I hope to create a suitable background.

And if you cannot wait until April and instead wish to read the book as soon as possible, feel free to send me an E-Mail.

(Translated by EG)

It is quite possible that the book can also be bought at the Indian Mango. That is the Munich Zweibrückenstrasse restaurant owned by Jolly. You can eat quite well there and at the same time do a little reading. Well, if that is not double the pleasure, then what is?

Roland Dürre
Thursday May 18th, 2017

Armies in General and The Bundeswehr in Particular.

About War and PEACE.

It is a great achievement to be able to be peaceful and drink your beer.

Currently, you can again read a lot about the German Armed Forces. Suddenly, many issues re-surface, things that were well known are newly discovered and Frau van der Leyen wants to repair it all. With things such as a “new tradition awareness regulation” and the like. They even start talking about reviving the general military draft. That gives me pause!

However, none of these things will help. Because every army will collapse sooner or later, certainly when matters get serious. Because armies can only function if you have people who can actually see beyond humaneness.

War will always thrive on hatred and enmity. It brings murder and death, useless destruction and annihilation. The soldiers are the instruments that actually realize war.

Consequently, I will now give voice to three theses that show that the German Armed Forces cannot work as they say it works. All three theses are relevant, and not only because of the current developments and discussions. Yet I never hear them in public discussions. Because they would show us how irrational war is. And that is something politics world-wide do not want – among other reasons because the weapons industry does not want it.

First Thesis

An army is not and can never be a “normal” enterprise.

Politics often claim that the German Armed Forces are a normal enterprise that produces security. But that is not what it is. Because: an enterprise is defined as a social system with an economic goal. Said goal is realized through producing things or offering services that the market (the people) need or think they need.

Naturally, the German Armed Forces are also a social system. However, it does not have an economic goal. Its goal is simply to destroy and kill. Its legitimation is fear and its lie of a camouflage is the service “security”. It is considered a matter of course that it exists – based on indisputable “forces”. That is why nobody spends a lot of time thinking about it and, unfortunately, only few persons in Germany sincerely question it.

After WW-II, there was the dream of a peaceful Germany without an army. This dream was quickly destroyed through the re-armament in the 1950s.

The reasons given in favour of armed forces changed again and again during the last sixty years. Let me relate to you how I experienced it as a witness of the time. When it was re-started, the Bundeswehr was sold to us as a

    Thus, the re-armament was a necessary contribution towards defending the “free west”. It was realized against the wishes of the majority of the “stupid” citizens. 
At the time, almost the entire world was – totally irrationally – divided into two blocks through external IMAGES OF THE ENEMY. At school (I grew up in the FRG and was indoctrinated accordingly), I learned that the “East”, which was downtrodden and enslaved by Stalin & Co, wanted to conquer us – the free and rich “West” – and then force communism on us.
    Two blocks confronted each other in maniac distrust, each of them overflowing with weapons and with armies that consisted of millions of people. Ideologically and systemically, they were total opponents. You could only have either COMMUNISM or CAPITALISM. The former was extremely evil, the latter was paradise. The other side said the exact opposite. 
In these blocks, there were two not quite “totally independent states” that had no army. In the West, it was the FDG, in the East, it was the GDR. Due to the image of the enemy – caused by FEAR – and probably also because of pressure put on them by the “allies”, the FRG was the first of the two to decide that re-armament was necessary. They established the Bundeswehr. A few years later, the East reacted, the Peoples’ Army was established in the GDR. This is how the “German” GDR became the most unrelenting enemy of the “German” FRG. The extension was the Warshaw Pact (UdSSR and the rest), i.e., the world of the communists. 
Since everybody understood more or less clearly that the “defense case” would mean the new total destruction of Europe, there came a time when this model was no longer so famous. Consequently, the military strategists came up with something new, the
    They gave people the illusion that war could be kept from your own country and that the enemy can be destroyed (beaten) before you suffer detrimental consequences yourself. Since this assumption did not ring very true, it was based on things like “total deterrence through overkill” and “first-hit doctrine”. . 
The concept reminds me a little of how, today, they think you can win wars by sitting at your desk and sending fighting robots and drones. You will find others to do your dirty work for you. 
The doctrine of advance defence, too, became doubtful. The people no longer believed it, the Cold War disappeared, Russia capitalized itself (late). Corruption increased. Despotism started to grow. Consequently, they looked for “new tasks” for our army – and they found them. The German Armed Forces became part of the
  • World Police
    After all, Germany was glamorous again. Being an economic world-power – so they said – we had the duty to take more “responsibility” for the (new) world order. Along the way, we also noticed that, due to our throw-away-society, we are rather dependent on raw materials and that said raw materials often come from far remote countries. And we assumed that some evil-minded guys of this world wanted to steal them from us. That was another reason to become part of the American World Police. 
Totally as a logical conclusion, the Green and Social-Democratic Parties (!) as the ones in power decided that our Armed Forces were now also necessary abroad. Because if it is not in Germany, waging war is not so bad and no taboo. You can kill people and destroy houses.
    (This alone should be reason enough to never again vote for either of the two parties.)
    This is how we became part of the export of weapons system. 
However, if you look at the wars of the last sixty years, you will soon realize that none of these wars ever improved a situation or solved a problem. All those wars were more or less a failure or totally useless. They always brought a lot of misery to people, many persons were killed or injured, crimes against humanity were committed on a daily basis and the destruction of infrastructure was always massive. Yet, the “political result” was always failure. 
The “small” NATO war on the Balkan is often cited as an example for a successful and just “campaign”. Well, I am not so sure about that. Apart from considerable destruction and the creation of victims, the consequence was that Yugoslavia was liquidated and replaced by a number of small countries. Following modern diction (the belief in huge units such as Europe), this is not considered advantageous, either. 
But it is actually possible that the Balkan war ended useless bloodshed through determined bloodshed. I might perhaps accept this instance as the one exception that proves the rule. 
As soon as we started war against (marched into) Afghanistan, it was clear to me that, basically, war can never solve problems. As a side effect, we learned that it is hard to gain raw materials by means of weapons. It is much easier to buy them with good products and hard cash. Thus, the motivation to play world police dwindled and they needed a new reason for waging war. Luckily for our military and politicians, there was a new enemy:
    Thus, we started our war against terrorism. We even have units stationed in Turkey. Since, basically, terrorism may also come with the refugees, we protect our border on the Mediterranean with armed forces through Frontex. In order to fight terrorism, we are prepared to increase our budget for more armament by fifty per cent in relation to our gross national product. In doing so, we are true to a promise we gave many years ago totally unnecessarily – a promise that our favourite ally under Trump is now demanding we deliver .
I wonder what new enemy they will find when they find out that terrorism cannot be fought with war, either.

Second Thesis

The military principle will cause all armies to derail sooner or later.

The militia and armies are based on a cruel principle. Every soldier must be ready to kill and die if he is ordered to. In war, this is an absolute necessity, because otherwise war will not function. This is something every recruit should be made aware of when he decides to be a soldier. 
Following military concepts, it is impossible that a soldier judges whether or not an order is ethically just or if it can be boycotted. Especially in the real-world scenario, this is unthinkable. Just like it is unthinkable that a soldier may desert his post when he starts having doubts. Deserting your post is a no-go and cannot be compatible with war functioning. 
Since such a situation is about life or death (that is why some desert), there can only be one punishment for a deserter – the immediate execution. Everything else is wishful thinking. War will not work if a soldier is free to desert. Just remember the old proverb:

Imagine there is a war and nobody joins.

If, for instance, today the occasional deserter from the Third Reich’s Wehrmacht is “rehabilitated”, then this is total hypocrisy. Just like the fairy tale about the citizen in uniform is fraud and a lie. It will only work if the army is some kind of bluff weapon that is never supposed to actually be used. I do not believe that his has ever been the case for the German Armed Forces of the FRG – and even if it was so, then that is definitely no guarantee that it may not still be put to practice
Soldiering is based on the perverse basic principle: “Kill or die on order”.

This principle has to be practiced daily. Basically, a social system with this underlying principle cannot develop in a socially reasonable way and it cannot be healthy either. Sooner or later, it must collapse, either totally or in parts. Armies will always feed from the “honour of the private” and his virtues and heroic deeds. In order to keep this stupid pretence up, you will always need a mystic tradition. And this is where the Third Reich Wehrmacht is an ideal concept for today’s German Armed Forces. After all, it was extremely successful for a few years and was consequently glorified in a unique way.
And thus, the perhaps sub-conscious admiration of “heroic deeds of the German Wehrmacht”, transported through several generations, is probably still found in the hearts of many young persons. 
(Cynical note: 
Formerly, I sometimes visited computer vintage markets. And I always met the most enthusiastic computer people. Good IT people basically love computer vintage, and good soldiers love weapon vintage).

Third Thesis

The weapons industry promotes war.

To me, this thesis sounds trivial. Consequently, it is quite clear that I will not make a huge effort to justify it. For the weapons industry, war means “making real money”. If you build weapons, you need war. And we all know that today the concerns generally have a huge influence on political decisions and also on legislation, etc. I am sure that the weapons industry is not in the habit of mincing words.

One of my friends, Jolly Kunjappu, can show you particularly well how weapons concerns “plan and make wars”. You can meet him on July, 8th in the Munich Literaturhaus.

I believe that the re-armament and consequently also the establishment of the weapons industry was the greatest sin of the German post-war politics. This decision was prepared by Adenauer in a conspiratorial way immediately after the FRG started to exist and then it was established against the wishes of the German majority. In my eyes, that was a criminal act and it deprived Germany and the world of a chance.

For us, there is perhaps no other way than to “dis-arm” step-by-step. We have to cut down on weapons budgets world-wide. We have to minimize the influence of the weapons industry – and at the same time, we must also become more peaceful, at least in small steps.

Consequently, here is what I ask of you: please be for PEACE. And you will make me happy if you read my category PEACE  and especially A PEACE manifesto .

Thank you so much!

(Translated by EG)

Or: Entrepreneur’s Diary #118 – Be Happy!

It is now almost 18 months since I am no longer working as managing director at InterFace AG. Just like, about 18 years ago, I decided to no longer work as a programmer.

I have now been a free agent for 1.5 years.

And I managed – which is quite sensational if you know me – to look forward to every morning and every evening since then. In the morning, I get up and delight in the fact that my body and even my brains still function properly. I look at my hands and feet. They are still there, just like my eyes, ears, nose and much more.

As I perceive it, the organs function and my heart is still beating. Isn’t that just great? And as an additional bonus, I am financially independent and can more than afford to live well. As most of us who are so privileged in this world.

In this article, I will tell you how I managed to become a happier person. I will write about the secrets I discovered and the rules I found. And about the projects that bring me joy.

My Secrets

izzo5Geheimnisse.Five of them can be found in the book by John Izzo:

“The five secrets you should discover before you die”

These five are an important part of all my secrets. I recommend that everybody read the book even if it is a little “American”. If you want a short version, maybe you want to read my IF Blog article (IF-Blog-Artikel) on the book. It says all you need to know, just in a more concise way.

Ask-an-Answer_1m-185x300Another secret lies in finding the right friends, partners and mentors. This is how, for example, Jolly Kunjappu, became part of my life a few years ago.

Today, he accompanies me as a friend and teacher (which, incidentally, he does not want to be). He is my partner in the project PEACE. The heading of this article is by him. He is only one among many who give me a lot. I am happy that many young persons are among them.

This is where I wish to thank you all!

My Rules.

  • Plan something nice every month.
    Currently, I plan to do something especially nice on 10 special days of the month. For instance, in May, we rode our bikes through Italy and combined this tour with an exciting congress. In June, there will be ten days of island hopping, taking only our backpacks, on the Cyclades (Kykladen). It continues in this vein and I will always have something beautiful to look forward to.
  • Only meet persons you actually like!
    How many miserable hours have I had to spend in the company of persons I never understood? And neither did they understand me. Both sides hoped it might work. But it did not. And what remained was frustration.
  • About Meetings:
    How often have I sat in useless meetings? That is why, for me, the following rules are particularly important:

    • Peer-to-Peer is more important than big meetings.
      I once read that “truth always begins with two”. That is a nice metaphor and it clearly indicates how difficult it is to have a meeting with more than two persons. Peer-to-peer communication is the golden way. If there is a meeting with more than two persons, I either do not participate or only as the “host” or moderator.
    • No meeting must be longer than 90 minutes!
      Basically, you never need more than 60 minutes or even less. If meetings take longer than that, there is the chance that you will verbally destroy what you have achieved. Besides, you will often turn in circles and the result (the agreement) is determined by where you are at the end. What horror!
If a meeting, especially one with more than two persons, has to take place, I feel quite justified if I remain standing during said meeting.
  • On Appointments:
    Do not make appointments in the far-away future, except if it cannot be avoided!  
(for example for a supervisory board meeting) 
Because: appointments will rob you of your freedom. They will become your corset, paralyse you and make it hard for you to act. 
Example: Why should I decide upon a date three months from today at the end of a discussion with my mentee? Would it not be a better way to meet again when my mentee needs me? And then it would be nice if I could see him on short notice. As a free agent, I can always make time for him. If we are locally distributed, it can happen through an “image telephone“.
  • Act Homeopathic!
    What I mean with this is: “never force yourself on somebody!”. “Never try to control things” or “Never think in advance for others and control or manipulate them”. Let things happen, then the right things will happen. 
Example: For me, it is an absolute taboo to actively manipulate others. Anybody can and is welcome to turn up whenever it makes sense to them. And if they do not come, then this only means that they do not need me. And this is also a good thing. All I want is help him or her towards becoming a little happier and more successful.
  • Nurture your Network!
    You are a social being. You need the exchange with other persons. That is the most important of all things because progress will never happen in an isolated surrounding.
  • It is Fun to Learn!
    Currently, I learn extremely much in practice. This year, the number of business plans I either was made aware of by way of mouth or in the written form and then evaluated is perhaps in the high two-digit range. It happens because I am part of the jury in a business plan contest. I have now done this for a few years. Ir is also something I enjoy and it makes me happy.

My Projects.

Your goals should be ambitious and you should be prepared to really work hard towards achieving them. However, you should also tolerate your own mistakes if things do not work well. My two major projects, besides my own life and my family are currently “AktMobCmp“ and PEACE. The former is about “active motility in everyday life” as part of mobility in the future. And then there is the project PEACE that will become more and more the focus of my attention. And I also try to keep good ideas, such as PM-Camp, from going astray.

My Assumption:

I am sure that, even when I was still the managing director, I could have lived as I now do live. And I might have been more successful and happier. But I lacked the courage. Now I know that it can be done. You just have to try!

(Translated by EG)

Or, in Jolly’s words:
» Be different be yourself (unique)«
» Do not be a slave of the system, be a master of your own life «
Jolly Kunjappu
(aus ASK AN ANSWER 2016)

Roland Dürre
Sunday April 24th, 2016

Project PEACE – Thursday, April, 28, 2016 – IF Forum

On Thursday (April, 28) at 18:00 hours, yours truly and Jolly Kunjappu will start our project PEACE. We look forward to welcoming our guests.

»Jolly Kunjappu – »Jumbo‘s first birthday. Celebrate your life.« Acryl und Wachskreide auf Leinwand

»Jolly Kunjappu – »Jumbo‘s first birthday. Celebrate your life.«
Acryl and wax crayon on canvas

On this day, we will “let the ideas flow freely”, give impulses and try to inspire “the nice persons” we like so much. We want to stir your desire to question all those things that go without
We want to promote your willingness to constructively work towards the necessary big changes in our society and way of life and in doing so make the initial situation a little better for a future that we can actively be a part of.

It is more important to act than to talk!
On this evening, Jolly and I want to bring something into motion and then, together with you, develop ideas as well as think about what we could do.
🙂  (Perhaps initiate a snowball system for peace and transformation?)

This is how we want to learn from our friends. We want to win insight and work towards our own enlightenment 2.0.
🙂  Indoctrination and religious wars are things we neither like nor wish to practice, because we are not missionaries!

Basically, PEACE is simply our central metaphor for a necessary change, because peace has a three-fold impact: on every one of us personally; in our connections with the world we live in and consequently our environment; and, of course, also in our relations between individuals and collectively between nations and all kinds of societies of our wonderful world.

And without PEACE, a happy and content life is not imaginable.

For me personally, the project PEACE is extremely important. As of now, it has highest priority. It is to become the last big project of my life, which is why, in years to come, I want it to become my central topic. In order to make this happen, it is important for me to have the support of you all, my friends.

But regardless: first and foremost, we want Thursday evening to be a meeting of aforesaid “friendly persons” of our world who meet with great JOY and give us lots of courage and trust! Jolly und I are sure that, together with you, we will manage to do just that. And there will also be a few surprises…

Here is a link where you will find three IF blog articles on the topic, including the invitation the event. I would kindly ask you to tell me if you come, because we want to have enough food and beverages. Feel free to either register through a blog comment or send E-Mail to the InterFace AG or to me.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Thursday March 24th, 2016

Why Project Peace?

Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren verbreitetes Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.

White dove with blue background – this is one version of the peace dove: it has been the commonly used symbol of the western European, and especially the German, Peace Movement since the 1980ies.

Initially, it had been designed in the context of resistance against the NATO Double Track Decision.

Let me describe my view of why we urgently need to do something for peace. And I mean for the big, all-encompassing inner and outer peace.

We have to come to terms both with ourselves and our environment. And there also has to be peace between humans and nations. Both get more and more necessary in order to make a future possible at all.

In order to achieve this, we need a strong change in both our mental concepts and our awareness.

After all, it cannot be accepted that the “mental supremacy” is under the rule of persons who, for instance, believe that:
An evil man carrying a weapon can only be stopped by a good man carrying a weapon.
(NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre 2012)
If you apply this to countries, it means that
“An evil country with an army can only be stopped by a good country with an army!“

You can easily see that the concept of moral categories, such as “good” and “evil” will not help and that it is better to continue on the way of enlightenment and democracy.

Among other things, this means that we leave the monopoly on power and weapons with the society (nation) we live in. After all, we already ceded quite a bit of it to the country as part of our civilized progress.

In order to make this system work, society must be enabled to avoid a state a rule of injustice – or even dictatorship – by public control mechanisms: among other things by a clear separation of power. And it also has to repress lobby structures, because they can easily turn into a dictatorship of the capital or, even worse, a militaristic business complex.

The requirement for such peace in a country and between countries and nations (including problematic regions) is that we develop an awareness of the fact that this can only succeed if we all win our very individual inner peace.

Consequently, if you want collective peace, you need the inner peace of all the individual persons inside the collective system. In other words, we have to come to terms with our own selves. This might be quite hard, but it is probably our only chance to develop a new understanding of punishment and justice. An understanding that truly makes us bigger as a society.

Does anybody really believe prisons are the only way to achieve a peaceful society inside a country? Or is it not more like they cause the opposite? How can a society gain social peace if poverty and wealth are due to an undue polarization?

Consequently, one of the things we need to achieve is disproving some impossible philosophers, as for instance Ayn Rand (one of the important masterminds of the US Republican Party) and start a “new” enlightenment 2.0. For a start, we have to counteract any sort of indoctrination, because that is the worst enemy of an enlightened society.

This is why, through our project peace and together with Jolly Kunjappu, I try to make a tiny contribution towards stabilizing the fragile balancing act between peace and relinquishing some of said peace in favour of an alleged sense of security.

On a personal level, I also want to remind people that, wherever there is conflict, the solution without murder and death, torture and rape, is always the better way out. In fact, it is usually the only way to get stable and sustainable solutions. And I also wish to strengthen confidence and the belief that this is absolutely possible and realistic.

In other words: I would prefer to follow the metaphor of “Ghandy”, rather than the one of a tyrant.

(Written in Peking)

(Translated by EG)

Again in a nutshell:
Being “honest to yourself” is the first requirement for “inner peace”, which again is the requirement for the “great peace”. This is why we need inspiration and impulses for “inner honesty” – which is one reason why Jolly and yours truly invite you to attend the PEACE kick-off meeting on April, 28th, at the IF Forum.

Roland Dürre
Sunday March 20th, 2016

Invitation: IF Forum im & AktMobCmp – Augsburg

Dear Friends,

with this email, I would like to invite you to the IF Forum on April, 28th, and remind you of my project #AktMobCmp, which will take place on May, 20th and 21st in Augsburg.

Both activities are meant to show people the way to become happier and more successful, both individually and collectively.

IF Forum:

On April, 28th, starting at 18:00 hours, the InterFace AG at Unterhaching will again host the IF Forum in their office building.

The active parties will be Jolly Kunjappu and yours truly. We want to articulate our central and very special desire for a little more peace. The special occasion is Jolly Kunjappu’s new book ”Ask An Answer“, which, on that Thursday, will be the focal point of our performance. We want to use it for giving impulses and thus inspire people to find a little more “PEACE”.

Jolly is a good friend of mine, human being, philosopher and artist. During his eventful life, he left many tracks. As an inspired consultant for entrepreneurs, he fascinated top managers. Currently, his presentations provide important input and make many persons contemplative. His musical career brought him in contact with many relevant artists, among them Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

On April, 28th, during the IF Forum, we will have the kick-off for our project “peace”. You are all invited to come and actively participate. For more information, click here:

Jolly & Roland – On April, 28th, in the IF Forum: For LIFE and PEACE!


Mobility is a central and global determining factor of our lives. The development grew its own momentum in an absurd way, thus gaining power over our cities and the entire planet. We have all been forced under the same yoke and now often act contrary to our elementary needs. Our mobile habits develop lives of their own and destroy our means of life. Individual traffic based on private vehicles with a combustion motor has reached a dominant position. Public transportation gets more and more obsolete and “active mobility” (on foot, by bike or other means like skateboards or inline-skates) is only considered remaining traffic. While, especially in the latter section, e-mobility might well be a great chance, the one-on-one replacement of the combustion motor by electro motors is not a valid alternative.
The movement “active mobility in everyday life” (#AktMobCmp) wants to counteract this ever stronger development. On anti-conferences, we pool our ideas, build networks, find solutions and become active. The initial event earlier this year in Unterhaching was truly encouraging. Günter Schütz from Augsburg spontaneously decided to organize the next event on May, 20th and 21st in Augsburg. It is again two days and sponsored by Transition Town Augsburg e.V. with the friendly support of the local Agenda 21 of the City of Augsburg.

For more information, read the Flyer designed by Günter and visit the of  AktMobCmp website.
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I would like to invite you to come and attend the Augsburg  #AktMobCmp. But there is even more I would like to ask you: I am sure you know persons who, even today, are convinced that a lot needs to be changed about mobility or who already mostly go places “actively”.

Please inform these people! And there is even more of a plea of mine: The barcamp #AktMobCmp is an important event. On top of many participants, it also needs supporters. You are all welcome to sponsor or actively support it. If you know potential candidates, please inform them and hand them one of the flyers!

(Translated by EG)