Alexander Große
Thursday March 26th, 2009

Experiences of a Temporary Career Soldier #1 – Start

As some other authors of this blog might know, I am myself a temporary career soldier at the German armed forces and have been with the army since July, 2002. After quite a few seminars, force practicals and leadership postings, I now know the German armed forces quite well.

Over the last six years, the German armed forces have undergone a change the (sad) culminating point of which – for the time being – has been the current report of the armed forces commissioner in front of parliament this week. On the whole, what is wrong with the German armed forces are basic issues. In my future blog articles, I will endeavour to look behind the scenes and outline the advantages and disadvantages of a conscript army from the viewpoint of someone who is directly concerned.
Initially, I will just list the pros and cons of our conscript system. Later on, I will get to other sectors and procedures within the German armed forces.

Does the conscript system still give anything positive to the soldiers? Does it have any advantages for the German forces when involved in active combat? Where does the army go and why do the political powers continue to demand the conscript system? These are all questions that I wish to shed light upon. For a change, I want to give another than the official view. Partly, I will manage to objectively base my arguments on reasoning. Partly, however, my arguments will remain subjective, reflecting the personal opinion of an officer in the armed forces.

Maybe this series will allow you to look behind the scenes, because someone is giving you a little insight into what goes on in the armed forces

(translated by EG)

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