Alexander Maisch
Friday June 13th, 2008

Scrum Clinic: the Nokia test

At InterFace we have a place to discuss the scrum related topics with everyone involved or interested in scrum.

The Scrum Clinic

I’m going to present selected topics from our Scrum Clinic here on this blog. Feel free to comment and discuss them.

Today I’m going to start with the Nokia test.

Nokia is doing (quite a lot of) scrum. They have created a test to check wether a team really is doing scrum.

The test has two parts. The first part is about doing iterative development

  • Iterations must be timeboxed to less than 4 weeks
  • Software must be tested and working at the end of each iteration
  • The Iteration must start before specification is complete

Second: is it scrum?

  • You know who the product owner is
  • There is a product backlog prioritized by business value
  • The product backlog has estimates created by the team
  • The team generates burndown charts and knows their velocity
  • There are no project managers (or anyone else) disrupting the work of the team

For the moment my english postings will be more compact than the original german posts. Sorry for that!

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