Elwood P. Dowd
Monday November 18th, 2013


harvey&friendWe first grow in a bag of water.

Our only connection with the world is the umbilical cord.

Today, everybody is running around holding a smartphone in front of their eyes.

Again, a balloon by itself.

The radio signal is the new umbilical cord.

The new bag of water is the search engine by mother google.

Mother google will nourish us with what she thinks is good for us and keep us away from what she thinks is not good for us.

If someone outside the balloon comes into our bag of water and asks for a street two blocks away, we will forward the question to mother google, because – unlike us today – she will know the answer.

Incidentally, there is no need for us to know anything anymore. Don’t think, link.

google is not an enterprise, google is a big mother.

We are the small children.

My friend Harvey says:

Objection, Dowd, life inside the balloon is not something the internet invented,
google only copied real life.

If, for example, someone turns an indebted shack club into a world-club, a butcher’s shop into a meat plant, even worries about integration of immigrants, then there is the distinct danger that he considers himself strong enough to become a one-man-nation who writes his own rules.

But L’etat c’est moi will only function of you systematically have the right false friends: the spit-lickers who always say yes and never say no.

Hoeneß has these kinds of friends.They hermetically lock him into a balloon and there is no world with other rules outside this balloon.

Unfortunately, there are far too many who, living in the ghetto of their own rules – keep violating all our rules without ever being aware that they act unlawfully.

Harvey, balloons are interesting.

However, they do not come with drums and trumpets, as you might imagine.

Initially, they are solid units, with thick and flexible walls. As soon as they fill up, they grow unexpectedly large and their walls get thinner and thinner. Finally, they will explode and their content is gone.

At the end of the last century, we had the internet balloon, then the real-estate balloon. “Sic transit gloria mundi” and whatever small and medium-sized savers and gamblers invested is lost along with it.

The “Hoeneß-Balloon” belongs in the family of solidarity balloons. After all, solidarity is nothing other than stepping in for other people’s sloppiness, ignorance, failures and incompetence. Solidarity balloons will mostly be built up in enterprises and governments. Normally, their growth is misery without end and their bursting endless misery. Because they fill up with solidarity, at the cost of competence.

Here is what you will find: a top manager or head of government will only choose those for his closest associates who declare their solidarity with his project, concept or vision. This makes competence a minor criterion – on all levels of the organization. Sooner or later, there will be the Troy effect, which means the words spoken by Kassandra will just not be heard. Well, not much is left of Troy, is there?

I wish we had more Kassandra-s in our governments and enterprises. They need character, because they are probably mostly frowned upon and called brakemen and slow doubt-carriers.
Even solidarity is a question of the dose
(Elwood P. Dowd)
(Translated by EG)

Elwood P. Dowd
Tuesday November 12th, 2013


harvey&friendWinston Churchill said something like: “Democracy is a poor system, but it is the best system we know.”

In a democracy, the people (demos) are who have the sovereignty (kratie). In theory!

The key to the sovereignty are the elections. The people vote in favour of ideas, concepts, a philosophy. The majority will win. So far, so good.

But the people also elect persons. They are subcontractors who are supposed to implement the ideas, concepts, philosophies they have been elected for. The people delegate the sovereignty. Now, the subcontractors reign.

Those who have the power will do what they want to do. The people do not count. Herds of cattle, driven to the polling stations? Having to accept anything?
What is the difference between industry and democracy?

In industry, subcontractors are bloodied. In democracy, the subcontractors are those who do the bloodying.

Where did we go wrong?

My friend Harvey says:

Your method of demanding truth is an interesting one – the adjustment of metaphors.

Normally, the masterminds of a democracy, for instance the French revolutionaries, worked with a family metaphor: Fraternité, brothers, brothers to the light.

This is supposed to signal blood relationship, close proximity, maximum trust.

In doing so, they had found a reply to the animal metaphor as declared by Hobbes:

One person is his neighbour’s wolf – which is the opposite of brother.

You use an entrepreneurial metaphor, which is supposed to prove that you are not a leftist sentimentalist, but a rational rightist.

The subcontractor is absolutely consistent after having started with the entrepreneurial metaphor.

Whatever serves to guarantee success is right.

Be it the free sale for an entrepreneur, or the execution of the people’s wishes in a democracy

From the animal metaphor via the family metaphor to the entrepreneurial metaphor.

Nietzsche says that truth is a mobile army of metaphors.

There comes a time when we can no longer prove anything with ratio.

That is when we will believe in images which are supposed to verify our ideas.

Some believe in the animal inside us, others in the family person,

You believe in the entrepreneur.

Now who has the best truth?

Oh, my dear Harvey, what paths are you taking? There is only one truth, but it lies hidden in a haystack of lies. Humans are notoriously lazy, so they take the surrogate for truth: belief. It has the same effect as a drug.

Those who do not like belief will take doubt. It is an even more potent drug, because you will not get rid of it. Least of all by ratio!

All you can do is strengthen or weaken it, using images.

There is a method behind it and, according to Adorno, it works “like a tank on the open wound of doubt.” (Elwood P. Dowd).
(Translated by EG)

Elwood P. Dowd
Wednesday October 9th, 2013


harvey&friendOnce upon a time…

When money was still worth something.

The times when money was covered by gold. If you had money, you could change it into gold at the bank. The total value of all money in a nation equalled the value of all the gold in said nation. At least, that was the idea.

The total amount of money was limited. Money was rare.

In modern times, we have money glut. Gold fever for governments, gamblers, finance sharks and soldiers of fortune with silvery-grey ties.

Money is not created by producing new things of value, but by opening a credit line. You can pay back later, by taking up new loans.

Debts will create money!?!

We are up to our ears in money. The backing, the thing that guarantees its value, is our trust.

Everybody needs money, but who needs trust? Madoff, Lehmann Brothers and the likes, frauds.

Beware of trust preachers, they only preach for their own advantage.

My friend Harvey says:

My dear Dowd,

In former times, the Deutsche Bank slogan was:

Trust is the beginning of everything.

In particular, trust is the first step of any brainwashing.

As in the people’s wisdom: trust is blind.

If you put blind trust in someone,

You should be more than a little certain.

Or else not trust.

We should be strict about replacing trust by confidence.

What confidence do I have in someone?

What confidence do the Greeks have in their prime minister?

What confidence do the Germans have in their Federal Chancellor?


Dowd, remove trust from your vocabulary,

Replace it by confidence.

Then you will never again fall for Madoff and his type.

Besides, in those golden times,

Which you probably glorify so much because you are so old,

The currencies were always only covered by gold to a small percentage.

The brainwash term camouflaging it was: gold coverage.

It sounded like there was a nugget with the exact value of one hundred cents attached to each dollar bill.

I thank you, Harvey, because you lead us onto the right path.

Trust is the consequence of brainwashing. Confidence is problematic. It is based on information, but we have to trust the information. Otherwise confidence would be impossible. Which gets us right back to brainwashing.

Now all that remains is distrust.

I wonder why I have so many friends???

(Elwood P. Dowd).
(Translated by EG)

Elwood P. Dowd
Monday August 19th, 2013


harvey&friendThe poor not only deserve our sympathy; we should also be prepared to help them. If you refuse to do that, you are an anti-social philistine.

One might be tempted to conclude that anti-social philistinism only happens in the middle and upper classes. Well, here is news for you: this social mildew is also common among the lower classes. In their case, poverty becomes a privilege, because it produces no obligations, only rights.

Hartz IV dynasties flourish on the fertile soil of moneys paid by a public hand that is both a caricature and charitable. Food and accommodations are provided for. The only requirement is that you have to use every trick in the book in order to “qualify” as poor – and tax money will flow your way. You are never expected to do anything in return.

Children as “the capital of the poor man” are not a workforce in the classical sense; instead, they trigger additional subsidies. Their education is delegated to the provider of public education – at zero cost.

As soon as there is the slightest pain when you relieve yourself, you go and see the doctor. After all, it is free!

This is how you can flee the embarrassing rat race of daily similarities in this ruthless achievement-oriented society of give and take. Welcome to the paradise of demands.

Relief organizations and hard-working volunteers add to the display of goodies.

Clever marketing brains discovered the potential of those “poor ones” a long time ago. See: the “Mäc Geiz” chain.

Well, it had to be said by one who is socially very active.

My Friend Harvey Says:

Dowd, you are a fool

You lost control of your perspective management.

You accuse the poor of desires they do not have at all.

These are your own concepts, which you project to the poor.

You are offended, because the banner carried by the middle classes: Achievement=Income is not carried by the poor, as well.

Incidentally, the rich do not carry it either, their riches come from capital.

The truly dissocial are the poor and the rich.

Both are provided for by the state.

By you, true middle-class hard-working man, who, each year, works exclusively for them until the end of July.

Your taxes protect the money of the rich after their best assistants, the banks, have blown it.

Your tax money enables caritas and other charities to care for the poor with one million employees.

Do you really believe your words will make a difference?

You fool.

Who other than you yourself would be interested?

The poor enjoy remaining poor, because then they need not do anything for others, instead of having done something to them.

Which is exactly how the rich see it.

And the same is true for the assisting economy and the financial business.

My dear Harvey, I might have known that you know what the snag is.
The dissocial are provided for by the state. The same is true for the retired persons and civil servants. Consequently, the dissocial are catapulted from the margin existence into the majority and to normalcy.
Society is anti-social.
Who would have thought so (Elwood P. Dowd).

Elwood P. Dowd
Wednesday June 26th, 2013


harvey&friendIs there anyone who ever took something out of a sailor in the nude’s pocket?

On the other hand, many preach to the choir,
few, however, bang their heads against locked glass doors.

That is exactly when the masses yell: transparency!

Do you want total transparency?

Transparency is an optical characteristic – the opposite of reflectivity.

Transparency equals diaphanousness – we see through it, consequently we see nothing.

Soccer reporters understood that a long time ago.

“…on the left off-side, Meyer was totally transparent.”
In other words: Meyer was not seen on the field.

Transparency is a magic hood, there is no better hiding place!

Where everything is transparent, we will no longer see anything.

So, welcome, transparency fans, in the country of the blind,
where even the one-eyed is no longer king, because there is nothing left to see.

My Friend Harvey Says:

Which sentence on transparency is valid?
If you have nothing to hide, there is nothing you have to fear.
Those who have nothing to hide already lost everything.

A homosexual soccer player is ostracized.
He has to suffer mobbing.
He commits suicide.
Later, it is totally normal for a soccer player to be homosexual.
Now is that good or bad transparency?

In times of RAF, you were considered suspicious
if you used a false name for paying your electricity bills.
Thousands were spied on, one was caught.
Good or bad transparency?

The sensor-supported emergency call system e-call 
will automatically notify the nearest ambulance station if something happens.
Simultaneously, it notifies the insurance company if the driver was speeding.
Good or bad transparency?

Google gets better and better with what I am interested in.
I only get results to fit my need.
All that is new, different, hindering, remains unlisted.
Good or bad transparency?

Politicians will tell everybody openly on the web 
why they decided as they did.
Decisions will be made or not.
Good or bad transparency?

Refined algorithms can predict our behaviour in road traffic with surprising precision. It runs rather smoothly, because the system knows our ways. Both those of today and tomorrow.
Good or bad transparency?

Entertainment movies can react to the taste of the audience in tailor-made fashion and in real-time.

Everyone gets the best possible entertainment individually.
There are no surprises left.
Good or bad transparency?

With the methods of personalized medicine, we know exactly when and why we are going to die. To be sure, we can postpone death by a few years through an individually adapted therapy.

Good or bad transparency?

Let me add that spectacles equipped with full-body scanners would make an effective speed dating possible.
(Elwood P. Dowd).

Elwood P. Dowd
Wednesday June 19th, 2013


Some of my best friends will soon return from the USA.

Their eyes will sparkle as they tell me about the great miracles of nature: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yellowstone…
Indescribably beautiful scenery in protected nature, or fakes???

Fraudulent wrapping of a reality full of tsunamis, earth-quakes, tornados, volcano eruptions, epidemics???

Darwin unmasked them all.

Behind flattering and deceptive beauty and great glitter, you will – if you are lucky – find the trials and tribulations of biologic accidents; if you are less lucky, you are more likely to get the ruthless evolutional struggle:. “The survival of the fittest”.

Basically, “Mother Nature” is like the muzzle of a dog; knowing neither emotions nor ideas, neither ethics nor morals.
Solidarity (helping the weak ones so they will come out unharmed) and cooperation (building a pack) does not exist, except if it gains you competitive advantages.

Nature is not a humanitarian event. And it certainly is not a “leftist” institution.

Who will protect us from nature???

Here is what my friend Harvey says:
There is no such thing as nature.
What is the similarity between the tuberculosis bacterium and the cute deer you see running through the forest?
Why should a bird flying be more natural than an airplane flying?
What sort of natural experience do the people have who marvel at the Higgs-Boson – and what those who fall down on their knees before Monument Valley?
In fact, there is not even such a thing as natural sciences.
Why does water freeze at zero degrees Celsius without fail?
Why, on the other hand, have the temperatures refused to increase during the last fifteen years, regardless of all the climate change and natural sciences that predicted it?
The combination of individual parts and partial results allegedly telling us about the character of nature is purely a matter of belief.
It happens exclusively between the ears.
Substitute religion for scientists.
Nietzsche says: God is dead.
Nature never lived.

God is dead, nature never existed …

Truly sad news.

Now it is our responsibility.

Elwood P. Dowd
(Translated by EG)

Elwood P. Dowd
Friday June 7th, 2013

Farewell Party

Recently, the least liked schoolmaster of the French, with a somniferous charisma that by now is proverbial, addressed the nation.

His words still ring in my ears: “France is not the problem, France is the solution.”

The glamorous wrapping he used was an appeal for a European Business Government, where he supposedly would expect to have little work and lots of leisure.

It augurs well for him, because France is leading in many respects:

* 35–hour working week

* Huge foreign commerce deficit

* Social services financed by debts

* Industry in ruins

* High density of nuclear plants

The list could be extended infinitely
Dear Germans and Europeans: if this France is the solution, then we have come closer to the “Final Solution” than ever in history.

Here is what my friend Harvey says:
“Europe cannot be saved.
France will shorten the time of suffering.
With a glittering farewell party.
The French advice for the patient is:
Put no country to the trough, put them all into the pan
Let us live today; there will be enough time for dying tomorrow
Heine wrote: the Germans spend a lot of time
Thinking about Tomorrow while not seeing Today.
He wrote that down in Paris.
So, now, Europeans, Go To Paris!
The augur of the present will welcome you with open arms!
Why not leave the inconvenient future to others?”

What was it Wowereit said when Berlin was almost bankrupt to the tune of 60 billion Euros?
“The Show Must Go On!!!”
So how is Berlin doing today?
Just fine, thank you very much!
Quod erat demonstrandum?

Elwood P. Dowd