Klaus Küster
Tuesday September 28th, 2010

Partisan, II

In psychology, they have the term:


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Klaus Küster
Tuesday March 9th, 2010

Numbers, Please.

With every Pound Sterling they generate, investment bankers in the City of London – they earn around 1.0 million Pound Sterling – destroy seven Pounds worth of common property.

Says the British Think-tank nef.

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Klaus Küster
Thursday February 25th, 2010

Morals, Double Morals, Hyper Morals.

Frau Käßmann resigned.

The immediate reaction is a great lamentation:

Poor woman.

The same would not have happened if it had been a man.

She served us and our cause poorly (Alice Schwarzer).

What are the facts?

The lady has an alcohol problem she now approaches hands-on.

She made a mistake the consequences of which she accepts.

Absolutely correct.

With all our moral hypertrophy,

It is no longer possible

to call a MISTAKE a mistake.

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Klaus Küster
Thursday February 11th, 2010

Partisans Wanted.

On October, 30th, – when the program “Immer noch benachteiligt (still at a disadvantage)” was broadcast – you could hear the following sentence over the “Deutschlandfunk”:

Only 11 per cent of young people from “unskilled labour background families” manage to go to university. Tendency: declining.

On November, 18th, the educational economist Ludger Wössmann wrote in the SZ:

Educational deficits are at the root of the German unemployment problem. If you take two children with a different family background – but exactly the same competence (proved by measurement) – the child of graduates is four times as likely to go to grammar school as the child of manual labourers. 95 % of the children who have one parent with a university degree will attend university. The rate for children with “skilled labour family background” is 17 %.

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Klaus Küster
Monday February 1st, 2010

New IF Blog Author.

Bild KKBorn in 1944.

Full tax payer since 1960.

1968, when all the others went demonstrating, I went into marketing.


1968 – IG Druck & Papier:
No, thanks.

1975 – SPD:
No, thanks.

1994 – Pension defraud insurance.
No, thanks.

1997 – Firewater, beer, champagne tax:
No, thanks…

Since: 1997 – Thanks for everything.

Motto: juggle through in single file.

(Translated by EG)

Klaus Küster
Sunday January 31st, 2010

May His Will Be Done.

Loyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, let it be known that he is only “a banker doing the work of God”.

So what exactly is he doing?

Goldmann Sachs declares a profit of 28 billion dollars,
16 billion of which go to his colleagues as bonus payments.
12 billion go to the shareholders.

nd 2 million to the earth quake victims in Haiti.
If you find that cynical, please remember.

It was the will of God that Lloyd Blankfein earns billions.
You can’t argue against Billions.

Just like it was the will of God that the poorest of the poor 
were slain.
We do not know why, but bishop Käßman 
will soon explain it to us.

And the 2 million?

They are a very humanitarian gesture by a company the German boss of which 
otherwise insists that:
“Banks, in particular private and stock-market-oriented institutes
have no obligation whatsoever towards the common good.”

Perhaps it is Allah’s will 
for another two planes to fly into headquarters very soon?

May His Will Be Done.

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