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Friday January 15th, 2016


2000 before Christ.
Roland and his Neubiberg horde are totally disrupted by an Unterhaching horde. After a few turnings of the moon, his wife Barbara assumes that, perhaps, Roland is not coming back.

The rest of the world will never know.

1st century after Christ.
Roland, a Bavarian auxiliary soldier and part of a Roman legion is killed when they fight against some Germanians. After a few moons have passed, Barbara asks for news at Castra Regina. She gets the information: probably dead.

The rest of the world will never know.

2016 after Christ.
Roland writes about his frustration. Readers of the IF blog read his words. They feel that he is writing what they think, inform others who are like-minded. Among them is the author of a mass paper who titles it “Apocalypse Now”. A foreign journalist who is actually glad that, for a change, the Germans at long last also are poorly off, tells it to his compatriots who immediately become even worse off. The world of media is suddenly flooded with a competition of “who-is-worst-off”, because only bad news is good news.

The rest of the world will hear about it.

The increasing world-wide evil spirit is a consequence of inflated communication cascades.

In other words.

News ooze booze.

(Translated by EG)

Detlev Six
Saturday January 9th, 2016

Teaching Refugees Rules

Many refugees come from anti-democratic or culture-racist countries. After their arrival, they meet mirror images like Pegida & Co, who are happy to take advantage of this great opportunity to inflate the balloon. In addition, we have refugees who have no ideological prejudices against our society. They mostly come because of the money. Taken together, they do not constitute what Bill Clinton called the requirement for a functioning society: “Those who work hard and play by the rules“. Well, they cannot be, can they? So maybe we should make them.

We should stop talking about human rights, human dignity, freedom, the rule of law, minority protection, equality, equal opportunities, pluralism, morals, ethics or, even worse, angrily advertised western values. The one thing that makes our society a success is the coexistence of humans where nobody’s hands are between the legs of other persons without invitation and where economic success comes because of a shared wish for progress. From all our great values, we can deduce clear rules. Nobody needs to have studied philosophy for 20 semesters in order to know them. Let us start:

Rule #1: Learning German.
Rule #2: Keep your hands away from between a lady’s legs unless explicitly invited.
And, and, and.

Attending a school where those rules are taught is obligatory for all refugees, they have to graduate and the final test results have a huge influence on whether they can stay in the country or not.

I know what you are going to say: We have all those things! But how scattered? Is anybody responsible for this school? Do we have enough money and teachers? For years, the CSU has opposed an immigration law, arguing that the laws are all there – somehow and somewhere. Well, I have some news for you, ladies and gentlemen. There is a difference between a mass of colourful gunk distributed over zillions of institutions or one institution, such as an immigration ministry with one suitable package of legislation.

What makes everything such a disaster is that we have no clear, reliable responsibilities. This is true both for institutions and persons.

Incidentally, I would also send those to the schools of rules who for years abused the Regensburger Domspatzen (Have you noticed? In the daily news, you always get another news item in between the report about Cologne and the Domspatzen. It seems like they wish to make it look less obvious that, in our high-moral Germany, we also have many testosterone criminals. I guess it is better not to ask about all the undesired things that still happen in some marriages today).

One problem would immediately be solved by introducing these schools of rules. The persons would have a task, a goal by the reaching of which they actually could improve their own perspective. And even if it sounds banal: they would have something to do.

(Translated by EG)

Is there a Big-Bang Hungarian?

Reply by a Hungarian who believes in it:
Sure, we have always been here.

Yet Hungarians only immigrated to the area of today’s Hungary around 900 years ago.

Nonsense, we have always been here!

Only around 1900, the ratio of Hungarians was increased from von 45% to 55% by forced Magyarising.

Lying blog.

I have this information from Wikipedia.

Lying Wikipedia.

Honest newspapers, too, write it.

Lying media.

Scientific proof is fairly convincing.

Lying science.

The same discussion is easily imaginable with a Kaczynski Pole, a Le-Pen Frenchman or a Pegida German.

The belief in right-wing concepts is based on a pure national blood community, rather than a modern will-oriented society.

As opposed to God and Particles of God (see my post Neues von Gott und dem großen Bumser), who you can neither prove nor disprove – which makes them part of the unsolvable last truths – questions of national purity are about short-lived truths. They can be either proved or disproved.

So maybe information desks in Hungary, Poland and Dresden are the solution?

Well, perhaps not.

Or with the philosopher Dieter Bohlen:
“The problem is: how to tell a mentally retarded person that he is mentally retarded?“

(Translated by EG)

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Detlev Six
Saturday January 31st, 2015

We, the Cheese Cover Freedom Heroes.

They said in the news that the Cologne satire wagon on the Hebdo assassination that was to have been part of the carnival procession was cancelled for reasons of safety.

Immediately afterwards, they broadcast the sitcom: “Third Floor Left”. Sitcom is short for situation comedy and (so the producers said in the pre-view) was supposed to spontaneously process current events.

Well, tough luck so far.

Because the first twenty minutes of the show were not, as I had expected, dedicated to the “Cologne Angst” (which is a sub-category of “German Angst”). Instead, they were actually dedicated to Frau Merkel. The cheese remained inside the borders set by the Islamists.

While doing so, it pretended to have applied its own cheese cover, because within the security zone, there was quite a bit of serious satire. Frau Merkel playing the harmless substitute victim for the dangerous Paris murderers. Well, that would certainly give the cabaret cheese a strong flavour.

Maneuvers? Not at all! Dutifully, everyone laughed. They all knew the western desire for freedom has nothing more to offer.

The same is true for me, which is why I wrote “we” in the title. To this day, I am glad that I did not have to show my courage during the Third Reich. The idea that I might have been a smooth follower is too close to home.

After twenty minutes, I switched off the sitcom. And I promised myself that, in connection with freedom and free talk, I will remain mute, instead of shooting my mouth off.

(Translated by EG)

Detlev Six
Saturday September 13th, 2014

Are We All Sea Squirts?

A sea squirt is an ocean dweller which, as soon as it has found a suitable location for ageing, will no longer move for its entire life. And since brains are only in your way if you stay in one place, it simply eats its brains.

Is the IS fighter a sea squirt?

Can any brains be more superfluous than those that have not changed in 1,400 years?

Is Putin a sea squirt?

Well, perhaps not. To be sure, he firmly believes in one people, one nation and power, but at the same time, he moves rather successfully in our brains and manipulates our moral lines.

Are we in the west sea squirts?

Unfortunately, yes. We cemented our universal values into human rights and now we are surprised that we remain sitting on them all by ourselves because they are not in demand.

The others do not even consider thinking in the same way we do. And we, too, have not always thought in this way. For instance during the thirty years war or under the Nazis who, less than 70 years ago, did exactly what the IS is doing now – including the rituals and power play.

Universal thinking might well be provincial – if those who practice it think they are unique. We should immediately stop lamenting about the brutality of the others not at all being in accordance with our own values. Instead, we should deal with the values of the others.

And how we could break them.

Without constantly citing our bible, the human rights bill. We have to confront the fact that some use words as a basis for arguments while others use rifles.

In short:

We have to learn how to deal with the fact that we do not have a value monopole. If you want to study strategic morals, you have to enter the brains of the others. Yet you should not make the mistake of confusing the empathy of like-minded persons with the dispute among those who think differently.

So here is what you should do tonight: leave your own brains for ten minutes and enter the brains of a strange, inimical person.

Otherwise, you will get a smack on the brains from me.

(Translated by EG)

Detlev Six
Sunday August 24th, 2014

Strategy is not a Glance in the Rear-View-Mirror.

They might end up in the wrong hands – our weapons.

In fact, it is fairly certain.

The weapons the Western Countries gave Gaddafi are now used for destruction all over the Near East.

With the weapons from the West in Afghanistan, the Taliban shoot today.

The IS drives steel-plated US weapons.

And now we are supposed to provide the Peschmerga with weapons, and even the PKK, which, after all, is still graded a terrorist association in Germany? Because there is a slim hope that perhaps worse from the IS could be avoided by this?
Remember the sentence by Kierkegaard:
We can only understand life in retrospect, yet we have to live it the other way around.
A strategic decision always includes looking into the future, which means speculation and risk.


The Kurdish part of Iraq is the one in the region most similar to the West (except Israel). It is possible that an (Iraqi) Kurdistan might develop into a country with halfway Western values (pluralism, democracy, market economy). The hope is based on a lasting connection between the Peschmerga and the PKK with the expectation of stability in the new country. It is accepted that the country of Iraq will disintegrate. It will be split into three parts: Kurdistan, a Shiite state and a Sunnite state. The IS is beaten, the weapons remain in Kurdistan.

The Risk:

The worst scenario would be a total victory of the IS and as a consequence, an Iraq-Syrian caliphate. That would be the most intolerant country under the sun. All the weapons would fall into the hands of the IS.

The most acceptable loss: – after failing in the fight, the PKK will disappear in the Kurdish mountains or in Syria, taking along Western weapons.

You can think of endless alternative between those two extremes.

So far about the visible act of armament decisions.

For us (author’s note: I am talking to the members of the community “Strategic Morals”), the main focus of interest lies in what strategic morals the individual players follow in order to get the weapons deal and (in the case of the IS) in order to get a foothold in the counter movement?

The Kurdish North-Iraqi tell the West:

We are your best hope when it comes to your values.

The PKK tells the Peschmerga and the West:

In the end, the blood of the brothers will always win.

The IS tells their comrades-in-arms and their financial supporters (Qatar):
We are the only ones who can end the supremacy of the West.

The remaining Iraq (Shiites/moderate Sunnites) tell the USA:

Do you want all your sacrifices to have been for nothing?

My prognosis:

The West will provide all the weapons, Kurdistan will be founded and then dominated by the PKK.

(Translated by EG)

This article was published in the google+ community “Strategische Moral”.

Detlev Six
Thursday August 14th, 2014

Strategic Moral: Putin’s “ShowThiefStrategy”

Well, wasn’t it a brilliant idea of Putin? An emergency convoy with food and medicine has been sent from Russia to alleviate the misery of the East-Ukrainians. Simultaneously, the Russians tell the world that they are in total agreement with the accompanying Red Cross and with the Ukrainians. Panic in Kiev. Nobody ever talked to them about it. So what now? Can we prevent the convoy, or stop it, or control it? Or should we brusquely refuse the friendly Russian gesture, because we suspect the convoy to contain weapons, instead of humanitarian aid? Regardless of the outcome: the Russians will look like the haven of humanitarianism – and they stole Kiev the limelight.

You want to know more about how strategic moral works?

Follow this link to the community “Strategische Moral

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Tuesday July 8th, 2014

The Good and the Evil Inside all of Us.

Many football fans were touched.

When the Brasilian defender David Luiz asked the audience to celebrate and console the sobbing James Rodriguez of the Columbian team that had just lost the match. Afterwards, he even took him along when the Brasilians went on their lap of honour.

What a nice person.

The sports reporter of my hometown newspaper, however, was surprised. He remembered David Luiz from the super cup finals in 2013 as a person who fouled unfairly and was provocative. Somehow or other, these two images did not seem to go together.

This is probably because of the eternal and miserable question: are humans good or evil by nature?

The correct answer is that, by nature, humans are neither the one nor the other. However, they learn to use good and evil strategically. You decide if you want to do the good or the evil thing. It depends on which behaviour will serve you better in order to reach your goal. Evil is the price we pay for the freedom to make our own decisions.

Of course, there are brain deformations which cause “evil” to be inside a person from birth, rather than after a learning process. But even then the brain is not evil. It does not even know what “evil” means. Instead, the lack of alternatives and options caused by the mental defect will always cause the “evil” action.

What do we learn from this? There are neither good nor evil persons. Only persons who act nicely or not. You can again see that this is not just the foul cliché it seems to be at first sight from the fact that the series “our fathers, our mothers” is now such a surprising success. In this series, the Nazis are portrayed just as good or evil as their opponents. For a German program, this was a novelty. Normally, the one group would have been stuck with being evil, while the other group would always have been portrayed as the good ones.

Every one of us can change from good to evil at any given time, provided the context gives the right motivation. Tonight, when David Luiz plays against Germany, you should probably expect to see more of the evil defender. But perhaps he will generously kiss the loser Neuer on the forehead after the match.


This is a post from the google+ community “Strategische Moral
We are still looking for authors (Roland Dürre already enlisted) and commentators.
Who would like to write about the new morals?

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Detlev Six
Monday December 17th, 2012

The Drug Barons‘ Christmas Wish from the Politicians.

Please, dear politicians, keep up the drug ban.
Our living depends on it.
How else are we supposed to earn half a billion dollars?
The drug ban is our business model.
Sure, there are some side effects.
The death-rate in the Mexican drug war is 24 times higher than in the Afghanistan war.
Not nice.
That is Guatemala is even 240 times higher.
Not nice either.
More countries have fatalities in the drug war than had in WW-II.
Something we had not planned in this way.
But to make up for it, we create jobs.
In the banks, where our money is laundered.
10,000 jobs alone at DEA.
That is the US drug authority.
Each day, hundreds of new jobs at CCA.
That is the jail concern.
We even make your cities a safer place to live in
You have only us to thank for the fact that 108,000 of the 660,000 inhabitants 
of Baltimore were in jail at the same time.
Never was there a time when the streets of Baltimore looked more lovable.
Please, dear politicians,
just think about our oh-so-modest wish,
and remember all those little contributions we make to your private accounts.

Here is my private Christmas wish:

Please, dear IF blog readers, do not listen to the drug barons.
Do something against the drug ban.
The war against drugs cannot be won.
You cannot kill drugs with guns.
And drug warriors and drug barons will grow back 
just like the poppy seed on the opium fields.
End the drug war!
End the lucrative drug business!
Put your signature underneath the petition for abolishing the drug ban!

Here is the web site “Breaking the Taboo

(Translated by EG)