Monday November 22nd, 2010

Radio Philosophy #079 – SUFFERING ALL OVER THE PLACE.

We suffer here.
We suffer there.
We suffer from climate change.
We suffer from the financial market.
We suffer from being pigs.
We suffer from not being pigs.
We suffer for being too superficial.
We suffer as a single, we suffer as a couple.
We suffer.
We suffer from secondary matters.
And despair of primary matters.
It really is not easy with life.
Let us pause from suffering.
Let us sing along with the crucified from 
“The Life of Brian”:
Always look on the bright side of life…

(Translated by EG)

Friday November 5th, 2010

Radio Philosophy #078 – BRAIN FOLDER.

writes a reader.
To be sure,
the Radio Philosophy is quite inspiring.
But how am I supposed to structure it mentally?
I sadly lack the coordinates.
Is it leftist?
Or rightist?
Or liberal?
Or egalitarian?
If you will excuse me.
We are interested 
in the opposite of coordinate systems.
We could not care less 
about this rectangular world.
All those beautifully arranged boxes.
Well, let me cite Francis Picabia,
the French painter: 
Our heads are round
so the thinking process can reverse directions all the time.

(Translated by EG)

Wednesday October 27th, 2010

Radio Philosophy #077 – C-CLASS.

There is a new Marx.
Cardinal Reinhard Marx.
He, too, is into class struggle.
He fights for the C-Class
He thinks the C is the most reasonable of all.
He not only justifies the values 
of the German C parties.
For him, the roots of civilization 
are Christianity and
its concept 
of humans being God-like.
For him, a post-Christian society 
has no positive fascination whatsoever.
And he finds it easy to forget
about human rights.
There is a unique advantage to those.
As opposed to the ethics based
the three mono-theistic religions.
While the latter justify what divides them
with their respective truth claim,
the human rights are universally applicable.
And that makes them a unifier.
Take care, little Marx.
A greater man than you 
failed because his ideology was too big.

(Translated by EG)

Monday October 25th, 2010

Special Edition: Radio Philosophy #076 – LAST MEAL.

Yesterday, they had “Super Size Me” on TV.
In the film, some
one ruins his health 
eating at McDonalds.
In one month.
As a self-experiment.
There is a serious background to the film.
In America, more people die because
of what they eat, than because they smoke cigarettes.
Well, maybe the warnings did some good.
Or maybe the ban of alcohol for adolescents did.
Or maybe the total abolition of illegal drugs.
Fact is:
Food is the last dependence causing substance
still available over the counter.
So let us go McDonalds.
As long as we still can.

(Translated by EG)

Tuesday September 21st, 2010

Radio Philosophy #075 – ENEMIES OF THE STATE

Every individual citizen of this state
is indebted to the tune of 10,000 Euros.
And every individual has 60,000 Euros 
as private property.
So we can easily pay our mutual debt.
But is that what we want?
Jacques Rousseau saw the state as an institution
that makes bad people of us noble savages.
Thomas Hobbes saw it as super nanny
that gives us bad savages nobility.
Both have something in common.
The state is our enemy.
Consequently, chances are rather poor that we might ransom it.
So what about all our children and grandchildren?
They will thank us for steering 
the state towards bankruptcy.
This shitty state.
With its shitty debt.

(Translated by EG)

Monday June 7th, 2010

Radio Philosophy #074 – ALL JUST OPERA

On the wall it says:
To the Preservation of the True, Beautiful and Good.
What you see inside is:
Lies – Betrayal – Intrigue.
Is the Frankfurt Opera schizophrenic?
Well, but aren’t we all!
What Spinoza called amor intellectualis dei
is what we would like to have.
What he called amor intellectualis diaboli
is what we have.
Or, to say it in plain English:
We would like to think like God,
but all we manage is think like the Devil.

(Translated by EG)

Humans never generate problems
they themselves cannot solve, says Marx.
And Friedrich Hölderlin thinks that
where there is danger, the potential for averting it grows.
Today is the annually recurring day 
when smokers are saved.
It is the world non-smokers day.
Now we look forward to:
The world overpopulation prevention day.
The world anti religious fanaticism day.
The prevention-of-drowning-in-tax-and-dues day.
And we sincerely hope
that Marx and Hölderlin were correct.

(Translated by EG)

Wednesday May 19th, 2010

Radio Philosophy #072 – LEGALIZED ROGUERY.

100 investment bankers sue 
against “Commerzbank”
in London and New York.
They want their bonusses.
The “Commerzbank” refuses to pay.
The reason:
Billions of Dollars loss 
because of investment bankers.
The investment bankers 
will win in court.
Pacta sunt servanda.
What kind of law is that?
What about justice?
The eye of the law can be seen 
in the faces of the ruling class.
Said Ernst Bloch.
Then he wrote his major work against it:
The Hope Principle.

(Translated by EG)

Monday May 17th, 2010

Radio Philosophie #071 – EVALUATION JUNKIE.

He is blogging.
He is twittering.
Waking in the small hours and shaking.
Wondering what’s in the making.
JO! 5 Stars at the end.
JO! And a comment.
Thumbs up 
and links are set.
His lips are wet,
A click his glee 
as you can see.
He works like a slave.
No time for a shave.

(Translated by EG)

One day around this time of the year is called the world consumer day.
So what exactly is the meaning of “world consumer day”?
An immigration country, for example,
is a country an entire nation immigrates to.
If immigrants were to immigrate into a country
it would be called immigration country.
Well, that much is obvious.
So what is the meaning of world consumer day?
Is that the day to remember 
all consumers world-wide?
Or is the world consumer day the day
to remember those
who consume the world?
Namely the world consumers.
Now that makes sense.
It describes the essence of capitalism.
If we all stopped consuming
it would cease to exist.
World consumer day is world rescuer day.

(Translated by EG)