Roland Dürre
Monday April 10th, 2017

Jolly on July, 8th in the Literaturhaus München.

Every person has his or her own rhythm. They only need to find it.

Being human is not always easy. Especially if you want to live in peace, it is often hard. Perhaps living happily is even harder. You have to practice it. Above all: everybody has to begin with himself/herself. For every one of us, the world is primarily about ME, which is YOU.

Consequently, we have to learn to appreciate and love ourselves. And, above all, we have to become more peaceful. We have to take responsibility for ourselves (ME) and bring this in harmony with the responsibility for the whole (WE). This is how we can develop our own personal recipe for happiness.

My friend Jolly says it in a nutshell. We have to find our rhythms. Each his or her own. On Saturday, July, 8th, he will show you how to do it!

As always, I will look forward to meeting many friends when Jolly performs. But remember: the Literaturhaus is not very big and will be soon booked out.

So you want to buy your ticket early. I will gladly help you.

(Translated by Evelyn)

On Thursday, April, 28th, 2016, Jolly spoke in favour of PEACE in my Unterhaching office building. We were allowed to film him. Here is his full performance!

I recommend that you enjoy the video with friends and a nice glass of red wine. I promise that the 60 minutes you spend watching it are a very good time investment. And afterwards, you will have a lot to talk about.

Roland Dürre
Tuesday February 28th, 2017

Prejudices, Aversions and Resentment will not bring PEACE.

The Way to PEACE Starts Inside Myself.

Last year, I spent a few days in the philosophic seminar with my friend Klaus-Jürgen Grün. Each time, I learned many new things. One of the topics of our philosophic research was resentment.

Staying with Klaus makes me thoughtful, staying at certain places encourages me to reflect.

Consequently, I started thinking about my own resentments. For me, aversions, resentments and prejudices are the little sisters of hatred. I want to find where they are inside me in order to prevent them from growing further and from taking possession of me.

Like hatred, they are a paradox. They, too, are directed against the “others”, but mostly damage the person who has them inside. Like fear, they happen between the ears and will make you aggressive and unhappy.
And that is certainly something that is not necessary. I do not wish to harm myself because I am prejudiced against others. After all, it is not logical, is it?

So I try to become aware of my aversions and resentments and ask questions about them. I know that they are based on prejudices, i.e., on totally irrational assumptions. And that they can cause terrible judgement in advance.
Basically, this is all about how everything goes without saying in my life. I find a new prejudice inside myself every day. They all cause negative communication and unfair treatment.

What is worse: I noticed that the very characteristics I hate most about myself are those I dislike in others. That is when I think I should first look for my own mistakes and, where possible, correct them. And after that, the world will already look totally different.

Consequently, it is a lot more constructive for me to start on the way towards PEACE inside myself. This is how I will become stronger, instead of pushing myself down because I get annoyed about others. Because it is as useless as a canker, gains me nothing and will harm nobody but myself.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Monday February 27th, 2017

A Manifesto for PEACE!

It is always rewarding to tune in to Bayern2. This time, it was the “Culture Journal” that found my heart.

Ingeborg Bachmann: Graffito by Jef Aérosol at the Klagenfurt Musilhaus

Yesterday’s program had literature and poetry after the war as its topic. The last interview was with the publicist Peter Hamm. It made a huge impression on me. You can listen to the entire program as a podcast  (Kulturjournal of February, 26th,  2017).

Peter Hamm related in a very intense way how, early in the 1950s, he suffered because of the re-armament. To put it bluntly, he said that “the re-armament meant the end of his relation with the new nation”. At the time, he had read works by authors such as Ingeborg Bachmann and Nelly Sachss. And that is how they found the “manifesto of his generation”, the poem “Alle Tage” by Ingeborg Bachmann.

And that was when my brains said “click”. Because this poem was also the manifesto of our youth. It is a cry for help by Ingeborg Bachmann that is more modern than ever before!



Each Day
War is no longer declared,
it just continues. The unspeakable
has become normal.The hero
remains aloof from the fights. The weak ones
are now under fire.
Patience is the uniform of the day,
your decoration is a pitiful star
of hope above the heart.

It will come in last
if nothing more happens,
after the barrage has ended,
when the enemy has become invisible
and the shadow of never-ending armament
spreads to the horizon.

It will be awarded
for fleeing and deserting,
for bravery before your friend,
for treason through telling unworthy secrets
and for not following

any orders.

Ingeborg Bachmann



When I read it, my only emotion was sadness. And especially the last six lines say exactly what I crave!    
It would make me truly happy if “Alle Tage“ were also to become the manifesto of the young generation!

(Translated by Evelyn)

On this lyrikline page, you will also find an audio version of “Alle Tage”.
I took the image and signature of Ingeborg Bachmann from the German Wikipedia page.

For more information on the poem, see:
© Piper Verlag GmbH, München 1978
Aus: Die gestundete Zeit. 1953.
Heute in: Werke Band 1
München: Piper, 1978
ISBN: 3-492-11700-7
The audio production lyrikline is by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (1952). It, too, impressed me very much.

Roland Dürre
Tuesday February 21st, 2017


Says the USA as they look towards EUROPE …



I find it terrible

  • After all, up to now I believed it is the world-wide goal of everybody to wage fewer wars, kill fewer people, produce less misery and build fewer weapons.
  • And that weapons always will only be useful for business in the weapons industry.
  • In the last fifty years, I myself never knew a war that solved any problems. On the contrary.
  • Side effect: now I know that Greece (relative to its gross national product) is the EU country that spends most money on armament (2,4 %) and Germany (thanks to the strict rules formulated by the “federation partners” when we were “re-united”), least (1,2 %).
  • Just like I always also hear that, among all the EU countries, Greece is worst off and Germany best off.
    🙂 Honi soit qui mal y pense!


And here are some questions.

  • Why does not EUROPE counter by asking the USA to spend more money on climate protection?
  • How does EUROPE expect to become more independent if they do not vehemently oppose the amoral request of the USA, rather than agreeing like an obedient sheep?
  • What exactly are the shared values of the USA and Europe that need to be defended?
    (Would you like me to guess? I cannot think of very much.)
  • Does the NATO really have to manoeuvre in the Baltic States and already plan the next manoeuvres in Poland?

In particular, I do not understand it because EUROPE, just like the USA (and the same is true for the enemy RUSSIA) are bankrupt with permanently increasing debts. And besides, these nations, just like the entire world, have totally different concerns that they really should get worried about. It is the “fear that eats up the soul” and truly fills the heads of some old men from a world long gone. That makes me sad.

(Translated by EG)

Klaus Hnilica
Tuesday February 14th, 2017

Woebegone Europe – What Exactly Is It?

At the moment, nobody can probably say what kind of construct the so-called ’Europe’ is. Economically, it does not look too good, its crisis countries struggle against increasing unemployment rates, it is politically divided and the citizens and elites have become more and more each other’s enemies because, after seven years of Euro crisis, they now see themselves confronted with a refugee stream from Africa and the Near East that does not look like it will end in the near future.

Is this the demise of this ’European Artificial Concept’ European Union (EU) and currency union, where none of the governments that are part of the whole is capable of showing us a uniting narrative – which means that the stupid shouting of rightist disruption mushrooms is being slurped up by an abandoned citizenry like Grail Messages?

Or is this diffuse concept EU doomed because all its borders have to stay open? Since, as the German Chancellor – who simultaneously writes into her subjects’ annals that a 3,000 kilometre-long border as Germany has it cannot be controlled anyway – tells her citizens that otherwise the Euro will have failed. Just like the EU with its 14,000 kilometres of borders, cannot be expected to control them all?

And those who think they know better and tell people that ’Schengen ’ should under all circumstances have been adhered to and that the exterior borders should have been protected are told that, after the interior borders had fallen, they perhaps learned nothing at all from the world financial crisis that, too, was initiated by the Americans. After all, did anybody care about the Maastricht Rules when the individual governments hastily saved their banks because the economic control mechanisms had failed – or that is at least how they interpreted it – and, consequently, everybody had to return to the ’primate of politics’ as a matter of course?

And that is how we are going to continue, no matter what! As it is, the safety packages and soft budget limitations are an excellent tool for keeping the interest rates of ’Mr. Draghi’s EZB’ low and even for, without any shame, indebting ourselves even more without having to deal with the intricacies of debt reduction and structural reforms as the usual dumb asses demand!

What a pity that parts of the population and the EU and currency union get more and more dissatisfied regardless: masses of them run towards the leftist parties in the south and towards the right extremists and national conservatives in the north and east, instead of at long last becoming wise and taking their example from good old Germany – this is true for the euro crisis, the refugee crisis and the energy revolution! It would be quite easy, wouldn’t it?

Even if there might be the danger that the occasional wisecrack who believes that Germany, based on well-meaning, will actually do the wrong thing due to its uncoordinated policy, thereby threatening to destroy the peace project of a unified Europe. One of those wisecracks is he historian Heinrich August Winkler. He says: It is part of our German responsibility to kiss inflated moral egos that especially progressively inclined Germans world-wide possess good-bye. It is an erroneous belief that we, if necessary even all by ourselves, have to realize the good things. It must not become our lives’ lie!“

Hm – how confusing! This is definitely not what our Federal Chancellor thinks?

But maybe the man actually has a point?

(Translated by Evelyn)

Roland Dürre
Monday January 9th, 2017


PEACE must not become a religion, because then we will quickly become un-peaceful.

That is also the reason why there must be no project PEACE.

Seems to be a powerful symbol für peace. May be to powerful.

As you all know, I was going to start a project PEACE. Well, more than ever, I am in favour of PEACE. But no longer as a project.

In the last few months, I have had many dialogues with wise and peaceful persons. Like me, they are convinced that peace is the most precious commodity for us humans. And I learned a lot from them and thought a lot about what I can do for PEACE.

Here is what the current state of affairs regarding my ideas is:

I no longer believe that peace can be brought about by organizations and projects.

A short time ago, a strong lady came to me and said:

“Roland, I am now retired, I have lots of time and I would like to support you in your project PEACE”.

I had to tell her that, according to my understanding of PEACE, there cannot be a successful PEACE project:

The only possible project is to live for PEACE yourself.

Very individually and initially only in private. So I asked her to start her own “project” and simply live for (and work towards) her own und all our PEACE. Consequently, I believe there have to be many small peace projects. Everyone first and foremost works on them for himself or herself and individually.

And that you have to deliberately refrain from coordination and mutual agreements. That would be dangerous and quickly cause manipulation and ideology. And it would probably do more harm than good.

So it is my idea that we all should not organize anything. Instead, we should open our sensors wide and be considerate and free – perhaps as a swarm with others who want PEACE. That sounds religious. I do not like religious patterns.

But perhaps PEACE can work if peaceful persons live their beliefs exclusively for themselves and if the convictions they have are based on their own ethically responsible judgement and on the values of humanity (such as the Golden Rule, the Biophilie principle, human dignity being unalienable  …).

I think even “peace-loving” people must NOT actively try to convince others towards being PEACEFUL or act as missionaries. All humans have to come to their own conclusion about PEACE being the requirement for everything else. Otherwise it will not work.

And, above all, nobody should be willing and able to sacrifice themselves for what they believe and thus become martyrs! Because this is not how PEACE can work. Consequently, no organization and no project for PEACE can be a success and actually bring PEACE. In fact, perhaps even the symbol for PEACE I chose and inserted at the beginning of this article is questionable and might be criticized.

It is not easy for me to formulate my complex ideas. If I succeeded in making a little clearer what moves me, then that will make me happy.
And I will continue to strive towards my own PEACE..
(Translated by EG)

Perhaps this is a process – can we call it evolution?

My Personal Wish for 2017:
Gratitude and Considerateness, both for You and Others.

Many years ago, I already noticed how important it is to be considerate, both towards yourself and other persons, in what you do, but also towards the entire creation. I also started realizing quite some time ago that appreciation is the basis for peace and that appreciating yourself is the first requirement if you want to be able to appreciate other people.

But it took me almost 66 years to discover that the ability to be grateful is probably the most important requirement for a happy life. Today, I am infinitely grateful for all the things I was allowed to experience and learn in my life.

Consequently, it is my personal wish for 2017 that the degree to which I am thankful will and can continue to grow. And that is exactly what I also wish all my friends, and especially the IF blog readers!

For 2017, I wish you loads of beautiful things so that the degree to which you can be thankful will grow at your heart’s desire. And I wish us all the ability to be very grateful!

Health is also a very important commodity. So I also wish you all very much health!
As opposed to this, the small piglet is just supposed to bring a little luck. May the portion of luck that gives us the extra joy always accompany us all!

Best wishes for the start of the New Year and the same for the entire 2017!

Einen guten Rutsch und ein gelingendes Jahr 2017!


I use this beautiful picture every year as an illustration of my new year wishes. It was originally designed by my dear friend, the photographer Rolo Zollner. It is listed as “common licence“, which means that you all can use it, provided you tell all your readers where you found it and who designed it.

May it bring as much happiness as possible to as many persons as possible, and in particular to Rolo!

Roland Dürre
Tuesday December 27th, 2016

#NoArmy – Belize, Costa Rica, Panama

In my last post, I started telling you about my last trip through the Caribbean under the title Travelling in Central America (Unterwegs in Mittelamerika). One of the surprises that made me happiest was that I found three countries that have no federal destruction machinery, also known as army or military system.

A short trip through the Panama Channel in a pleasure boat. On the horizon, only just visible, you can see the Puente de las Américas, which was opened on October, 12th, 1962. Having an open height of 61 metres, it is still not high enough for some ocean giants.

Actually, one of my dreams is to live in a country that decides not to have an army and consequently will also do without the elements that go with an army, such as weapons industry, compulsory service and/or mercenary armies, etc. That would be a country that has no ministry of war or defence and no soldiers who work machines the sole purpose of which it is to kill humans and destroy cities.

I still find it regrettable that, immediately after WW-2, the Adenauer administration purposefully and secretly worked towards a re-armament, regardless of the fact that the German Parliament had refused a national re-armament in its first state debate on November, 24th and 25th, 1949. See also the article on the Himmeroder Denkschrift (and especially the part about the Himmeroder Expertengruppe).

Let me cite Wikipedia:

In May 1950, keeping it top secret, Adenauer had instituted an office under his military advisor, General Gerhard Graf von Schwerin. Its official name was Zentrale für Heimatdienst (ZfH) and its task was to select former officers, generals and admirals of the three military sectors who were “unblemished” and some of whom could be counted among the military resistance against Hitler in the broadest sense of the word. From this group, a team of German experts for military expert exchange with the allied forces was to be established. They were also to represent Germany in negotiations with allied partners. Regardless, some of them were subjected to intense criticism.

As early as April, 25th, 1953, Adenauer had reached his goal and the re-armament of the FRG was a foregone conclusion. It was probably in reaction to this that the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) was established on January, 18th, 1956.

Back to Central America:

In Belize among the Mayas 🙂

I had already known that Belize was a country without an army. However, I was surprised to learn that the same was true for Costa Rica and Panama. During discussions, I had long been in the habit of mentioning Belize as an example for a country without army. At the time, my argument in the discussion was always countered by others saying that, basically, Belize was just a (hidden) colony of the USA.

That is why I intended to talk to the people living there about the topics #NoArmy and the US dominance. And I was surprised to see how all the people I talked with in these three countries felt not having an army was really something very positive.

Regardless, I can well imagine that the CIA controls these countries. However, the people living there I talked to denied this. To me, they all seemed to be very independent and democratic. They pointed out that their country lives in peace with all other countries of Central America and the rest of the world.

Neither could I detect a US dominance as far as business is concerned. As everywhere, the cars, busses and trucks were from Asia and the EURO was just as welcome as the USD.

This picture was taken at our departure to the Puma waterfall scientific centre at Costa Rica when we started an organized and wonderful trip to the Veragua rainforest.

Our female guide in Costa Rica who accompanied us during a trip starting from the Puerto Limón was able to describe the situation very precisely. She remained in Costa Rica after having been on vacation there. Today, she is a young grandmother, living with her big family and working in charitable projects that want to support soft tourism that will eventually channel the money into the right hands.

But our time in Belize also quite exciting. This is where I noticed that there is still a lot of British colonialism. Belize was also the only country on our trip where the cars were driving on the left side. In Panama, I saw a truly healthy national pride. At least judging by what I felt, the people and the country were not at all controlled by the USA.

But even if this were not true: I personally would prefer being a little under US colonialism to having an army.

This is how the three countries have again become real valid examples for the fact that it is possible to do without an army and probably even to do better without. And this is how, for me, the Puente de las Américas became a symbol of hope and for a peaceful future without weapons.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Sunday October 9th, 2016

Reply to Sigi’s Letter for PEACE

All he said is true!

A short time ago, I was permitted to publish Sigi’s article on PEACE in my IF Blog. Here is my reply:

Beide Fotos sind von der Enthüllung eines Denkmals (Erinnerung an 1.Weltkrieg, Schlacht in den Vogesen).

The picture shows a memorial at Altmannkopf in commemoration of the battle in the Vosges during WW-1.

Dear Sigi,

your introduction of the Hohenlinden 2000, along with your support of said club made a huge impression on me. I believe this is one way how it can actually be done!

Being an absolutely capitalist manager who certainly dealt with terms like achievement and meritocracy, profit and loss and – above all – efficiency, in fact, even having once in a while come to terms with “measurability”, I might now feel inclined to ask the “killer question”:

And what is the benefit of what you are doing? Will it prevent one single person from dying in a war or through some other arbitrary destruction, for instance like this morning on the streets near Kempten?

But this is absolutely the wrong question. That is another thing I learned during the past few weeks that were so very valuable for me. Just like I also learned that PEACE is actually not something you can measure and that it cannot be achieved by operative, strategic and normative thinking, aka “management”.

Incidentally, I also kissed the very human and very understandable foolish path of the successful manager and management good-bye outside my PEACE activities, because, as I see it, it will always only render sub-optimal results.

In my mental concept, the “Project PEACE” has been replaced by “ACTIVE for PEACE”. Based on a shared understanding of PEACE, everybody does exactly what he or she considers right and important. This is how everybody will become a peace protagonist. And those who believe what one or several protagonists do will help or support them as best they can. This might be one path in the direction of a “Swarm for PEACE”.

Keeping in mind, however, how much has been achieved during the past few months and how much I learned about PEACE during that time, I am sure that there will be even more clarity for all of us very soon and that we will come up with ever better ideas.

And there is one important thing we certainly already agree upon:

We want to act, rather than talk and we want to start with ourselves.

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Have a nice Sunday!


(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Saturday October 8th, 2016

Letter for PEACE

Sigi Kunz, Mensch, IT-Manager, Positivist, Aktivist.

Sigi Kunz, human being, IT-Manager, Positivist, Activist.

I have known Sigi Kunz for more than 45 years.
I am happy to be his friend.
I appreciate his qualities (not only) as a manager and entrepreneurial leader. When I invited him to attend our activities for PEACE, he replied as follows, at the same time giving his permission to publish his message.

Here comes:

Dear friends,

It is about time that I, as a newcomer to this round, also say something. First and foremost, I want to thank Roland for seeing me as a potential candidate for a) being interested in the topic and b) perhaps being able to contribute, at least to a small degree.

Having been a stubborn “conscientious objector” – that is what they called us in the 1970ies – the word PEACE was almost exclusively the complete opposite of WAR in my definition. PEACE was a hundred per cent different from WAR.

As time goes by, you become more mature, you learn to differentiate more clearly and you also learn that other nuances and values may lurk behind an abstract term. For instance, I totally agree with what Roland wrote in his last blog entry: that PEACE has to begin with yourself, that, first and foremost, you have to (learn how to) live in peace with yourself. At the same time, it is extremely important to also find ways to live in PEACE with nature.

Perhaps I misinterpreted Roland’s post of October, 1st, because it seemed to me like it contained a huge portion of resignation. I was probably wrong – which is what I sincerely hope.

Why is that what I hope?

As a general rule, my personality is characterized by optimism. Regardless, I sometimes fight an internal battle with myself asking the question if the species homo sapiens will, to put it bluntly, manage to get its act together.
Being an admirer of both Darwin and Dawkins, I “believe” in the evidence shown by evolution. And the unhappy truth I read there suggests that non-peace is more the rule than anything else in living nature. To eat and be eaten, the chain of nutrition, population mechanisms controlled by the supply of food – a propos bread for all, etc. Peace always only works for a short time and is limited to clearly defined groups.

Consequently, I fear that a huge part of the human race is trapped in the echo of evolution that says it is more goal-oriented for your own progress to kill all competition and to fight, if necessary with weapons, rather than living together in peaceful harmony.

Perhaps – and here is where my optimism kicks in – we are now in a phase where evolution is just on the threshold of “deciding” whether the strategy “fighting” will be beaten by the strategy “peace”.
You could compare it to the “nasty” entropy. Decades ago, during a physics lecture when I was an electrical engineering student, I came up with the idea that life might be the enemy of entropy, because living creatures alone really create order. In other words:

Ever since the big bang, chaos grew until the first living creatures appeared. Since then, they have been trying to fight chaos.

Well, this is enough of those ideas.

What is it I could or would wish to contribute to the topic peace? Here is an example where I have been actively involved for several years:

The club Hohenlinden 2000

The club was founded in 1996 and aims at

  • Keeping the memory of the terrible military battle alive and
  • Making use of said memory in order to promote PEACE with the erstwhile enemy (France) through shared projects and activities, along with developing and nourishing friendships.


Gérard Leser, juillet 2014

Gérard Leser 2014

Here is a poem that was written by the French historian Gérard Leser for memorial day.
At the end of the ceremony, he read the poem. It has been composed in two languages and calls for peace. It can also be read on a central cylinder at the base of the memorial.




Here is the German version:


Beide Fotos sind von der Enthüllung eines Denkmals (Erinnerung an 1.Weltkrieg, Schlacht in den Vogesen).

Both pictures show the unveiling of a memorial (1st world war, battle in the Vosges).


Blick in die Weite und das große Atmen der Welt
Ruhe der Berge und der Natur
dunkelgrüner Mantel der Wälder und der Wiesen
unten Dörfer die gedeihen
die Stille die uns bewohnt
und doch
vor hundert Jahren
Staub, Krach, hunderte von Granaten die explodieren
zersplitterte Körper
Wunden die bluten
zerrissene Seelen
Kugeln die zischen
Bajonette die in der Sonne glitzern
und der Hass und der Tod die herrschen
nur noch den anderen Menschen umbringen
alle Teufel sind los
Franzosen gegen Deutsche
Deutschland gegen Frankreich

1914 Bruderkrieg

Menschen gegen Menschen
Europa brennt
und die Bevölkerung die flüchten muss
alles verlassen, alles verlieren
Häuser die verkohlen
Ruinen, Tränen und Elend ohne Ende

1915 Sieg und Zerstörung

Stille der Friedhöfe
das Tal durch die Front entzweit
getrennte Familien
verletzte Menschheit
öde Mauern und verwüstete Dörfer
Stacheldraht der überall blüht
tiefe Schützengraben verwunden die Erde

2015 Europa, endlich

Frieden und Versöhnung
ein Denkmal zum Nachdenken
zwei Panzerschienen, zwei Armeen
ein kleiner Pfahl, die Bevölkerung die leidet
Menschheit mit Schmerz erfüllt
ein Pfeiler mit der Spitze die  am Himmel glitzert
um gemeinsam die Hoffnung zu pflegen
um das Gedächtnis zu wecken
um Brücken zu bauen
um über die Freiheit zu wachen
um die Gewalt in uns zu zähmen
um die Finsternis im Herzen nie zu vergessen
und das Leben zu ehren
Europa ist unsere gemeinsame Heimat

Gérard Leser

I close my letter and wish you all a beautiful weekend.

Sigi Kunz

The owner of the photos is Sigi Kunz, you can use them under CC BY-SA 3.0.

(Translated by EG)