Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 18th, 2015


This, too, is a result of my meeting with Ardalan, which I wrote about in my last article. Among other things, he told me that he likes to “annoy others”.
Well, I was moved by his desire to “annoy others”. I thought about what exactly it means to “annoy others“! And what you could achieve by doing so.

The following Ideas popped up:

Many (probably all) persons constantly believe they own the truth…
Yet we assume that there can be no absolute truth. If at all, then what we hold to be true are our own personal certainties. These “certainties”, however, can differ hugely from person to person. In fact, they might even be opposites.
Especially dangerous are those certainties which have not originated with personal experiences but with future experiences (and consequently with things you so far only imagine). So if persons believe that they know something they have not yet experienced and then even continue by generalizing it and wishing to superimpose it on others, then matters can easily turn dangerous.
Such certainties might also be called “dogmata”. Here is my example:

Some people know exactly that there will be an after-life after death – even though they have never died. Or they know that asylum seekers are bad for Germany. Even though they never so much as knew one.

How better to annoy someone than by managing to disrupt his truths a little bit? By helping to question his certainties? And, above all, by stealing some of his security, which mostly is based on very simple and stupid dogmata?

If then I could do this with the person concerned not immediately noticing and instead him only slowly – but then so much more profoundly – realizing what happened as he ponders upon our discussion, this would be a masterpiece, wouldn’t it? It might actually be a very special way of “coaching”?

In the future, I am quite determined to “annoy people” like Ardalan does. And I will start today.
And you, dear readers, are my first victims!

(Translated byEG)

Now I ask you all: would you like to join me when I am “annoying people“?