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Sunday February 19th, 2017


About Alternative Facts, Fake News and False Logic.

My last article POST-FACTUAL TIMES reminds me of the “issue” Böhmermann. At one time, he made a (probably poor – but that is not the point!) joke in lyrical form in which, not following logical rules, he intentionally came to wrong conclusions.

For instance, he assumed that people who used to work in jobs that gave them the opportunity to do so – for instance shepherds – had sex with their animals.

I can imagine that this assumption may well in some cases be correct – after all, I learned in religious education that sodomy was a particularly evil and unfortunately much practiced variety of whoring. And consequently, it is totally just that it will be punished as a deathly sin before God on the day of judgement. And you will only write down such strict laws if you have reasons to do so!

Then he wrote a poem that suggested that a well-known Turkish politician might well also have done it at a time.

In other words, Böhmermann constructed a joke by implicitly and intentionally in an exaggerated way coming to false conclusions that everybody knew were false but that were still intended to be hilarious. Perhaps he should have taken cigarette adverts as a model and added the following note as a sub-text.

Attention! False Logic!

Just because all humans, that includes us, somehow had forefathers that were involved with farming or raising animals and because some of them might perhaps have been sodomites, this does not necessarily mean that we all have to be “animal abusers”.

Nothing more. Regardless, the “cabaret performer” had to pay a rather high price.

On the other hand, if he had described something that can be proved (or even something that was based on wrong information) …

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre


A short time ago, a friend of mine told me

“that he no longer listens to the BR news and also no longer watches the official news of the state-subsidized stations ARD and ZDF. He also no longer likes the classic newspapers such as SZ or FAZ (he never mentioned BILD) and consequently feels comfortable without them. To make up for it, he now likes watching programs such as Heute-Show and the Anstalt (both of them on ZDF, but that is pure coincidence).

Reading IF-Blog – it’s a must!!!

In addition, he reads a few blogs such as IF-Blog or FEFE. Along with reading the Postillon, that – supplemented with the occasional visit of the cabaret with programs such as Markus Barwasser (Pelzig) – is absolutely sufficient for him to be well informed, also in the sense of democratic responsibility.

My first reaction was to smile. But then I understood that some truth is hidden behind that statement. I even found an explanation:

If a cabaret performer or blogger relates theses or facts, he is well advised to do some serious research and groundwork before publishing them. Otherwise, he might easily be heading towards problems in our post-factual world. The “normal press”, however, never seems to have had that problem.

(Translated by EG)

In the autumn of 1985, I was the first to bring this book to Munich after having bought it at the Uniforum fresh from the printing machine.

A short time ago, I retrieved it. It reminded me of having been at Uniforum conferences with friends of mine in February 1985 (Dallas, Texas) and in 1986 (Anaheim, California). It was great. In those days, the Uniforum was the one and only UNIX conference in the USA. We were thousands of enthusiastic visitors from all over the world. I experienced a huge atmosphere of dawn at the time.

There was also a small sensation. Copies of the very new book on C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup (see left on the picture) right from the printing machine were delivered in the middle of the conference and sold directly from the palette. I bought a few of them and took them home. They were probably the first C++ books to ever reach Munich.

This brings to mind: in the 1980s, I constantly gave presentations on software development. At the time, the change in programming was the central topic, and the catchword used most often was OBJECT-ORIENTED.

I also wrote quite a few presentations on “OBJECT-ORIENTED” for IT managers. Among them was a “high-up” at Siemens AG in UB D at D AP (or was it already SNI at the time?). He was asked to tell his “team of leaders” what exactly OBJECT-ORIENTED meant. Afterwards, he said the presentation had been well liked – but it certainly did not really make a difference.

Today, everybody programs object-oriented. In fact, it is even a little too much for my taste.
Later, I gave up my “programming career” and became something like an “entrepreneur”.

Now I was no longer preaching the gospel of technology. Instead, I spoke about leadership and management. And in particular, I talked about the “smart” pentagram that consists of the terms “agile”, “digital”, “lean”, “open”, “social” and how they interact.

For instance, I related why courage and joy in those working for an enterprise is also a central requirement for economic success. And I also told the people how necessary mutual respect and appreciation of each other are (not only) in an enterprise. Why meeting at eye-level and shared participation and responsibility are the basic requirements for innovation. And why humans are not resources. And how change can only happen in an agile environment.

“Pro Agile“on the DOAG Podium /Yearly Conference in 2013.

I explained why processes, rules and bureaucracy are obstacles to the necessary change. I also explained what a huge damage Taylorist developments cause in an organization and how much waste (as opposed to “lean”) is created by an overwhelming administration and the rising bureaucracy in an enterprise as a consequence of those developments. And that it is totally useless to have endless meetings.

And that departments such as “human resource”, “customer relationship management”, “marketing”, “legal service” etc., basically do not guarantee the success of an enterprise. In fact, they come closer to endangering it.
And that the young and well-educated persons of today prefer working in an enterprise the central element of the culture of which is trust.

I can easily give you good reasons for all I said. After all, I myself was part of the scenario when we software developers made a (as I see it: central contribution) towards a new understanding of work that now spreads more and more to other sectors (#newwork). And this is how it helped to change the world.

I wonder if my call for “agile, digital, lean, open, social” as a “smart” pentagram will do any good? I am not sure.

I also got the impression that my audience mostly saw it in the same way. In fact, it would make me happy if we in the German Industry were to talk less about industry 4.0 and more about entrepreneurial culture. Be it 2.0 or 5.0.

Even the big bosses must understand that our enterprises and we ourselves can only survive well if we are prepared to question what we used to consider certainties and to change what we were used to.

Of course, I understand that it hurts to question hierarchies, cherished sinecures and structures you have become used to. Especially if you are the boss. But please keep in mind: we no longer live in the times of Henry Ford’s conveyor belts and even the prime time of the Chicago slaughterhouses is coming to an end.

(Translated by EG)

I took the star from the central media archive Wikimedia Commons.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Roland Dürre
Monday May 18th, 2015

If there is no maintenance of infrastructure – or …

Amtrak-Zug auf der Cardinal route fährt ein in die Culpeper Station

Here is what happened when the Amtrak train drove into Culpeper station on the Cardinal Route.

Why Amtrak Trains are in Such a State of Disrepair …

This weekend, there was an SZ article about the poor condition of the US state railway Amtrak.

The motivation for this article was another report about the train accident where a regional train went off its tracks between Washington and New York. Seven persons were killed, 200 more were injured, some of them severely.

The train drove twice as fast as permitted. And the accident could have been prevented, if…

I would like to recommend both articles for reading. Regardless of increasing passenger numbers, the infrastructure of the railroad system is suffering neglect in the USA. There is no money for necessary safety measures.

Especially the Republicans remain quite unmoved. They are the ones who cannot understand why you would need a railroad, anyway. After all, we are living in a time after the invention of the car, so taking a train would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?

This is what it is like in “God’s own Country”.

Shouldn’t we count our blessings?

(Translated by EG)

I took the picture from Wikipedia, it was taken by jpmueller99 from Shenandoah Valley of VA, USA.
This image, which was originally posted to, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 22:16, 26 October 2008 (UTC) by TheCatalyst31 . On that date it was licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Roland Dürre
Saturday May 16th, 2015

Zero Interest Until 2025

EuroJust now, I again read:

“Quite a few analysts predict that the zero interest – due to the financial politics of our currency bands – will continue until at least 2025.”

Which means that paradise on earth lies before all investors.

Here is what I have to say about it:

  • Talking about zero interest is just a lie:
    Because the only persons who benefit from it are the few who are rich enough to further increase their money by speculating in relatively secure products. And
  • It has always been true that:
    Being indebted will make you rich, saving money will destroy richness. And unfortunately, the poor ones are those who save money while the rich ones (can afford to) be indebted..

Well, this is my spontaneous short economics theory in two sentences/paragraphs!


Roland Dürre
Saturday August 9th, 2014

Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #232 – THE LAST ONE!

Here are my tweets of last week on
Blogging and Twittering, Wisdoms and Rules:

140821 It is an evil mouth that speaks with two tongues – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

This was the last wise proverb in the alphabet, all of which I found Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Consequently, there will be no more daily tweets to twitter and blog. Some of you will be glad to hear it – after all, I know that some IF Blog readers did not enjoy this column at all.

On the other hand, these German proverbs are certainly something extraordinary. For me, it was a positive experience to see how much experience and wisdom some of the proverbs contain. Also, I found it nice that the English translation (many thanks for EG for this great achievement) sometimes sounded more powerful than the German original. Also, the English version was actually “retweeted” fairly often.
What I did not like was the huge amount of moralization I seemed to detect I many of the proverbs. After all, moralizing is something I personally absolutely abhor and it is not at all what I had intended to do.

When all is said and done, the total impression is mixed. But perhaps I managed to 
cite some of the wisdom and intuition of the masses?! This would be something I would be glad to accept.

(Translated by EG)

Here are my tweets of last week on
Blogging and Twittering, Wisdoms and Rules:

140814 Two pairs of eyes will see more than one – also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140815 Killing two flies at one blow – something we also occasionally manage to do when twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140816 Two quarrelling parties will eventually always come to terms – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140817 Doubt has many walls to hide behind – also when blogging and twittering? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140818 Failing to turn up twice is still acceptable – also when blogging and twittering! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140819 Between two honest parties, no invoice is necessary – not to forget when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140820 The gap between joy and sadness is not a huge one – also true when twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

(Translated by EG)


I found the proverbs at Alle deutsche Sprichwörter gefunden..

Roland Dürre
Thursday July 31st, 2014

Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #230

Here are my tweets of last week on
Blogging and Twittering, Wisdoms and Rules:

140807 Being too benign is a waste of energy – also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140808 Too much means you will soon throw up – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140909 Too much wisdom is folly – isn’t that also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140810 Occasionally being the fool is also an art – also when blogging and twittering? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140811 All fools aim at either too little or too much – very important, also when blogging and twittering? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140812 Compulsion is not a good advisor – something you should not forget when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140813 Pressure will not help in the long run – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

There is a new tweet each day. See and “follow” RolandDuerre!


(Translated by EG)


I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

Roland Dürre
Thursday July 24th, 2014

Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #229

Here are my tweets of last week on
Blogging and Twittering, Wisdoms and Rules:

140731 Losing something is the best way to forget about it – also true for twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140801 If a drum sounds, you have to whistle – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140802 Being a jesters at the right time is also an art – that is certainly also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140803 Making a commitment will put you in the position of owing something – also true for blogging and twittering? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140804 Too much humbleness is arrogance – not to forget, also when blogging and twittering? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140805 Too good is evil – not to forget when twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

140806 Too much appetite will breed aversion – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

There is a new tweet each day. See and “follow” RolandDuerre!


(Translated by EG)


I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.