Roland Dürre
Sunday December 24th, 2017

Here are two short videos on

Since I am currently often pointing you towards video recordings, here is a short interview with me at DOAG@Talk:

I already told you about this interview on here (on But so far it had not been linked.

Talking of which: there is another Management interview on that Dietmar Neugebauer recorded with me. It was about 

Here is the Video.

And there is also an IF-Blog article IF-Blog article.

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Roland Dürre
Sunday October 15th, 2017

Great Orators and Their Stories – #7 Jolly Kunjappu

I started with the “Day Labourer” Alain Neumann. Then I told you about Hans-Jörg Bullinger and Hans Strack Zimmermann before arriving at Augustinus Heinrich Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck, Klaus-Jürgen Grün and Rupert Lay .

Today, it is my special pleasure to add my friend Jolly Kunjappu to the list of names in my personal hall of fame.
Jolly’s motto is INSPIRING PEOPLE. Today, he sees himself as a Performance Artist, Keynote Speaker and Philosopher. In his life, Jolly Kunjappu lived many different roles. Among other things, he played music with such well-known musicians as Mick Jagger. He also organized “drum” seminars for top managers.

One of the activities I shared with him was my cooperation in the series of presentations about peace. Here is what he himself says about it.

You will find several articles about what he does in the IF Blog.

I bow to Jolly and his life work.

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Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 24th, 2016

Jubilee – A Hundred Videos Downloaded to Youtube!

I have now had a Youtube-Channel for a few years. As with almost all my internet activities, I call myself rolandduerre or Roland Dürre. I just noticed that I published my hundredth video on January, 13th, 2016. It makes me quite happy to celebrate this jubilee. Consequently, I will now write a short post about it.

Among other things, I publish the IF Forum presentations on my YouTube channel. But you can also find considerable parts of Rupert Lay’s works on the channel. I was there for many of his presentations, especially on the Ronneburg with Bernd Sielaff  behind the video camera. There are also some of my own presentations about current topics around InterFace and IT. And more often than not, my friend Friedrich Lehn (fhlcinema) was the man behind the video camera and the mixing console.

The jubilee video is a short report on the barcamp for Active Mobility in everyday life #AktMobCmp of earlier this year:

The uncrowned champion is: Klaus-Jürgen Grün. He tops all other recordings with his presentation of “The Art of Negative Thinking”.

Personally, I consider the presentations by Rupert Lay extremely important in our times. He established his philosophical heritage in two presentations. Here is part 1, where he demands a New Enlightenment.

Very much a current topic – even though already recorded a few years back: Wilfried Bommert:

My favourite video recordings are, for example, those with Eberhard Huber or Roger Dannenhauer  …

But there are many more great orators on the channel. I do not want to name them all. So why don’t you just visit and browse through my Youtube-Channel?
Incidentally, I also find this presentation of mine rather nice.

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Roland Dürre
Sunday January 17th, 2016

Video Recording: #AktMobCmp

I reported frequently about our project “Active Mobility in Everyday Life“ (#AktMobCmp) in the IF blog. The barcamp took place on January, 4th and 5th, 2016 and it was a great experience. I made the acquaintance of many nice persons and the event connected and linked many persons with similar motivations.

Friedrich Lehn ( did the filming. Now you can watch the trailer:

Enjoy! It is about five minutes.

You will find the results of our anti conference on our website, where you will also find a link to our twitter wall (tag #AktMobCmp). And here is the good news:

We will continue!

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Roland Dürre
Tuesday November 10th, 2015

Now Online: Presentation by Dr. Andreas Zeuch.

Dr. Andreas Zeuch came to speak. On the IF Forum of October, 29th, he gave a presentation:


Experience him


For those who could not come, here is his presentation on the “DEMOCRATIC ENTERPRISE”:



Andreas Zeuch is also the author of several books, for instance Alle Macht für Niemand – Aufbruch der Unternehmensdemokraten

As of now, you can download the video of our last IF Forum presentation in the series ”Galileo Galilei – A Visit of the Present” by Thomas de Padova with the title “The Secret of the World”  on my YouTube-Channel RolandDuerre.

Now those who could not be present during the interesting presentation about Galileo Galilei and his contemporary Johannes Kepler, too, can watch it:



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Roland Dürre
Tuesday July 8th, 2014

Bernhard Findeiss – Kanban or Scrum

Here is a second presentation of our technological IF Forum series

“Self-organization as a Formative Model for Enterpris

Of June, 27th, 2014. It is now accessible for everybody (creative commons).


Many thanks to our speaker Bernhard Findeiss!

I am assuming more presentations will now be made available on a daily basis.
Thanks to: Friedrich (Friedrich Lehn).

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Roland Dürre
Tuesday November 19th, 2013

Videos of Dr. Roberto Simanowski at the IF Forum: Now Online!

On October, 25th, 2013, professor Dr. Roberto Simanowski spoke at the IF Forum, first about “Jean Paul: witticism, postmodernism and the new media” and then about “Big Data and transparent society – NSA, Self-Tracking and the internet of objects”. Now you can look at these presentations on Youtube.

Big Data

Jean Paul


(Translated by EG)

On September, 19th, we welcomed Hans Bonfigt and Marc Haber of redoxSystems as guests of our IF Forum. The topic was Careful: EMAIL.

Now you can also watch the video with the presentation by Hans Bonfigt. Hans used the opportunity to drastically warn us about the dangers potentially following the loss of the privacy of correspondence.

The essential parts of his presentation are now also available on youtube:

Incidentally, this video, as well as the presentation by Hans Bonfigt, was recorded and processed by Lukas Ziegler.

I would like to use this opportunity to once more thank the two speakers, Hans Bonfigt and Marc Haber.

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Roland Dürre
Friday June 28th, 2013

Now Online: All IF Forum Craftsmanship Videos!

A few days ago, I put the first two IF Forum presentations (Vorträge) – held by Wolfgang Menauer and Kristin Block – online. The same is true for the “Software Development Unit” (Softwareentwicklungsblock) by and with Bernhard Findeiss and Dr. Elmar Jürgens.

Consequently, only the last two presentations are still missing. Here they are:

Bernd Fiedler made us understand in an amusing way what exactly it means to be a “master craftsman”:

And then there was Reinhard Büttner! He gave a review of all the day’s findings and added his own experience in the most suitable way.

I already sent the work of art by Wolf Nkole Helzle created during the day as my way of saying “Thank You ” to all speakers and guests.

Let me, once more, thank all the artists and speakers. And I would like to specifically thank all our guests. They gave me so much feedback saying what a wonderful event it was. This gives me courage to continue. We already decided upon a topic for 2014:

Self-Organization in the sense of    
“Self-organization and self-control as a formative model for enterprises and projects”!
As always, I look forward to reading your feedback.

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