Christof Stierlen
Thursday August 14th, 2008

Creative Scrum Teams – The Underlying Idea (June 2008)

In our daily work, Scrum has established itself in a central position. We are executing a multitude of projects with huge organizations as customers with this concept. The agile way of processing has found more and more friends, both among the people at InterFace and our customers. However, instead of just applying Scrum, we also wish to give something back. What is more, we want to reciprocate without changing anything about the methods and simple rules we have come to appreciate. Looking around, we contacted our friends at university and found a very interesting research project:

Creative Collaboration Tools

It looks into the co-operation between people while applying electronic creative techniques. Existing methods will be analyzed and, if necessary, new solutions tested. The entire process is an inter-disciplinary one (computer science, economic science, psychology, etc.) and closely linked with practical experiences.

Of course, the question is: how will Scrum benefit from this?

The answer is not that you implement another tool into the well-seasoned scrum processes. There are enough of those – and, after all, Scrum is characterized by its simplicity.

Instead, we want to offer support during the creative phase before Scrum starts. Because this is the phase where you have to find out what the subsequent Scrum project is supposed to do:

Who are the parties concerned? What are the goals? Which approaches do you want to follow? And the like. This is where creative approaches and ideas need to be found, and that is where we want to help with our cooperation.

To be continued …

(Translated by EG)

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