Eilika Emmerlich
Friday December 4th, 2009

(political correctness)³

In the FAZ of December, 2nd, I read that criminal gangs of children belonging to the “group of Rotational Europeans” are more and more active in the Rhine-Main area. They usually strip flats of all valuables and then disappear quickly, before the break-in is noticed.

According to the FAZ, the definition of “Rotational Europeans” is: families of Sinti and Roma who send their children east from Strasbourg to do their thieving in our country.

Isn’t it truly a comfort to know the politically correct name for the gangs? It certainly makes the loss of valuable items only half as painful, doesn’t it?

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “(political correctness)³”

  1. rd (Friday December 4th, 2009)

    Das erinnert mich an Wortblüten wie “Migrationshintergrund” – ich finde diese Wortmogelei als einen Teil unserer neuen Unredlichkeit RMD

  2. hans-peter kühn (Saturday December 5th, 2009)

    Kompliment für diese bisssige Kurznotiz. Schliesse mich im Übrigen dem Kommentar von rd an.

    Mal sehen ob du es schaffst eine Diskussion loszutreten.

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