Elwood P. Dowd
Monday August 19th, 2013

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3 Kommentare zu “Dissocial”

  1. Chris Wood (Thursday August 22nd, 2013)

    So, the middle class is the only good one! Let’s guess to which class Elwood counts himself!
    But this class, with its hard work, is doing most to ruin the climate, among other things.

  2. hans-peter kuhn (Thursday August 22nd, 2013)

    You got it!

    The middle class must stop working so hard. As a consequence the planet will get better and the numerous “asocials” will be eliminated on the long run, as the middle class will produce less and less ressources for them.

    The middle class will be all alone on a wonderful planet and everything can start again.

  3. Thomas Vallon (Tuesday August 27th, 2013)

    Schade, dass der liebenswert-versponnene Elwood P. Dowd aus dem reizenden Filmklassiker “Mein Freund Harvey” sich nicht dagegen wehren kann, von einem solch bramarbasierenden Schwadroneur usurpiert worden zu sein.

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