Tuesday February 24th, 2009

Special Edition: Radio Philosophy #007 – LUST.

Paul McCartney of the Beatles in India,
witnessing two monkeys on the street
as they copulate.
They are so wonderfully uncomplicated,
he is fascinated.
So he decides to write a song:
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road.
Well, why don’t we do it?
The story is:
Lust started to disappear
when evolution invented consciousness.
Then came the church
demanding modesty and morals.
Ever since then, we are ordered to
substitute airplanes for orgasms.
To make the bargain more attractive
Herr Freud called in sublimation.
The mortal blow to lust came
with the slogan in Bild-Zeitung:
Lust-trips sold to those who’re old.
Boy, could we be reeling
on our streets, had we not foolishly
tripped over consciousness.

(translated by Evelyn Gemkow)

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