Sunday August 2nd, 2009

Flashback: Radio Philosophy #035 – LEFTRIGHT.

Today, we remind you
that all words change their meaning.
Only the summer repetition time,
remains the same.

How do you recognize progress in history?
You look at how the meaning of words has changed.
Take for instance the word nation.
200 years ago, it was at its glorious peak.
Today, it is basically a hush-word.
Or take smoke coming out of industrial chimneys.
There was a time when that meant employment.
it means environmental sins.
If that is what you believed in 30 years ago,
You belonged to the avant garde.
Todeay, you are reactionary.
A year ago, company directors condemned 
Schröder’s political ideas.
Today, they support him.
And the unions are now against him.
Yesterday, they backed him.
So what used to be leftist is now rightist.
And vice versa.
Do you understand?

Here is a question from the year 2004:
If Schröder applied today 
for CDU membership
Would he be permitted in?
Or would he be considered too far right?

(Translated by EG)

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