Wednesday July 27th, 2011


My readers often send me strange stories. Here is one of them – I hope you will find it entertaining mid-week nonsense. Let us just listen to the author…

I accompanied my father (66) when he went to buy a pair of new shoes in the shopping mall. After having run around all the time, we were hungry and decided to go and eat something. We went to the “Food Court”, where we immediately found something tasty (to eat) and two vacant seats.

Over his pasta, my father kept looking at a young girl sitting nearby. Her hair was styled like a cockscomb. It shimmered in all imaginable colours: green, orange, red and blue. My father found it impossible to not stare at her and all the piercings she wore along with her hair.

Finally, the girl started to notice. Each time he looked at her, she caught my father staring at her. When she had enough of it she sarcastically asked:

“Hey, old man, what is your problem? Did you never do anything wild in your entire life?”

Knowing how nimble-witted my father could be, I quickly swallowed all I had in my mouth. After all, I did not want to choke on my last bite, because I knew something special was going to happen right away.

As indeed it did. With dignity and without the slightest flicker of even an eye, my father replied:

“In fact, I did! At one time, I took drugs and fucked a peacock – and now I ask myself if you are the result.”

From Herbert (soccer friend of mine), who took it from the internet. The original author is unknown to us. Now we would like to wish you a wonderful week!

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Harald Helmschrodt (Wednesday September 7th, 2011)

    Wenn ich mich manchmal so auf der Straße umsehe, dann kann dieser Kerl nicht nur einen Pfau gevögelt haben…

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