Hans Bonfigt
Thursday May 26th, 2016

(Deutsch) Atom

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  1. Bberlina (Friday May 27th, 2016)

    …was die „politische Klasse“ an Exkrementen auf das Volk scheißt, nachdem sie den Lobbyistenfraß lautstark verdaut hat, das kann man sich gar nicht mehr selbst ausdenken…
    gelungenes Wortspiel

  2. Chris Wood (Friday May 27th, 2016)

    Surely this is too polemic to be convincing? Politicians are powerful, and thus tend to be corrupt. But the job is difficult, and our politicians seem to be a lot better than many others. This perhaps is a complement to you all who vote for them.
    I doubt whether Bonfire’s Thorium power stations are the best idea since jam sandwiches. Otherwise other countries would have tried them. Tons of enriched uranium are a problem, and even more tons of depleted uranium might be good for tank-busting, but not for much else. The other nuclear power stations are perhaps better than their reputation. The Chernobyl experiment of turning off most of the safety mechanisms to see what happens, should be repeated only as simulations. And nuclear power stations should not be built on beaches with earthquakes. But it looks as if the damage done has been less than early predictions. I no longer worry about nuclear waste in a million years; our replacements will solve the problem before then.

  3. Hans Bonfigt (Friday May 27th, 2016)

    I never stated a Thorium Power Plant to be ‘the best idea since jam sandwiches’.
    I just complained about the killing of excellent ideas.

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