Hans Bonfigt
Sunday September 2nd, 2018

(Deutsch) Es plappert der Spiegel am rauschenden Bach … (I)

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  1. Chris (Sunday September 9th, 2018)

    Dear Hans, we too doubt the use of the new lightbulbs. Your knowledge in this is awesome, but you criticise the EU too severely. Everyone makes mistakes.
    Using lightbulbs for heating is silly. Half the brown coal energy is lost in the power stations, and there are further losses in production of lightbulbs and transmission.

  2. Hans Bonfigt (Monday September 10th, 2018)

    Hi Chris,

    my knowledge ist not awesome, it is poor.
    I summarized up just Basic facts that everyone should be able to derive, without using any external source.
    So this is the approval for my statement, “The EU performs worse than a class of pupils”.

    Here’s a more complex explanation for the EU failure:


  3. Chris (Monday September 10th, 2018)

    Hans, I see signs in what you write, that the star physics pupil in your class, at 14 might perhaps have avoided an EU mistake. The star in my class, (myself), knew almost nothing about all this. I am sure that a class including lots of less gifted pupils would not have chosen better than the EU.

  4. Hans Bonfigt (Tuesday September 11th, 2018)

    Chris: One single pupil.
    Not a class.
    Preferreably a not-so-highly-gifted one.

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