3 Kommentare zu “(Deutsch) „The Evolution of God“ – Robert Wright oder „Der Werdegang Gottes“”

  1. business review (Monday March 28th, 2011)

    Nur 16 Prozent der Befragten meinten in einer Befragung ihr Glaube wirke sich auf ihre politischen Einstellungen aus. Menschenrechte werden aus der Sicht muslimischer und christlicher Jugendlicher deutlich unterschiedlich wahrgenommen.

  2. Chris Wood (Monday March 28th, 2011)

    Dear Peter, some of your review is hard to understand. How can evolution “theory” and creationism be even partly reconciled? Evolution has more scientific evidence for it than any other scientific theory. The word “theory” should not be interpreted to mean that it is liable to be disproved, (although this is theoretically possible).
    We all accept it as possible that some sort of God created the universe. Dawkins and I and other “Brights” just find it unlikely. But creationism goes much further than this, stating that God created every species individually. He or She must then have left all the evidence for evolution lying around to fool us.
    And who do you mean by “militant aggressive rhetoric of engaged atheism”. If you mean Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Poll Pot, I can agree with you, except that they were not clearly atheist. If you mean Dawkins and others like him, I can only assume that you have not read much of his stuff. Despite contrary rumours, it is all pretty reasonable. The only objection to him is that he overrates knowledge compared with happiness, (as I do too). Regular Church-goers seem on average slightly happier than the rest of us. If ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.

  3. Enno (Friday April 1st, 2011)

    Nein Chris, Kreationisten glauben nicht zwangsweise an die Schöpfung jeder einzelnen Spezies. Schau dir einfach auch mal die christliche/theistische Argumentation an. Da gibt es viele verschiedene.

    Ist “Der Werdegang Gottes” der deutsche Titel? Habe bei Google nix gefunden :-/

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