Klaus Hnilica
Friday August 2nd, 2019

It Can Be Done With White – I Know …

Dear Roland,

I understand your desire to promote freedom and your solid belief that this vision of yours must be something we can achieve on this planet (see:  http://if-blog.de/rd/die-teekanne-und-der-frieden/ ), but in my view, the future of the world is white.

Because if our earth were basically white, all would be well. With a little white paint and minimal gen manipulations, this is actually far easier to achieve than, for instance, a removal of the anti-peace testosterone from the male sex.

And the climate change that everybody laments would be practically non-existent, since a white planet would reflect more of the sun’s rays and thus the warming of the earth would be impossible. Moreover, the entire biosphere – i.e. all plants and creatures – would have gotten used to the colour white eons ago. At least in those parts where winter was a matter of course.

But even apart from this, in a white world, all potential conflicts would solve themselves in a white fog: all racism would be obsolete, because all humans would be white. White facial and top hair would further reduce the difference between generations and sexes, especially if everybody wore white clothes.

The number of books would be drastically reduced, because white print on white paper would provide us with totally new perspectives and every man, woman and child would need only one book. Besides, it would be totally irrelevant how many pages such a book has. Except in those cases where you need a particularly thick or thin book in order to stabilize a tilting table.

This aspect would be similarly dramatic in art and photography, thereby reducing the common capitalist intrigues in the art scene to a minimum. And all lamentation that this would mean that such a measure removes the yellow of the egg would be of no consequence, because you would only have the white of the egg. Not to mention the world-wide scourge of humanity: colour blindness. In a single stroke, all humanity would get rid of it once and for all.

Written hate messages would no longer exist in a white world, because if you use white writing on a white surface, you cannot do much and thus you cannot spread hatred. The powerful concerns Appel, Facebook, Alphabet and Amazon would have a totally new face in such a world, their stock market value would certainly dwindle to almost nothing or even become zero.

The same would be true for the entire digitalization in general.
And if, in addition, by way of a minimal orthographic reform, the words white and wise were to become synonymous, then this would not only make us all white citizens and voters, but even wise citizens and voters who all would be living in eternal contentment and peace! However, you could not really prove any of this because all white reasoning, even if it were extremely wise, would be invisible on a white background… …

(Translated by EG)

4 Kommentare zu “It Can Be Done With White – I Know …”

  1. rd (Saturday August 3rd, 2019)

    Lieber Klaus, WEISS, das ist doch auch eine schöne neue Religion. Ich habe mal den RONDISMUS erfunden. Die Hauptthese: Alles ist rund.
    Vielleicht hätten wir beide besser Religionsstifter und nicht Manager oder Unternehmer werden sollen.

  2. KH (Saturday August 3rd, 2019)

    Ja – lieber Roland – offensichtlich wären wir im religiösen Bereich ein ‘prima Duo’ gewesen.Allerdings hätten wir noch per Losentscheid heraus finden müssen, wer von uns beiden sich ans Kreuz schlagen läßt…

  3. rd (Sunday August 4th, 2019)

    Ich auf keinen Fall!

  4. KH (Sunday August 4th, 2019)

    Nun – wenn man sieht was daraus geworden ist – ich auch nicht!Tja mit der Religionsstiftung scheint es doch nicht so einfach zu sein – oder?

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