Klaus Hnilica
Thursday March 10th, 2016

Castle on the River – or: Schinkel’s Stag

Here is another interpretation of the famous painting “Castle on the River “(1820) by
Karl Friedrich Schinkel











Almost unnoticed, it appears,
beside the tree, our stag, and rears,

it lacks aggression, makes no sound,

takes in the castle, looks around!

And yet, it was the reason why,
when morning grass was not yet dry

the ranger met his sudden death:
the shot stopped everybody’s breath!

It happened at the time in anger,

too furious was the righteous ranger,

Instead of going through the head,

it was the knee the bullet met,

The one who cried was not the deer,

but the castellan from the rear:

“Be damned, stupid, blind marauder

and take payback in swiftest order!“

The man was dead, his friends so sad,
but nobody a memory had

of who shot whom and where and why?
They just said: people should not cry!

The mourning phase was deep and grey
castellan was still not too gay.
The coffin went by waterway
and people duly came to pray.

(Translated by EG)

The picture was taken from Google

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