Klaus Küster
Tuesday September 28th, 2010

Partisan, II

In psychology, they have the term:


It means:

let us take away all that


in your external sphere.

What are YOU doing 
going through life more or less


In the case of a Caucasian, hetero-sexual male,
self employed, paying 47% tax, expected retirement money:
82o Euros, time spent daily gathering information (net and print): 2 hours, 37 minutes.

1. Being self-employed,

you have about 5o% of your time left for autonomy 
and self-efficacy.

2. Being an employee/worker

and paying the full income tax in our “social” system“
you have about 25%.

The rest is Leviathan.

If – against better knowledge – you decide to listen to electronic media 
and read the choir of published laments on our Social Republic of Misery,

all that remains for you is the partisan attitude:

Slip-slide away individually.

Do not listen to Mass Prop.

Get active where you can move
with relatively little effort.
In the case of the Caucasian hetero-sexual,
47% tax, 5 children, this means:

a) starting the next firm,

defending your 50 % self-efficacy,

b) social dedication in the Senior Expert Service, career counselling at middle school,

getting potential failures towards their degree and job.

Installing the idea of SELF-EFFICACY among those who are lower than you.

It is the only way up. Not via SPDCDUCSUFDPGRÜN.

a) will hopefully render 2oo T€ p.A.,
b) will render 2o € each month.

The partisan was quite delighted with b).

(Translated by EG)

See also “Partisans Wanted” (Partisanen gesucht) – you must read it.

3 Kommentare zu “Partisan, II”

  1. six (Tuesday September 28th, 2010)

    Du schreibst ja wieder. Gut so. Weiter so.

  2. kuhn hans-peter (Tuesday September 28th, 2010)


    Agressives Satzstakkato an Stelle von argumentativem Herumgelaber treibt gnadenlos zum Anpacken.

    Hier spricht kein Wohnzimmersesselsportler sondern ein militanter Trikotdurchschwitzer.

    Beispielhafte Einheit von Inhalt und Form.

    Unbedingt lesen und dann aber raus und endlich machen!!!

  3. klaus kuester (Tuesday September 28th, 2010)

    Teufel auch. Wenn das so ist

    mache ich weiter. b) mit schreiben a) mit Selbst Wirklichkeitserwartung.

    Ist in meinem Fall dasselbe..

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