Willi Streit
Sunday September 27th, 2009

It’s your choice!

Another election day! There are many people among us who do not enjoy at all that they are permitted to make a decision. If the products in our shops were only labelled, instead of temptingly designed to attract our attention, we would probably starve. Being hesitant, being afraid to make the wrong decision and being afraid to make the right decision are the factors that also prevent enterprises, families and governments from progress.

“Having to make a decision” is something we feel unhappy with from day one. “What will mother say if I take that bar of chocolate out of the cupboard without asking permission first?”, is the everyday problem of the knee-high boy. “What will my colleagues say if I present a new idea?”, is our daily dilemma in the office. ”Is it better not to say anything?” “Should I say what the boss says?” “Should I make my reservations known?” Sentiments like these cause “more of the same” and “less innovation” in all groups.

How can you motivate people to be more willing to make decisions? What is the personal risk if you decide for one way against another?

We could spend a long time philosophizing about what it was in the course of history that took away our capacity to make decisions. Hundreds of stories can be found where we would have wished we had decided otherwise, or not at all. But if we turn towards all the hundreds of thousands of decisions the result of which were happy, fulfilled and content moments, then we get another picture.

Decisions make you free. Decisions make you beautiful and sexy. And the process of making up your mind builds up nobleness of heart. The more we trust our intuition and our personal self, the more are we ready to tell others our wishes. We are happy about any feedback, too. In this world, you will be recognized if you make yourself heard. The more we communicate, the more we leave the world of thinking in black-and-white. After all, every decision can be replaced by another decision. If we refrain from decisions, then we give away the sceptre. Personally, I prefer to keep it in my hand and say what I want. Now. And tomorrow? Remember what Franz-Josef Strauß said so beautifully: “I could not care less about yesterday’s babble of mine!”

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “It’s your choice!”

  1. rd (Sunday September 27th, 2009)

    War das nicht der Adenauer (mit dem Geschwätz von gestern)? 🙂

    Macht aber nichts, dem Franz-Josef traue ich das auch zu.

  2. Chris Wood (Monday September 28th, 2009)

    If I started to make decisions, it would be a terrible shock for my wife. I don’t think she would let me. Decisions often cause trouble. No decisions are good decisions.

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