Willi Streit
Wednesday July 15th, 2009

Getting a Kick Out of It

“And all this after I took pains, made an extra effort, and worked to the breaking point!” – this is one of my favourite scenes in “Tadellöser & Wolff” (Walter Kempowski). In her sober Rostock manner, Mother Kempowski expresses her displeasure with the current situation (during World War II and directly after). I usually remember and smile about this sentence (not because I cannot appreciate the hard times the Kempowskis had) whenever I have just finished some hard work or hear others who have. And then they lament or are dissatisfied. In my personal opinion, the major objective of everything we do is something else: plainly and simply to Get a Kick Out of It.

I Got a Kick Out of It when scientific research proved me right, after I had warned, advised against and criticized Powerpoint Abuse. To say it quite plainly: Powerpoint as mostly used leads to stupidity, blindness and frustration. You’ve read right! Our brains are mistreated and the desired result of the presentation is blocked out. Instead of enlightenment and information, what you get is confusion, stress and resentment. That is exactly what I have been demonstrating as a practitioner in counselling. And I offer ways out! Now, many managers, teachers and entrepreneurs can inform in a clear and motivated manner. Messages that find their destination and have a lasting effect make the sender just as happy as the recipient. That is self-satisfaction. I am a very satisfied person.

I included a Spiegel-Online article:

Beamer on – Brains out. Powerpoint-Nirwana


Here is the link to the Spiegel articleBeamer an - Hirn aus Powerpoint-Nirwana (4376) for you to download and read.

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  1. Markus (Sunday August 9th, 2009)

    Toller Artikel! Eine Empfehlenswerte Webseite rund um das oben genannte Thema: Selbstbefriedigung ist auch: http://www.selbstbefriedigung-tipps.de


  2. Chris Wood (Monday December 7th, 2009)

    I guess that the number of readers of this posting shows the importance of the title. I shall bear that in mind, when I next post something.
    The word “onanism” should not really be used for masturbation. What Onan did (in the Bible) was rather coitus interruptus, (to avoid pregnancy).
    Incidentally my prudish spelling checker rejects two above words.

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