Lutz Wulfestieg
Monday November 29th, 2010

Disorientation Caused by Frau von der Leyen

Mind you, it is not like I am not happy to hear good results reported by business. According to the latest statistics by the Federal Employment Agency of October, “only” 2.945 million people have no job. After the dark predictions of a few months ago due to the economical crisis, this is a really good number.

Unfortunately, I remember the announcement that Hartz-IV recipients will no longer get anything for their retirement insurance.

“For example, the state pays 1.8 billion Euros every year for one long-term jobless person to have two additional Euros of retirement money”, is what von der Leyen said in defence of this procedure.

Well, let us do the calculation: 1,800,000,000 Euros / 12 Months/ 40 Euro. That equals 3,750,000 Hartz-IV recipients for whose retirement insurance 40 additional Euros are paid.

I was a little perplexed and looked for the current numbers on ALG I and II.

You can read in the Federal Employment Agency’s monthly report (Monatsbericht) for October that we currently have 4,766,592 recipients of ALG II and 825,870 recipients of ALG I.

That made me even more perplexed. How do they come up with those numbers?

Since I did not wish to read through all the 86 pages of the monthly report, I looked it up in Wikipedia.
If you type in unemployment (Arbeitslosigkeit), you get the following information:

Since the calculation modes have changed in the year 2005, there is still no absolute clarity about who – according to § 16 SGB III – is actually named “jobless” in the German statistics.

The following jobless are not included in the statistics:

  • People who currently do a state-subsidised ABM;
  • People who hold a “1-Euro-Job”;
  • People who are re-training;
  • People who have enrolled in a language course.

Likewise not in the statistics are:

  • Retired persons who opted for “part time old-age work”;
  • Interim Allowance recipients;
  • Disabled persons;
  • People on reduced hours;
  • Unregistered jobless persons;
  • Jobless persons who, after having had to be punished, no longer receive money from the Federal Agency;
  • Self-employed persons who only survive because they get subsidies from the Federal Employment Agency.

“I trust no statistics that I did not forge myself” (No, this is not by Churchill).

(Translated by EG)

4 Kommentare zu “Disorientation Caused by Frau von der Leyen”

  1. Chris Wood (Tuesday November 30th, 2010)

    It took me a little time to find out about this “Churchill” quote, perhaps because I use English Wikipedia. To make things easier for the rest of you, here is what I found:-

    This quote seems to be known only in Germany and there is doubt whether it is authentic, see the link below where the State Office of Statistics in Baden-Württemberg shows results of their research about this quote (only available in German). The Times, e.g., said that they had never heard of it.

    Did Frau von der Leyen really say “ein Langzeitarbeitsloser”, although she “meant” all jobless in Germany? She seems to aim her remarks at the badly educated, but that is perhaps her most important audience. (I find her politics excusable).

    I guess very many long-term jobless end up on social security. In this case, do the pension rights make any difference to them? Perhaps it is largely just a waste of time and effort to push this money from one pocket to another?

  2. Lutz Wulfestieg (Wednesday December 1st, 2010)

    Hallo Chris,
    das Zitat von von der Leyen ist aus entnommen.
    Mit meinem Artikel wollte ich gar nicht mal so die Politik kritisieren, sondern meine Verwirrung durch die Spielerei mit den Zahlen darstellen. Gesamt 2,945 Millionen ohne Arbeit, davon rechnerisch 3,750 Millionen Langzeitarbeitslose???
    Davon abgesehen glaube ich, dass ein Rentner, der mit 55 Jahren arbeitslos wird, schon merkt, ob er 20 Euro mehr oder weniger hat. Leider!
    Ich zitiere zu dem Statistk-Zitat: “Mittlerweile wird in vielen Publikationen darauf hingewiesen, dass dieses Zitat nicht von Churchill sondern von Goebbels stamme.” Also lieber Schwamm drüber … 😉

  3. hans-peter kuhn (Saturday December 4th, 2010)

    Hallo Lutz,

    Wie kann ein Rentner mit 55 Jahren arbeitslos werden???

    Siehe Dein Kommentar.

  4. Lutz Wulfestieg (Saturday December 4th, 2010)

    Hallo Hans-Peter,
    da habe ich ja ein nettes Fettnäpfchen getroffen!
    Wenn ich den Begriff Rentner durch Mensch austausche, wird mein Kommentar wohl etwas klarer …

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