Markus Seidt
Tuesday March 16th, 2010

Letters From Vietnam #7 – Notices of Cancellation

Dear Friends,

the Vietnamese celebrated their New Year Festival. They spent a lot of money, which is absolutely acceptable, because they have been working hard for an entire year. This is especially true for the farmers who work their small allotments and have to sell their products at such cheap prices that they cannot finance a proper school education for their children or, in case of illness, pay for suitable medical treatment.

During the festival, my cell-phone was constantly active. I was online almost all the time, because the children just wanted to talk to me. They felt lonesome and isolated; they just needed someone to listen …

Except, unfortunately, I am not trained to answer a crisis line. So I tried to give comfort to the best of my ability.
We received two notices of cancellation for flats in Ha Noi and now we must look for an emergency solution for the children. We are talking 32 children; most of them are girls working as seamstresses. They do not get a fixed salary, but get paid dependent on how much they produce. It has always been difficult for the girls to deliver on time, even if only because of their physical handicaps.

They earn an average of approximately 800.000 VND per month (approx. 31 Euros) and the children did not receive their commissions directly from the industry. Instead, there were two or three intermediary merchants. I am currently trying to get the commissions for the kids directly from the industry. Unfortunately, so far I have not been a success, because we lack various machines, storage room, transport vehicles … and electricity. Sudden electricity breakdowns are a common phenomenon. In order to solve the problem, I need a generating set.

Starting this March, I will get an assistant. She used to be with the “Files de Marie-Auxiliatrice” (FMA – Sisters of the Salesians). I need her, because there is too much work for me alone with the administration of all the children’s names, addresses, illness… financial administration, organisation, flow of money.

Most of the children are girls in puberty, with the typical problems that even I, as experienced father, cannot always cope with. For my assistant, I need 110 € per month, a moped, and some office furniture. Again it will cost money, but I cannot manage all these many children all by myself. And Bishop Peter has more than enough on his hands with his diocese. Brother Peter Sang (SDB), who has been assigned to us by Don Bosco VN is seriously ill and I am often lonely, very lonely…

There is another unfortunate situation: entertainment and leisure time after work. 99% of the time, the children watch films on DVD. The titles of the films are not very desirable, sometimes even rubbish, and it makes children sick and passive to spend many hours in front of a TV set. On the other hand, even if they wished to do something else, there is no opportunity. All they do day-in, day-out is work, eat, and watch TV and sleep. Dear friends, please help me to find a solution for the children.

As you can see, there is plenty to do. I cannot do it all by myself, so I ask you to help the children (helfen Sie den Kindern).

Having been born in misery and then having to put up with the disadvantages of a poor country like Vietnam, their misfortune only gets more and more acute. Let us at least try to soften the misery of the children. I believe they have the right to expect some solidarity from us.

We will not be less happy if we forego a beer. On the contrary: it is a great joy to know that a small investment will render great happiness. We do not know why these children are born with a physical disability, but we know that the world belongs to them, too. We should intervene and share our happiness with these children. In doing so, we will become richer. Richer before God and ourselves-

Yours Fancis Van Hoi
MS (Modifications)
(Translated by EG)

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  1. Detlev Six (Wednesday March 17th, 2010)

    Ist das noch dasselbe Konto, wie im Post “Bauen Sie ein Haus mit uns” angegeben? Weiß das jemand? Markus Seidt,
    bitte um entsprechende Angaben.

  2. ms (Wednesday March 17th, 2010)

    … ja es ist das selbe Konto:
    Empfänger: Salesianer Don Boscos
    Konto-Nr: 22378015
    Bankleitzahl: 37060193 (Pax – Bank)
    Verwendungszweck: Agent-Orange-Kinder

  3. Bettina Model (Friday March 19th, 2010)

    …lieber Francis, tut mir in der Seele weh´, das ich im Augenblick so wenig für Euch tun kann! Die ZDF – Geschichte meines Sohnes war nur ein Tropfen auf dem heißen Stein! Ich weiß! Auf dem Weg zu größeren Spenden habe ich Spenden für Andere organisieren können, da diese Unternehmen nur im Inland helfen können….aber ein gutes Werk ist getan….
    Da ich weiß, mit welch großem Herzen du diese Aufgabe übernimmst und seit ich Dich kenne nie aufgegeben hast…geb`ach ich nicht auf einmal den “Joker” für Dich zu finden….für Dich und “Deine” Kinder! Ich bleib dran….Ich hab`ein gutes Gefühl!!!

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